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This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Baker v. Johnson.
You all have been dating
for three years, you’re living together, and, Mr. Baker, you have
opened this case with some very
serious allegations. Tell us why you’re here. BAKER: Your Honor,
I’m here to, uh… see if she has actually
slept with my son… (AUDIENCE GASPING) …and other… Your son? My oldest son, Sam, and other men. I love her,
I’m in love with her. I just need this,
so we can move
forward. That is
a serious allegation. Miss Johnson… I should… Why are you here? To prove that
I haven’t, because it has
taken three years
of back and forth, that he has not
got the point that I have never
cheated on him and
wouldn’t do that, especially not
with his son. I love this man, and I wanna spend
the rest of my life
with him. Miss Johnson,
I got to tell you,
this is so egregious, how are you feeling
about living under this
thunderstorm cloud? And that’s
exactly what
it is, ’cause almost
every day, it’s
a new accusation. And I’ve not
dealt with it well.
Not at all. Like I said,
I love him. Tell me what
you’re dealing with. Every… My whole
lifestyle has to
change. Like, from the
point of everything I do,
I have to look at how
he would perceive it. JUDGE KEITH: And you’ve asked
how she’s dealing with it. JUDGE DANA: Right. How is he
dealing with it? Oh, I wanna know. To think that… To think that your
girlfriend is sleeping
with your son, I can’t even imagine how that feels inside. It actually hurts,
because we were
really, really close, and he used to
live with me. So you got two
relationships that
are at stake here, your relationship
with your son, and your relationship
with Miss Johnson. Yes, Your Honor. All of that is on the line
right now. Yes. JUDGE KEITH: How did
you two meet? (CHUCKLES) We actually met at
a country concert. And, uh… JUDGE DANA: Okay. The lady beside
her was talking
to her and, the lady kept saying,
“He’s looking at you.
He’s looking at you.” And I was looking
out of the window, and she just
happened to be
right in view. (STAMMERS) JUDGE DANA: Now, Mr. Baker… JUDGE KEITH: Are you sure
you weren’t looking at her? JUDGE DANA: Were you
looking at her? BAKER: I was. Oh, okay. (BOTH LAUGHING) I watched her since
the moment she walked
in the door. It’s kind of sloppy
when you kind of look, but you don’t want her
to know you’re looking, but you’re
looking-looking. (JOHNSON LAUGHING) Yeah, well, she knew
he was looking at her. Uh, did you know
he was looking at you? Oh, yeah, and I was
looking at him. Yeah. JUDGE DANA: Yeah.
So women know. We know. JOHNSON: Yeah. Even though you think
you can try and be slick,
we know. (ALL LAUGHING) So, you looking at her,
you see her, and what’s going on
with your mind when
you first see her? Uh, I would
like to get
to know her. We exchanged
numbers. She called it
to make sure I was giving her
the right number. Ah! I took
his phone. I took his phone
from him, put my
number in there. JUDGE DANA: Okay. I was the aggressor
on that one. She wanted to
make sure she had
the right number. About two weeks later,
I called her up, met her, and we’ve
pretty much been
together ever since. JUDGE KEITH:What were
you attracted to?
Uh, she’s beautiful. Her personality,
I mean… She’s funny. She keeps me
laughing. She always wants to
touch me, which I’ve
never been used to. (ALL LAUGHING) Which is
wonderful. And, I mean, she’s
a great person.
Her son’s great, and I love them
to death. I mean, I want
to be around them for the rest
of my life. And this really
determines whether
we can move forward. Well, what did you see
in him, because I notice
from the court papers, there is a six-year
age difference. He gave me no
choice but to fall
in love with him. He was such
a gentleman.
Anything…He said everything perfect.I was at his house,
he would beg me
to spend the night, and then it
wasn’t a night,
it was a week, and then I had
to have surgery and he completely
took over. Basically,
he moved me in, that week when
I had a surgery to take care of me. JUDGE DANA: Wow. It’s everything.
He is a wonderful
man. He really is. JUDGE DANA: Okay, so,
my question is this, we go from making sure
numbers are right, so you
can be in contact, to you accusing your
girlfriend of sleeping
with your son. How do we get
to that point? BAKER: I was out on
the porch smoking one day. JUDGE DANA: Okay. And they were in
the living room,
which is right outside, and I walked back in,
and her skirt was up. (AUDIENCE GASPING) And they were sitting
there watching TV,
and I’m, like… I walked in,
and I stopped
and I said, “What are you doing?” JUDGE DANA: To who? BAKER: To Nicole. JOHNSON: No. JOHNSON: No, that’s
not how that happened. Okay. Hold on one second. So, you were outside,
taking a smoke, you come back in,
and they’re sitting
on… She has a long
dress that come down
to her ankles. JUDGE KEITH:
…the sofa together? And I walk in
and it’s up
around her hip, and I’m, like,
“What are you
doing?” JUDGE KEITH:
So this is not… No, no, no, no. So, Mr. Baker, this is not
like a short skirt that maybe
came up a couple of inches? No, sir, it was
a blue dress. I remember exactly
what it was. And then, when you
walked in, the scene that
you saw made you say, “Hey, what’s going
on here?” Yes, Your Honor. Miss Johnson? JOHNSON: Thank you. Okay, this is
nothing like
it happened and he remembers
so well, it’s not… I don’t even have
a blue long skirt
like that, okay. So, he was… It was about a hundred degrees outside, our air conditioner
would freeze out, so it would be
hot as can be. He was at work,
and coming home. The love seat and the couch were kind of,
like, an L-shape. I was sitting here,
his son was sitting
there, okay? My skirt is peach. It’s, like,
an orange and floral and it comes
down to my ankles,
it does. I was sitting on
the couch and I had
it up to my knees. I don’t show
my body off. So, I had it up
to my knees, that’s it. Up to my knees,
’cause it was so hot. Mr. Baker, you said
you walked in. Did you ever ask
your son, directly, “Did you sleep with
Miss Johnson?” Yes, Your Honor,
and he told me no. Mmm-hmm. What was his
reaction to you asking
him that question? Usually… (EXHALES DEEPLY) It’s okay. He usually wouldn’t
look at me if he
was guilty, and he usually don’t… He usually looks away. If I wanna know
the truth to something, he’ll look straight,
dead at me and tell me,
“I didn’t do it,” but he wouldn’t
look straight at me. He said “no,” but
he wouldn’t look
directly at me in… JOHNSON: ‘Cause he
was too hurt. JUDGE DANA: And so,
based on your life
experience with your son, you believe that
even though he was
saying “no,” his demeanor
said “yes.” Yes, Your Honor. This has got to be
destroying you and him, your relationship
together. Yes, Your Honor,
it is. I love him to death, I’ll do
anything for him, and I… It determines a lot. (EXHALES DEEPLY) JUDGE KEITH: Fathers know
when their sons are lying. JUDGE DANA: True. Especially when you have
a relationship with your
son, you can look at it, you know what they do,
you know how they act, and you can look
at your son and you could tell,
because you knew him, that he was not
telling you the truth. Yes, Your Honor. But you know,
Cutler, I got to say,
I understand that. But we’ve got
three boys, and if we asked them
anything like that, I think they would
be so uncomfortable that that conversation
was taking place, I don’t think they
could look at you. I think they would be,
just like, “Oh, my God.” But as a father, I know
the difference between
uncomfortability and, “I’m caught.” And that’s what Mr. Baker
is saying he saw. Well, there’s
the father side, there’s the girlfriend side,
and there’s the son’s side, and we have him here
testifying today. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Joining us from his hometown
is Samuel Joseph Baker. How are you, Mr. Baker?I’m good,
how are you?
I’m great.
Your father is here, and Miss Nicole Johnson
are here. What is your relationship
to Miss Johnson? Uh, she’s my
dad’s girlfriend. I met her early on
in the relationship. I actually moved in a month after they
were together. And what was your relationship
like with your dad before
Miss Johnson? I could tell
him anything. AUDIENCE: Aw! He was my best friend. And he always
knew how to listen. So you all had a close,
warm relationship? SAM:Yes, ma’am.JUDGE KEITH And you could
tell him anything that
you needed to tell him? SAM:Yes.Your father is here
and he’s in tears
in the courtroom, which makes me wanna ask,
what is the status? What is your life with
your father like, now, after these
accusations? Far from where
we used to be. AUDIENCE: Aw! JUDGE DANA: Have you had
much contact with him? Over the years,
not really. Your relationship
has been destroyed because he thinks
you’re cheating with
his girlfriend? That is correct. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Baker,
tell your father what this has done to you. Makes me, kind of, feel alone. I used to have
a good best friend that I could talk
to, no matter what… AUDIENCE: Aw! …but I don’t have
that anymore. (BAKER SNIFFLING) and I’ve not dealt
with it well. Tell me about the first time that he accused you
of cheating with her? SAM:I was hurt, I mean,who asks their son if you’ve slept with
their girlfriend? (AUDIENCE GROANS) Tell your son why you
made these allegations. I just remember all the
conversations of how we would sit
down and talk about
the sex you’ve had, or any conversations
we wanted to talk about, we could talk about, and some of
the things that you would say, and you would feel
like you’re on
top of the world. And it just
seemed like that day, that when I walked in,
something had
happened. JUDGE DANA: And you believe
that something had been with
Miss Johnson. JOHNSON: Because
I was there. Have you ever slept
with Miss Johnson? No, never. Um… Sorry, but I don’t really
find her attractive. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) I’m okay with that. JUDGE DANA: I know this
has not been easy for you and just watching
you suffer and watching
him suffer has made her tear up. JOHNSON: I hate… (TEARFULLY) I hate that
that happened to
their relationship. And because it was because of me, in a way,
but it wasn’t. I hate that they’ve
let this… He let
that happen. That’s his son,
and I’m his girlfriend, but his son comes
first, and should
come first, always. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And I just hate
that this has come
between them and I’ve played
a part, somehow, in it. Well, what’s it doing
to your relationship? What kind of strain
is that putting
on your relationship? A big one, every day.
(CRYING) JUDGE DANA: Mr. Baker? I mean, I honestly
feel like it continues. Past that point,
after he moved out I think she, honestly,
moved on to other men. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) Uh, I actually
have evidence, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: Okay. JOHNSON: Let’s see it. Would you step
to the monitor? Your Honor,
we were moving back together. I was supposed to pick her up around 7:00, 7:30,
that morning. I was early, I was sitting out on my truck
and she texted me and asked me, could we move it
to 8:30. I just wanted to sleep more. And, uh, I said, “Too late, “I’m already here.” And the next thing I know is I’m getting out of my truck. I notice a man’s hand open the blind in
her bedroom window and look out. And then a couple of
minutes later, I hear footsteps
in the backyard.
I mean, there’s… JUDGE DANA: So you hear
somebody walking
in the back? You can hear any footstep or anything in the backyard, it’s full of leaves. JUDGE DANA: Okay. JUDGE KEITH: Okay, you can
step back to your podium,
sir, thank you. Now can I say
what really happened? (ALL LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: Well,
I wanna be clear… I’m sorry. You believe that a man
was in the bedroom with
your girlfriend and you could hear
him walking away? Your Honor, her
fingers are not that big. She has tiny fingertips. All right, Miss Johnson,
did you have a man in
your bedroom? No! Okay, so, I had all our
stuff packed, so when he said
he was already there, I pull it down,
I see that it is him. Your Honor,
I was halfway up the driveway. To me, that makes…
I’m happy, because he’s here. And then, the whole thing where he’s saying
he heard somebody, my parents feed
the neighborhood cats. There has to be 30 cats. JUDGE DANA: So,
it could be cats? Thirty cats, at any given time
in my backyard. JUDGE KEITH:
Okay, Miss Johnson. Miss Johnson, look, look. I think we’ve heard
enough evidence. JOHNSON: Thank you. What we have is a serious allegation. Mr. Baker believes that
Miss Johnson is sleeping
with his son, and Mr. Baker believes that
there was a man in her bedroom
when he came to pick her up. He saw the man pull
the blinds down and heard him leaving out
of the back of the house,
walking on the leaves. And all of this has
led him to believe that she’s cheating with
his son and with other
people. And if he finds out
that she’s cheating, this relationship with her
and with his son is gonna be over. Right. And as a result of this,
this court has done
a complete investigation. At this time, the court would
like to call licensed polygraph
examiner, Tommy Platt, to determine,
“Is she cheating?” (ALL APPLAUDING) You conducted a polygraph
examination of Miss Johnson,
is that correct? Yes, ma’am. Could you share,
for the court record,
your credentials. I’ve been a licensed
polygraph examiner
for over 10 years, and conducted nearly
3,000 polygraph
examinations. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Well, we need
your expertise today. Yes, ma’am. You asked Miss Johnson, “Did you sneak
another man out of the house “the day Mr. Baker
picked you up “from your parents’ house
for breakfast?” What was her response? She stated, “No.” What did the lie
detector determine? The lie detector
determined that she was
being truthful. (AUDIENCE WHOOPING) Miss Johnson, I see somewhat
of a smile on your face. Mmm-hmm. This is probably the most
serious question we’re gonna
ask today. JOHNSON: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE KEITH: Miss Johnson
was asked, “Have you ever had
sexual intercourse “with your boyfriend,
Mr. Baker’s, son, “Samuel Joseph Baker?” What was her response
to that question? What was her response
to that question? She stated, “No.” What did the polygraph
determine? The polygraph
determined that she was
being truthful. (AUDIENCE WHOOPING) Mr. Baker, your son
is with us again, is there anything that
you want to say to him? Son… (STRANGLED SIGH) I am sorry that
I accused you, and I hope that
we can get back to
being best friends.Yes, sir.I love you, son. I love you, too. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Baker, this is your chance
to say what you want to say
to your girlfriend. I am terribly…
(SNIFFLES) Sorry. AUDIENCE: Aw! Go ahead, you
all need to touch. BAKER: We’ll halt the fights. (BOTH SOBBING) BAKER: I’m sorry. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Baker, you got you
a young, beautiful,
vibrant girlfriend… Let her be her. And enjoy that,
that’s not a bad thing. She clearly loves you,
you love her, you all want to work this
relationship out together
and move forward. I can tell just by the way
you all interact with
each other. JUDGE DANA: I would say
to you, she’s tired. (CHUCKLES) Don’t continue this pattern, because after a woman
gets tired, she gets up
and goes. Yes, Your Honor. And she won’t
come back. I would also encourage you
to work to rebuild the
relationship with your son. You all have taken
the first step, but it’s gonna require
some work also. As we say in this courtroom, don’t cheat yourself out of
a chance for a happy, healthy
relationship. Court is adjourned.
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Dominguez v. Ybarra.
You all are engaged. You’ve been together
for over six years. And Ms. Dominguez,
you’ve come here with some very
serious allegations of cheating
against Mr. Ybarra. Tell us why
you’ve opened
your case today. Because I’m here to find out if he’s cheating on me
with my mother. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE KEITH: With your mother? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA:
Uh, what… what? I’m sorry. I’m stunned. Tell me
what you are feeling thinking that your fiance
of six-plus years is cheating on you
with your mother. Because I’ve heard
from my mother. She told me that… That’s a lie. KATHY DOMINGUEZ:
He wanted her to go
across state with her and start a new family. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And to leave me and they will move on in life. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So I’m here today to find out
if he’s cheating on me ’cause if he is, he’s gonna be left here
in this courtroom,
Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So let’s do this right now. So your mother told you
that Mr. Ybarra has offered
to leave you and go with her
and start
a whole new life? Yes, yes. JUDGE DANA: A family
and everything. Mr. Ybarra? Are you cheating
on your fiancee with your future mother-in-law? No, she knows. Never I cheat on her.
I love her so much. DOMINGUEZ: Love don’t hurt. And never I talk
to her mother…
Nothing like that. Your Honor,
I’ve been here for him. I learned him English. He never knew nothing when I got with him
seven years ago. So you have…
You are saying you have brought him up? DOMINGUEZ: Yes, Your Honor. You taught him
how to speak English. DOMINGUEZ:
He didn’t know anything. He didn’t know
how to put deodorant on. He didn’t know
how to put cologne on. He didn’t know anything
until he came in my life. So your goal
is to find out after all this
work you’ve done to help him become
a better man. DOMINGUEZ: Yes, Your Honor. And if you find out
he’s cheating,
you’re done. I’m done. He can go
pack his… and get out of my house. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) We kind of have
to watch our language
in court, okay? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Ybarra, she’s fired up. You know,
and I can imagine why. I mean, we don’t get
too many allegations where someone
is sleeping with
their fiancee’s mother. It’s a lie. Never had
nothing to do with her and… Never told her mother nothing. They don’t wanna see her
with a good man. And that’s what I’m thinking. They wanna see her
by herself. Like… So, why did my mother
come to me and tell me, you wanted to be with her? You call her
every single day. When you get off work,
you gonna call her. And you’re gonna pick her up,
take her out to eat. You play with her hair,
you grab her… Yeah, what is this?
I mean… Never. Have you seen him? Have you seen him
playing with her hair? I’ve seen him
close with my mom.
Flirting with her, laughing,
smoking cigarettes,
you know. Carrying on. I believe that
he is doing something. To be nice
with my mother-in-law, she wanna take that
to another level. It’s her. So, you’re saying
you’re just being nice. RAMON YBARRA: Yes. And you’re a good man. Yes. JUDGE KEITH: You aren’t doing
anything inappropriate. No. No. Mr. Ybarra,
there’s her side,
there’s your side, and then there’s
her mother’s side. And she’s here
right now. Ron, would you escort
Ms. Dominguez’s mother in? (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Please stand
at the witness stand
up there. JUDGE KEITH:
Good day, ma’am.
How are you? BRENDA FRAGAS:
Pretty good.
How are you? Doing okay. Would you state your name,
please, for the court? FRAGAS: Brenda Fragas. And you are
Ms. Dominguez’s mother? Is that correct? FRAGAS: Yes. Can you tell us
what has happened between you
and Mr. Ybarra? I go over and visit with him. And when I went over
one weekend to barbecue, Ramon was flirting around
with me. Playing with my hair,
playing with my ears. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Then we got to talking. He said he wanted
to be with me. He wanted to start a new life
and stuff like that. Really? FRAGAS: And… YBARRA: No, it’s a lie. FRAGAS: This is what happened. Okay. How long ago
was this? FRAGAS: Last year. Last year? JUDGE KEITH: It’s when
it started? When it started. JUDGE DANA: So last year
at a barbecue? At a barbecue. JUDGE DANA: He was playing
with your hair. Playing with your ear,
saying to you
he wants to be with you? Yes. But I got to thinking
and, you know, my daughter’s in love
with him and wanted
to be with him. So, I went up and told her
that Ramon is cheating on her. But you were willing. You even considered
going away with him. Is that correct? Yeah. What’s that about? JUDGE DANA: Okay. Did… Ugh… It’s a lie. How does it make you feel
that your mother was considering
leaving with your fiance? I feel pretty bad
about it. But… JUDGE DANA: Did you know
she was thinking about that? No, Your Honor. I just…
I can’t imagine what I would
think or feel if I found something
out like this. You are taking this
So, your mother tells you that your fiance
has been hitting on her, and talking
about going away. What did you
do at that point? I’m just trying to figure out
if it’s true or not. I ask him every day.
“Is it true?” He tells me parts.
But he don’t
tell me everything. So were you
attracted to him? I mean, you were
contemplating leaving your
current relationship
to go with him. I was just gonna start
Just something different? Yeah. JUDGE KEITH:
Your daughter’s fiance,
just something different? Basically. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE KEITH: I’m just trying
to get the picture. Your fiance is allegedly
hitting on your mother… He just told me
that he was, like,
helping her out. And he’ll give her cigarettes
and smoke with her. And then he tells me
that his mother’s not here, so he wants to treat her
like a mother. Okay. Why were you
rubbing her hair and
playing with her ears? Nobody does that
with their mother. I got three sons. But these are lies. I was nice to her like every son-in-law is nice to a mother-in-law. When you say you being
nice to her, what does
that include? Does that include a hug? Yeah, like this. JUDGE KEITH: Just a pat on… Yeah. Not an extended
hug like this? YBARRA: No. No. You know, you look.
You know… Touch her face,
do anything like that? No. So, did you ever
put your arm around her and say like, you know,
“We should go…” I mean, even if
you were playing, did you ever put
your arm around her
and just say, you know,
“We should
run off together.” No. JUDGE KEITH: Okay.
Some kind of interaction
gave her this impression. No. JUDGE KEITH: No, nothing? Nothing. You believe all of this
is coming about because she is jealous
of your fiance? Uh, that’s what
I’m thinking. I’ve come here
to prove I’m not doing nothing
wrong to… Because I wanna
be with her. Yeah. I come here
to prove everything. Ms. Fragas,
is that true? Are you jealous
of your daughter? No, I’m not jealous. JUDGE DANA: And here’s why
I’m having a problem. If he came on to you, why wouldn’t you
tell your daughter right then
or the next day? “Babe, this is what
happened to me.” And then when
you add to it the other layer of
“I actually considered it.” She was thinking about it. “I actually, you know, “might leave
the current relationship.” Yeah, I was thinking
about leaving. That’s so inconsistent.
That’s very inconsistent. It gives credence
to what he is saying. That you are jealous. That you’re gonna
stand in her shoes. No. I’m not jealous. JUDGE DANA: You’re not jealous? No. Do you have any other
allegations of cheating besides your mother… Not that this
isn’t serious enough. Your Honor, I believe he also tried to cheat
he’s cheating
with your daughter? My daughter
came to me crying
and told me, “Mom, I need to talk to you.”
And I said, “What is it?” And she said that,
“Ramon tried to come on to me.” “And he gave me money,
and he seemed like he wanted
more to it.” And I was like,
“Really? “So, did he try anything?” And she was like, “No,
but he just got close to me, “and was just asking me,
you know, to move on “and he wanted
to have kids with me, “because you
couldn’t have kids.” JUDGE DANA: Wow. And things like that,
Your Honor. It’s a lie. Oh, and Mr. Ybarra,
have you ever given… YBARRA: Yes,
I gave her daughter money. She called me, she say,
“I need $20.” I told her, okay,
I’m on my way to work. I give her that $20. And she told me,
“Don’t tell my mom,” because she knows,
she’s gonna get mad. So, when you gave her
the $20, did she, you know, give you a hug
and say, thank you? Kiss you on the cheek? No, no, she was inside
in the car. So you just
handed her the money? Yes, and that’s it. Have you ever
flirted with her,
I mean given her… DOMINGUEZ:
Yes, Your Honor. Never. Actually, we was
at my house barbecuing, and she bent over,
and he was just
staring at her… (AUDIENCE CLAMORING) Never. I’m here
and the daughter’s car
comes right here. And, I’m looking
the other direction, because I already
know her… Okay. …how she is. She’s gonna think,
“Oh, you are
in the front, “looking at my daughter.” So, when she came to you
and told you about the money… Mmm-hmm. Did you ask
Mr. Ybarra about it? Few days, maybe a week later, I ask him, did he meet Brit
and give her money, and he said no. I lied on that, because I know she don’t like
when we help her daughter. So, you did not
say to her,
“I wanna run away with you.” No, I didn’t. These ladies are trying
to do a set-up, because she is jealous,
over the mother. Well, unfortunately, the daughter cannot
be here today, but she did submit
a statement to the court. JUDGE DANA: She states…
(READING) “Ramon would sneak
around my mom’s back
to meet up and give me money. “But then,
the flirty messages started. “He would send me
‘Good morning, beautiful’
texts and goodnight texts. (SOBBING) “Tell me that he wanted
to run away and be with me “and not to tell my mom.” That’s a lie. So, Ms. Fragas,
are you aware of this? FRAGAS: Yes. JUDGE DANA You’re aware
that he’s been flirting
with your granddaughter, too? How did you find out,
about this? Because Brittany
had told me about it. Did you tell
your granddaughter that he had also
been flirting with you? Yeah. JUDGE DANA: I see the tears
in your eyes. What do those tears represent? Because he tried
to mess with my daughter. No, I don’t try
to mess with her. The daughter is telling her,
all kinda things to her. So she leaves me.
But I’m trying to do the
possible to stay with her… I just wanna know today
if he cheated on me and if anything
is true here, Your Honor. I’m trying to do
the right things
to be with her because I love her. You know, and that’s why
I wanna prove everything. But, Mr. Ybarra,
these are very
serious allegations. You’ve been accused
of sleeping with your fiancee’s mother
and your fiancee’s
daughter. Never I do that.
I’m not sleeping.
Never I do that. You never sent any
flirty text messages
or anything like that. No flirting text messages. But you have
texted her. Have you texted
Ms. Dominguez’s daughter? Uh… Yes, you did! Say it! Yes, I text her.
I text her. Let it out. But not that way. Okay. All totally innocent. Yes. And you’re saying,
that if you find
that this is true… DOMINGUEZ:
I wanna leave him. You are done,
this relationship is over. I wanna move on. JUDGE DANA:
You wanna move on. Well, this court has done
a complete investigation. At this time,
the court would like
to call out licensed and certified
polygraph examiner,
Kendall Shull into the courtroom
to determine, “Is he cheating?” (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Kendall Shull. RON: Right over
to the monitor, sir. YBARRA: Never. Good day, sir. SHULL: Good day. How are you doing? Great, Your Honor.
How are you? JUDGE KEITH: Doing good,
it’s good to see you. Good to see you too. Would you state
your credentials,
please, for the court,
and particularly
for Mr. Ybarra. I spent almost 30 years
with the FBI in
Washington D.C. Over ten years
was in a polygraph capacity. When I retired,
about 17 years ago, I moved to
Knoxville, Tennessee and opened up
my private practice where I practice
private investigations
and polygraph services. And you conducted
a polygraph examination of Mr. Ybarra.
Is that correct? I did, Your Honor. You asked Mr. Ybarra,
“During your relationship “with Ms. Dominguez, “have you ever
had sexual intercourse
with Ms. Brenda Fragas?” What was his response
to that question? He said no. JUDGE KEITH:
What did the lie detector
determine? The lie detector determined,
he was being truthful,
Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You asked Mr. Ybarra, “During your relationship
with Ms. Dominguez, “have you ever
had physical, sexual contact “with her daughter, “Ms. Fragas-Hernandez?” with her daughter,
Ms. Fragas-Hernandez. What was his response
to that question? He said no. JUDGE KEITH:
What did the lie detector
determine? The lie detector determined
that he was being… Truthful, Your Honor. DOMINGUEZ:
Thank you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (SOBBING) DOMINGUEZ: I love you. YBARRA: I love you too. Ms. Dominguez,
you are overcome
with emotion. I can see it.
What are you feeling? Just about my daughter. JUDGE DANA:
That nothing happened? He was telling you the truth. So that makes me question
what’s goin’ on.
This is not healthy… DOMINGUEZ: That’s all
I wanted to know. They don’t wanna
see her with a good man. I treat her like a queen. JUDGE DANA:
He clearly loves you. See, me and Mr. Cutler
agreed a long time ago, ’cause we live
in my hometown
with my parents. DOMINGUEZ:
Mmm-hmm. And I love them. But we made a decision
about it being us. And not my momma
as much as I adore her. Not my daddy,
who I think the ground moves
when he walks on it. But nobody can
come between this. Right. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So if you live near family,
you gonna have to make some hard decisions
about the space
they occupy. Mmm-hmm. But, with that
said though,
Mr. Ybarra, you’ve gotta be careful
with your interactions
as well. Now, somethin’
is goin’ on here with the mother
of Ms. Dominguez, with the daughter
of Ms. Dominguez. You may not
have the intentions, but other people
are misreading this or have some reason
to think that you
have those intentions. JUDGE DANA: And let me
give you some advice. Stay away. Not stay away like,
they can’t come to the house, but you shouldn’t
be home alone with anybody but her. Until they get this
figured out. JUDGE KEITH:
And even after that. JUDGE DANA: Yeah. We have counseling
available for you all, as you move forward
in this relationship. And as we say
in this courtroom, don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance for a great, happy
and healthy relationship. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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  1. In the first case, there is something wrong with mr. Baker. He has deep trust issues which can probably only be solved with the help of a therapist. It's unfortunate, he ruined a perfectly good relationship and lost a good woman. I'm happy for her, she needed to move on. He would've never trusted her, no matter what she would've done.