Stop Using Basic Black Pens and Try These Off-Black Pens Instead

Using off-black pens is a fun way to show
off your personality, even in a professional setting. With rich colors like bordeaux and hunter
green in your pen case, you might never want to use basic back again! In this video, we’ll show you our favorite
off-black gel pens and fineliners. Let’s get started. Gel Pens The Pilot G2 is the first pen for many stationery
newbies. The smooth ink and comfortable rubber grip make it a perfect choice for long writing sessions. Of the four off-black choices, we like the
Hunter Green color thanks to its subtle, pine-like shade. The Gelly Roll Moonlight is one of our favorite
gel pens for crafting, and we were so excited to see Sakura add these
earth tones to the lineup! The rich, opaque ink shows up well on light
and dark paper, and you can even use it on glossy paper. With a durable construction and feather-resistant
ink, the Signo UM-151 is an excellent gel pen for
any task. The six off-black shades come in an extra-fine
0.38 mm tip size, so you can pack more information onto each
page. Our favorite has to be the Bordeaux Black
color and its unique purple-red hue. If you need a rollerball or ballpoint pen,
Uni-ball has your back. They made off-black shades for two popular
pens: the Vision Elite Rollerball Pen and Jetstream
RT Ballpoint Pen. We just had to include the Zebra Sarasa Push
Clip Vintage Color Gel Pen as one of our top picks. The retro-inspired colors add a chic touch
to your notes. The sleek body matches the ink color inside
and features fashionable details like gold lettering and an ivory clip.
JetPens Off Black Gel Pen Sampler If you’re not sure which pen to try first, the JetPens Off Black Gel Pen Sampler features
our favorites in one bundle! It includes several colors from our recommendations,
plus other famous gel pens to try. Fineliners The Marvy Le Pen packs an impressive fineliner
into an adorable form. The jewel-toned ink matches the body color,
so it’s easy to pick the right shade. The slim barrel is the perfect size for tossing
a handful into your pencil case. Don’t be fooled by the plain appearance
of the Sakura Pigma Micron Pen: this fineliner is beloved by artists and writers
alike for a reason. The pigmented ink comes in five deep colors
and is archival. The Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen lets you
add a splash of color to journals, coloring books, and more. The sophisticated palette includes warm colors
like Kalahari Orange, and cool tones like Delft Blue. The Triplus has a special dry-safe feature so the ink won’t dry out if you forget to cap it! Check out the JetPens Off Black Fineliner
Pen Sampler to find your new favorite fineliner. This set includes recommendations from this
video, plus some we don’t mention to help you branch
out. If you can’t decide between gel pens and
fineliners, our Off Black Pen Sampler is the best of both
worlds. You can try our favorite off-black gel pens,
fineliners, and even a fountain pen! Which of these off-black colors would you
use? Let us know in the comments below. You can shop all of these products and more
at Thanks for watching!

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  1. I use the Staedtler fine liners at work and get asked about them often. When people notice the burgundy or deep green ink they are intrigued. 😊

  2. I'm a forever lover of bordour colors, deep off greens and blue-blacks. So… probably would use all the colors but have these three as my mains when writing.
    I honestly have had a love for uniball browns and red-browns forever. I remember getting in trouble in elementary school when a teacher didn't like that I wrote with it in my notebooks xD but I never regreted it! I love those colors!

  3. I used the Marvy Le Pen exclusively when I was in college in the early 90s because I loved the precise tip. Glad to see they're still around.

  4. I found this adorable animal-shaped washi tape cutter; it would be fun if you carried it:

  5. I abslutly HATE when i see somebody using sakura pigma black pens for taking notes. As an art student it's bugging me because that pen is ment for art purppses like plain lineart and fixing details for tranditional art. Some rich kids doesn't know how valueble these pens are and wasted them on notebook my heart bleeds when that happends.

  6. Off-black means LESS black as in towards a dark gray and you are mostly just naming colors. Calling them all off-black just sounds.. off.. and gimmicky.

  7. Sakura Microns are amazing, comfortable and sturdy. I use the smaller point ones and never feel as if they might break. I love their color range but I may pick up one of these sample packs, the gel one seems very interesting and something I want to try outside my fineliners.

  8. Not mentioned in the video but I do like the Pilot Juice Up, which does come in a blue black color too at 0.4 mm which can be nice to use!

  9. The Sarasa vintage sets are my favorites. I use the grey. The uniball Bordeaux has also been one of my long time favorites. Currently I’ve been swept away into the dark and expensive fountain pen and inks rabbit hole.

  10. No. I’ll still use Black/Any Black color but on Cream or Vellum/Cream White, Fawn, Natural, Walnut, Kraft colored papers thank you very much.

  11. i own the staedtler triplus 20 pack set; thoroughly enjoy using them : ) i like how they write when using them but on the negative side though, i don't like how at first i used some colors in the set when i found myself using the set in one of my adult coloring books i own; yes i confess i'm a coloring book owner, lol! i then switched using back to using colored pencils in my coloring books. i like using the colored pens set for when i did a bullet journal back a couple years ago.

    just about to jump back on the band wagon of bullet journaling in which planning to use the colored pens set : )

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