Schiff releases procedures for public impeachment hearings

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  1. Yeah their is always a chance they could make him follow the law. If I ever get a subpoena and decide not to show up I'm going to sue the government if I'm put in jail.

  2. Schiff looks like a weasel…. He looks like the typical character in a movie who double crosses the main character and is violently murdered by the people he sided with because he was too stupid and greedy.

  3. I wouldn't trade any of these DACA recipients for a Donald Trump Supporter. Daca recipients go to school and do not want food stamps or welfare checks nor blame the government for their lack of ambition and preparation. I am sure that a few Trump Supporters are good people

  4. The identity of the whistleblower is moot & irrelevant at this point, because many witnesses, some with first hand knowledge including career diplomats as well as Trump appointees, have corroborated the information and provided even more damning details. Facts matter!

  5. We know it is a CIA holdout from the Clinton Camp. A holdover from the past who has an agenda. Eric Ciaramella. I pay You tube money. Let them ban me. Enough bans no money.

  6. This whole impeachment process is meant to distract us by taking up our time and remaining shocking. It’s doing a great job. Remember: FOX is also part of the mainstream media and are just one of the heads of the same beast like cnn, abc, msnbc, cbs, etc. FOX is also fake news. They’re all tricking us.

  7. I just realized we TAXPAYERS will have to pay for security for Trump and ALL of his family for the rest of their lives. They are now safe from the many shadowy figures they swindled through the years. That was a smart move….lifetime protection at taxpayers' expense. Enjoy the new apprentice btw. You republicans be proud of your pResident making TV deals as we speak.

  8. Yall should read the consitution as clearly 99% of you dont know that these hearings are perfectly legal, and are written in the constitution, google it to see the facts of what im saying.

  9. Bull Schiff…I tell ya, just patiently waiting for Trump and the Republicans to start going after the Democratic thugs

  10. A president who was not elected by the people, but who lies to the voters every single day, breaks the law every single day, is the laziest president ever, spends over 100 million dollars on golf trips the money from which goes into his own pockets, lays around watching TV and tweeting 80 times a day and makes every foreign policy decision based on what's good for Russia before America should be shot. Trump is getting off easy if he is allowed to live.

  11. Amazing. We have a crime, a confession, several reliable witnesses, and all these idiot can say is…..yeah but who called the cops??

  12. In all scams and con games there will be honest conversations and misdircetion leading up to the sting. Trump has done this many times throughout his life with lending institution, banks, and contractors. Play out line, set the hook, and run the play.

  13. Constitutionalist patriots and Anti-Constitutionalists pretenders will make themselves known by their behavior — period.  
    Passed elementary school? Then you can read.

  14. Trump is right, this should never happen to another president. Hopefully future presidents will follow the rules and not try and extort allies.

  15. Schiff, Hillary, and that short congressman from California named Swalwell, are among the stupidest and most ignorant democrats in all of U.S. history. They should have a mural of the three of them in the House of Reps restrooms.

  16. Everybody knows who the bloody clown is. Schiff must be looking up his own back passage with a telescope because daylight is the best disinfectant for the Corruption being perpetrated by the head of the coup detat attempt and Schiff cannot countenance that. Traitor should be indicted for treachery against the American people.

  17. Schiff is fighting for our rights that American Owes us free the dreamers help us our families need insurance and food. Please

  18. Shifty Adam Schiff it's not interested in truth justice nor the American way. All he wants to do list of crucified Trump on a cross of Fire! Unadulterated spite! He's built up yet another house of cards under the flimsiest of pretext tomorrow we get to watch them all comes tumbling down. It's amazing! If you got nothing you can't make something out of nothing. Little Shifty giving his college best!

  19. Kudos to Mr.Schiff for running a orderly, constitutional process .. in marked contrast to the Devin Nunes self-admitted charade.

  20. Schiff has no eye -lids and has a little obvious strabismus in which light could cause reverse fusion of his exposed frontal cortex ….I'm afraid he's quit worthless ..!

  21. I guess Eric Ciaramella lost his whistle in 2016, when he coordinated the Obama administrations election meddling. 😂

  22. Blame California for the Democrats in the House with 46 of them to our 7. The reason for the Electoral college "should" have some of the same rules incorporated in the House. California is trying to run the whole country folks. I'll say it again 46-7. That is the reason Schiff & Pelosi are in charge and all this is happening. Vote Republican!!

  23. Observing details, seems there are criminals in the people's house guilty of $ et al crimes attempting to "frame" POTUS because even using magnifying glass they have been unable to provide proof of a high crime from POTUS. Past time to put Schiff and Pelosi under the microscope. Didn't they have their own special deals with Ukraine. How did they become so very rich working in the people's house all these years? Who says just because someone is running for president Biden et al can't be scrutinized over their own past corruption which has been revealed openly for many years before Trump became president. Trump has a duty not to release tax payer money to corrupt players no matter where they are ..even Ukraine.

  24. There is no whistleblower without evidence of a crime & there is no crime as far as POTUS protecting tax payers against corruption which went on for yrs by guilty ones within the people's house. only democrat operatives trying to invent a crime on POTUS.

  25. Maybe the republicans should be totally unruly!
    First they should be very very well behaved, but as schiff gets more and more stubborn, the repubs should get more and more vocal till all hell breaks loose!!!!!!!!!
    And they should scream at the top of their lungs (pre-arranged, those who have the tallent), all the things the democrats are most afraid of, for the world to hear.
    As they get ushered out, the truth should be shouted out, also by those who still have microphone inside, until they are all sent out, and make deafening demonstrations outside (with fox cameras of course).

  26. Cat's out of the bag Dems. No matter how many lies you tell, we the American people know the truth. Lie to yourself all you want. DONE LISTENING!

  27. Impeachment is a Joke..Stop all the BS.What about Rule of Law? Or procedure that needs followed? WTH are you all wasting our time for? This is Stupid

  28. I can't wait. You know the republicans are going to ask all the no, no questions to get Adam to be forced to be seen as silencing the defense. I don't even know for sure the dims will have the vote in the house. If it starts to look bad on dims then the moderate dim will change their minds fast. They just got into congress. I seriously doubt they are willing to lose their seat to impeach a president just to have it go no where in the senate.

  29. This hoax is DOA in the Senate.  Who cares?  Lacking due process, only assholes would support this charade.  It is unamerican and an insult to the millions who have sacrificed for this country to form a land where innocent 'till proven guilty and due process are the basic tenets of our judicial system.

  30. We need to question the lawyer MARK ZAID …for partizan fake whistleblower ERIC CIARAMELLA ( Biden ukraine cia operative from the swamp). The lawyer called for a coup the firest days of Trumps administration.  The swamp better be thankfurl for their jobs, because their path is only taking them to their own demise.  Be careful what you wish for.

  31. Biden was bribing the Ukraine Government to protect his incestuous son Hunter. Truth hurts and 10 billion dollars of tax payers money does also. What else does Obama have up his arse?

  32. Everybody knows who the guy is….Google Eyes posted it on the internet and then tried to scrub it….what an idiot.

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