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tonight the top Democrat overseeing the Trump obstruction probe is proclaiming a new legal weapon to fight Trump's Stonewall House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler says hope picks blanket refusal to answer any questions this week about her time in the White House is a gift because it allows Democrats to prove to a judge that the stonewalling is so extreme and beyond executive privilege that it will be overruled in court now this is something in our experts this week of outlined that the seemingly frustrating interview could actually be a strategic coup of sorts strengthen the Democrats hand in court not just for Hicks but other key witnesses as well so now in our special report we dig into the criminal evidence that Trump doesn't want you to see in any televised hearings call it the negative space in this painting the key topics that Hicks won't talk about which include Donald Trump's efforts to stop Jeff sessions from ever recusing himself in order to control the Russia investigation Muller a vast evidence which the goal to figure out whether Donald Trump had criminal intent which is the kind of thing Congress can weigh nano Pietschmann proceedings so consider that the House Democrats lawyer asked Hicks do you recall after sessions recused himself Trump was angry and scolded him in your presence it's one of the many questions she ducked but why well we know when Trump took office there were all kinds of calls for sessions to recuse because he worked as a trump surrogate it all came to a head though on March 1st 2017 a Washington Post report that sessions had met twice with the Russian ambassador and then hit it and the very next day this is important reporters were buzzing about this issue it turned out Trump had formed a clear view he stopped during a visit to an aircraft carrier in Virginia and told the world sessions should not recuse what you're about to see was a moment that mattered in history because it made Trump's life and first term much harder pressuring your former surrogate and now AG to avoid recusal adds to the very reasons the DOJ was trying to make him recuse this person I do still have confidence refused himself with investigations into your campaign in Russia now we know from the molar report the behind-the-scenes Trump staff was working overtime to stop the recusal Trump urging White House Counsel Don Magan to talk two sessions and tell him not to recuse McGann not only trying to convince sessions personally he also talked two sessions own counsel his chief of staff and even Mitch McConnell basically rallying the troops to make the case in the end it didn't work here was sessions an hour after that clip I just played of Trump making his case I have now decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matter relating in any way through the campaigns for President of the United States that changed everything in Trump didn't like it now the details of the private reaction get pretty startling remember Trump calls McGann into his office opens the conversation by saying quote I don't have a lawyer tells McGann he wished Roy Cohn was his lawyer and he wanted McGann to convince sessions to change his mind to Unruh cues Steve Banta would describe this as acting as mad as bad and had ever seen him and that he screamed at McGann about how week sessions was now this is all part of what the Democrats want hope Hicks to be forced to say in public what she knew about this this was March 2017 this was before Trump fired Comey it was before Rosen Stein appointed Muller because when that happened well according to the evidence we have Trump lost it even further sessions was at the White House they were meeting about replacing Comey they get the news and Muller describes how sessions leaves the office to take the call from Rosen Stein who tells him molars appointed sessions then has to go tell Donald Trump about all this who he knows thinks it's his fault sessions tells Trump the news and he quotes slump back in his chair and said oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency I'm effed then he was angry quote lambasting sessions for the recusal and saying how could you let this happen Jeff he then asked sessions to resign and he agreed now this is the stuff that Democrats want to put in the public record keep in mind if you believe the Moller reports evidence which is from Trump's own people this is the stuff that could have undone the presidency there could have been a Saturday night massacre now hope Hicks told Muller the only time she'd ever seen Trump that upset was when the infamous Access Hollywood tape came out now Trump appeared insisted even desperate to try to get control of the investigation as it took down his advisors and saddled him with the highest prosecution rate of any president at this point in their term Sessions recusal clearly made the effort harder Muller probing whether Trump's attacks on sessions were a new way to get around him trying to make his life so miserable he might just leave giving Trump the chance to pick a new boss for Muller so Jeff Sessions takes the job gets into the job refuses themselves I didn't have which which frankly I think it's very unfair to the president how do you take a job and then recuse yourself if you would have refused himself before the job I would have said thanks Jeff but thank you and this brings us to the next thing the Democrats want to put in hearings if they win these court cases because Muller finds a Koi Lewandowski basically tried to get involved with Trump's request to have a plot to get sessions to stop recusing now remember when asked he's not a government official and he has to tell sessions he'd be fired if he wouldn't meet with him and then Trump was still out at December 2017 this is after Flynn pleaded guilty Trump was trying to still get sessions to Unruh cues he goes up to him right after a cabinet meeting and says I don't know if you could Unruh cues yourself you'd be a hero but pretending it wasn't an order by saying I'm not gonna do anything or direct you to do anything this is what the Democrats think could make a difference if they had it in hearings with those actual witnesses the evidence that Trump was trying to kneecap the probe end the rule of law do whatever was helpful now after all this session says it still wasn't a close call I felt I had to recuse myself and I felt very comfortable that that was the right thing I thought if I'm going to have any integrity and any respect within a department I would have to recuse myself but now that the report is out and we've seen the evidence of how Trump has tried this investigation Trump's trying to hold everyone back from answering Congress's questions on obstruction remember he also never answered them himself knew he was good friends interview you didn't answer questions on the structure wait a minute wait a minute I did answer questions I answered them in writing not I don't know what I says I don't know I answered a lot of questions they gave me questions I answered them in writing and not an obstruction look George you're being a little wiseguy okay there which is you know typical for you just so you understand very simple it's very simple there was no crime there was no collusion there was no crime now this is the heart of it if Donald Trump gets what he wants there won't be any public televised hearings which he know move people to discuss whether there was quote a crime in the case of the president it's the Congress that decides that and all of this is at issue because it depends on whether you know what's in the report as you said no collusion he said he didn't look at yours you the report said no collusion did you yes I did and you should read it you should read it as he gets out of the car but we have read the report that's why we report from what's in it in the facts and that's why it's so interesting that Donald Trump has as always two strategies a public one that says hey everyone should read the report it helps me and then a private legal strategy that says no matter what they will fight to the courts to prevent the report from being presented by the Congress and yes on television hey I'm already Melvin from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

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  1. It's too bad it hasn't fkd him yet and it hasn't ended his presidency yet.we still have to deal with his B.S.

  2. There have been countless news stories all corroborating the info of Trump's illegal activities. Since it's public record. How much could be used in court?

  3. If they would put the criminals in jail. They will sing like birds. LOCK THEM ALL UP!!!!Everyone that doesn't testify should be thrown in jail

  4. Here's which gotta ask how do you think Jeff sessions would have ever known he was going to Recuse himself from anything to do with the Russia investigation now how would he have known there was going to be an investigation when trump tapped him to be the AG he didn't know any couldn't know how ignorant is trump and even if they did know there was going to be an investigation they had no idea Jeff sessions was going to be a witness so he had to recuse

  5. Hate Trump and all, but where is this "shocking evidence"?!? This was just a recap of the current status of Trump's b/s.

  6. 2:33 HAHAHA jeff sessions did it to Fake president Obstruction j Collusion on my birthday. DonaldTrumpLiar . c o m

  7. as long as the dems continue to give him carte blanche with everything he does and says, he will continue his "show." maybe they think it's amusing but the country will suffer the consequences of having this nut in office for many years to come…

  8. Another Jedi mind control statement from Trump. "Mueller states no collusion no obstruction". LOL Lies like a rug.

  9. His speaking would destroy him because his ability to speak about anything besides himself is a low zero. Besides " he's a great guy" which means he's a crook in code.

  10. America has a career criminal for president!
     Supported by the Republican party which means the Republican party, Every single one of them (except maybe one who is calling for impeachment) is a guilty co-conspirator. They all should be made to pay a price. Including all the criminal yahoos who vote for them… At least Jeff Sessions knew that he would have no credibility if he didn't recuse himself.
    Credibility, Unusual for a Republican… Sad… so sad

  11. All such a load of rubbish means nothing . that little old man was a traitor and a jerk, President Trump answered everything the Democ rats tried to get rid of a President from the word go. and sent in spies. they have broken the law on so many counts.

  12. This lying pig has had enough time….even if the senate has no backbone and refuses to convict trump, it still brings to the attention of the American public just what a criminal he really is….IMPEACH NOW!!!!

    And Sessions was completely correct by recusing himself…he did meet with Russians so he had no choice BUT to recuse himself….

  13. trump and criminal intent? everything trump touches turns to crime, of course his job is 100% criminal in nature.

  14. Sessions was smarter and had a better understanding of the future than Trump, or those going to jail for Trump. Sessions will survive this better than many of the other players.

  15. If this is how Trump acts when he still needs something from people and has to play nice, imagine what he'd be capable of after locking in a second term. Whatever it is, it would probably involve lots and lots of fire.

  16. Trump is a victim of outrageous reporting. He was frustrated by the dishonest media, I hope this media outlet goes broke, they tell such horrible lies and engage in terrible propaganda. It is so obvious that the media is biased, it is an embarrassment for the country. Shame shame shame. Do you really want a democratic president? 70% taxes, non existent medical systems, open borders? The country is doomed if people start to believe this propaganda.

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