1. Who else is still watching this performance with a big grin, ESPECIALLY when you hear “LETS GO GIRLS” 😍😂 Months later.

  2. 🇲🇨💙❤💜💛💚💙❤💜💛💚🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💙❤💜💛💚💙❤💜💛💚🇲🇨
    MY LOVERS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsVlGiyVhWbP1GSc_Rt-Kg1SAm-DuT1s6

  3. I like shania, but the clothes and hair are just too much. It looks like she is wearing barbie doll clothes and wig, straight out of the toy box.

  4. Damn who's the thirsty chick at 2:56 watching Taylor Swift. Then she eventually makes her way next to her at 4:33. Taylor was not feeling her either.

  5. Your still the best. You should check out Angelina Jordan, she would be a great guest. You two are my favorites of all time. Of course, I bought all ur CD s and sang your songs when I was packing in the Bob Marshall, everyone called me packer Shania. Anyway, I just know u will love Angelina Jordan as much as I love u. She is on AGT right now and is ONLY 13 but she reminds me of you. Just a thought.

  6. It was a big issue for her when she started losing her voice but, I think she still sounds great. She's an iconic 90's bombshell. Most of her songs a catchy and relatable.

  7. Shania Twain is amazing all her songs had the crowd going …..
    Iconic songs we know all the words to the song that's when you know
    Amazing Job

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  9. When you see the modern stars of several different genres up singing and dancing to her songs as they were makes you realize how much of an inspiration, influence, and presence Shania had throughout her career.

  10. Our bitch is back! hopefully now she and a few other great artists can start rubbing off on artists and bands again 😀 nothing can replace it, the 90s – early 2000s was The Golden Age of music WE NEED IT BACK!. You JUST don't get so pumped up and motivated about today's music it's just blahh…

  11. I like Shania Twain..
    I heard that Taylor is really grown up with Shania songs, but i have never like Taylor songs (i never sing any her song). I thought something she sing it not for her expression, i dont find it like in Shania. I did nt say i hate Taylor, but i really cant find any interest in Taylor. I am sorry.

  12. Shania Twain can rock an entire Colosseum no matter who's in the audience! No need to see a therapist..when you can listen to her music..amazing every time!!

  13. Beautiful Shania . So proud of her .What a trooper . She is definitely a role model for over coming obstacles . Sounding and looking amazing Shania

  14. Irgendwie sieht sie aus, als hätte sie sich operieren lassen….nicht so schön. Und die Stimme ist ganz schön dünn geworden.

  15. The thing about Shania is you didn’t have to be into country music to love her. I knew nothing of country music or its celebrities but you better believe I had this cd.

  16. helloo i im mexican,, and country music is my favorite in english and she is mi idol on womens , i hope and dream to see her on live some day,, i been hearing her music from 2004 tell 2020, god bless every one of you

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