SpaceX vs Boeing for ISS Budget, Starlink Financing Starship, Martian Life for Real?

so today we want to talk about an
interesting story that just broke light showing how deep the corruption in
the space industry with NASA Boeing and other usual suspects goes in more
positive news of course we want to analyze last week’s StarLink launch it
was a full success but when can we finally see the first Starlink Internet
coverage and then of course we also have to take a look at the status of both
starships I mean that is kind of compulsory right and on Mars some
strange stuff is happening the methane mystery gets even more
mysterious as now an additional oxygen mystery is discovered what the hell’s
going on there so stay tuned for these highly interesting developments so let’s start with a brutal revelation
that just recently surfaced in a NASA report by the inspector general from the
office of audits and what they’ve found basically hundred percent confirms what
everyone watching this channel already knew there’s a brutal amount of
corruption going on with NASA especially in how they give out their contracts and
to whom they give out their contracts as we all know NASA has given contracts to
Boeing and SpaceX within the Commercial Crew transportation program with the
goal of launching astronauts to the ISS from American soil again
so SpaceX would of course do this with their almost ready crew Dragon capsule
which would be launched on a falcon 9 rocket
whereas Boeing would do this with their Starliner CST-100 capsule launched by
an Atlas V rocket since the Falcon 9 is almost fully reusable spaceX’s
solution is much cheaper and more efficient costing only 55 million versus
the 90 million per seat from Boeing so one would of course assume since NASA is a
scientific organization that money would be much more wisely spent on SpaceX
right nope instead Boeing received a quite nice 4.2 billion dollars compared
to SpaceX which received only 2.6 billion dollars for the Commercial Crew
transportation program so Boeing received 61.5% more money for delivering the
exact same goals the same goals 61.5% more but this goes even further because
the report shows that boeing was overpaid overpaid 287 million u.s.
dollars on top of the fixed contract price why because Boeing probably
threatened to leave the crew commercial transportation program so NASA was
basically forced to pay more so NASA was probably afraid that SpaceX wouldn’t
make it in time after the explosions they suffered back in 2015 and 2016 as
we remember NASA probably thought hmm let’s pay
Boeing a brutal amount to ensure that they won’t leave us hanging but don’t
worry because NASA defended the move saying the final price increase was
agreed to by NASA and Boeing and was reviewed and approved by numerous NASA
officials at the Kennedy Space Center and headquarters
ah then of course everything is fine thanks for clarifying that
if officials from NASA and Boeing approved that process then and then
everything is fine of course right so in other words don’t worry guys because
this corrupt process was 100% approved by corrupt people over at NASA and
Boeing so nothing to worry about everything is fine so yeah this story is
a hundred percent confirmation of the ranting we regularly do on this channel
here on how much money is wasted on * companies like Lockheed Boeing or
Northrop these companies are far more inefficient than SpaceX offer worse
products need at least as long most of the time however longer than SpaceX for
achieving less but get paid much more nice no wonder ladies and gentlemen that
we haven’t managed to get back to the moon yet no wonder that NASA’s crewed
spaceflight program didn’t go anywhere in the last few decades with such a
level of corruption it would be a miracle if we would have had a moon
base by now okay let’s calm ourselves again and try to talk about the more
positive developments in order not to transform into Hulk here and that is of course the successful launch of 60 new Starlink satellites which launched
last week on Monday the 11th of November from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape
Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida of course with a trusted Falcon 9 which
had already launched three times before making it now the fourth reuse of this
rocket and the first time a payload fairing was
also reused so rocket history was again being written here by SpaceX and now we
could already witness this new train of 60 Starlink satellites move along across
the sky again so then of course the question when will we finally have the first
Starlink service well spaceX plans another incredible six Starlink launches
until mid 2020 so that this would allow Starlink coverage by that time but first
only to North American customers full worldwide coverage would be available
after 24 launches so sometime by 2020 by the way as for the concerns of the
Astronomy community SpaceX is working hard on reducing the visibility of their
satellites and making them as unreflective as possible even now the
satellites are mostly only visible at dawn or dusk and decreasing reflectivity
would probably reduce the issues caused by Starlink for optical ground based astronomy to a tolerable amount and StarLink as we always like to remind our
audience is absolutely pivotal for our future in space
keep in mind please without Starlink no moon base no Mars base now the starlink revenue is estimated to be at least 40 billion dollars by the mid-2020s 40
billion that is twice NASA’s annual budget and this money will be absolutely
needed if we want to become a multi planetary civilization we should always
keep that in mind what do you think is better having perfect astrophotos of
nebulas and galaxies and galaxy clusters every time but being stuck on earth like
idiots or is it better to sometimes redo an astro photo or have it to do it
multiple times until no Starlink satellite passes in front of it but be a
multiplanetary species with colonies on the moon on Mars even on the moons of
Jupiter on the moons of Saturn above the clouds of Venus and one day maybe even
send interstellar missions to other star systems what do you think is better
and now of course we have to take a look at the current status of starship as we
know at Boca Chica the mark 1 prototype has been partially
reassembled being divided into two halves getting new flaps and landing legs a hexagonal launch pad had been constructed where the lower part is
erected and the preparations for fueling tests have already begun we might
receive a really nice Christmas present of this year with starship launching
around that time would be really awesome over at Cocoa not much has happened
since our last week’s news update as we can see in these latest shots by John Winkopp but at the Kennedy Space Center we can see the rectangular launch mount
for starship being continued the real action for the upcoming weeks will be at
Boca Chica and we will keep a close eye on the
developments as always and meanwhile on Mars some very mysterious stuff keeps
happening we all by now at least heard about the methane mystery where the
Curiosity rover on multiple occasions picked up seasonal methane variations
where during the summer months the methane ratio spikes and during the
winter months is much much lower now this process can be explained by
non-biological processes however there is really the distinct possibility that
these seasonal methane fluctuations arise due to biological processes namely
by some form of subsurface bacteria present on Mars and now this theory gets
more likely because on top of the methane variations now also seasonal
oxygen variations have been discovered now these newly reported results were
measured with curiosity sample analysis at Mars the so-called SAM instrument a
small chemistry lab that the rover carries with it
so as it turns out now oxygen also shows very strong seasonal variations very
similar to the methane now of course this phenomenon probably still can be
explained with non-biological processes however the idea that Mars bacteria are
some simple Mars organisms hidden within the surface of Mars are responsible for
these seasonal variations did increase in likelihood
this is another strong reason why humanity has to go to Mars and
investigate further it wouldn’t surprise us if we found primitive probably
single celled organisms deep down in the Martian lava tubes and caves remnants of
the once very life friendly conditions that were prevalent on Mars billions of
years ago it would have a huge impact on our understanding of the likelihood of
life and would give a strong boost to the theory that the universe is full of
life like really full of it which we think by the way is extremely likely so
we hope you enjoyed this episode even though it started with a quite brutal
amount of corruption so what do you think can be done against this and do you
think that bacteria are responsible for the seasonal fluctuations of oxygen and
methane on Mars I think yes I mean I hope so so as always be sure to
subscribe and turn on that notification bell because we regularly upload two
videos per week mostly on space topics but also electric cars and other
disruptive technologies so then see you next time More weird HULK imitations

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. NASA-Boeing makes me thing of oil companies, the less they work the more rare their resource is and the more they get paid for it… And when it comes to star gazers crying about what Spacex is doing, they seem to forget how awesome star gazing will be when the ship Starlink is funding takes them to the moon..

  2. Jixuana was corupted be the Bacteria on mars is evolving
    Sebastian u need to hide i dont tink u will make it to the next video

  3. I am glad the IG is finally looking into the corruption with the main contractors for NASA. I've worked in the aerospace industry and have seen it for myself. They do good work, but charge every dime they can for it. Jixuan is cute trying to hulk out. 😉 And yes, it is likely that the indicators are showing us current life under the Martian regolith.

  4. In the voice of Troy McClure…

    Hello, I'm Boeing, you may remember me from over priced behind schedule aerospace programs such as Starliner and SLS

  5. Oh My Goodness! Jixuan at the end of the video is cracking me up! As for the whole Boeing being overpaid thing, I agree and disagree (Mostly agree). It is important to have more that one launch provider just in case one of them has problems and is grounded for a while, then you'll still have another provider to get to space. In my opinion the more providers the better. I don't think Blue Origin was in that competition at the time. Having only one can lead to 9+ years of paying Russia to take us to the ISS, etc. AND Boeing is charging MORE than Russia is, but at least when paying Boeing the money is staying in-country. However, I think the contract should have gone to Sierra Nevada and their Dreamchaser instead of Boeing. I remember when that contest was being decided, being happy that SpaceX won, and disappointed that Sierra Nevada lost. Astronomers need to be careful. I like astronomy as much as the next guy. I have a decent scope that I have done astrophotography with. So I understand the frustration of having your photos ruined by satellites and airplanes. But with the bad reputation they are getting from the telescope in Hawaii they need to back off a little. Complaining about Starlink only contributes to their declining reputation. They risk losing support. Props for including footage from "Wanderers" by Erik Wernquist. I absolutely LOVE that short film. Stunning visuals and music along with Carl Sagan's inspiring narration from "Pale Blue Dot" is just….well I have no words to describe the feeling. If any of you who are reading this haven't seen it, go watch it right now. It's amazing!!!

  6. Thanks for the latest updates, guys! I love Jixuan Hulk imitations, LOL! Thanks also for the quite proper roasting of corruption in NASA! They deserve it! 😅👍

  7. NASA can't be dependent on a single launch provider at this stage Once one or both prototypes have proven themselves, then the lowest cost solution should prevail.
    Of course, Starship should make all these issues moot.

  8. I know NASA is corrupt organisation, it’s run by US but I’m ashamed because my government gives them money like a lot of European countries

  9. I still love you guys!!! Absolutely I think bacteria are responsible for the production of methane on Mars. I would think it would be a good idea to harness this bacteria to produce fuel and greenhouse gases to teraform the planet. If one could culture enough of it and burn it we could even heat the atmosphere. Teraforming factories.

  10. I have no dog in this fight either way. There is no way Boeing or any other space launch provider for that matter can even come close to competing with Spacex. Nasa has to make sure they have more than one provider for their launches. So yeah, Boeing got more other wise they just would not be able to provide any service

  11. I’m willing to endure your cursed heavy accents because you cover the right topics. This is a diss and a compliment but I mean well. Keep it up and don’t mind my scrupules

  12. When Nasa became a rock star in the 60's they were motivated, but now they are just a paycheck to be exploited. They could be Great again with the right administration in the WH.

  13. Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and other piece of shit contractors have been paying off congress for years… pieces of shit. SpaceX shows why socialism is bullshit… big govt is bullshit. Boeing should worry more about their piece of shit software crashing planes

  14. Every project's success can be boiled down to 3 parameters … cost, schedule, performance. Apart from these three parameters, Boeing is doing fine.
    Sadly, NASA became an insider club designed to make money flow in the right directions. And that meant for decades maintaining the status quo … and that also meant stomping out any progress that could get in the way. The per pound cost of payload to orbit actually increased because of it ( look at the Shuttle). Finally with Nasa contracts and gambling his fortune, Elon upset the status quo and got progress going again. If Nasa ever really gets pressured for results, they will have to focus on SpaceX and possibly Jeff Bezos (if he ever catches up to Elon)

  15. Thx. I like how you two are not afraid to talk shit on Boeing, unlike most all american you tubers!!! Thanks for having the ballz to tell the truth!!!

  16. The military industrial complex has spread itself out over all 50 states. It is a jobs work program and a way for politicians to cash in.

  17. Is Boeing corruption just the old way of doing business with NASA? SpacEx is just disrupting the heck out of it or we wouldn't have noticed…

  18. The corruption at nasa is another reason why starlink is so important! SpaceX need to cut the umbilical cord between them and Nasa. They need a steady stream of income independent from any Nasa missions such as the crew dragon.
    Certainly SpaceX can fly those missions but Nasa is clearly an unreliable partner so better to find cash else where.

  19. The she hulk looks like she needs EX lax!!! Just teasing keep[ up the good work you 2, I knew the corruption was an issues back a year ago when they dropped of star-liner in crates and on containers in pieces not even finished it was a complete joke to be honest, I knew B4 then but that gave me 100% confirmation of the wasted money Boeing got, after all this is the same company that Lied about the 737 max !!
    If Congress had Given Space X that same 4.4 billion (which is the actual total) they would probably have been to the Moon by Now and Half Way through working towards Mars, But instead it was FEED the OLD coots in Congress with SLS Bullshit and imaginary space craft that still is NOT BUILT & as it sits now may not even work if some of the worries are true over at Kennedy Space Center!
    Meanwhile Space X is working ON its OWN DIME & On Its Next BIG Advancement and if it works like Elon thinks this one craft may be the single answer to getting to the moon and back by using 2 or 3 of them as flying gas stations. I would have though "Jim BribeNswine" as i call him now & the NEW Nasa Head was NOT going to be the same old corrupt BS but sadly it looks like they gave him the job and have told him to play ball so that's why i gave him a new name BC he is told too keep feeding the Boeing Succubus !!! Cow}:-o)

  20. My gut feel blue origin will never be another spacex , there is only one Elon , bezos is no Engineer, hes too nice , he could write a cheque on his chequing account and buy out Elon any day of the week and,still be one of the riches men on the planet. But hes no space x . Hell anyone know the status of New Glenn.? They have been building it for years havent even seen a picture of it.

  21. You more correct than you know. Every company that is "in bed" with the government becomes just as corrupt as the government. Government is fire, when it is under our control it is a good thing but when it grows too big it can burn down your house.

  22. Well said Jixuan & Sebastian, it is beyond a waste of money or favouritism, it is pure and simply corruption. How can anyone justify an multi-decade established space conglomerate be paid 60%+ more for development and 60%+ more for each astronaut launched over a young ambitious ground breaking company. The $90M per astronaut for Boeing, make the Russians ($85M) look like the good guys, and that is sure an achievement.
    Contrast this with recent test requirements. SpaceX are made to use a whole new parachute system because Nasa doesnot like the mach2 system without giving any details. Then insist Spacex do twelve single parachute tests followed by 10 multi-chute tests (one done nine to go), obviously causing major delays to the SpaceX program while Jim Bridenstine tweets during in the run up to the Spacex Starship presentation, Spaecex are behind crew to iss schedule. Contrast this with the recent boeing starline pad abort test; one parachute (33%) doesnot work the capsule lands on its edge in a cloud of deadly Hypergolic propellant and Nasa says "all good nothing to see here". Why did the third parachute fail, because someone forgot a pin or a cloud of acidic propellant eat through the drogue chute lines? No need to investigate or do 9 more tests, this is boeing.
    A year ago the head of boeing announced to the world the first American to land on Mars willbe in a Boeing rocket, I wonder if boeing and Nasa has a secret agreement?
    It seem obvious to me Nasa is doing everything in its control to slow down spacex so Boeing will be first to ISS.
    Elon and spacex cant say anything, they need Nasa…until the starlink revenue starts to flow.

  23. I always suspect that NASA is colluding with Boeing. STS is a hunk of junk. I wonder if the accident with crew dragon last spring was no accident? Makes you wonder?

  24. There's a third solution: Build telescopes on Mars. It will be a long time before Mars gets satellite "constellations", and the atmosphere there is thinner, and the sun is further away. And you don't have to bring the telescope to Mars, you can buid it there, since all the materials needed are present. More reasons to colonize Mars.
    Jixuan will need to take weekly testosterone injections for 3 years for a chance to sound like the Hulk, but it's not worth it.
    Good job! Poor NASA, though; it's not them who are corrupt; it's the bloody politicos in Washington, who unfortunately get to tell NASA what to do, or else they cut the money spigot. There's nothing the NASA guys would like more than to deal with SpaceX only.

  25. you guys have peaked my interest in space flight to other planets, I really had not thought before that this was even in our future so now it's on the horizon. I would love to see man on pluto can't wait!!

  26. Yeah, totally agree about corruption. I have thought this for some months myself that NASA sometimes seems to be the middleman in a giant taxpayer funded wealth creation scheme for Boeing and and the like. Definitely some corrupt people on both sides getting paid out to agree to do things they shouldn't. Its typical of big business…..

  27. Politicians control the money and want lots of jobs in their districts… so they want more money going to the bigger employers. Space X is too efficient for their own good.

  28. space x should leave NASA they don't need NASA to do what they want.Once  star link is up an running  they will be richer  than Boeing and NASA combined.

  29. OK—————– Don't forget the Boeing's Shoot failure that was explained away as a miss installed (PIN) no big deal. Which is beyond belief as many inspectors that are looking over everyone's shoulders including photo's. if it had Been Space X you bet it would have been used as an excuse for another 6 month delay if not cancelled.

  30. Like I have said before let the commercial guys loose. I'm sure the old guard didn't give a thought to SpaceX but now they have set the bench mark and are simply to big to get rid of. The commercial guys aren't Angels so keep that in mind, they play way rougher then NASA is use to. Given a way to make money off of space they will progress at levels NASA or any other space program couldn't ever do. Look at Starlink. That looks like a disruptive project that could net SpaceX on going capital in huge amounts. Investors happy and the next thing can be financed. All about the finance with out the whims of politicians. BTW Comcast probably isn't liking SpaceX's internet idea at all.

    SpaceX is a space launch company with results and a market advantage. They have dropped the costs a huge amount and going forward everyone needs to complete against SpaceX or go out of the business which isn't the best thing. The commercial guys do their best work when they are trying to out do each other on price or quality or whatever metric you want to use. Jeff better get his shit together because he is behind and I haven't sen a reason to think he is going to out do SpaceX. I hope he does. Competition is always good.

  31. So this episode was again a bit more on the ranting-side, but at least we got to see a really weird Hulk impersonation 😂 Sooo….life on mars? The likelihood increased even more now, but even if not, it's a fascinating planet with complex processes. And don't even get us started on the whole Boeing topic. It's sad to see, but we are sure SpaceX will win in the end due to superior technology and business model. Thanks again for watching our weird stuff here, you people are the best 🙂❤

  32. If scientists can find credible evidence that there is still native life on Mars, then there won´t be a Mars colony.
    These life forms might be dangerous to colonists, but much more likely, the colonists will be harmful to the native life forms. The presence and activity of humance on Mars would have the potential to destroy the native life forms alltogether.
    Hence in case that native life on Mars is discovered, Mars will become a planet size reservate and only some science probes will be admitted to perform some observations and experiments.

  33. If scientists can find credible evidence that there is still native life on Mars, then there won´t be a Mars colony.
    These life forms might be dangerous to colonists, but much more likely, the colonists will be harmful to the native life forms. The presence and activity of humance on Mars would have the potential to destroy the native life forms alltogether.
    Hence in case that native life on Mars is discovered, Mars will become a planet size reservate and only some science probes will be admitted to perform some observations and experiments.

  34. I think the corruption between NASA and Boeing is pretty obvious just look at Boeing's recent launch abort test it was unbelievably bad and NASA/Boeing called it a "successful test" it really is crazy

  35. You Watch…Something will happen and the Black Gov Wins Again!!dont believe all you hear about Mars..Just the losers trying too hold there jobs

  36. Plus starlink for mars and moon would be very critical to a colony. And with the low bandwidth requirements it would be very easy to setup with fewer sats.

  37. The way the contracts are done is really preposterous. Any normal contract and you say "um we are going to not deliver on the the product unless you pay more" would be met with… "ok pay back the 4.5b and some penalties for breaking the contract have a nice day".

  38. Gil Levin of the Mars Viking Labelled Release Experiment keeps insisting that his experiment did indeed prove there is life on mars probably basic lichens and fungi. Now the methane and oxygen cycles I bet show an increase of methane when the weather warms, that would be the last season's dead lichens decomposing, followed by an increase in oxygen and this season's lichen grows followed by another increase in methane as this season's lichen ends its lifecycle and begins to decompose only to be frozen by the cold season.

  39. What can be done about the corruption is the following. We all have heard that @Elon Musk has endorsed @Andrew Yang for 2020.
    WS= Worker Solidarity

    This is how people can create ownership of themselves again.

    How do we empower We The People? / WS = We Sentient / WS = Wholesome Society / / Are machines philosophers? / Answer: NO. / We The People must do so! /
    Freedom Dividends Now
    Freedom We Build Ourselves

  40. thankfully spacex is making its own self licking ice cream cone with starlink. 75-100 a month for fast low latency internet is an easy sell to rural america. not to mention the rest of the world.

  41. Boeing getting more money for the same thing… is an example of the deep state, (bureaucracy) at work.

    The deep state supports the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) by favoring them for contracts and crony capitalism. Then MIC donates big money and spend gobs lobbying, to get more federal money for weapons systems, to start wars, overthrow governments, undermine our Constitution, fund eugenics, etc… so the demand for their weapons goes up.

    Boeing is an entrenched member of the MIC. Don't get me started on the crony capitalism angle!!!! ARGH!

    I think Mercury might be a great candidate for colonizing. The dark side is always cold and on the sun side solar power is perpetually available. There are many resources there… except water… but there may be some on the permanently shadowed side.

    As to life on Mars, I am open minded… either we will else we will not. If we do not it ups our responsibility, and if we do, we don't have to work as hard. Since if there is life on Mars it is most likely ubiquitous throughout the universe. If on the other hand… there is not, it bodes ill for there being life in other star systems. Making it our responsibility to spread life. That is what we (life) does.

  42. Oh dear NASA. One of the reasons I love to follow space exploration is to look away from the greed, corruption & violence of humankind.
    How naive of me…

  43. These companies like Bowing, Lockheed, and others have been around for a long time. They have development or the people in charge have such a close relationship with the gov that there is allot of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch your's". Gov money that goes to these companies ends up going back as "contributions" and other kickbacks. It's only through Space X's own hard work and determination that they can even compete. It's not hard to be more efficient than these companies their main job is to make money from the tax payers. But I could see gov officials putting up road blocks to help protect their favorite children. Space X is coming in and showing everyone that more can be done at a tiny fraction of what NASA and these companies can do. NASA has to pass out huge contracts to every company instead of doing anything cheaply. This is why they spent 10 million on a pen that works in space rather than just using a pencil.

  44. I thought i was the only one who saw all this wrong about the distributions of the money …its like me going to buy a Coke to a fancy restaurant for an overpriced money when i can have it for cheap in the store around the corner .

  45. Nasa is not only corrupt, they re faking moonlanding, iss and space itself. there is no sky vaccum next to a pressurised atmosphere, you CANNOT have air pressure without its anticedent,a CONTAINER. Space is a fake medium, it violates the second law of thermodynamics and boyles gas law. Gravity, the alleged bending of a conceptual medium, ie space-time, cannot hold gas to a marble hurtling at 5 different speeds through a infinte vaccum. Now thats a rant, and i challange ANYONE to demonstrate air pressure in a vaccum without a container. But you have all been sold on the globe and space your whole lives that the indoctrination runs deep. Research flat earth and you will see that SPACE IS FAKE.

  46. We could build far better observatories on the moon than we could ever hope to build here on Earth. We have basically hit the limits to our ability to build bigger scopes due to material fatigue, weather factors and gravity. If we mess up our night sky but gain the ability to build observatories on the moon or in space then that's a fair trade.

  47. The sass when your roasting Boeing for its inferior performance is hilarious (and well deserved).
    Also, Starlink is the priority even if it does ruin ground-based astronomy. Elon has brought down launch costs far enough that we can affordably move our telescopes to space anyways.

  48. It's not NASA corruption. NASA is a buyer in a market. They can only buy from those selling and by funding only the cheaper option they guarantee themselves a future monopoly to deal with and when it comes to reliability and redundancy, a monopoly isn't a good thing even if that monopoly is SpaceX. NASA needs to fund the alternatives they just don't have any good ones. Technically we can't give Boeing shit for it's built in bloat of operations because NASA has managed to stay in existence simply because of their own built in bloat. Defunding and closing down NASA would affect so many jobs now that no politician dares to do so or it would be political suicide. Boeing is a private company using the same means of governing to keep itself relevant across a wide range of sectors. This is the literal definition of bloat if you're not a vertically integrated company like SpaceX or Tesla and even they experience frequently unacceptable levels of bloat that need to be mitigated by mass layoffs which always leads to negative PR with respect to SpaceX or Tesla. So tell me how they win?

  49. Funny how I had consciously tried to see the companies as valid competition for SpaceX instead of idolizing Elon Musk or something, yet the antagonist nature of the said companies just hands itself on a silver platter. Even if the two authors above were cosplaying Dr. Watson and an anime catgirl maid, it would STILL be less ridiculous, for some reason.

  50. This example is from a few years ago: Boeing and Northrop Grumman were competing for a contract to build a fighter jet for the Air Force. Boeing’s fighter jet was both cheaper and more capable than the Northrop Grumman fighter jet. However, the contract was awarded to Northrop Grumman because the company was in danger of going bankrupt at the time.

    I suspect something similar is going on here and now. With both commercial crew and SLS being used to funnel money into Boeing to help them out as the company is struggling to survive. The US government values the existence of these aerospace corporations, and not without reason, however I do agree that pouring funds into these corporations at this extreme rate seems like a waste of taxpayer money.

    I can get over the cost difference between Starliner and Dragon, but the sunk cost fallacy that is SLS on the other hand, is what I find to be disgustingly wasteful. Current estimates are $2 billion for each rocket, and a maximum production rate of one SLS rocket per year. That’s more expensive than the Saturn V was, even adjusted for inflation, and they’ll be reusing engines from the space shuttles. I want to know where the SLS money is actually going.

  51. Boeing – ULA – Lockheed are just corporate assholes that have put the brakes on Space development for the last 40 years. If it was wartime it would be called profiteering! I hope SpaceX flush them down the Toilet where are the other turds are and belong!!

  52. 1:53 fictitious worst case cost comparisons, LOL .. Boeing Starliner is designed to launch on Falcon 9, and several other launch vehicles.

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