‘Storm Area 51′ raid brings crowds of ‘alien believers’ to Nevada

[MUSIC PLAYING] Yes, we believe. We follow anything
and everything alien. I’d like to believe. I think it would
be a little more interesting if we’re not the
only intelligent life out here. I think the thought
of extraterrestrial life would be kind of neat. I don’t know. I’ve never actually seen
anything that unexplained, but something really
neat to think about. My interest in
UFOs and aliens, I became a ufologist
through the military. I was in psychological
operations, did paranormal activities. We did remote viewing,
bunch of cool stuff. And I got into it. And I’ve been into
it ever since. My mentor in college,
Robert Trundle, was one of the top 50 most
influential people in ufology. So I ended up learning a lot
about aliens and the proof, uh, the proof is there. It’s a big universe. And I think that it’s
kind of improbable that we’re here alone. People find community
at events like this because they’re
kind of cast off. We’re all weird. We talk to our family and
friends about this stuff. And they’re like, you know,
go talk to a psychologist. But here you actually people
that affirm and believe what you believe. And it forms its own, like,
church or religion almost. I don’t want to say cult.
But, yes, a belief system. I’m not trying
to do it because I don’t want to get shot. My advice to people trying
to do it is, knock it off. You’re going to ruin
it for the rest of us. Hopefully, nobody actually
tries to raid the base. I was active duty army
for six plus years, and I know for a fact because
I’ve been in those situations. If you do try to raid
a government base, you will go straight to prison
and will not collect $200, and, or you will be shot
and killed, unfortunately. There’s a lot of
secrets over there that they want to keep a secret. And it’s for our safety and
everybody else’s safety. We are here solely to see the
mess that’s going to happen. We do not believe in aliens. This is, like, the most
millennial thing that’s ever happened that I can think of. And I’m a millennial, so,
like, I gotta come check it out and I’ve got to film it. I personally
think that it’s not a good idea because, you know,
there’s like tanks outside. They’re going to get shot. Nobody’s going
to storm Area 51 and see an alien at this event. Sorry, spoiler alert. We have duplicated the
back gate on our property, and you can storm the
back gate on our property. No one’s going to
be allowed to go up that far to the back gate. And certainly, no one’s
going to storm Area 51. And the people that are thinking
about doing it at 3 o’clock in the morning, the only thing
they’re going to find out is they’re going to get
bit by a rattlesnake. Always heard that there
was a plane that crashed. They found alien
bodies and they’ve been keeping them out at Area 51. Always heard that they
used the alien ship that was crashed there. They used it for technology for
what our military builds today. I know, in talking
with Bob Lazar, that they have the wreckage
from 1947 there from Roswell, because he re-engineered
that spacecraft. Yeah. I believe Area 51 is a top
secret government facility, where they’re building
planes, airplanes, war planes, could be alternate
energy devices, could be biological warfare. I mean, we have enemies. We’ve got Russia, China. You know, we’re the top
superpower in the world with the title to defend. I think it’s in
our best interests to keep Area 51 secret. I think I saw a UFO once,
but I was really young and I don’t remember
it that much. And I, kind of, just, like,
put it off because I was like, no way. Just went back inside.
And I was like, wait. No. And I went back and looked and
saw it take off down the sky. Over Philadelphia,
last year, actually, I’ve had three sightings of orbs. They happen during the daytime
at like 3:00 in the afternoon. And I’ve gotten two on video. Our dad used to work,
in the 60s and 70s, at Mike Patterson Air
Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. We’ve heard all the
cool alien stories. Because I’ve been a
lifelong believer and it’s going to be super
cool to go to a place where there’s a ton
of other believers. And you can just
look up in the sky and have crazy conversations. It seemed like a fun
atmosphere, people that are here, just because why not. And just check it out and
go camping in the desert for a couple days. I’m just I’m just
waiting to see something. I’m looking forward to this
to being an awesome event and an annual event. It’s a community of believers
where people can have a ton of fun, if they
don’t take it too seriously and turn it into their
own religious beliefs. But this is going to be big. But I think this year
is just the prototype. They’re going to
work out the bugs, and then they’re going
to have many more organized larger events in
the following years annually. And I’ll be here to
defend myself, and you.

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  1. This is Faux News priority’s ….. It’s Jerry Springer Journalism……. LoL…. Stay tuned… Big foot sightings in Alabama…..


  3. Actually folks the original Demonic equipment was immediately sent to Wright Patterson AF Base in Ohio.
    Along with the Bodies of the Demons.
    John 14:6

  4. Russia isn't your enemy dummy the globalists are who fund and pull off secretly every fake attack and every fake War to get money power gold influence oil opium control and do regime change grab a clue and wake up!

  5. 1:52 "we dont believe in aliens" there are more galaxies than the grains of sand on earth. Not to mention the closest habitual planet is a mere 40 light years away. The idea that we are alone is idotic in nature. However, if you believe storming Area 51 is how you are gonna finally see aliens then you're ignorant. If aliens actually had the technology to come to Earth considering it would take us hundreds of years to get to that said closest habitual planet even with the technology to go at near light speed, we would all surely be dead because if any lifeform is as dangerous as us then we would be doomed.

  6. The navy just admitted there are space aliens. So the question is already answered. Wake up. Also secret bases, classified, top secret, ect. Is treason against we the people. We the People are the rulers not them. Treason=death remember that.

  7. Let's see if I understand this, US soldiers would shoot fellow Americans for walking onto public owed property, but not shoot an illegal alien invading our nation at the border?

  8. Idiots ! WHAT A JOKE…anyone taking this serious is truly demented needs medication.
    Let’s tell the world for three months that we are coming to storm a place ……
    It was top secret until all u idiots made it an emo parade ….orbs…ok, stop taking drugs

  9. This is so ridiculous, probably a test to see how many dumbed down Americans will actually do what they are told to do….like 'call to arms' Isn't this what HC just called for? Awfully close timing….the left & DS are getting desperate!

  10. "And learned a lot about aliens, the proof is there, the poof is there!" Where is this proof, and what exactly did you learn about aliens? Where are these aliens you learned "so much" about? The evolutionary chain would have to be exact right down the timing of planetary changes, oxygen levels, etc.. All environmental conditions would have to exactly match that of earths in order for there to be a species out there like humans. Just isn't going to happen, we might find jello creatures or microscopic bugs one day, but not humanoid "beings". IF humans ever, ever, find another humanoid species out there the most likely scenario is we will get into an endless argument on exactly who is the alien, us or them.

  11. Yo this is so sad how they believe in other things and make them God Bc look how crazed these people are for something that doesn’t exist I can’t surely tell you the only thing that’s real is God the father and the son and holly spirit the devil and his fallen angels witch are just playing so many tricks on you and deceiving you I pray in Jesus name all of you get saved by the blood of the lamb

  12. Um…the US AIRFORCE ADMITTED that UFO Footage that was released was REAL and was not meant to be made Public. There's nothing to "Believe" they literally admitted they exist

  13. Trouble with the Military using "Alien Tech." is all the technology used has a clear path of development , None of it sprang out of nowhere ,Ask the guys who spent their lives developing it what They think of that …

  14. Surprised Antifa & Black Lives Matter didnt show up to protest Green Lives Matter. If they wanted to see aliens they should have gone to the next Ilhan Omar & AOC hearing.

  15. I believe there are intelligence beings elsewhere in the universe but to think you can crash Area 51 takes a special kind of idiot and shows a serious lack of intelligence! Personally it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing places like Area 51 exist and I am hopeful they really do have alien space ships they are studying to try and reverse engineer. To think there are idiots in this country who would wish to break into this secret facility and expose this information and technology pisses me off and I hope any moron that does try goes to prison for a very long time!

  16. People searching for aliens ..if they would just read their Bible …they’re nothing but the fallen angels demons.. and yet people don’t even bother to search for God… this is where our culture is at……The Bible says in the last days because they refuse to believe the truth of God ..they will believe the strong delusion that is coming in the last days…. I believe it’s the alien agenda…

  17. why do you call them "alien believers"? you dont need to believe in something that exists and it's more than enough proven. Educate yourself.

  18. Area51 is an airport and aircraft hangar.. the bases are dug into the surrounding mountains behind and to the south of that installation deep underground, the only thing they are going to find above ground is guards and personal transportation for the facility. Derp

  19. Nothing but ignorance and ignorant people ,theirs no such thing as aliens. The correct term is interdimensional demonic beings.

  20. It is a military airbase with experimental technologies that protects you from enemies outside. Don't be stupid, just go home.

  21. You guys gonna be the first test subjects for the whole world to see, thank you for risking ya worthless lives for us! Thanks to ya we might see these demons ya keep calling Aliens and probably see you dying military gunshots! 😁

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