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What do people younger than you not understand? What do people younger than you not understand? That’s LOVE! Younger people are very extravagant in love. What do you mean? It means when you were younger, you would not mature in your thoughts, actions For example, you would not understand when girls are sad You would not understand when us girls are sad because of nothing Younger people, who was born in 2k or later, would never understand. They would be like “Baby, i’m sorry” and insist on breaking up with you If it was the older man, they would never do that. If you could be in charge of the country for a day, what’s one thing you would like to change? Education How? I wouldn’t change the rules for the entrance test to college like right now, 2017 and would remain the same like the past. What things you see from other country and want it to exist in Vietnam? What things you see from other country and want it to exist in Vietnam? no more littering That’s what everybody wants in Vietnam Keep the street clean like Singapore Do you think we are taking care of the world? Yes Everybody is taking care of the world How? Paying tax Paying tax? i think maybe it just takes care of your own country, not the world ah, for the world? Of course, there’s always a place in everyone’s heart that they want to take care of the world. How about you? Are you taking care of the world? Yes, i am How? I usually share on Facebook. Like “Share to protect this puppy” in America or “Share to help this girl” in Africa Like that. I am taking care of the world Just by sharing on Facebook???? That’s what they said on the status Does technology make us more alone? No way! Technology makes us more connected For example, you can open Zalo and use “Find nearby” feature. There are a lot of handsome man message you and want to get to know you. So does Vitalk. Could having lots of money be bad for someone? No way, having a lot of moneys is good Nowadays, only poor makes you miserable But a lot of moneys causes no harm at all. But by having a lot of moneys, they don’t want to study and then spend it on drugs. Is that bad? because they’re stupid. If you have a lot of moneys, you have to spend it the right way. It’s not gonna be bad if you spend on something good then it’s good. What’s “something good” to be specific? What is bad? What is good then? Like when you buy lottery ticket, it’s good You’re already rich. Why does you buy lottery ticket? Right? Silly me Then i gonna change the answer. “Could having lots of money be bad for someone?” Yes, its bad. Because if they’re rich, they are gonna buy heroin and prohibited stuffs like guns or rhino horn It’s bad, my friend. You guys shouldn’t have a lot of money. Do you think technology help to make the world a better place? In which ways? Yes, i think so For example, like i said earlier, technology makes us connect closer to each other Like you can make friend on Facebook and have more friend. In general, it can entertain you very well. Any other things technology can do beside entertaining? Yes. Like vacuum. The thing when you push a button, it goes around and clean your house Washing machine Refrigerators That’s it What do you think about Doan Ngoc Hai, vice chairman of the city, and his “sidewalk cleanup campaign”? I think it’s the right thing to do Like, it’s the law to keep the sidewalk open, you shouldn’t use it for your business I don’t know much about politics, but i know there are some rules about sidewalk violation but people still do it But you shouldn’t hit people anyway you can just tell people to obey the law

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