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welcome to people shouted bhaiyaji jump down quick jump women and children were busy putting out the fire all bhaiyyaji's hopes had been reduced to ashes bhaiyyaji was badly burnt and he was in great agony he asked for water all the time nunna what's your last wish sons I want you to build a storied house I have no other wish with these words his head collapsed like the storied house bhaiyyaji was quiet and the fire too had calmed down bhaiyyaji's mother wept bitterly mad with grief your father passed away without giving me a burial at least your hat should have pushed the dust over my dead body bhaiyyaji speak to me sobbing her heart out it was gathering the earth with her spade and the others were lifting it away in baskets the guest said in amazement children you are in mourning what's this you are doing our Father soul cannot rest in peace unless we do this the guest said but what is it that you are doing we are starting a house not one with a concealed first floor but a regular two-story house and the six brothers continued with determination the work of digging the foundation of a two storied house

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