Spring 2016 Commencement

[ Music ] [ Applause ] [ Music ] [ Cheering ]>>Good evening everyone. Congratulations. We are here to celebrate. On behalf of the
faculty and staff of Oklahoma City Community
College, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2016
Commencement Ceremony. [ Cheering and Applause ] Please stay standing for the
national anthem performed by the combined choirs of
Oklahoma City Community College. And then, remain standing for
the invocation by the Vice-Chair of the Oklahoma City
Community College Board of Regents, Devery Youngblood. [ Singing ] [ Cheering and Applause ]>>In accordance with
your own beliefs, would you please join me in a
moment of prayer and reflection. God, creator and
author of all things, thank you for this
night of celebration. This time of passage from
one goal accomplished on to new opportunities
to be seized. And since you have made
a world of such wonder, filled with so many
things for which we should and are grateful, let us express
to you our specific thanks for what brought
us to this night. We thank you for the
freedoms of this great country to pursue our dreams and
hopes without interference as we strive to live
up to our calling that all men are created equal. We thank you for the
values and encouragement to this great state tempered
through the tragedy of the– and disasters both natural and
man caused but emerging always to uphold the Oklahoma standard. We thank you for the Oklahoma
City Community College. And for all those who came
before us, whose visions and efforts and support
made a place where lives can be changed, and
in so doing, changed the lives of generations to follow. We thank you for the professors
and instructors who guided each of these graduates in
their time at OCCC. And we know that for
many of our graduates, they will remain grateful
for a lifetime for one or two special faculty
members who for them did more than just teach, they
shared a heart of love. We thank you for the
sometimes unseen staff of OCCC who keep all things
running so smoothly that our graduates may
not have even noticed in faithfully accomplishing
their mission. The police officer, the
assistant, the bookstore staff, administrators, janitors,
God bless them all. We thank you for the family and
the friends of these graduates. Those who edited their
papers, encourage them to get this education,
sometimes endured them when they complained and
love them enough to believe in a brighter future for them. And God, we thank you for
each of our graduates tonight. It is they who chose to
follow their heart and mind, and to put forth the work
needed to make a permanent and positive difference in their
lives by completing an education that will open doors for
them for years to come. And so on this night,
God, we say thank you, to you and to those who played a
part in each individual journey and pray your blessing on the
fruits of these graduates labor. Amen. Please be seated. Please welcome the Chairman
of the Board of Regents for Oklahoma City Community
College, Mr. Rick Moore.>>Sir. Good evening ladies,
gentlemen and special guests. On behalf of the students,
faculty, staff and the Board of Regents, I welcome
you here tonight to this most significant
occasion. Tonight, we’re presenting
the 43rd graduating class of Oklahoma City
Community College. We are honored by all of you
being here and your presence. I would now like to
introduce the platform party. Seated on the first row,
Dr. Anne DeClouette, acting Vice President
for Academic Affairs, Regent Lenora Burdine,
Regent Devery Youngblood, Vice-Chair of the
Board of Regents. Our distinguished speaker,
the Honorable Steve Russell who will be formally introduced
a little later in the program, President Dr. Jerry Steward,
Regent Dr. Christie Burgin who is secretary treasurer
of the Board of Regents, Regent James White and
Ms. Gwin Faulconer-Lippert who is the faculty
association chair. Seated on the second row,
we have Mr. Cordell Jordan, Executive Director of
Marketing and Public Relations, Mr. Lemuel Bardeguez,
Acting Vice President for Community Development and
Director of Cultural Programs, Dr. Lisa Fisher, Vice
President for Enrollment and Student Services,
Mr. Steve Bloomberg, Acting Executive Vice
President, Dr. John Boyd, Chief Financial Officer, Mr.
Dave Anderson, Vice President for Information and Instructional Technology
Services, Dr. Marlene Shugart, Acting Vice President for
Administrative Services, Mr. Lealon Taylor,
Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
and Mr. Stu Harvey, Executive Director of
Planning and Research. We also have some
several special guests in the audience tonight. And what we’d like to do here
is have all the special guests, please rise, and remain standing until you’ve all
been introduced. And of all you in the crowd, please hold your applause
till they’ve been introduced. We appreciate it. We have First Lady Tammy
Steward, Senator Kyle Loveless of the Oklahoma State Senate, Representative Richard
Morrissette, Oklahoma House of Representatives,
Representative Jason Dunnington, Oklahoma House of
Representatives, Representative George Young from the Oklahoma House
of Representatives. We have Regent Chris Lawson
who is president and CEO of the Ann Lacy Foundation
and was just confirmed as a new regent of OCCC
this week, Dr. Elaine Stith, Superintendent at Metro
Technology Center, Dr. Tom Friedemann,
Superintendent at Francis Tuttle Technology
Center, Mr. Mark Pierce, Director of Health and Sciences at Francis Tuttle Technology
Center, Ms. Lezli Heyland, Program Director of
Respiratory Health Program at Francis Tuttle Technology
Center, Ms. Mina Acquaye, Owner and President of Excell
Home Care and president of the OCCC Foundation
Board of Trustees, Ms. Mary Blakenship Pointer,
Senior Vice President of Republic Bank
& Trust and member of the OCCC Foundation Board
of Trustees, Mr. Al Snipes, former member of the OCCC Board
of Regents and current member of the OCCC Foundation
Board of Trustees. A guest to Mr. Al Snipes here
tonight is Mr. Charlie Ming. We have Mr. Max Weldon, Manager
at Willbros Company and member of the OCCC Foundation Board
of Trustees, Ms. Jane Harden, former member of the OCCC Board
of Regents, Mr. Jack Turner, who is owner of Turner Brothers
Farms and a former member of the South Oklahoma
City Junior College Board of Trustees. We have Regent Burgin’s
husband, TC Burgin. And I wouldn’t be
able to go home if I didn’t also introduce
my wife, Vickie Moore. To each of our special
guests, I want to thank you for being here tonight. We appreciate your support, both
of OCCC and of our students. Thank you. [ Applause ] [ Music ] [ Singing ] [ Applause ] Well, as I’m so prone to do whenever I haven’t
introduced special guests, guess what, I’m missed
some folks. And I missed some folks because
I didn’t look on my next page, which is why I took off my
glasses and it didn’t work. So I apologize to the
three people who I missed and I am going to bring–
introduce them right now. If the three of you please
stand and be recognized. Cindy Russell, wife of
Congressman Russell, Karen Youngblood, who is wife
of Regent Devery Youngblood and Lisa Lawson, who is
wife of Regent Chris Lawson. Please forgive me but
recognize our three guests. [ Applause ] It is now truly my pleasure to introduce our
commencement speaker. The Honorable Steve Russell,
United States Representative from Oklahoma’s Fifth
Congressional District. We are very honored to
have him here tonight as our commencement speaker. A native Oklahoman, Congressman
Russell graduated, as I did, from Del City High School. He was graduated
as class president and voted most likely
to succeed. He earned a degree
in public speaking from Ouachita Baptist University and completed the
Army ROTC program. He was commissioned
a 2nd Lieutenant and began his 21-year career
in United States Army. He completed the rigorous US
Army Ranger School and deployed to assignments in the Arctic,
the desert, the Pacific, Europe and continental
United States stations. He was deployed to Kosovo,
Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Congressman Russell commanded
the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry and was in combat
in Tikrit, Iraq. His unit played a key role in
the capture of Saddam Hussein. The capture is documented in Congressman Russell’s
book, “We Got Him! A Memoir of the Hunt and
Capture of Saddam Hussein.” Congressman Russell completed
a master’s degree in history from the Command and
General Staff College. Before retiring as a Lieutenant
Colonel, he earned the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star with Valor
Device and Oak Leaf Cluster. As a member of the Oklahoma
State Senate from 2008-2012, my senator, Congressman
Russell led efforts to protect the unborn,
combat human trafficking, support veterans benefits and
reform the adoption process. He was then elected
to the US House of Representatives in 2014. Congressman Russell and his
wife, Cindy, had five children and reside in Choctaw, Oklahoma. So it’s my pleasure to introduce
US Congressman Steve Russell. [ Applause ]>>Thank you. [ Applause ] Distinguished guests, faculty,
parents, friends and graduates, it is an honor to share with you
tonight in your accomplishment. I’m humbled by your invitation. Tonight is visible proof of the
value of our community colleges and the bold path
that they are taking in educating our future
leaders for our workforce. The vision of so many,
it was borne out tonight, the vision that sought to
provide higher education for those who may not
otherwise have an opportunity to pursue it. Thanks to all of you
for making that happen. In attempting to think of
what I might possibly say that would have any
bearing on your lives, a mindful of the
truth that people at graduations will likely
never remember what you say, but they will remember
if you say it too long. With that in mind,
congratulations on your accomplishment,
your discipline, your commitment and intellect. And I want to say to you,
especially, congratulations for the opportunity that
you’ve created for you selves. Speaking of opportunities, it
reminds me of the young man who graduated from a college and
he was from Bowlegs, Oklahoma and he graduated with a
business management degree. He was hired by a grocery
chain and came to the city to apprentice to
become a store manager. His first day on the
job he was working– things were going pretty well and the manager there
was pretty impressed with how he conducted himself. And as he came up to closing
time, the manager says, “Why don’t you go
ahead and lock up.” And as he gets to the door,
as he’s ready to lock them, and here comes a customer. “Wait, wait, wait, I
just need one thing.” And he says, “Ma’am, I’m sorry. We’re closing.” She said, “I just
need one thing. It’ll just take a second.” He said, “Ma’am, I’m sorry.” She said, “I just need a
half a head of lettuce.” And he says, “Ma’am, we don’t
sell half heads of lettuce and besides, we’re closing.” She said, “I need a
half a head of lettuce.” So, before he knew what
to do, she wiggled her through the doors and off she
goes back to the produce isle. So he goes off after her and
he says, “Ma’am, I’m sorry, you’re going to have
to wait right here.” He goes in the back,
finds the manager, goes through the swinging doors
and he said, “Sir, some old hang out here wants to buy a
half a head of lettuce.” What he didn’t see is that
she had come in behind him. And so the manager looks kind
of nodding and he turns around and says, “And this
lovely lady would like to buy the other half.” So they got the half
a head of lettuce, cut it and off she goes. They lock up, things are fine. So the manager is pretty
impressed and he could think on his feet and he said, “Yeah,
it was pretty impressive.” He said, “How do you
learn to do that?” He says, “Well, I
grew up in Bowlegs, Oklahoma where there’s
nothing but ugly women and football players.” And the manager wasn’t laughing. He says, “My wife is
from Bowlegs, Oklahoma.” [ Laughter ] And he said, “Really? What position did she play?” So. [ Laughter ] I like to take a moment to
talk to you from the heart. What you do with your heart
is the single most important decision in how you
will live your life. The heart is the
essence of who we are. When we are touched emotionally,
where someone’s words or deeds becomes heart felt. We describe someone as
lacking compassion as heartless and we council them
to have a heart. Our deepest wounds
become heartaches. Our broken relationships or failed journeys
make us heartbroken. The truly evil are
black hearted, while those of compassion
and good works are said to have hearts of gold. Those overcome with
fear lack heart, while those overcoming
fear and acting anyway, we often will call
brave-hearted or lion-hearted. Amusement makes us
light-hearted, while grief strikes
us with a heavy heart. From the abundance of the
heart, the mouth speaks and serious discussion
is exchanged in heart to heart talks. Separation makes our hearts grow
fonder until we can be reunited with those that we love
with all our heart. Tonight, you embark on a
portion of life’s journey to follow your heart’s passion. After pondering such
thoughts, it becomes clear that unless we put
our heart into life, it’s not much worth living. In the end, it really does
not matter how well we perform or what we accomplish. If we fail to understand
that a life without heart can
have lack of meaning. This is why Solomon, often
cited us the wisest man that ever lived stated, “Above
all else, guard your heart, for everything you
do flows from it.” People know whether or not we
put our hearts into something. In our behavior, they see
it in our personal conduct, how we act when we
are not on display or perhaps how we
act when we are. They see it our honesty,
the kind that seeks to heal rather than to wound. They see it in our
sense of fairness in the task that we accomplish. They see it at how we handle
success or how we’re tempted by too much success that
might entice us to greed. It’s embodied on how
we work together. Do we draw out people’s
strengths or do we maximize
their weaknesses to make ourselves look better? Do we notice the underdog or
do we kick him while he’s down? Do we stand up to the
bullies or do we lose heart and let injustice prevail? For the guys, do we stand
up when a lady is introduced on the scene and
open a car door? Ladies, do you graciously accept
the thoughtfulness of a man when he holds a door open
or bruise him with some look or comment with notions that such gestures are no
longer necessary today. People see a big
glimpse of our heart in how we exhibit
kindness to elderly people. Do we pause a moment in our
rushed impatience to reflect that not long ago that we
ourselves were also younger? As we follow our heart’s
passion to live a life that makes a difference, does
our heart call out for us to show respect to one
another as we look with passion to achieve something in life? Our behavior is an
amazing thermometer of the condition of our hearts. Not only must we guard our
hearts and our behavior, we must guard them
in our judgment. Tonight, you have certification that you have filled your
minds with knowledge. Coupled with experience, your
heart will gain understanding. When knowledge and understanding
are combined, you will begin to get a sense of wisdom. I say, a sense of it, because
from my own experience, I’m in full agreement with
Solomon when he said the fear of the Lord is the beginning
of wisdom and the knowledge of the holy one is
understanding. When I graduated from
college, although I wanted to serve my country
in the military, I had no idea I would
serve a full career in the United States army,
would fight three wars, would help capture a dictator, would author a critically
acclaimed book, would create a rifle
manufacturing business or serve as a member of congress. Like you, I just moved forward
to the first or the next step. Our own forward movement will
always create opportunity. It’s easier to say than to do. In combat, I experienced and observed this
dynamic many times. Nine out of 10, soldiers under
fire know what to do but only 1 out of 10 will actually move. All want to take heart knowing
the dangers may become worse within action, but where is
the individual that moves under the stress of
battle, giving up a position for one that’s completely
unknown. That said, when a soldier does
move, the others seem to follow with just as much conviction
and just as much courage. But no one really
wants to be first. I learned early in
life that principle, sometimes you just
got to get moving and the opportunity
will open up even if you can’t see
through the smoke. I often reflected how many
opportunities God has tried to put in my path but I missed
so many for failure to move, never intersecting the
path that he put in my way. Still, we must live each day
with passion and purpose. When David faced
Goliath, he faced him with the full knowledge
that he’d killed a lion and a bear with hand weapons. Knowing that you’ve
killed a lion and a bear makes the giants
look a little smaller. Tonight, the future
giants you face are not as tall as they used to be. As to picking the right
path, I say to you, don’t worry about that. Instead, guard your heart and
the path will be more clear. I leave you with this challenge
from Solomon in proverbs three. And so find favor in high esteem
in the side of God and man. Trust in the Lord with all
your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways,
acknowledge him and he shall direct your path. Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and
depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh
and strength to your bones. Thanks for the privilege to
let me address you tonight. Don’t ever quit and do
not ever lose heart. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>It is now my privilege to present the 2016
president’s award for excellence in teaching. Before I announce
this year’s recipient, I would like to recognize
all of the faculty and staff at Oklahoma City
Community College. They have dedicated
themselves to the success of all our students,
including the 2016 graduates that are gathered
here this evening. Would the faculty and staff
stand and allow the graduates, guests and me the opportunity to express our appreciation
for your great work. [ Applause ] Although we use the title
precedence award for excellence in teaching, it is a recognition
by colleagues and students of a person who models
the very best among this exceptional faculty. It was always a difficult task
to select only one recipient from the many nominations
received. A committee of faculty and students reviewed
the nominations and recommended three
candidates who they believe to meet the criteria
for the award. This year’s recipient of the
precedence award for excellence in teaching is a
highly respected member of the college’s faculty. Known for a strong commitment to
student success and achievement, this professor is held in
great esteem by students and other faculty members alike. Compassionate, inspirational,
caring, well-read, engaging and professional are just a
few of the words used by others in describing this
year’s recipient. Some comments by students
and colleagues include, “She lectures complicated
material clearly and effectively. She is known for having rigorous
course work and high standards. She listens to her student’s
opinion and inspires confidence in students for whom
writing is a struggle. She enjoys seeing her
students evolve as learners and holds each student
accountable in the highest standards
according to their capabilities. She guides students to become
good residents by thinking about politics and
personal involvement in order to improve society. She receives invitations to
speak on her field of expertise and is enthusiastic about teaching this
field to our students.” And this my favorite quote
that I read in the materials that were submitted to me. One of the student’s said,
“She is the real deal.” This year’s recipient has
been a full time professor at Oklahoma City Community
College since 2013. She received her bachelor’s
degree with special distinction from the University of Oklahoma
and a master’s degree, also, from the University of Oklahoma. She received her PhD at
government from the department of government at the
University of Texas at Austin. Please join me in
recognizing the 2016 recipient of the president’s award
for excellence in teaching, to political science
professor, Dr. Sharon Vaughan. [ Cheering and Applause ] Sharon, would you come forward. [ Applause ] Dr. Vaughan, I’d like to present
you with this medallion first. I’d also like to present you with a plaque commemorating
this award. And last, before I ask you to
speak, I’d like to present you with an honorary in
the amount of $1000. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>I just want to say that
I am just so fortunate because by the time I
went to graduate school and I taught my first
class at UT Austin, I knew I had done
the right thing. And that passion that I have
for teaching is just something that I hope I never lose. And it’s really easy
here because we have such great students
and they’re so kind. So, I’m really, really honored
and I just want to thank you. And I’ve got to shout out to
my political science majors. Where are you guys? Hey, hey, hey. Leonora , hi. OK. Thank you. [ Applause ] Thank you Dr. Steward
[inaudible]. [ Applause ]>>The outstanding faculty
and staff as typified by Dr. Vaughan recognize
that the purpose, the mission and the reason Oklahoma City
Community Collage exists is to empower our students
to achieve their dreams of a college education. In addition, it all comes
together tonight, commencement, where we award college
degrees to our students. Dr. Anne DeClouette, acting vice
president for academic affairs, please present the students who have completed a
degree or certificate.>>Thank you President Steward. Will the members of the 2016
graduating class please stand. [ Cheering and Applause ] United States Representative
Steve Russell, Board Chair Moore, members
of the Board of Regents and President Stewart, each of the students standing
before you has completed or will complete this summer
all requirements for certificate or an associate’s degree. Mr. President, on
behalf of the faculty, I present these candidates
to you with my recommendation that their appropriate
certificates and degrees be conferred. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>By the authority invested in
me by the Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education and the
Oklahoma City Community College Board of Regents, it is
my honor, as president, to confer up on each of you the
certificate or associates degree for which you qualify. As a symbol of your graduation,
please move your tassel from the right to the left. Congratulations. [ Cheering and Applause ] To the graduating class of
2016, thank you for allowing us to be a part of education
experience. I know you will achieve
great things in the future as good citizens of
the state of Oklahoma and as a good people
in the world. It is now time to present
you your college diploma. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>OK. See–>>Catherine Winstead. Aslin Boroughs. Emily Rose Page. Mark Degraf Anread. Stephanie Huevas. Candice Smith. Phyllis Doreen Burke. Mark Goyet. Diane Macoya. Louisa Garcia. Richard Anthony Shaw
Jr. Tyler M. Penny. Ashton Joe Fisher. [ Cheering ] Elin Mendoza. Rita Glickstine. Chance Muller. Timothy Gurken. Elisabeth L. Adegoque. Emma Til Crow. Jennifer Jessica Looney. George Wayne Lancford. Veronica Peret. Amer alhu Vybi. Janet Alvarez. Rachel Brianne Stone. Grant P Swallowell. Leonora Lavictora. Summer Ann Marie Winters. Kelcy Jones. Robi Rochelle Cross. Shauntabia Fordum. Amanda Marie Mills Martinez. Iedae Enzo. Hen Tu Yung. Tee Dang. Johnny Carwell Winget Jr. Jennifer Lauren Nelson. Whitney Nicole Mosby. Taniela K. Wright. Felecia Sanders. Kendrica Deshawn Woods. Maricela Esparsa. Charice Thomas. Jordan L. Sugar. Lindsey Marie Brewer. Evan Camchuang Wongo. Melissa R. Blankenship. Morningstar Cornelle. Elizabeth Voss. Isabela Rose Thorton. Partina K. Smith. Brandon Leanne Dufor. Marla Huavos. OK. Brenda Roma. Jose Martinez. Kyle Defrees. Elizabeth Lindley. Harrison Langston. Yang My Dong. Fung Quo. Lindsey M. Wilder. Rowena B. Gately. Cassota K. Pekwid. Abagail Visha. Mica Renowsky. Austin Elizabeth Mathews. Latecia Leviano. Juan Jesus Flores. Eugene Atkinson. Matthew Curicus. Trey Anthony Allan. Christopher David Lovit. Elizabeth T. Freer. Gabriella Tregeros. Paula Norton. Theresa Adelene Savala. Jeremiah Williams. Richard Martin. Ashley Pison. Christina Diane Stafford. Melissa N. Misono. Heather Lyn Stayley. Julie Ann Ross. Kimberly Joline Creek. Bill Renfrow. Alondra Velasco. Jessica Melissa Mondohano Diaz. Hailey Rene Hibdon. Charole Irena Vasquez. Miranda Hickman. Tyshina Razil. Laura L. Incarnato. Hailey Brooke Elison. Brianne Nicole Henderson. Joshua Daniel Mize. Shelby Nicole Huneman. Sharna Lee Farber. Rhonda Rene Roc. Lauren Gizelle Sims. Taylor Madison Burns. Julie Ray Hunter. Corteny Kyoni Holbert. Susan Gail Myer. Sarah Elizabeth Nelson. Shering Sherpa. Brian Matthew Chick. Allyssa Williams. Kaycee Stevens. Agnes Wright. Susan M. Atwell. Tracy Dilbeck. Brooklyn Leanne Bear. James John Black. Anna Rose Lyles. Christopher S. Jones. Kristen Atoya Heather. Monisa Antonia Carter. April Boyd. Megan Elizabeth Nans. Tracy D. Schaefer. Kaysee Blake. Jimmy Lee Wilkins. Safe Alfonso Charea. Maria Elena Caso. Kimiyo C. Williams. James Lyn Boyd. Jessie James Allan. Darren Allen Mann. Justina Wynn. Morgan Jean Wilcoxon. Isabelle C. Martinez. Juliana Voginoska. [ Cheering ] Joe Bryan Scogans. Mehlat Buti. Nosarimi Adema. Danny Grajales. Claudia Garbay. Marilyn M. Segura. Monica Neri Ponts. Lyn Lee. Nicted Garay. Juan Oyowa. Kimberly L. Wynn. Teresa Nicole Thorton. Thomas Atkins. Alexis Barnett. Ronda S. Odette. Miranda Elaine Garret. Ashley N. Peters. Bree Calgio — [ Cheering ] Walter Allen Bruner. Jessica Dillard. Chelsea Michelle Clark. Miles Swanner. Michael Ross Redman. Zachary D. Hanlon. [ Cheering ] Duncan D. Grant. Jared Beck. Rayna Palsy. Lindsey Philips. Aimee Marie McGray. Jonathan Rene Estrada. Jeffrey Allen Mason. Briana Krisen Grady Buchanan. Scott Campbell. Jason Kenneth Conner. Jessie L. Hicks. Randall Fixico. Adam Milton. Luke Selby. Floyd Oliver Jr.>>Great.>>Brandon Elan Taylor Russell. Anacelli Gomez. Sydney Faye Richardson. Evan — Andrea Ashley Rivera.>>I think [inaudible].>>Who’s that?>>Lavida D. Reins. Stacy Diane Bolser. Alexis Gonzales. Stephanie McGregor. Charlina Marie de Leon. Samantha Mae Harris. Ladonna Willand. Ted Glenn Walls Jr. Caitlyn Dawn Sager. Selecia Doody. David dela Rosa. Jelissa Hutchison Ibarra. Brittany N. Steele. Namadi Wright. Kerry Ackley. Rosanna Tony. Julian Fernando Mejia. Latisha Boykins. Angelia Burkart. Elnas Denish. Courtney Maydove. Marissa Elliot. Tamara Tousant. Cameo Ernst — [ Cheering ] Jamie Hileman. Veronica Salazar. Bianca Luz Ramirez. Devon James Thompson. Danielle Tracy Grenier. Erica Renee King. Una Savik. Sarah Rachelle Sahadi. Poom Hal Mang. Richard Tyler Perry. Trevor Travino. Barry Bosnick. Dennis Flynn Williams II. Matthew Challender. Frederick B. Cordsimon. Usampthon Williams. Nathan Lee Hammond. Ayesha Ulinian. Keisha Carita Samson. 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Megan Nicole Ledford. Marion Johnson. Sheila Silas. Graciela Lopez. Natalie Fleming. Alicia Beth Villarreal. Wyvon Ritter. Deborah Kathleen Vaughn. Rebecca Lynn Swihart. Patricia Long. Perla Esparza. Elba Munoz. Christopher S. Holman. Catherine Smith. Jennifer Wallenberg. Monica Sotts. Kendra Nell Green. Brett Garrison. Terra Lynn Halderman. Jesse Lyn Campbell. Karina Rangel. Tommie Nell Garcia. Maria Delgado. Dharma Raj Sanjel. Sarah D. Wigham. Jeremy Blake. Charles Kenneth Golden. Dalton Parker. Mesha Reagan. Chad Paysinger. Cynthia Marie Bishop. Kylie Baton Wittenbeck. Catherine Lynn Nunn. Jessica Lynn Motes. Marshay Holloway. Katie Trosper. Jenna Kaye Smith. Selden Lyn Peterson. Brandon Gorm. Rante Elaine Gill. Kristen Fleming. Kristina Mae Yeager. Sarah Kaye Burns. Micah Jones. Ashley Nicole Quanstrom. Sierra Danielle Jones. Michelle N. Boykin. Dawn– Michelle Brown.>>Todd Anthony Van Beber. Diana Jean Zara. Christopher Robin Nye. Tory Christine Wright. Morgan Carter. Erin Lee Smith. Nicole P. Funk. Hailey Michelle Scott. Aimee Dawn Hare. Kristine Mildred Godinez. Kean James Greenshields. Isaac El Guapo Gallegos. Alexis Lopez. Brenda Cheyenne Pitzer. Caitlyn M. Wallace. Gabriela Perez. Angela Christine Colander. Jaclyn Renee Tow. Mayesha Dianne Doorman. Melisa Nunez. Diana Rios. Jasmin Ethel Arredondo. Sherrie Hesselton. Jevon Berry. Makayla Chandler Payne. Ashley Nicole Blosch. Anna Aloredo. Ilda J. Estrada. Brooke Alstat. Taylor Cheyenne Thomas. Karen Denise Foster. Jordan Joanne Mansur. Taylor Gates. Ian Gareth Dean. Ricky Johnson. Trenton D. Larkin. David J. Taylor. Redina Donay Ramsey. Jamie Jimboy. Brandy Lushelle Zielinski. Stephanie Mae Smith. Matthew Palombo. Marissa Steinhofer. Nathan Matthew Manziel. Sandra Iona Nicholas
Q. Taylor Ansick. [ Cheering ] Samuel L. Knight. Destiny Marie Kykendall. [ Cheering ] Cameron James Thompson. Nathan Michael Jones. [ Cheering ] Kristina Foster. Steve Lawrence Scott Rideout. Britney Marie Dallas. Lea Beth Sweet. Antonio Chavez. Christina Lyn Bootser. Pedro Velasco. Tammy Harvey. Melvin Daniel Smith. Ashley Victoria Guyer. Toh Ho Hong Lee. Marchelle Hunter. Rocio Mercado. Divina Gale Blackwelder. Neyra Royce. Desiree Nichole Mucker. Danica A. Runyon. Lauren Elizabeth Jones. Andrea P. Holmes. Ryan Palmer. Jane Frances Wong Ninka. Cornelius Harrison. Kwame Garrett. Graham Anong. Yeah. Ashley R. Harris. Yate C. Lewis. Christian Sales. Nicole Ballenger. Peter Jefferson Hodghton. Kayla Kimbly. Julianne Bryant Loot. Ruth Lenee Hicks. Makayla Joanne Lambeth. Kobe Daniel Trower. Briana Lyn Philips. Renee Lynn Pezbe. Victoria Broadway. Kelly Elizabeth Cardy.>>Carter.>>I forgot my card.>>Nicole Chantel Terwilliger. Christina Tomlin. Ashley Ray Yeatman. Lindsey Taylor Wilson. Crystal Jade McGahey. Chelsea Marie Williams. Teresa Langley. Iris Nicole West. Heather Lane Bennett. Tammy Faye Annette Allen. Meagan Renee Bridgeforth. Allison Michelle Herrin. Tammy Powell Herring. Bryan Stephen Caria. Levi Newera Boondy. David K. Carugo. Asoko Kajihura Farenthold. Mai Wynn. Hunter Shane Brown. Laddie Katowchik. Abbie D. Riddle. Gabriella Louise Panuch. Andrew Byron Emerson. Debbie Hartzell and Sheila E. Moses Kamowiro. Shanasha Marlow. Caitlin Nicole Grath. Amanda Macias. Amanda Lynn Hacker. Joel J. Pickard. Donay Pickard. Melisa Kate Bergeron. [ Cheering ] Dickson Curia. Joshua David Rollins. Taylor R. Barnes. Dustin D. Turner II. Melissa Sue Lopez Neely. [ Cheering and Applause ] [ Cheering ]>>Congratulations again
to all the graduates. Thank you for choosing
OCCC as your college. We are proud of each of you and
wish you the very best as you go on from here to another college or university or
to the workforce. Congratulations. I now invite– [ Applause ] I now invite everyone to stand
and will you please join me in offering our recognition
and congratulations to the Oklahoma City Community
College class of 2016. [ Applause and Cheering ] As we come to the end of this
evening and this ceremony, I ask that the audience remain
in place during the recessional. Thank you for being a part
of this significant occasion and I wish you safe travels. Good evening. We’ll now have the
processional– the recessional. [ Music ]

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