Six Queens share how to tune in live to nominations for Olivier Awards 2020 with Mastercard

Catherine of Aragon: Oh my gosh, wow. I’ve just received some kind of short letter on this futuristic book, asking me to announce the date of the nominations for the Olivier Awards 2020 with Mastercard! [Text message] Catherine Parr: Oh my gosh, same. I’ve got to ask everyone to tune in to watch the nominations for the Olivier Awards, on Tuesday- Catherine of Aragon: Look, don’t worry babe, you just chill. Put back down your pen and your microphone, I’m the only one they really want to- Katherine Howard: O-M-G Queens guess what! I’ve been asked to announce the Olivier Awards nominations date. Oh wow, it is so exhausting being the Queen that everyone likes the most! Jane Seymour: Wait wait, same. I guess they just ‘see more’ potential in me than the rest of you. Anne Boleyn: Well, I’ve just got some weird guy called Oliver sliding into my DM’s asking if I’ll- oh wait, yeah, no same. Anna of Cleves: QUEENS! Guess what!? Queens: What? Catherine Parr: You’ve been asked to get everyone to tune in to watch the Olivier Award nominations. Anna of Cleves: No, I’m unbelievably wealthy, just wanted you all to know that, ha! [Queens argue] Catherine Parr: Queens stop! Look, if there is anything that we’ve learnt from a year and a half of sold-out shows on the West End… It’s that real Queens, fix each other’s crowns! Queens: Awww. Anna of Cleves: So instead of competing with each other, we should all do this announcement- Queens: TOGETHER! Jane Seymour: The nominations for the Olivier Awards 2020 with Mastercard will be announced on Tuesday 3 March 2020 on Facebook, so make sure you tune in live.

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