Smart Predict: Refresh Predictions Based on SAP HANA Live Data in Real Time

Hey guys. Quick question. Aren’t you tired of doing data maintenance whenever
you get new data? Wouldn’t it be
great to have your predictive
models or stories updated in real time as soon as new data
is available? Well, with Smart
Predict running on top of SAP HANA Live Data. This is now
possible. Your data is updated in no time. and your predictive models, datasets and stories
can all be refreshed. Let’s take a look. In a previous video
we used a live dataset based on SAP HANA data
for eight stores. We created a predictive
models to get predictions on sales
for these stores. And then we created a story to highlight our insights. Now, the data for one
additional store has been added to
the SAP HANA table. The San Jose branch, with store ID S009. The new store automatically appears in the training dataset in SAP Analytics Cloud. To get your predictions
updated with the store, retrain your
predictive model and then apply it. Notice that we overwrite the previous output dataset to make sure the data is refreshed for all the SAP Analytics
Cloud components using these datasets. Let’s now see if the data is updated everywhere. First, in my
output data set, I can see that the
predictions for the San Jose
store are there. Let’s check my story now. Yup, San Jose info
is now available. Want to keep your
insights updated? Try a forecast refresh, let’s say on a
monthly basis. And that’s it.
That was quick! Thanks for watching
and I’ll see you soon.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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