Snoop Dogg Gets Lilly’s Staff High

-One of my favorite people, Snoop Dogg, is on the show
tonight, y’all! [ Cheers and applause ] He’s sun, he’s laid back, and if
you didn’t know this already, he’s actually a talented healer
who was especially popular with members of our staff
earlier today. Anytime someone came to him
with a problem — backaches, headaches, anxiety — he had the perfect solution. I guess you could call him
Snoop Doc. Take a look. -Hi, Mr. Dogg. I’m Mona.
-How you doing, Mona? -Good. How are you?
-Chillin’. -Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry
to bother you. I just wanted to ask you
for your help on something. I work really hard here,
and when I go home, I can never fall asleep,
and I was wondering if you have something
that can help me with that. -I normally don’t do this,
but I’m-a give you some action. This right here, this is good.
That’s that Sour Diesel. That’s good to help you sleep
a little, get you right-right,
night-night. -I need some right-right
night-night. -Don’t tell them
where you got it. -Thank you, Mr. Snoop Dogg. Or should I call you Snoop Doc? -Call me whatever you want,
baby. -Okay, I will. -Have a beautiful day. -Snoop Dogg.
-What up? -I’m Nate.
I’m a production assistant. -How you doing, brother?
-Good, man. Just been having a little bit of
pain in my joints lately. Any ideas?
-Take a green one of these. Green, just green, just green.
You got to pay. Just green. Don’t say where you got it.
-Linda from HR. -How you doing, Linda?
-I have cataracts. -Put these on real quick. -Yeah, I think
I need something stronger. -Take these. I just needed to know
how much strength you needed. That’s 200cc of
that do-it fluid. -I think I need more. Like, I think
I’m having a flare-up. -Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on. -I’ve got anxiety.
-Oh, do you? First of all, I want to give you
some of this wedding cake, and then I’m gonna give you
some of these nuts ’cause these are
some good edible nuts that can help you out with that. -Inflammation.
-I know what you need. Here are some of them
barbecue chips right there. That’s that edible. Take one of these seaweeds
right there. That’s that do-it fluid. That’s gonna bring the
inflammation all the way down. Open your hand so I can give you
some of these nuts. -I’m just not as good at
video games as I used to be. -You know what it is? I think it’s the technology of
the game, making it graphic. So what I think you should do is
take this, right? All of it. -All of it? Okay.
-Just take it. And before you start
playing a game, take it. -I’m gonna be honest with you. I forgot to get weed
before work. -So how are you
gonna go to work? -I know, right?
-Man, here. -Thanks, dude.
-Don’t ever do that. -Snoop.
-What up? -Thank you so much
for being on the show. Appreciate it. I’m excited.
-Hey, come here, come here. -Thank you. Listen, everyone keeps calling
you Snoop Doc. What’s going on? -Uh, I took care of your crew. I made sure that they had, you
know, the do-it fluid, you know? -Wait, are you telling me my
entire staff is high right now? -You need anxiety, this, that,
they all had issues, so I had to take care of them. -[ Laughs ] Sir, we are… -Uh-oh. -Oh, come on!

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  1. Like damn! My gurl, Lilly is doing it big with her staffs by having Snoop Doggy Dogg on her show. Thumbs Up, to trying to make it big like Martha Stewart show. ha!ha!ha! But! Nice job & thanks, for playing video.

  2. "Don't Tell Em Where You Got That"… LMAO!! Snoop a Foo… (I Disliked him for a long Azz time). Lol.. That "Wedding Cake" Tho…..👍 . Can't believe Lilly is Rolling with Snoop now… Wow! 😹 This was Funny.

  3. Wedding cake
    Durban Poison
    Purple punch
    Sour grape soda
    Sour lemon cake
    Sour diesel
    Turbo diesel
    Pink Napoli
    Strawberry banana
    Sour banana sherbet

    That's my holiday feast.

  4. I love Snoop. Too bad he stooped to this level. The timing of her scripted responses, just awful. Come on Snoop, you don't need this.

  5. You are So wrong right now! I'm chilling and spit out my drink but Snoop gave treatment with a Dose of Nuts!! That's My Dr. Snoop…😘😂 PS Fax me a Script.💕

  6. How come the writers can make Snoop hilarious, but they always make Lilly look like a dud? Maybe it's not the writers….

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