we are the sports hit list I am your host car collage and today we have a very very serious topic to talk about socialist using sports but before I get to that let me introduce our guest pound state coach Warmack Jamar welcome here call that I be new year Mike Miller has always big happy new year out big out Noel Happy New Year Khalid happy new year so gentlemen social issues in sports a lot going on throughout the a lot happened in 2014 and we want to sit here and discuss it the Eric Gardner case Mike Brown case we have the NYPD cops getting shot in New York and sports is a way for people to voice their opinions as we saw with the Eric Gardner we had Kobe Bryant Derrick Rose and other players Kevin Garnett Deron Williams to name a few who wore the I can't breathe t-shirts that create a little bit of stir and what they what they do now in regards to the NYPD to two cops who got shot assassinated we we saw football players and football personnel wear NYPD had two materials so what's your take on social issues and how the impacts of sports I don't agree with it don't agree with what agree with that there's so much pressure that's negative for example the NBA represented the AeroGarden situation about wearing I can't be sure right and the NFL represented they might be these hats why wait for the two outside that shot that showed to me that showed that system all right definitely like what does the NBA trying to say what does the NFL trying to say Colin your take on what's going on in social issues well I agree that it definitely holds a very important role within our society because of the fact that these people are out there they're on a grand scale people who are constantly thousands and millions of people have seen them on a regular basis I wouldn't go so far as what Alice just said as far as then being pressured into into being involved because it's just something that comes with being a human being you know a part of our society I mean they may be of a different tax bracket but these are issues that still affect them as human being especially when you when you when you speak on certain certain things that have to deal with color or race right you know a lot of a lot of the athletes that did it were of african-american descent so they hit home for them okay well but also really and then also a lot of the personnel and players that did it they had personal connection to you know police officers and law enforcement so that at home with that it's not so much a pressure thing it's just something that comes with being a human being in today's society okay if I do it okay now I'm gonna get to your point you're very just give me one second I'm gonna get to Mike I'm gonna get to Jamal first tomorrow when you think about NYPD we have NFL players wearing hats and me AI can't bring t-shirts do you do you think that kind of creates like like a color or a color war call attention like african-american players represent you know the MEA or represent african-american players that NFL players are representing I think the timing had a lot to do with why the NFL coaches and some of the players were on NYPD hats and so forth course you know obviously when Eric garner and Ferguson situation happen you know you meet a remark I'm on right then the NBA players immediately responded there were no then one of the murders for the NYPD cops had not happened yet so you know who knows if it would happen in the same exact week so you never know if some NBA players may have may have wore NYPD hat you know or such book but I mean real quick before the broader topic you brought up I kind of disagree well and I'm like I know you're gonna come back later but we're 60 years removed from Jackie Robinson well less than 50 years of removed from the from the UTEP team that are won a national championship right social issues have absolutely everything to do in sports because you got to understand what sports art is as a whole this is what brings the community together together so obviously you got to have this conversation because if they're not gonna step up to the plate who is these are the people that are uniting us well we when we go see a game on my Knicks fan when I go see you I mean when I bought them next games and the person next to me can be aging the person next can be to be Caucasian person next to me could be black but for those two hours were in there we don't look at race we look at enjoying our engine blue was leading on who will faith and that's what Sports has the opportunity to do so that's why I think it's important these athletes step up to the plate now are they right or wrong that's for them the judge within their own belief you know what I mean Mike I agree 100% with with these gentlemen and ultimately sports and social issues as he said they've they've always gone hand in hand because also like I like how it said it's about a human so there's an identification with everyone these issues are human issues right these yeah they may be African American per se but these are human issues so there's an identification with it so ultimately why is it important because of what we're doing now dialogue if nothing else you bring awareness you bring dialogue some people may not know anything about what happened some people may not know for example the Ray Rice case some people may not have those discussions and speaking thanks for bring that about speaking of the Ray Rice situation now in Alfred role models we talk about these athletes and social issues the social issues are the negative ones that they do speaking of Ray Rice and the domestic balance issue if he's supposed to be a role model that everyone as wal Mack was stating everyone that brings us together how does someone who's on a negative aspect of it bring bring bring a culture together because no role model right wait wait hold on interested I'm trying to bring it sports in general Bill Clinton is a role model and it's the reason why I'm saying it as president is chronic what chronicle what what he did was wrong when he was in my house we know everyone out to a fifth you know that might have been the right thing to do but he made a mistake he owned up to it after a while you a mistake and he went on to Charlie the country in his best way Ray Rice made a mistake and I said this before you know as US have a conversation just friends before we can't judge anyone else's closet or no they're struggling what they're going through right I agree what our issue I agree with you there they shouldn't be the end or sale for what your kids are learning but I know what it should be it should be that dialogue like Mike said if Ray Rice was your hero you as a parent should be responsible decisions proud and say listen he made a mistake you should never do this but that doesn't mean you can't want to be the Ray Rice on the field the Ray Rice who went the rough ism' was a great student on a great rice that gives back to New Rochelle and gives back to his community you can still be that right now out you were saying your son is a right after that Ray Rice poppy so how did he handle the how did you handle the whole situation with we don't condone we as society we don't condone what you did as far as mistaken but I understand that you're still likely right but I just need to understand that you shouldn't like realize the person because you don't know that you'd say not like you met you say and not see see we have to be careful when we start because that almost comes to a point where it's character assassination when we say not to like him as a person he's a person that made a mistake as he said we all make people make mistakes we all make mistake and rather than say not like Ray Rice the person rather say not like what Ray Rice did but but if he knew him that's a different story but he doesn't know him okay right Khaled your point guys guys wanna get to yeah it's kind of a double-edged sword because you have you have some legitimacy on both sides on one hand you really don't know what these people do in their everyday life we can say it's a mistake but we don't know if this is a consistent thing in Ray Rice of all right that can very well that could very well be the case as well so I mean it when it comes down to and this is a this is a this is an example I bring up often when were considering role models within the sports atmosphere you can look at Mohammed Ali it's chronicled a lot of the issues personal issues that he had outside of the ring behind cameras you know you know different things like that womanizing drinking alcohol stuff like that but when he stepped in front of that camera he understood that he had to portray a certain image to people in his community and other younger children right we because that it come it I wouldn't say it comes with the territory but it is a part of what happens when you're on such a nationally-televised platform but when you use that word portray wouldn't we say but he said portrays so when you when you say portray I see that as a character he's not returning a character he's a boxer this is that's his profession so we shouldn't see him as portraying someone that's who he is as leader that's a job right no no no but I wasn't talking about the boxing I'm talking about when he gets in front of the camera and he has a he has a history of getting information and speaking on social issues the well-documented history of being on television interviews etc speaking on strictly social issues he will dodge boxing questions completely and speak on social issues because he felt that it was important for the time let me ask you the social atmosphere needed someone like so let me ask you this do we have a Muhammad Ali of this of this era now we've had several athletes who have come out and said well like for instance Kobe Kobe said straight up the system that we're currently in it allows for four people to kill our young black men I was now something that he is right for work but but we don't have too many people too many athletes who will go to the extent that Muhammad Ali we're not they're not it's not that it's not gonna you're never gonna get back self what I will tell you something that's that's created that we use a video it's called the Internet and the reason so many people are going to be too quick to go on and try and bring down everything you said because you may have had some kind of issue in your past so we're never going to get those athletes who just come out and strictly just say I'm not the blue unless they're athletes that could care less about yeah because there there are there has been throughout sports history there have been those athletes that will take the slings and arrows regardless because again we're great power comes great responsibility so the some of these athletes bill it is their duty and responsibility to speak on these social issues to put a face to the question why what because because they're human why we're not as human beings but they feel a necessity as a human being with given a platform to raise awareness we know they're not too much to money with too much the platform because you do with money you know and I was an NBA pro but I was a professional accident when I played in Italy professionally and when I walked around the town in Italy and when I walked around Finland I felt it was my duty to show what kind of person I because I represented a brand which was my team I represent a brand which was the league that I played it and I represented my family they have influence that's all I'm saying and with when you have influence you have a way to be either influenced positively or at least as much as much as I'd like to continue this topic any final thoughts in the future God willing when I have children I will be too but I I won't I won't tell them that they can't look at a positive role model in media and accept that and I will also tell them if they ever make it to that platform use it to positively influence others okay I agree totally well out there when I have a son or a daughter I want to be my child's role model but I will also tell them that if there's someone you look up to you can take the best qualities from them and you can take that part and you can take that aspect I want to be that person and also never judge anyone you don't know what they're going through and until you've walked in their shoes you don't understand why they've done what they've done and we got to just take the good and the bad and we got to have dialogue with our kids in our children's that's we like final thoughts I support positive influences whether it be from me to my son whether it be a sports figure whether it be a cop anything positive influences help cultivate and help our society prosper and our youth so wherever the positive horses come from I'm always worried all right and my final thought is it's just just to pray for peace as much as everything that's going on we have people being abused we have people being killed it's just over all pray for peace I'll do it for the sports hit list take care you

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