Shailene Woodley: ‘Endings, Beginnings’ Set Gave Freedom to Explore “True Intimacy” | TIFF

– [Interviewer] I like to
start with an elevator pitch. I usually ask the director to do that. – Oh my gosh, what’s it like? How long is the elevator? How many floors are on the elevator? – [Interviewer] As many as you need. (relaxing music) – It’s about a young
woman who’s going through a recent break up,
who’s trying to navigate a year in her life and meets two men and just gets very complicated, but really at the end of the day, it’s about an exploration of kind of a very progressive female
journey in today’s times. – [Interviewer] And
that young woman is here who plays your leading character. – Yes, Shailene’s great in the movie. – He’s so good.
– I mean, it was a stretch. – Progressive, it’s a progressive film. – Yeah. – Very progressive.
– Yeah. – There was a beautiful
balance on this film between feeling safe enough
to explore true intimacy, while also being actors. That’s a weird line to kind of walk and it did feel effortless
with you and you as well. And our DP was a female and
I think having that energy, the balance on set was very– There was a great balance on set between male and female
crew and I think that added to the overall comfort level
of maybe everyone involved, as well. It just felt like we got to
play for a month with friends and deeply kind of connect in a way that you don’t always get to as actors. – And then that ends up being the movie. It feels that way.
– [Shailene] Yeah. You make it that way, it
doesn’t feel like a movie. It doesn’t feel like
we’re acting or directing. We’re exploring something
every time or we’re looking at something a little bit differently in each different take and interaction. – Like an observation almost, you know? – Yeah, exactly, exactly.
– [Shailene] Yeah. – [Interviewer] Lets keep
the honestly and love going and go fishing. Should we do that? – Yeah.
– Is this the bowl? – [Interviewer] That’s the bowl. (shuffling papers) – I’m building suspense,
this is the trick. – [Drake] Very suspenseful. – It feels very long, this one. What was your first
impression of the person sitting to your right? – Oh – My first impression of
Shailene Woodley was– I always say this is the
smallest industry in the world. I’ve only heard amazing things about Shai from anyone I knew who worked with her. I think Shai’s one of the
nicest people I’ve ever met, let alone, the nicest person
I’ve ever worked with, so, yeah, all good things. There we go.
– Thank you, Jamie. – Yeah, there we go. Here’s the same question for you. – He was promoting like crazy when I was promoting The Descendants. There was a playfulness
in the way that I think, I mean, listen, it’s no
secret that it’s very easy to become too involved in what we do and you were the opposite of that. You really, and still are,
and that’s what I just love and admire the most about you is you love what you do
because you love stories. – First impression of Jamie,
we did a Hugo Boss short film together about a year and a half ago. I remember we were like in Azerbaijan, in the middle of nowhere
and I just remember arriving and being like, “Yeah,
Thank God another golfer.” And then we just like have
that, okay, we’re gonna be fine in the midst of all this insanity. I’m really proud of what we made. It was really cool to do that
and then it was just like, okay, well let’s just keep this going. You just want to be around
people that inspire you and both of them are just
so amazing in the movie and I’m so excited– – What he’s basically
trying to say is that for his next five films,
we will be in them. – Yeah, I’m in. I’m 100% in, yes, please. – [Interviewer] I think I see a golfing romantic comedy or something. – Yeah we can do it. That’s a good idea. His eyes got really big there. – He’s in, finally. – Yeah, finally. (relaxing music)

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  1. If I see this, it will be solely bc of the transcendent Ms. Woodley. The premise sounds somewhat clichΓ©d, but the with films like this, it's the execution – and not the initial setup- that counts. I have no doubt that she'll kill it- effortlessly!

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