Shot Caller with John Legend

-Before you go, I thought we
could play a game that combines two of my
favorite things — going through people’s phones
and making people take shots. That’s right — it’s time for
“Shot Caller.” -Oh, man.
♪♪ -Here’s how this works. We’ll each take turns spinning
this Shot Caller wheel, which will land on
a random letter and number. That letter and number will
tell you which contact in your phone will unknowingly be playing along
with you today… -Oh, wow. -…because after
you’ve spun the wheel, you’ll have to decide whether to
send them a confusing text that my writers have crafted
or take a shot. So, I got some Belvedere
for you. I got some berry Ciroc for moi.
right there. Here are the text messages.
-And I’m not driving after this. -Me neither.
-Alright. -They actually don’t let me
leave the studio. Okay, I’ll go first.
How about that? -Okay.
-Okay, sound good? Alright. Let me spin first. All right, we got — That’s H-4.
-H-4. H-4. Not seeing H’s. The last name is Handler. -Handler?
-And it is Chelsea. -Chelsea!
-Chelsea Handler! [ Cheers and applause ] Okay, let’s see what
the text message is, and I’ll decide if I’m gonna
send it to Chelsea or take a shot. -We love Chelsea.
-We love Chelsea. -And she loves
a good vodka shot. She wrote a whole book about it. -If anything, I don’t take the
shot, she might be disappointed. The text is, “I just got back
from the doctor, and you might want to go
get tested.” -Send it.
-You think I should send it? -Send it! Send it! Send it!
Send it! -Look at this peer pressure.
I’m down. I’m down. Okay, “I just got
back from the doctor, and you might
want to go get tested.” -Send it!
-Aah! There’s the receipt,
so I did it. I sent it. Alright, I sent the text.
We did the damn thing. -Is it my turn?
-Yes, it is your turn. Go ahead and spin the wheel,
both of them. Yes! Whoo! -Big money, big money.
-Okay. -I don’t know if I have any
Z’s in my phone. Let me check. I’m curious.
Okay, I have a “Z.” -You do? Who is it?
-His name is Aaron Zigman. He’s a songwriter. I wrote a song with him
for a film. -Aaron is either — You’re
either going to take a shot or you’re gonna send the
following text. -Okay. -“Can you pick me up?
It happened again.” -Okay. I’ll send that.
-You’ll send that? Send it.
But we want to see the receipt. [ All chanting “Send!” ] -Done.
-Receipts, y’all. Receipts. Whoo! Sent. It is sent. -Oh, no. I got an error message. “Your message
could not be delivered to this non-wireless number.” -Oh, wait. Hold on, hold on.
You know what that means. -I got to take a shot.
-You got to take a shot. But I’ll tell you what.
I’ll tell you what. Since you’re a good sport,
I’ll do one with you. Cheers, John Legend.
-Cheers. [ Cheers and applause ] Alright.
-Alright, here we go. -Well, Aaron Zigman,
if you’re out there, pick me up, bro. -Also, Aaron, thank you for
getting me through today. I appreciate that. Alright, time for
the lightning round. We’re gonna switch things up
a little bit. This time, the stakes are a
little bit higher. You’re going to randomly scroll
through your phone contacts, and when I say “stop,” whoever you land on,
you have to video-call them… -Okay.
-…with the message. But — Do you want to go first
or should I go first? I want to go first,
just to set the precedent, okay? I’m gonna close my eyes,
scroll through my contacts. You tell me when to stop.
You ready? -Okay.
-Wait. Chelsea replied. -What’d she say? What’d she say?
-[ Laughs ] -I said, “I just got back
from the doctor, and you might want to go
get tested.” And she said,
“I already have it.” -Yes!
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s what’s up, Chelsea.
I love you. -That’s the benefit of texting
another comedian, because they know how to land
a joke, yes. -Okay, I’m going to go
through my phone. You tell me when to stop, okay?
-Okay. Stop!
-It is a famous DJ. -Oh! -Another one?
-Another one! -Oh! -It’s DJ Khaled.
Wait, wait, wait. -Wait, wait, wait. We have a Grammy-nominated
song together with Nipsey Hussle. -Yes. -And let’s FaceTime him and tell
him I voted for us today. -But here’s the thing.
Here’s the thing. Let’s see what I would have to
say to him first. because it’s either I take a
shot or I say this to DJ Khaled. -Okay, it is, “I think I just saw Ellen hit
someone with her car. She kept driving.” -That would be wild.
No, we’re FaceTiming. We’re FaceTiming.
-Should we FaceTime? Oh, my God! Okay, hold on.
Oh, my God. Alright, let me — Alright. “Get a TV show,” they said.
“It would be fun.” Okay, hide yourself first,
and I’ll just — -Alright.
-Alright. Hold on. Let me just — -Yeah?
-Hey, Khaled, Khaled. -Khaled. It’s DJ Khaled! -Khaled, this is crazy.
This is crazy. I have to call you.
-What’s up, John? -What’s up, John?
-What’s up, Khaled? -We just saw Ellen
hit someone with her car, and, yo, she kept driving. -Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know… -You seen her do it, too?
-Uh… -And, also, John has
something to tell you. -I just voted for us for the
Grammys, Khaled. -I just voted for you, too.
-That’s what’s up. Give it up for DJ Khaled,
everybody! -John, I love you.
-I love you, brother. Oh, man!
-That was sweet. That was sweet. Alright. We have another round. You got to scroll through
your phone. -Okay.
-Alright. -So, I’m just gonna scroll.
-Yep. I’m gonna tell you when to stop. You can stop. -Oprah Winfrey.
[ Cheers and applause ] -What?!
-I am not. -What?!
-I am not. -What?! -I am not.
-What?! Yo… [ Audience chanting “Oprah!” ] Even John Legend knows
his limits, y’all. -I’m not bothering
Oprah Winfrey today. -I’ll tell you what —
cheers to that. Cheers, John Legend.
[ Cheers and applause ] Aah!
-Ow! -Whoo! That’s all the time
we have for “Shot Caller.” My thank-you to John Legend
for being here.

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  1. 5th view… 1st comment… Life is great… I ♥️ Lilly so freaking much!!! I hope to meet her one day. She is such an inspiration. I really love her Girls Supporting Girls initiative. She is so awesome. Good vibes all the way from India.♥️♥️♥️

  2. The thing is, when you Facetiming someone and they see that you on a set and the audience is shouting it's obvious that it was a prank. You need to be low-key to be believable.

  3. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Lilly's style of comedy but this whole show seems unpleasantly fake. By this, I'm not saying that it could not have potential (because I think it does, if only she actually took an effort to listen to critics), but it's just that Youtube Comedy doesn't always fit to TV. Most of these segments look staged (and not in a good way) and she doesn't look natural at all nor in what she says or what she does. I hope she can grow professionally!

  4. This episode was hot the show keeps getting hotter and hotter and I can’t just rap my head around the fact that it’s almost ending 😩😂😂

  5. I swear to FUCK this show is the BIGGEST flex of the bourgeoisie. Let this be your reminder that the rich have class solidarity

  6. Hi Lilly, if you're reading this :
    I'm also Indian but a French tamil and I discovered your YouTube Channel only 2 years ago and I LOVED IT, all the day I was like : Look at my girl an Indian that is killing that but when you started this show I was disappointed to see that your sketchs were almost all based on the fact that you're a Brown Bisexual Woman and it was going to be ankward but I am now VERY HAPPY that u have left that THANK U VERY MUCH ❤️🔥👌🏾✅💪🏾🇮🇳

  7. I really honestly loved lilly but now she is just shouting at the camera and making these weird faces while talking 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. Wow he seems so uncomfortable. And also seems like a way for her to just brag about people they know. Also wtf kind of game is this ._. Peer pressure is kool… wtf ?

  9. Is this segment about doing phone pranks calls? That’s so fuuuuunyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….. 12 years ago, when I was 15 😥 Is this a late show? Aren’t this kind of shows made for adults? Ok ok, I just came to watch this and see if it was as boring as internet is saying… I couldn’t watch more than 60 seconds. This was so cringy, she needs to be more natural and change the “kids comedy” for “mature comedy “ Yes, I am a lationamerican woman (not white, not black either, just Latina) and I don’t think this is funny. There’s people who can find you boring and that’s not hate, that’s just different thinking… to me this is boring. Well if you made it this far, I hope you the best.

  10. please watch this video lilly. It is not in bad taste..i think it will be helpful. I am a fan of yours, believe me. We want the best for you!

  11. This is the best game and was made so much more awesome by John Legend being a good sport! And Lilly is doing so well with the show. I feel so happy and proud of her. ❤

  12. Why does no one point out that Lilly a Canadian Indian act and talk black when she isn’t ??? It’s totally inappropriate and incredibly racist and insensitive! Absolutely disrespectful!!!

  13. I watched this entire episode on Global and it was soooooo good! Definitely one of the best yet. 😀 Congrats, Lilly!

  14. It wold be better if it was Shotput Caller and instead of drinking a shot, you had to hurl a Shotput a coupla miles, yah, Olympic style into da audience.

  15. Does she not realize she has mic on…she is always yelling. And, if anyone thinks John Legend has Oprah in his phone as Oprah, they are not too bright. Celebrities don't put other celebrities in their phones especially not by their full names. lol.

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