Schiff: There Is ‘Nothing More Dangerous Than An Unethical President’ | NBC News

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  1. Adam Schiff is a self serving man with delusions of grandeur. The Democrats are terrified and know President Trump is going to win again in 2020 and their crimes will be revealed. Do you wonder how all Democratic Politicians become rich while in office, lets see what happens next.

  2. Except for letting a corrupt CIA, FBI and State Department personnel lie and undermine the president. These are the agencies who lie the US into wars and propagandize the American people. The CIA killed Kennedy over 50 years ago and we still can't get answers.

  3. There is nothing more dangerous than a deep state trying to take down a duly elected president. I hope this goes to trial so Republicans can call their witnesses and truth about the corruption during the last presidency (Obama, Biden, Kerry, Clinton, even Romney) can be exposed. Promises made, promises kept. The sneaky Dems are scared shiftless.

  4. Adam Shift needs to be removed of his office. Beyond a bully and unethical. BEyond sad to conduct and unbelievable as a lawyer to pitchings. Downright disgraceful conduct of any lawyer inside Washington.

  5. WE are in danger alright, from an unethical political party and a Majority leader and Rep. that has no respect or understanding of the Constitution.

  6. You Adam Shifty gave the real of you to the soul of you in wanna oust by your ranked of a president. YOu are a mentally sick man in a high ranked office that has done nothing but to waste money for your ego to win and abuse others to you in high offices. Your over three Strikes!

  7. The Republican party is now more than ever, the party of self serving, power hungry liars who don't serve the country and do not take the oath to uphold the Constitution seriously. This more dangerous than al lour enemies combined. Their base consists of of people just like them.

  8. Love how everyone is Mad that America always helps everyone and now America ask for a favor and now it's all Trump's fault even though we've helped everyone out in War ,debts, and every other problem in the world america has always helped and now the people are mad. America is drowning because of politics and Democrats

  9. I dont know how the reds can watch and listen to schiff speak and have ANY problem with it. Everything he says is absolutely correct and true. You cant debate it. And it stays on the point. Which the reds have spun so out of control with and inventing these rediculous conspiracies turning it into something totally different and complicated that suits THEIR agenda. It's really pathetic. I didnt think we had this many stupid and misguided American people in our great nation.

  10. "There is nothing more dangerous" , , ,
    to our republic that the Foreign Collusion represented by Mr. Schiff, Schumer, Feinstein,
    and the over 89 officials in our Congress & Senate who are Dual Israeli/US Citizens
    who have no business OUR government.
    Israel wisely has strong laws prohibiting dual citizens AND SO SHOULD WE.
    Mr Schiff ia a liar, an instigator of a coup against the elected administration, & a Dual Citizen.
    ~ Mr. Schiff is worthy of being ignored.

  11. Dual Israeli Citizen Mr. Schiff & the hapless Democrats have
    successfully paved the way for President Trumps Reelection.
    . . . . . Donald J. Trump 2020 . . . . .
    ~ Congratulations Mr. Schiff; you lying, phoney, bug-eyed rat.

  12. This impeachment nonsense will crash and burn
    just like the Mueller Russian Collusion Hoax did .
    Meanwhile, , , ,
    Democrats offer no solution but whining , crying, slander & obstruction.

  13. I love the way Schiff occasionally shouts out a word in irritation. SILENCE. ABOVE. BETTER. The rest of the time he's pretty steady but once in a while his fury bursts out.

  14. No he's wrong. There is nothing more dangerous than a corrupt Congress. We've known about corrupt individual members for years yet it seams that the democrats are excellent at protecting their people. This Congress has to be the most corrupt in history. They have lied to the American people for the better part of 12 years now while robbing us blind and laughing at us all. They gave gone so far as to commit treason openly and thumb their noses at us and say so what now what are you going to do about it. They along with their leftist socialist friends in the mainstream media control the narrative. Hm sounds like China and Russia huh. A vote for ANY democrat is a vote for the destruction of our nation. You will lose your freedoms one by one until they are no more. If you want to see what socialism looks like you don't need to look very far. Start with California Illinois and others.

  15. GOD has truly blessed our country, and we have to be GOOD stewards over it in every way to protect it from evil so we want lose it.

  16. Holmes is a lier fredo did an on air test with his mommy to see if he could over hear what she was saying when not on speaker phone and he couldn't which I knew because I tried it and you can not hear anything unless the phone was pressed against your ear . Shifty Schiff said in closing that the dems were better then this I thought he was going to cry .

  17. To those of you who think this country is democrat….you are wrong. It is……"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, (to the REPUBLIC) for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and justice for all. So there!… that is how it has ALWAYS been and how it should ALWAYS be!

  18. Whoa wait. People in the comments section are really falling for this speech?

    1. Adam Schiff read a FAKE phone call transcript in Congress. On purpose. The ONLY reason we know it was fake is because it was released publicly. Schiff hedged a bet that would never happen and lost. That's the exact moment he should no longer have any credibility.
    2. Adam Schiff was part of the Democrat gang that voted for impeachment the day Trump was inaugurated and said publicly that they would remove him from office. Confirming his bias. He should have never been a chairman; in ANY investigation.
    3. Adam Schiff has DEEP ties to corruption himself and is very likely roped into the Durham / Barr investigation that's going to get released. It's also said that there's audio and video of him doing very terrible things and that it will get released within the year.

    It comes as no surprise that Adam Schiff has taken a sudden interest in 'deep fakes' on Twitter. Trying to tell people that videos are fake before any videos get released, and trying to paint the picture that Trump only took an interest in Biden corruption because Biden is running for president. As if Biden, the child whisperer, even stood a remote chance.
    You know he didn't stand a chance. I know it. And so do the worlds dumbest liberals.

    Biden did these things BEFORE he ran for president and it was being looked into BEFORE he ran for president. This can and will be proven. Biden knows as well as we do that he has ZERO chance of winning.
    Has it ever crossed your mind that he ran for president purely so he could use this argument in his defense?
    "I was only investigated because I was a rival to Trump"

    Ukraine is only part of it.

  19. Danger Wil Robinson, DANGER !
    Brookings Institution, Dr. Hill, are anything BUT non-partisan !!!!!!!!!!! Brookings has been left leaning since before the Nixon Admin outted them as Left leaning much like the leftist controlled mainstream Media, whom think THEY are non-partisan too !! Whatta joke ! Anyone shifty rolls out is left partisan, people on the right are balking at appearing because of his witch hunt nature he's conducting these hearings as, at least Mueller was fair enough in his witch hunt to arrive at the truth ! Over the past 40 years or so, the left has been ever so slowly moving the center of the political spectrum left, to make left and some far left ideologies appear as Centrist ! Very Very dangerous for our society to not have balance in the swinging of the political spectrum pendulum ! If anyone believes these two are non partisan, then they probably incorrectly believe the main stream media is non partisan.

  20. Trump should be prosecuted for CRIMES AGAINST SOCIETY> Ignoring the United Nations IPCC report, plus the 11,0000 top scientists who warn due to global warming, civilization will END in 12 years unless we act now. What does this stupid unscrupulous Trump do? pulls out of the United Nations' Paris climate accord, which would have given us all a chance to avoid such fate.

  21. You mean that no one can criticize the expositions of your witnesses?, the defense of the president cannot defend him by pointing what they think are mistakes of those witnesses?,you can attack but he cannot defend himself?, and if he does it is “grotesque” and “unethical”? One has to be very hard-faced to hold that argument. Where did I see that attitude before?…,ah, yes, in countries run by dictators.

  22. It doesn't matter if Biden is a competitor. If Biden didn't do anything wrong then why is the Democrat party so worried about it? And what else are the Democrats hiding?

  23. Stephen Hicks, as an American I thank you for your kind thought in your post 2 days ago. In that regard Australia, Canada, and the U. K. must always stand together and support one another. I think of everyone in those country's as our cousins, and we MUST stick together and support each other in these extremely important matters. One thing I'd like to point out though, the reason the U.S.A. is unique is that it is the only large fully functioning Representative Republic with 3 balancing branches of government in the history of human beings. Democracy is simply mob rule, I could site many examples throughout history of how Democracies have majorly failed, the Romans would be a good one because almost everyone is familiar with it. I am thoroughly convinced God personally set the U.S. founding Fathers on Earth to make a beacon of Light to follow while satan and his minions constantly assault all humans through time. This then elevates the importance of all of our missions, I look at these 3 countries ( and other countries too ) as different versions of the U.S. Representative Republic, our non-stop missions are to promote good and take care of the Widows, Orphans, and the handicapped folks through fairness, kindness, and the rule of reasonable laws. Without this we are unwittingly/unknowingly playing on satan's team. Having said that, the U.S. needs help around the entire world, Socialism, Communism, Dictators, Oligarchy's are simply not a good way to go forward. Rep. Republic's have their faults, however along with Capitalism, they are about the best we got to go forward to the future.

  24. Any effort to overthrow a duly elected President of these United States is Treason, Punishable by Firing Squad or Hanging… I recommend Adam Schiff chooses Firing Squad, Hanging can make your eyes bug out!… Att: Media!!! This includes you…If they still taught U.S. History in school you would know this.

  25. Got lots of respect for this guy Schiff snd zero respect for Nunes and Jordan both are corrupt and what i would call slinks Nines is a LIAR and Jordan a pedo protector. I'm 3nglish and I know who I would vote for, Schiff all day long

  26. schiff needs to be put at the btm of an outhouse with killary, obozo, pelosi and the rest of the deepstate traitors for life……..everybody gets to unload.

  27. schiff needs to be put at the btm of an outhouse with killary, obozo, pelosi and the rest of the deepstate traitors for life……..everybody gets to unload.

  28. schiff needs to be put at the btm of an outhouse with killary, obozo, pelosi and the rest of the deepstate traitors for life……..everybody gets to unload.

  29. "Das Schiff" ist nicht ganz dicht – und wird bald sinken! Der Bursche entblödet sich nicht und spricht über Ethik! Unfassbar, die Perfidie, die Bigotterie dieser selbsternannten US-Eliten! Wie abgrundtief krank!
    Und in diesem Zusammenhang: Grüsse an den Herrn Obama!

  30. When Schiff questions why GOP members didn't question Vindman he says it like the Q P Q was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt ?? Huh !? It's all He said she said, this begs the question what is wrong with Schiff ?? Since when is parroted conjecture solid proof !!?? To add insult to injury, the main stream media calls this the Trump–Ukraine scandal like as if it's been proven already. Obama in the same situation wouldn't be treated like that in the main stream media. All of this plus Schiff's bias is simply pollical theatre designed to run interference for dems that are ACUALLY committing crimes, why are GOP members subject to laws and dems are above the law. Hillary committed crimes with her email server breaches, while Petraeus gets probation and fined for crimes less than hers!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Did we stumble into Orwell's 1984, the left's Newspeak would indicate we have, and the complete lack of journalistic integrity from the main stream media perpetuates the Newspeak ! God help us !

  31. Chairman Schiff. The director of the CIA not only admits her guilt in the torture of prisoners, she was promoted to her present position because of it. The U.S. senate confirmed her nomination with full knowledge of what she is. The rest of the world does not look to us for leadership. They know what a big fraud we are. It goes way beyond Trump.

  32. President Donald Trump and the Republican Party of These United States of America are Russian assets to destroy Democracy in what the values of that of the American people. This Republican Party and the President are committing Treason against The Constitution of These United States of America and should be meet with Capital Punishment.

  33. Dear Adam Schiff, you have my utmost respect, you are outstanding and super smart, an example of integrity, truth and justice, you are truly remarkable, God Bless you !

    Unlike you, these bigots so called Reps are a clear example of corruption, they live in denial and continuously fail to accept the facts and needless to say the TRUTH..All they do is putting their own interests first, actually that con man pathological liar interest who has hijacked the WH along with these fools instead of doing AMERICA's interests, you are all going down along with that corrupt punk , your days are short lived..Remember, AMERICA FIRST not Putin first !!!

  34. sorry with due apology, you the corrupt news media is a puppet of EU/NATO nations executing a coup of a duly elected POTUS you the fake or rather corrupt news media playing puppet of eu/nato, eu/nato dislike Trump for his America First agenda , in 2016 elections it was in Ukraine that EU/NATO intel agencies interfered in the US elections to take down Trump under Obama/Hillary administration, … the DNC server under controversy is in Ukraine it was not hacked by Russia, but Ukraine is at the center of whole mischief, …. the US intel agencies had been corrupted by Obama/Hillay to launch Russia hoax to cover up the coup executed to take down Trump ( all this took place in Ukraine not Russia), …..

  35. Then where was during the Obama administration? :Cricket chirps: Hypocrites like Schiff have been exposed as what they are doing for real. This is not about ethics. This about revenge for 2016.

  36. I hope Nunez is learning something from this speech that shiff gave . Instead of repeating the same thing every time he talks .

  37. The Republicans never said the Russian investigation was a hoax, they said that they never participated in it, that was the hoax

  38. Adam and to whom it may concern, no ifs or buts that y'alls time will come only to be remembered as those who abused We the People. Convalescent home is waiting for ya'll and We the people will pay for y'all's diapers and We the People are dissent to do just that .

  39. stop Biden hoax, stop Trump call now 800-772-1413
    Phone 2 800-564-8818
    Phone 3 757-519-9300
    Fax 1 757-321-2504
    Fax 2 866-296-0635

  40. Reading comments is rather a waste of time. The ignorant are more so each. 2020 the Repubs are going to sweep on to victory. Mind you there is a little thing like impeachment. I don't get it at all.

  41. Adam Schiff knows exactly who was the President when my Ex- Husband was killed and setup. Adam Schiff knows without any doubts my home was burglarized after I had already started paying directly to the prior Owners. This is more delaying to avoid who was in charge at the time. People say that I may be this or that. I am a Woman whose home was burglarized by Government with the Military aware. I am NOT doing anything but expressing that for my justice. If I appear very upset. I am very upset. These People were placed in my home on purpose to avoid the Democrats attacks. All of a sudden. President Trump was thrown in it as if he had something to do with the scandal directly. People are saying that I should NOT be upset with Obama. People would have NOT died if the Obama Administration would have respected me like I was respecting them and reporting my facts. I would NOT be so held bent on making sure these People get what they earned if they had NOT kept attacking me and had let me lived my life. I was NOT going off for no reason. I was stopping fights at my own home where People should NOT have been able to be at my home stirring up so much trouble. My facts was swept away and today November 25, 2019 the Board of Congress, the President, and the DOJ knows without any doubt my home has a fake name on it for one reason only. So that if Someone needs a written statement from me, write me, or need me to respond to anything. I cannot be contacted. Of course I am going to be upset at their obvious setups trying to steal my home. The President, DOJ, and the Board of Congress needs to make these arrests now. There is NOT one thing that they could NOT not verify with me. The President, DOJ, and the Board of Congress are supposed to red line my home to catch any Criminals trying to assist the four Government Agencies or Military at my home to assist Thug life. If the Laws would have been applied in my cases like they are in other People's cases. There would NOT be any animosity. They are causing this long term animosity by being aiding in my home to try to hide me from prosecuting People if I need to so I have asked that the President, DOJ, and the Board of Congress give me accommodations on the phone or email. Nothing should prevent the truth. Nothing. Although all the questions has already been asked and answered. I want my door opened immediately. I am NOT hiding from Anyone. The Media is NOT about to butter me up and make me feel important or a factor to Politics. I am Tajai Calip. A very low key Woman that is NOT involved in anything. I do not glorify anything for me to have People coming for me. I'm good. I don't need to be the top Woman. My little life was fulfilled with they way I was rolling before the attacks.

  42. A thieving Schifty Adam can dream, but his IMF rip off ends that dream. A $BILLION here and a $BILLION there and you are talking serious money. Back to Hollywood to the drug house.

  43. Every time I see his Paisley face, and hear his whiney voice I want to punch it. He's such a pathetic liar. With a straight, pale face, he has the audacity to stand there and spout these treasonous assaults
    against the President.
    This MFR is gonna go down, HARD.

  44. We should be leaders of Human rights and leaders of democracy and the free world, u don't invite other nations to medal in elections back to back after warnings and blame your Congress. If u weed out the bad players. I would sit in your meetings with u, America must free itself of foreign influence outside of congressional oversight. And secure out telecommunications including Facebook.

  45. I thank God for the ability to tell when someone is of deceitful nature. I wonder what they got on this schiff and who has it.

  46. CORRECTION: There Is nothing more dangerous than an unethical, despicable and anti-American news media like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS who are full-time propagandists and progressive activists for the Democrat Party. They have told lie after lie after lie about Trump's alleged collusion with Russia and instead of apologizing to the American people and to the President for getting every news story wrong, they've doubled down on their stupidity and mendacity by seamlessly moving onto the next Democrat witch hunt which is the Ukraine phone call hoax.

    Every witness called by Adam Schiff-Face has not only failed to prove any misbehavior on the part of Trump regarding the call to Zelensky, but they have actually corroborated what the ones with 1st-hand knowledge of the call have said under oath: no bribery, no quid pro quo, no deal of any kind, no statement about an investigation made by Zelensky, no investigation was conducted by Zelensky, and finally, no demand for anything in return for the aid which was delivered on time despite being on a temporary hold that Zelensky had no knowledge about until after his phone call with Trump.

    Hats off to the House Republicans like Devin Nunes, John Ratcliffe, Jim Jordan, Mike Meadows, Steve Scalise, Kevin McCarthy, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, Lee Zeldin, Doug Collins, Elise Stefanik and Liz Cheney for demonstrating what a bunch of deranged, tyrannical fascists in the House led by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are the ones leading the Democrat Party straight off a cliff.

    Nice job, DemoRats!

    Meanwhile, journalism is dead. CNN and MSNBC along with the Holocaust-denying NY Times and Washington Post should be sued for all their worth for libel and slander.

  47. Schiff, you are the one, that's a lying you know what? and should be kicked out or the United States and locked up. The people will lock you up, sooner than later I hope.

  48. Nothing is more dangerous than a political party ( the Democrats ) who simply refuse to accept the result of a presidential election. ( 2016 )

  49. Great week for the GOP. Like the mueller Russia scam fail. The criminal Schiff circus is going down in flames. Trump 2020, here we come!

  50. oh my….i cannot believe there needs to be an actual trial with facts and perjury implications after hearing Adam Shiff speak…true american hero. I heard from a friend whose cousin knew a guy that heard someone said Trump wanted to eat your babies!!! DRAG HIM THROUGH THE STREETS WITH YOUR PRIUS.ACT NOW!!! FOR GODS SAKE FOR THE CHILDREN.. WADDAFRIKN JOKE

  51. With this kind of evidence you could not prosecute a shoplifting ticket but definitely a slander against the accusers. hiding behind house protections where it is legal to lie as much as possible. would love to see a senate trial under rule of law but they will not impeach to escape jail time.


    Click on the link above and watch. This was prophesied by Kim Clement more than a decade ago. All the smear campaigns carried out against President Trump will fail in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Amen

  53. What a bunch of Bull Schiff coming from this floating turd in the Democrapic Party toilet. Schiff is an imbecile. And anyone who actually voted for this pencil necked, bugged eyed, clown must be one as well.

  54. Rey Quinones , now i see it there is something wrong with Mr Eyeballs ,asking why did they smear this soldier ? firstable he broke ranks and went against his commander in chief and all because he didn't like the president ,he should get court martial,demoted and fired ,where did he stop following orders ,and having a mind of his own ,o yea ,right he forgot that he swore an outh and that he as property belongs to the UNITE STATES OF AMERICA? YEA AS ALL SOLDIERS WOULD LOVE TO THINK but they seem to forget the contract they sign up for but hey even regular people don't know that,do research and watch the lies people

  55. and are we to believe that all the lies you have told the people and this impeachment dictator ship way of controlling the witnesses and the manipulation as well as the fake sympathy and the fake tears that might just be the anger and rage coming out of you Mr Eyeballs because your constantly losing your arguments and strategy that is not even that ,as it seems that your searching for anything to charge the president with ,as we the people all know very well what it is you and your buddies are doing in a free country ,I mean your balls got be as big as the new year blimp and your mind as small as the pin head of a niddle ,or your just plain stupid to think your going to get away with this

  56. What s more dangerous than a unethical president is a corrupt congress full of lies and watching this democratic circus try to get rid of the guy that knows all their dirty dealings

  57. What he meant is himself -over the top unethical & a pathetic liar – a very dangerous man…-all those hoax & lies -manufactured be that pencil neck.

  58. I have never in my life seen such a overt flagrant abuse of power until Trump, became President… He is a criminal and should be locked up! That goes for his Sons, Son in Law and Ivanka too.

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