Senator Bernie Sanders Has Bad News About Climate Change

-Let’s cut to some of
your major points you make running for President —
climate change. I do believe we have to do
something about this. -Jimmy, I don’t want to
get you too nervous or get the audience
too nervous, but what the — -When you get quiet,
I do get nervous. [ Laughter ] -Alright, then
I’ll be very quiet. What the scientists
are telling us is, in fact, they have underestimated
the severity and the speed in which climate change
is damaging not only our country
but the entire world. And if we do not act boldly,
and I got to tell you, we have introduced the most
comprehensive climate-change proposal ever introduced by
a candidate for federal office, if we don’t have the guts to
take on the fossil-fuel industry and tell them that
their short-term profits are not more important than
the future of this planet, then I got to tell you,
according to the scientists, the world that we’re gonna be
leaving our kids and our grandchildren is gonna
be increasingly unhealthy and uninhabitable, and I think
we have a moral responsibility to make sure
that does not happen. [ Cheers and applause ] -I know you have grandchildren,
and you told me earlier that you love them very much and that you love
spending as much time — -They’re the joy of my heart.
[ Audience aws ] -Yeah. And you’re gonna see them
this Thanksgiving, right? -I will see all seven of them
this weekend. -Yeah. And so this is a thing
you’re doing for them as well. -Absolutely. And, you know, as a parent
and as a grandparent, and I just don’t want
any parent or grandparent to have to be in a position
where 20 or 30 years ago, little ones or your kids
are asking you, “Didn’t you know
what was going on? Didn’t you know what
climate change was doing? Why didn’t do you
something about it when you knew about it?” I don’t want any of us
to be in that position. It is a — We’re talking about
rising sea levels, which will inundate major cities
in our own country and around the world
before the end of the century. We’re talking about
more drought. We’re talking about more extreme
weather disturbances. We are talking, Jimmy, about
the United Nations telling us that hundreds of millions of
people will be climate refugees. They’re going to be forced to
leave the land that they’re on now because
there is no drinking water. There is no land
to grow their crops, and they’re going to have
to go elsewhere, causing incredible national
security issues and wars all over the world. So this is a very, very
major crisis and as President, you know, what I will try to do
is to not only transform our own energy system
but lead the world because this is a global crisis, and maybe say to countries
all over the world that instead of spending
$1.8 trillion on weapons of destruction
designed to kill each other, maybe we should
pool our resources and fight against our common
enemy, which is climate change. [ Cheers and applause ] -Another point you made is you
want to have Medicare for all. -Yes, absolutely. -How will you do that?
How is that possible? -Well, the question is,
how is it not possible? We are the only major country
on Earth not to guarantee healthcare
to all people. We are now spending
twice as much per capita as any other major country, $11,000 on healthcare
for every man, woman, and child, and yet we end up with
87 million people who are uninsured
or underinsured. We end up with 30,000 people
every year who die because they don’t get to
a doctor on time. We end up with 500,000 people
going bankrupt because of medically related
debts. Can you imagine people
going bankrupt because they were
diagnosed with cancer? That is disgraceful. That is cruel. And what we are proposing
right now is to start off with Medicare, which is
a very popular health insurance program
right now, but you got to be 65 years of
age to get into it. And all that I’m trying to do
is, over a four-year period, is the first year we’re going to
expand Medicare to cover hearing aids,
dental care, eyeglasses, and home healthcare. Second year —
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s a big deal. Home healthcare is a big deal. First year we lowered
the eligibility age from 65 down to 55. Next year, 45, next year, 35, and then every man, woman,
and child has healthcare in this country
as a human right. That’s it.
That’s what we got to do.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Scocialist smocialist, as far as climate change goes Bernie is one of two candidates who is likely to act boldly against climate change. Anything less is on the road to disaster. No wonder AOC named her program the Green New Deal. The New Deal was a bold plan to address the Great Depression. At that time the economy was already rock bottom, so people were much more welcoming to out of the box thinking. This time with the advance notice of scientists, an attempt is being made to act proactively. Fear of some word, socialism, which few people can define, should not be the barrier to inaction. American ingenuity is the better word to describe the progressives. Americans have been very innovative in addressing new challenges and this is very appropriate now. We are all in this together and we need to all to pull in the same direction.

  2. 12 – 02 – 19. Cyber Monday ! Amazon deals ! Make Ol' Man Bernie's favorite billionaire Jeff Bezos richer today ! Shop Amazon !

  3. In 06 Al predicted that the arctic would melt and Florida would be under water. Have any of you water heads checked waterfront prices lately?

  4. As great Casually Explained once said, why pay your hospital bills after getting diagnosed with cancer, when you can just die

  5. 100% disabled American veteran here I hear a lot of what we need to do but not how to do it dose Bernie have a magical wand

  6. Before Bernie sheds his mortal coil, can we ask our scientists to transfer his intelligence and compassion into a supercomputer, to continue as POTUS instead of another average dumbass human being? Bernie isn't one in a million – he's one in 6.3 billion. The very best of us all.

  7. Medicare has failed me. They suck and won't spend the money to find out what is wrong! It's like pulling teeth with these so-called doctors!

  8. They tell us that sea levels have risen 8cm in the last 30 years. Why is it Miami now has 8 to 12 inches of water in the street when the waters edge is 18 inches lower than the street that scares the crap out of me. That is more like 63 cm

  9. Bernie is the man.taking on the international big oil industry wonโ€™t be easy. It takes people en masse demanding change.

  10. It's beyond obvious at this point that we've been going in the wrong direction for decades now (whether we're talking about climate change, health care, the economy, etc.) and it's time to FLOOD our federal, state and local governments with progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders.

  11. No difference between BLOOMBERG trying to buy the election with his money, & BREADLINE BERNIE & POCAHONTAS trying to buy the election with taxpayer money! No matter what they say, there ain't no "free lunch", someone has to pay! Free stuff & giveaways are political hacks buying your vote, with your money!

  12. We are to be under water,is that why the Obama's bought a new ocean side Mansion in New England? Comrade Obama doesn't seem to worried๐Ÿค”

  13. Medicare for all will cost 52 trillion,the Green New Deal another 90 trillion,our National debt is only 23trillion,and this is just the start of this Clown,s spending,free medical care for illegal immigrants,open borders,Reparations,ect.ect.๐Ÿค”

  14. In 2016 GOP voters told their establishment to take a hike and voted for Trump. In 2020 Dems voters need to take back our great country!! Send these establishment bums to the gutters.

  15. don't get yer hopes up. presidents don't legislate. and if he looks like rocking the boat, they'll arrange an accident. one of the charms of democracy is state direction by referendum. so there's not much to be gained by assassination. but you ain't got it.

  16. What a load of crap. Sanders is a dual US/Israeli citizen. It's bad enough that so many in Congress have this same conflict of interest. No US President should ever be a dual citizen.

  17. I just donated another $13 to Bernie a few days ago in addition to my monthly regular donation. Christmas is coming and I want a good president that helps me get affordable healthcare (which would be a key in starting my business), I want to have a more secure future and less pollution, I want a government that works for ME and not for giant CORPORATIONS!!!

  18. Side note…… Did you ever see the comments section of a Trump video? Such idiotic rhetoric and hate…. here is love and support!!!! Gotta love the Bernie Sanders revolution!

  19. Tell a lie often enough, people will start to believe it.
    He just might step aside again so Hilary can have another go…

  20. Oh … you mean when Yang said we are too late already … he was right? and don't be fooled… no matter how much support he has… the DNC will do the 2016 on him all over again … and now Obama the suppose progressive is also trying to kill Bernie's run… yellow vest time

  21. After studying this as part of my minor in college of is my opinion that we can not stop this from happening! What we need to do is prepare for tbese extreme climate events.

  22. Bernie needs to tell Americans that the so-called 'Freedom' they so vocally cherish is sold to corporations after they vote Republican. Under Republicans there's lots of 'Socialism'…. but just for corporations with bailouts, protection from some lawsuits, and environmental remediation. Bernie Sanders Democrats will create real 'Freedom'. Current Republicans provide Fiscal Medicare for corporations and the rich. 'Trickle-Down' economics has been a lie Republicans have used to enrich the rich repeatedly since 1931. Trump has done this once and Republicans will lie again, sacrificing 'Medicare For Any' and Social Services throughout America. Trump is already taking food from children, food programs which were widely accepted and praised throughout the late 1940's and 1950's into the 1960's. The long and determined covert campaign by large corporations and the wealthy began before their first champion, Reagan, and the middle class began to disappear along with the tax burden upon those that took the most from the free market, the wealthy. Republicans have only guaranteed the privilege of poverty for most while re-branding predatory economic conduct as free market enterprise for the wealthy and powerful. Most Americans know or suspect this, that is why Republicans cheat and lie in elections with voter suppression, gerrymandering, and bald lies both in policy and in advertising. If unconstitutional practices are required they explicitly say they will use them.
    Vote for Bernie and remedy this.

  23. The high Arctic is in "runaway greenhouse" mode without a precise intervention.

    These 4 things will be done before anything close to zero emissions is to happen on planet Earth.

    Consider: A direct solution to energy, altering jetstream paths back to Holocene patterns, how-to's & why's:

    There are 4 factors of possible paths to prolonging a reasonable weather globally, think baseball hail, flooding, landslides, tornados, wildfires and big storms.

    The first flips towns off-grid, its magnet motor for 1300hp/1-Mw is small, 24x7in/61x17cm, fits -=> cars, trucks, tractors, trains, aeroplanes and ships at sea.

    This implies cars without refueling or recharging for the LIFETIME of the owner, eh?

    The 1300hp/1-Mw has a half-century warranty of 24/7 power with normal upkeep, the magnets are still 90% in 1000-years, it's the only sensible power source to pursue.

    So, flip towns off-grid, 1-Mw/1300hp, "50-year no-inputs warranty"; 17yr R&D; Belgian:, the RF-5000, sparkless for use with explosives, military-spec, ships in a container.

    For home farm ranch made to wire panels into as the inverter: 10kwโ€ข$15k, 5kwโ€ข$8k, 20-year wrnty,1.2-cents/kwh; S. Korean:

    The 5kw fits a pickup toolbox, is quiet, no fumes indoors, looks good for construction to me, $35/month + interest for 24×7 power, eh?

    These globally are the ONLY machines ready for assembly-line, high-volume design and production I found in trade studies, you try.

    They are a bleeding edge, beaten path to a near zero-emission, tiny carbon-footprint motive power for all machines.

    SECOND, is using algae to purify wastewater at the treatment plant, or onsite for homeโ€ขfarmโ€ขranch using the same units, this emits O2 and removes CO2, eh?

    Then, the oils & biomass can become biodiesel and derivatives, from a pilot study I did for Phoenix, AZ, a 10M-gallon/day plant can produce about 3M-gallon/day of biodiesel, Gov. Jan Brewer and her EPA head were on board, we got shot down by her party, the GOP in the USA.

    Too bad, eh? Sound familiar?

    THIRD: Have ALL IC-Engine mfg's make replacements with N.Tesla Tailpipes, a one-way air valve with no moving parts that nearly ZEROES emissions for their tailpipes.

    If they won't, shut them down, this eliminates soot from biodiesel, can be scaled up to industrial smokestacks, it reduces back-pressure, improves performance.

    And, he tied it to IC-Engines for this purpose 80yrs ago, eh?

    FOURTH: It all boils down to dealing with Arctic seaice, HEAT GAINED in the 2007 retreat was 95,000-Twh over average.

    Closing all Steam-age power plants 250Mwh and above is a one-time save of 36,000-Twh in emitted wasteheat.

    That's 2โ€ข1/2-times too little to balance the gain vs the loss compared to the 1980-2000 average ice extent.

    Losing the seaice is game-over on controlling runaway in the Arctic, this is what brings the extremes in weather vs assuming it'd get tropical to midwest farmers, eh?

    Also, the Arctic Ocean is at the aragonite saturation point, all that a local marine biologist saw flying over the newly opened water were jellyfish, millions of them.

    There is no fishery there as it becomes open water.

    The serious 'Last Hurrah' for it all, to me, for what humanity needs to do:

    Install a weir dam at St. Lawrence Is. and polder north the entire Chukchi Sea to prevent wave damage and stratify the water to refreeze the bottom creating a year-round seaice refuge.

    ALL shipping confined within 3-4km of shore, zero cross-ocean traffic, this uses Dutch ships, materials and methods to create polders, shoals & levees.

    And, building submerged "atolls" encirclingย  methane vents, this uses the bubble flow to pull in colder bottom water which refreezes them.

    It all confines the freshwater runoff and most of all limits early melting from shore out to-sea in spring.

    This reduces 5-Amazons of warmer, fresher water to 1/100th of what is melting the seaice from below.

    Fresher water freezes at a higher temperature so true seaice isn't formed at the surface on freezeup, it needs -2C/28.4F for seaice to last over ONE season.

    This intends to prevent the Siberian jetstream from turning north and can be modelled, the N.Pacific is too warm and heats the airmass from below, with The Blob in the Gulf of AK, that drives the circulation pattern needing change back to Holocene patterns.

    So, the warmth sends rain to Anchorage in December and frozen oranges to Florida the routine now, started early, eh?

    As that air cools it now gets to low latitudes ONLY over LAND to balance equatorial overheating.

    The concept has 36,000 views on a seaice forum and zero actions upon it.

    It's the only geographic location on Earth with the ability to alter the Anthropocene jetstream paths back into N.America instead of going north.

    I can't order it done, the people in the poop deck party think everything's fine with lifeboats already in the water …

    In any case, it's the ONLY sane try to alter things not dependent upon emissions to overcome those effects enough to give MIDWEST FARMERS a break, else, expect a repeat of this past year or worse, eh?

    Expect flooding after this early snow, cold ground for maximum runoff vs a normal Holocene year, or worse, it stays cold.

    Welcome to the Anthropocene, CO2 won't go below 400ppm for >>120,000-years as oceans outgas their aragonite losses by reversing the carbonic acid cycle which acidifies fast and goes alkaline very, very slowly , a bioโ€ขgeochemical hysteresis, a real reason to consider extinction with business-as-usual.

    "The rate of acidification is 10-times faster or more than anything we have seen for the past 50-million years and perhaps over the last 300-million years.".ย  ICES ASC 2013 Plenary Lecture;
    Dr Richard Feely, 9:10 into 1:01:08; 14:30 in CO2 vertical maps;

    Very sensible and comprehensive of relevant fundamentals; "Global Warming 56 Million Years Ago: What it Means for Us";
    Dr. Scott Wing, Smithsonian Museum of Nat' History; 1:44:14;, [Temp chart duration: Solomon et al., 2009, PNAS]

    Modelling climate, what a "carbon excursion" is to paleontology, 1st part awards, great talk, illuminating: We are too close to the total carbon of the PETM, about 3โ€ขparts per mil.
    Emiliani Lecture: AGU 2012 Fall Mtg; "No Future Without a Past 'or' History will Teach us Nothing";
    Dr. Richard Zeebe, Univ.of Hawaii; 52:57;

    Dr. Peter Ward, UW paleontologist, short talk on the almost mammalian extinction, biomarker paleontology, and using hydrogen-sulfide for critical care as an evolved result in humans; 29:05;

  24. Maybe we should double down on the "weapons designed to kill each other" and just end it. Nobody left to suffer the loss, no more struggles. Problem solved.

  25. Bernie at his most presidential there, when talking about putting our combined resources into fighting climate change instead of fighting each other with weapons of mass destruction. A true leader, with a positive vision for the country and the world.

  26. If you support Bernie and don't donate, please do.

    I'm a 30 year old student who is finishing his first degree and it took over 6 years because I worked full time or more the whole time. Also, I have a terrible back injury I received on the job 5 years ago that is getting worse and worse and I cannot afford to get it fixed with our current "health care" system. I want to continue my education to help fight the climate crisis, but I can't continue with this pain.

    If I can afford to donate 5 – 10 dollars a month, you most likely can afford to also. Please, help us. There are thousands of us out there. We need you to do the right thing.

    Side statement, go ahead and log my off the record medical statement here Google, so big pharma and insurance companies can deny me in the future after buying my data.

  27. Obama said last year: "So Democrats aren't just running on good old ideas like a higher minimum wage, they're running on good new ideas like Medicare for all, giving workers seats on corporate boards, reversing the most egregious corporate tax cuts to make sure college students graduate debt-free." Entire speech:

  28. If you go to Bernie's website, you can get a description on how to vote in the primaries in your state. It is absolutely critical that you vote in the primaries. Don't put this off!

  29. THE ONLY CANDIDATE WE CAN TRUST!! WE NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE !!!!! Bernie is consistent, honest and will fight for all of us!

  30. Senator Sanders, A Canadian company is now trying to get support to build massive oil pipelines across the Straights of Mackinaw,here in Michigan. This is across one fifth's of the WORLDS Fresh Water. Please help us stop this travesty from going forward. We need all people to get together to stop this Canadian Co. from ruining our fresh water system's. We cannot replace it. They are just totally Greedy and slimy and corrupt. I AM JUST A POOR grandpapa .. I have no real voice in politics and that is where it has to be stopped in Congress. At least make it known in your speeches around our Country. They are carpetbaggers trying to get rich off of our natural resources. Please help all of us. These people have already put a pipeline in that has had a major oil spill west of MICHIGAN I believe it was in the Dakotas or Montana. There was millions of barrels of oil spilled shoddy pipelines and work,ruining the land and the people's lives,costing many millions of dollars more in cleanup, and more lies and payoffs etc. Potable drinking Water cannot be replaced as you know. We need your help… Thank you, from ,A grandpa from Michigan .

  31. Please vote for Bernie, our kids future depends on electing leaders that will do something about this. The alternative is scary.

  32. Climate Alarmism is about redistributing income…away from the developed world to the less-developed world. And the Left will be the beneficiaries of that transfer, in its execution. The "science" just lays down the pretense.

  33. Bernie's right on climate change. And the problem is not really one that people are understanding properly. What they mean is that the environments and habitats will shift northward to areas currently unsuitable to grow large amounts of food. Areas where we currently grow most of our food will grow less and less food causing food to become more expensive and eventually leading to planet wide starvation. Vote for Bernie. It's the only chance to save your life (and your children's lives). People aren't being alarmist enough.

  34. Bernie starting to sound like Yang. They're all starting to sound like Yang. Too bad Bernie's got that weak-ass NIMBY plan on climate.

  35. Your lying Bernie, China is the biggest polluter in the world and they aren't going to change anything. You don't know what is really happening and the scientists don't really either. Back in the 70's they were saying we were going back into the ice age. Your playing people and using fear to do it.

  36. asking developing countries to give up cheaper forms of energy production is not fair to them unless the developed countries compensate for the shift and nuclear disarmament, slashing defense budgets to fight climate change?. In most parts of the world (like mine) nukes act as a deterrent to war.. you can lead all you want but no one will follow suit. I admire Bernie but this is a serious issue and requires a serious solution without putting anyone at a disadvantage

  37. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅFEELING THE BERN IN DENMARK๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

  38. American here living in Thailand at the moment. I just got the flu and my doctor visit was only $12 USD and I got a shot and a bag of pills that made me better after only 2 days. I have no insurance here. That same visit in America might be around $140.

  39. CO2 in air is the only and the lonely source of all foods for every creature. All foods we eat are carbon compounds, without one exception, and this carbon has one single source: CO2 in air. All creatures first appearance is a small baby, next they grow on food. Bodies of all creatures are carbon compounds and water, all this carbon is from one single source CO2 in air. CO2 in air is a direct product of fuels combustion, then bodies of all creatures and plants too are from fuels. The SAME carbon atoms of fuels are converted into the bodies of creatures and plants. Our existence on this planet fully depends on combustion of fuels.

  40. @jimmyfallon Thank you for having Bernie on your show so often, when all media has been completely attacking or completely ignoring him!
    Please, watch this video to see how badly corporate media treats the front runner in California!
    It's not right!

  41. Even if he doesn't win the nomination this man has inspired myself and many of my friends to pursue politics as a potential career option and begin volunteering locally. In 20 years there will be 100s of Bernie Sanders style candidates in office

  42. The only way he gets elected is a massive swamping at the polls. As he gets close the media will get as vicious as is necessary.

  43. The thing is….. Everyone in the trump administration don't care about climate change….because they won't be alive.

  44. Biden seems so irrevelant. Nobody talks about him or invites him to radio/talkshows. But somehow Biden is still the most ''popular'' canditate right now. HOW??

  45. Americans, don't be stupid again, get this man into office! Bernie won't be able to do it himself but he will give his best and will be a considerably better president than anyone else out there!

  46. NEWSFLASH Early December/2019
    I have checked US media today and I dont get it. SO many bad bad news we keep getting about the climate as we learn more and more. SO frustating that there are SO few good news, So few news that point in the right direction. HOWever, I can give some good news for a change…Denmark has just approved in parlament with 167 for and 5 against to volentarily, nationwide, to reduce CO2 emissions with 70% from 1990 level before 2030. The demand in the Paris climate accord are a 50% reduction before 2050. Inside the same decision the Danish parlament also have agreed that Denmark are NOT allowing themselves to buy CO2 qoutas to deliver the result "on paper". It has to be a genuine and real reduction. So its a massive improvement and what the climate and the global population needs that ALL countries do (NOW). Isnt very very strange that I have to sit here and write this in all kinds of websites because I am SO sad that you, as a living creature on this earth couldnt, read it in your newspaper or see/hear it on TV in US? Time to wake up and elect politicians that have programs beyond next 2-4-6 years. Elect leaders with a eye for a sustainable future. Its very simple really…Instead of what we do now, we have to cover all our needs with electricity and hydrogen (hydrogen made from water and electricity polutes nothing but water when burned), and the electricity has to come from wind (offshore windmillfarms are now more efficient and economic than coal) and solar.

  47. Regardless of whether you endorse Bernie or not, I think we can all agree it's time for a person leading the US who serves the American people and not the lobbyists and corporations who Lobby (bribe) them.

  48. The numbers of birds, butterflies, worms, bees, fish and so many other species have been dramatically disappearing.

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