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The West’s relations with Russia reached a new low [in] the post-soviet, Era Following Russia’s incursion into ukraine after annexing Crimea Russia supported separatist movements driving instability in the region from the collapse of the iron curtain [to] [the] so-called Russian reset to today’s Russia ukraine crisis the post-soviet, Era has witnessed a number of ups and [downs] in relations between Russia and the West What are russia’s goals and strategies in its immediate [neighbourhood]? What is it looking to get out of taking an increasingly aggressive stance against the [West’s] fear of influence Russia’s foreign policy next on great decisions The us has been [weary] of the uSSR since the union of soviet Socialist republics was founded in 1917 The Communist doctrine of one-Party Rule and state control of the economy seemed to threaten the democracy and freemarkets championed by the West when the communists came to power in 1917 1918 the first cold War began For 15 years [the] American government did not recognize the soviet government What could be colder [and] not inviting your neighbor [over] for Dead? Communism was a radically new departure when the bolsheviks took over in 1917 they announced that they were going [to] Destroy the capitalists as a class They invited people to steal what was stolen. They? expropriated property They carried out mass executions [and] the spectacle of what they were doing united the world against them Moscow in an attempt [to] create the buffer from German aggression launched a policy of territorial expansion invading countries in Eastern Europe Despite [a] high level of distrust with Stalin’s regime the us and usSr worked together to defeat Nazi Germany But that alliance was short-lived from stettin in the Baltic to trieste in the adriatic An iron curtain has descended across the continent The world was soon largely divided into two spheres of influence The iron curtain essentially was the soviet union in countries that were in the Warsaw pact Where the soviet Union after the yalta agreement and the Potsdam agreement? Took over countries in East Central Europe and had them under the soviet sphere through the Warsaw pact a military alliance The nato Alliance was the counter to that and so what we had were essentially two military organizations that were facing off against each other When both sides developed nuclear weapons at the end of World War two an arms race ensued and the cold war was on They were in some ways fascinated by the idea that they had in a whatever way they could militarily to contend with the United States in 1991 the [soviet] Union Collapsed largely a result of economic stagnation brought on by the Nuclear arms Race [the] uSSr split into 15 Independent Republics Victory has a thousand fathers much of what in the simplest of all possible terms brought Russia down Were several aspects of trying to manage the economy the communist system was Ineffective and inefficient at managing an economy well the soviet union collapsed under a lot of internal pressures and these were Political economic and ethnic politically you had a system that was Increasingly rigid was out of touch with a population starting in late 1980s and then culminating in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin wall [the] Warsaw pact fell apart and The soviet Union was not going to be far behind Very quickly within a year and a half communism was out yeltsin was in power in the 1990s Russia went through some turbulent years as leaders tried to convert the economy from the state control of the communist Era to free-Market principles The Yeltsin leadership with the assistance of quite a few people from the United states the world bank the [international] monetary fund [the] Treasury Department they enacted. What was called. Maybe not fairly, but they themselves called this shock therapy a strobe Talbott who then was President Clinton’s number One Russia Guide said the problem was there was too much shock and not enough therapy instead of moving towards a kind of democratic Capitalist system like you have in Most western Countries when russia threw off the communist system instead they ended up with this kind of unregulated Oligarchy capitalism nearly a decade after the soviet Union fell vladimir putin Rose to power He’s a former mid-ranking KGB officer who served in east Germany during the cold war and then went to work in the office of the Mayor of St. Petersburg in the early 1990s putin came into office in 2000 elected as president there was a sense that russia was [going] to restore its position He never lost sight of what I think are still his conclusions at the Russian public wants stability and security Putin shot to prominence in the 90s for his suppression of the war in the Breakaway [republic] of Chechnya He soon oversaw a rebound in the russian economy based largely on a surge [in] the oil and gas [sector] more than [50%] of Russia’s state budget comes from energy revenues And the whole economy is very very dependent on energy and especially on the oil Oil [prices] jumping from $10 to 20 and 30 40 innovation 200 that was quite a boost [and] putin benefited from that there’s not much credit to be given to him. He simply you know didn’t didn’t kill the Hand was gold [legs] so I think putin is probably the most misunderstood Senior world leader in the world maybe in Modern History that’s a record so destroying Their Feeble but still democratic institutions in Russia and basically turning it in one-man dictatorship. That’s what is what is to be misunderstood But that resurgence came with a price putin cracked down on political rivals This criminal is a police state they arrest people everywhere because listen gaps [human-rights], I think from Putin’s you was some form of a bump on the road because he had to play by the rules Up to a certain moment to remain the part of this global arrangement the state-controlled television basically all [but] two stations which are very very small are either outright controlled by the Kremlin or Controlled by oligarchs who are kremlin proxies we have seen the worst Crackdown? Against Human rights in Russia since the breakup of the soviet Union for putin it’s inconceivable that russians would rise up in protest against his rule he thought they were fermented from the outside he went after critics and bloggers and political activists Growing nationalism and Nostalgia for superpower status is also cause for concern the first reaction of Patriots when your nation suffers Is to become nationalistic putin is said to have brought it to the fore in a way it hadn’t been in recent years There was a very much a sense of hurt russian pride from the 1990s when Russia was severely weakened both economically and geopolitically the memories of those of that ten years came back with a vengeance in 2008 War broke out between Russia and Georgia There are questions and discussions and debates about who started the war but there’s no doubt that russia crossed into Georgian territory and now essentially occupies these two disputed regions within days Russian Tanks were within striking distance of the Georgian Capital TBIlisi and It showed [that] russia was still very strong a strong military power, but [only] in relation to Georgia Remember in 2008 which tried to fast-track ukraine and Georgia in the nato and Merkel the chancellor of Germany vetoed it So this is not like I’m making this and the russians aren’t stupid they watched Putin’s Behavior in Ukrainian Crisis has been almost entirely reactive reacting to Unwise Western policy that five-day war foreshadowed Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 Ukrainian exploding into really violent demonstrations that had originally been Peaceful in Kiev just devolving into bloodshed Moscow saw this as an american-backed coup Against its ally and was democratically elected vladimir putin took advantage of the Chaos to Seize Back Crimea They see ukraine as part of their sphere of influence they see them moving to the West And they’re putting their foot down. They also have specific sort of national security interests. They have the naval base in Crimea This is his one opening to a warm water port which has been for hundreds of years in obsession for Moscow He didn’t want the fleet to be based on Something [that] could eventually be nato territory successes in Georgia and Crimea may have emboldened Moscow Crimea was so successful, so Easy in [bloodless] fortunately that he decided to try his [luck] in The east of ukraine the ukrainians decided to draw a line they decided to fight What we’re seeing in Danielle’s Candle [hans], we’re seeing Russian Forces roll up to the border then they’re ordered to change out of their uniforms and are handed various different fatigue because that don’t match [they’re] given various weaponry And they’re sent across the border with little white ties around their limbs So that they can see who’s who to make it look like they’re not officially there with the russian army Underlying the rationale [for] that intervention was always the fear [that] political change in these countries was going to lead [to] them moving closer to the west and ultimately joining up with nato the enlargement of nato as well as the enlargement of European Union are in the interest of Russia as well I Know that russia has tried to spread the myth [that] they were promised many years ago that [nato] and Eu wouldn’t enlarge Eastwards such a promise has never ever been given policy teams resist key [figures] see Vladimir vladimirovich putin our western [partners] Led by the United States of America [Praetorian] practice not [to] be guided by international law but by the power of the gun They have come to believe in their exclusivity and exceptionalism and that they can decide the destiny of the world We’re on top of breaking news of [a] MalaySia Airlines plane load Position was over ukraine. Did you know this was flight 17 295 people on board it is a great tragedy Suddenly the Conflict was internationalized in july 2014 [a] Malaysian Airlines passenger Jet [was] shot down over the donetsk region of ukraine the reaction to the shoot down I think was arguably even more important the tragedy that happened to [those] 298 people on Board [it] was how the russian supported forces and putin himself Reacted to the Shoot-down [Union] [Pradesh] [Luba] I would like to note that the strategy would not have a cure if there were peace in that country or in any case if Hostilities had not resumed in South east ukraine and certainly the government is responsible for this terrible tragedy It’s very Abundantly clear that the Russians have been Directly supporting not just with arms with actual advisors and troops the separatists on the ground in Southeast ukraine That’s the reason why their military fortunes changed, so abruptly after several months of ukrainian offensive, and it’s also the reason why Mh17 was shot down in response the us and Europe tightened sanctions on Russian We’re freezing the assets of several Russia defense companies And we are blocking new financing of some of Russia’s most important banks and energy companies But the sanctions don’t prevent russia from selling oil or gas to western partners which would likely hit the russian economy hardest So Germany has been [a] very good example in demonstrating those dynamics of an oil and gas dependency and reluctance to Act against Russia about two-thirds of Russia’s federal budget comes from these Energy Exports, so if it were to turn off the tap it would be almost completely cutting off its own lifeblood sanctions are not an effective [response] to this Sort of challenge They entrench differences. They don’t bridge them. They create vested interests in adversary relationship they distort markets they therefore create people with an interest in their continuation Some observers say Putin’s aggression is an attempt to shore up support at home So russia it has for a long long time dealt at as in centuries dealt with its domestic problems by finding a foreign enemy and russia has huge domestic troubles at the moment Russia has been in decline and They’ve lost a lot of influence. They don’t have many useful allies around the world President [Putin] has a big master [plan] To [re-establish] a shown of Russian influence in the near [neighborhood] actually covering the old Soviet space Russia is interested in open or frozen conflicts in this near neighborhood And this is a reason why my assessment is that this conflict scenario will last for decades? Much of what we’re seeing now on the part of Mr.. Putin is to take advantage of the penchant among Russians for stability and for strong national feelings [as] a way of continuing to maintain himself in power, so I The Economy is not doing well massive capital flight, and now finally you have putin saying you know that’s it no more Russia has taken a stand in Syria as well We haven’t had Russian cooperation on Syria since the civil war in Syria broke out in 2011 Russia has been arming aiding and abetting Bashar al-Assad’s slaughter of the syrian people They send arms to the syrian regime they have a base off the coast in Syria They block resolutions in the un Security Council The use [Alita] or the danger of it to be used has repeatedly safeguarded the un the whole united nations against Doubtful undertakings the Russians have a constant fear that the us Wants to implement regime change in Russia, too So whenever it’s going after Saddam Hussein or Bashar al-assad or Hosni Mubarak or Muammar qaddafi. It’s Gonna Go after vladimir putin next Russia also supports Iran maintaining Moscow’s influence in the region the russians have no interest in a nuclear deal getting Concluded at this point between the United States and Iran they had been relatively constructive over the past years I think they’re gonna become less So they’re talking about how to bust the sanctions in what may be an indicator for the future? Russia signed a four hundred billion dollar deal to provide energy to China for the next 30 years in the middle of 2014 Russia and China signed a deal to develop a series of new Oil and gas fields in the russian far east and to build a pipeline that would bring a gas from Russia to China [this] is clearly an indication that the russian government believes that [they] need to shift strategically and [long] term Towards China they will not be able to rebuild Their relations with the us or [even] the Europeans to where it was before this crisis but there are many areas where [the] us and Russia share the same goals Europe and America were able to Especially America were able to accomplish a lot of things when they were on a good footing with Russia Nuclear armaments reductions a nato transit point on Russian territory to get us troops and Materiel to Afghanistan all kinds of cooperative measures. We do not want Russia as a whole to Divorce itself from the global order to become some kind of autarky that means Tremendous misery for Ordinary Russians and [long-term] is Destabilizing, so we do want to keep russia part of the world order But we have to understand this russian government is trying to break the rules and change the rules But russia has its own grievances Against the West [I] think this is clearly a move by president putin to say we’ve had since the end of the cold war decades of you know kind of nato moving further closer to our border and we’re putting our foot down now and reasserting ourselves this really fed into the sense of resentment that russia’s security concerns were not being taken into consideration that the was still engaged in a process of trying to weaken contain and ultimately Rollback Russian power this started with the toppling of Muammar [Qaddafi] [and] Libya where the russians abstained and didn’t vote in the un Security Council when it authorized the Bombing of Libya and then felt that the Americans and nato had betrayed them putin made a well remembered speech In 2007 at the Munich security conference we accused the united states of throwing its weight around that regards What anybody else in the world cared? [perish] analyst Leila [Tonelli] one state the United States overstepped Its national borders in every way in economics in politics in humanitarian all imposed by one state who would like that He withdrew [bush] [to] America from the anti-ballistic missile treaty agreement Which was the Bedrock of Russia’s concept of its national security? Which meant America could now start building so-called missile defenses anywhere wanted right on Russia’s border? The Russian suspicions about the nato missile defense is not justified the design of our missile Defense System doesn’t make it horrible to threaten russia on the mind their strategic capabilities Washington knows it’s Russia’s continued integration with the International community That allows the u.s. To Exert pressure on its actions When Russia is standoffish and then when the u.s. Is standoffish in return and you know they become super polarized and not really talking to our trusting each other? It’s really hard to get anything done. You know it’s not that the united States has actively tried to undermine Russia we haven’t the point is we don’t particularly care much and we’ve acted like we don’t particularly care much and when the opportunity has presented itself to move in favor of our interests and Be indifferent to how it affects the russians. We’re in different because we’re America [long-term]. We need to be playing for Reintegrating the russian people in the world and helping them get the same rights and privileges and prosperity that other western Nations and Joy and they have every reason [to] be able to enjoy everybody has a great deal [to] [gain] by not making ukraine a cockpit of contention and war Washington is calling for greater European energy independence from Russia No matter how much infrastructure, they build they won’t be able to significantly Hedge away from that until minimum 2017. It’s getting colder and as it is that’s when the gas starts flowing or not That’s when the leverage grows Putin’s message to two Russian elite you know comes directly from game of thrones winter [is] coming. It is [a] wake-up call and Hopefully, you will see a change in energy policies in those countries they will look for diversification of their energy resources and relax some of their domestic policies sanctions and loan guarantees Have yet to significantly impact the conflict in ukraine Unfortunately [there] isn’t all that much that the u.s.. Can do to stop Russia’s adventure in ukraine more than it’s already doing Let’s not forget. They’ve got thousands of Nuclear weapons. So there’s not much other former pressure We’re certainly not going to intervene militarily and get into a fight Number one is Will West Europe and the United States be able to sustain the pressure on Putin’s regime by keeping these sanctions or even imposing new sanctions if putin keeps advancing in Ukrainian Territory, [I] Think the ability [for] the United States and russia [to] collaborate to cooperate to get along is Very limited as as long as the putin regime continues down the authoritarian path that it’s been on The ability of the United States and russia to to partner will be extremely limited the next us administration is going to be fairly Hardline on Russia issues regardless of which party it’s from And I think [in] Russia You know you’re [gonna] continue to see this emphasis on pushing back against the west and on asserting Russia’s place as a separate Entity as a kind of [pole] of its own in this multipolar global order the conflict in [Ukraine] will color US-Russian relations for years to come Washington’s continued response will have to be carefully calibrated to find common ground between the former superpower Rivals Great decisions is produced by the foreign policy association in association with Thomson reuters Funding for great [decisions] is provided by price Waterhouse Coopers llp you you

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  1. Yes – certainly pro US. Whole tone of this is nothing but Russia must do what US (and its European lackeys) say. All the talk of integrating into the international system, means nothing more than making it some dependent colony. Why should Russia (or indeed any country in the world) have to dance to uncle Sam's tune?

  2. Glad Dr. Stephen Cohen was in this documentary. He's the only American who is objective enough to speak the truth. Not skew it the way people like Garry Kasparov do because he didn't get what he wanted when he was a Russian technocrat. Remember that he was a member of the communist party before he threw a temper tantrum because he couldn't rise in the ranks. Now all of a sudden we're supposed to believe that after the majority of his adult life being a communist, he's a staunch anti-communist… yea right.

  3. @11:40 I don't think that Kremlin had a real appetite for Eastern Ukraine. Putin needed to destabilize Ukraine and drain all it's blood. Only Crimea is vital territory for Kremlin. Eastern Ukraine just meant to be for Ukraine what Chechnya was for Russia throughout 90's.
    @12:10 But how extension of adversary military union is in interests of Russia, I can not see at all. Please explain me if you can.

    Overall I found this Documentary quite biased to the idea that the Russian Influence in the Global Politics is a nonsense and West should curb that baseless obsession. I found that the Russian point of view in the documentary called "Russians Foreign Policy" is grossly underrepresented. There is only former translator of Brezhnev who speaks what are Russian position of foreign policy. It's a blow for Reuters.

  4. Just started watching, and the first factual inaccuracy @1:02 – the Soviet Union was founded in 1922, not 1917. But otherwise pretty accurate, even some diversity of opinions (Cohen as a countervailing)

  5. The so-called "West" needs to stop meddling around the globe and keep it to themselves. Fix your problems rather than creating new ones for the world. You've had a very long run with your hegemony.

  6. Not a word about the U.S intervention in 1918 in north Russia
    better known as the Polar Bear expedition.
    So the Sovjets had to be worried about the U.S from the beginning.
    And not the other way around.

  7. This film is an anti-Russian propaganda.
    When America invades Vietnam, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, this can be, but when Russia defends its borders is not good.

  8. We Russians support Putin because he restored Russia from the collapse of the Soviet Union his goal is to make Russia a great superpower Yeltsin was incompetent to stop the nouveau riche oligarchs from taking over the economy and the gangsterism of the 90s Putin is tough and strong because to make sure Russia becomes a modern country with modern infrastructure a modern economy you have to be it's not a job for pussies Slowly he is succeeding OUR HDI has soared from .71 in 1991 to .798 today we are only 2/10s of a percent from becoming a developed country. Honestly the only thing stopping Russia from becoming a developed country is our world famous drinking and smoking habit but even there the State Duma recently passed a bill banning smoking in public transport and public buildings this has reduced smoking by 8 percent

  9. This is a fucking propaganda. Why not speak about how John mcain and the CIA overthrow the legally elected government in Ukraine

  10. The makers of this video couldn't find a much better example for political dissidents then Pussy Riot??? BTW in USA you will be arrested too if you go in a church an start sing during the mass (especially rock). I dare anybody to go in a church without approval an start shouting political slogans (whatever you want) and see if the police is coming or not and if you will be arrested, what will be the consequence. Pussy Riot got arrested for doing this and get between nothing (for some members) to 21 months jail time. I dare you go to any church you want in USA and do this.

  11. There aren't any doubts about Russo-Georgian War. A Committee from EU give the following resolution "Georgia started the war and Russia overreacted".

  12. this video is just another Shameless , Hypocrite , Irrational ZioNazis Western Media Character Assassination PROPAGANDAS Against Mother Russia and one of Her Greatest Son Mr Putin. Because Mother Russia Refuses Becoming Slave to the Criminal ZioNazis Khazarian Mafia .

  13. The Russian people have the life and government that they deserve. If they want a better life and a better government, they should overthrow Putin.

  14. khazar empire the etruscan people where the swastika originated aka nazis …putin is the only one who can save they world they only adopted Judaism to not get taxed in the waters in Mediterranean .russia was actually athiest meaning no controller they believed there is more life in the universe than us on this earth js

  15. anyone who is about to watch this documentary please be aware of lies and propaganda!! This is a 100% bullshit western propaganda!! 🙂 so be careful!! This channel should be banned too.

  16. The W. Bush administration was a disaster. Unilateral invasion of Iraq and tearing up the ABM treaty just play into the fears of a country invaded twice in the 20th century. The real reset we need is to get back to the ABM treaty, recognize Crimea as part of Russia (in exchange for the extradition of Edward Snowden) and remove economic sanctions provided Russia keeps its troops out of Ukraine.

  17. Did NATO promised not to deploy further in Eastern Europe – Yes, they did. Unfortunately not signing any solid document, only parley papers, but never the less, there is enough information about this promise. Did USA envovled in the internal, domestic politics of a foreign country (Ukraine) – Yes. Not only once and not only in one country, but still, this statement is relevant to the Ukranian crysis. U.S. direct involvement coused the organised hooligans and neo-nazzis to commit a lot of atrocities and murders. Another question, Are there any U.S. soldiers IN the field of battle IN ukraine – YES there are and these people, are not "helping the poor ukrainians", they are there to kill etnic russians and spread havoc. Havoc, which lately will be blaimed on Russian Federation. What a pathetic country is the U.S. They use these sweet words about "terrible crysis in Russia", "poor people, starving", "regimes and police states", but the same people are silent about the TERRIBLE amounts of homeless an poor people in U.S., silent about the grotesk and vulgar smashings of riots and protests in U.S., silent about the regular KILLINGS of U.S. citisents, by the police, silent about the CRIMES that the U.S. government is practicing in the virtual privacy of U.S. citisents or world wide in that matter. Pathetic country. This "strategy" that you see here I call "to recognise the beast". It is the same strategy as this from the cold war, when U.S. called Soviets "the empire of evil" "baby eating devils" and all kind of similar bulshit. Old but gold, hey U.S. "Analysers"? You know it that way so you do it that way 😀 . The problem is that now is NOT the cold war. People, who have interest CAN and WILL find information – about your CRIMES, MURDERS of inocent people in middle east, INVOLVMENTS in the domestic politics of suveren countries (Serbia, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lybia. Afganistan, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and many more)! Your country do NOT have a future. At least not in that form. You can make "documentaries" bullshit like this one all you whant. This "analysis" you make will NOT change the doings and the crimes that U.S.A. comited and people will remember THAT, not your propaganda crap.

  18. I call bullshit that nukes would be so easily fired even in the event of an armed conflict between the US and Russia. It would stay conventional unless Russian or US soil itself was threatened.

  19. There is some serious propaganda in this. Biggest lie so far by the director of the McCain institute. The war in Georgia in 2008 – there is no discussion who started the war, Georgia did. You can look this up in the report of the European commission of 2009. No word that Georgian troops killed Russian soldiers in Zhinvali, who were there because the Georgian government ASKED THEM as a buffer since the conflict between south Ossetia and Georgia. No word about that the US gave so much money to the Georgian military that they push it by 500%, Israel gave Georgia Drones as a present, no word about the 150 US-military advisers who were training Georgian Soldiers and giving advice to Saakashvili for months before the conflict broke out. This documentary shouldn't be taken serious, it`s lacking facts and for the most part it`s just spreading US propaganda. Putin is no saint, no diubt about that, but one has to stick to some facts. The only one who seems to actually know about politics and Russia is Prof. Stephen Cohen from Princeton university and the guy from Foreign Policy. But when Cohensays something which contradicts the given propaganda narrative they cut in an answer by Kasparaov – a f*cking chess player! Of course, a chess player knows more than a prof. of one of the best universities in the world.

  20. An attempt to appear neutral, but with commentators such as Mr. Kasparav & Ms. Slaughter, the hand of this program's creators intent peeks through nonetheless.

    Why should Russia become 'democratic' as the West? Why shouldn't there be another pole of power in the world?

  21. It's all going to end like all totalitarian regimes do one the "strong" man. A steep decline in the country, a power vacuum that will cause chaos. Look what happened after Stalin died. History will repeat itself.

  22. Russian President is former KGB and muscled he's way into power. corruption is abundant in Russia. boycott Russian economy or be part and parcel with corruption in the 21st century.

  23. Why is like everyone on here a Jew? I would like a more unbiased coverage, the Israel lobby is one of the biggest and most powerful.

  24. Sanctions sped up the 400 billion dollar pipeline being built from Russia into China(now the world's largest and still rapidly growing economy). Now there is a second Russia China pipeline about to begin construction. On top of that there are 2 more pipelines currently under construction from mainland Russia to Germany and Greece. This just adds to the web of Russia/EU pipelines already in operation.

  25. the amount of Putin trolls in this comment section is hilarious and shocking at the same time.
    why can't you guys just enter a real discussion about the arguments in this video instead of just screaming "propaganda"?

  26. Extremely biased, subjective and west self centered.. So shocked by this crap..
     eg: ussr … seemed to threaten the democracy and free markets championed by the west. I don't understand how great intellectuals can be so subjective

  27. The SSR didnt expand in eastern european countries to get a buffer from germany, they allied themselves with germany against poland, why would they do that if they feared the germans ?

    BTW: just as food for thought, Assads government still is by international law the government of syria and therefor allowed to pull in Iran and Russia while neither the US nor all other powers have a right to do ANYTHING in that country. If thats to complicated i'll simplify it: No you are not allowed to bomb a country just because his leader is a dictator and cruel.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBhA_BpO8nU DON'T MISS THIS VIDEO !!!

  29. Most of "UKRAINE" and Crimea , is Russian territory , RUSSIAN ethnicity is the majority , a hostile coup western regime , installed , without their consent , makes the coup regimes rights to govern them void .

  30. Many country's that were invaded by U..s. forces , Hawaii for example , never voted to become "American's " , THEY were overthrown , at the end of the barrel of a gun .

  31. All the western sellouts in Russia had to go , they were robbing the country's wealth and resources , to benefit western vulture capitalists .

  32. Georgian mercenaries , hired by U.s. stooge Saakashvili, to shoot Maida protesters and police , this was an organised western coup . This was an illegal act under international law .

  33. U.S. N.a.t.o. aggression in the region around RUSSIA , is in totally unwarranted , the U.s. can not win a conventional war , or nuclear confrontation with the Russian Federation , this impossible .

  34. Such bull shit news boggles my mind. Does anybody actually really believe any of this horse shit?? Haha God bless Russia God bless Putin God bless Syria and Bashar Al Assad

  35. Crime(a) is indeed a good place and time to potentially incriminate others of crimes of influence. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the US Secretary of State conducting the foreign policy of US President Barack Hussein Obama II, for the four years that preceded this event. Since then, the rest is history, as the saying goes. Then after the unprecedented Political upset in the presidential campaign, allegations of such influence were rampantly presented by the mass media. Influence, in and of itself, may perhaps be compared to TV commercials. However, obstruction of justice, is a very serious offense. To wrap it up here, so to speak, any and all verifiable evidence, as well as alleged perpetrators of such, should be clearly defined and tried as such. Otherwise it seems to be a mockery of US influenced by the 4th estate.

  36. Very superficial to the point of being misleading, this doc.

    Much better to read Masha Gessen's book: The Future is History. It's far more detailed and informative.

  37. New declassified documents actually show that Russia WAS promised that there would be no eastward NATO expansion.

  38. Aside from Stephen Cohen, everything else in this video is wrong, so, umm, congratulations, I guess, for producing such a blatant piece of propaganda? Here's as to what actually happened in Russia during the 1990s – https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/from-russia-with-revenge-536b25921ca6?source=collection_home—4——1—————-

  39. Many Russian trolls and agents and propagandists. Vir Putin is a thug and a war criminal in Syria and Ukraine and Georgia

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