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and a very good morning to you how you doing this Sunday mornings at 23rd of June 2019 yes it's three years to the day that the UK went to the polls and voted to leave the European Union three years to the day so it is it's a lovely morning here in Salford and Greater Manchester my name is Ritchie Allen by the way how you doing hope you're well hope you've had a great weekend thus far lots to get into in Sunday few lots to get into and I look forward to hearing from you through Twitter it's at Ritchie Allen show on Twitter as you know pointer thanks for joining me asking the questions mainstream journalists will never ask this is your Richie Allen show on Richie Allen co uk SAP radio 2 in Manchester and trigger warnings on TV it's the Richie Allen show broadcasting live on Richie alpha code UK multiple platforms around the world and now here's your host others loss to talk about salaries lots to talk about and we'll just dive right into it and we will explain toon is what we'll do yes three years ago I voted at st. Kent a gern's primary school on Wilbraham Road in Manchester the first vote I participated in for well for forever and I had to justify that at that particular time by explaining myself to you but I went down there and voted leave along with 52 percent of everybody else who voted and here we are here we are still in the European Union with no real prospect in my opinion of ever leaving the blasted thing no prospect at all we're gonna just jump straight into the papers I'll tell you why because there's a lot to get through this particular program and I'm wondering will I have time now we're gonna start with the Sunday Express why won't Boris tell us what happened why won't he what happened Boris what happened the police were called to an apartment shared by Boris Johnson and his girlfriend mrs. Simmons the other night Friday night and there's three raw August rouille abulia in the press there's a lot going on um in the world today are the very serious things the papers are obsessed with this story today so I'll read you the headlines and then we'll get more of the story right so on the Express why won't Boris tell us what happened Sunday Mirror Boris Rao was so frightening I had to call the police those were his neighbors Sunday Telegraph left-wing neighbors admit taping Boris RAL The Sunday Times Boris is a security risk as they're taking a different angle on us namely that because Boris is a very tumultuous and colorful private life it might make him vulnerable to blackmail from foreign powers Boris Johnson's and every other high-profile politician has possibly been blackmailed well from the time or the moment that a they entered mainstream or mainline politics I would I would suppose I would surmise I would imagine the intelligence agencies have cabinet files stacked up to the ceiling with dirt on the likes of Boris Johnson I would say that's just my opinion so that's the Sunday Times then this caricature Boris Johnson might be vulnerable to blackmail from foreign powers The Mail on Sunday bossed up Boris hit by shock poll blow so apparently before Friday's incident the domestic that the police were called to apparently Boris Johnson had an 8 percent lead over Jeremy Hunt at the Foreign Secretary but that's been whittled down now to 3 percent after the news of this row broke so they piled in on Boris Johnson now I foregone telling you about this rail this argument because I'm I'm assuming that even if you're listening in Timbuktu you know what it's all about Johnson's girlfriend is a woman called Kerry Simmons and on Friday night she had an argument with Boris allegedly we know this because Boris and curries neighbors took some audio of it they recorded it on their phone and then they gave it to the Guardian they called the police and they gave the audio to the Guardian and you could hear Simmons telling Boris allegedly to get out of her flat and Boris was saying don't break me effing me espen laptop whatever you do and they add a row and the papers are lovin it now this was Friday night yesterday afternoon there was Hosting's so there was and the Hosting's took place in Birmingham and Hosting's watt-hour Hosting's well candidates meet before they meet and they speak to the party membership so you've got a leadership election going on Boris Johnson Jeremy Hunt and the hosting czar when they face their own people their own members their fellow party members and tried to convince them they are worthy of their vote now this was chaired yesterday by a guy called Ian Dale who's a conservative himself and presents a radio show for LBC and Dale game lis to his credit tried to bring this up with Johnson was having none of it anyway so the guy who recorded the row and then gave it to the Guardian and called the police a guy called Tom Penn is defending his actions today saying that he was worried about the neighbors safety saying he hoped that anybody would have done the same thing but unfortunately for mr. Penn and for his own partner it's emerging that they have a very they have a very definite a very definitive political point of view it's emerging that they don't like the Conservative Party nor do they like Boris Johnson very much Johnson very much and there's a woman the the the the partner of this guy Tom Payne has tweeted out before tweets about telling Johnson to eff off as she's passed him in the street so it's all very mysterious the police turned up and they obviously made inquiries they asked miss Simmons presumably are you all right there she said yeah we've had a bit of a rail presumably and the police said nothing to see here and they've walked away what it's on every newspaper today and all of the talk shows this morning were full of it I'm not going to bore you to death with too much of it but a number of Johnson's political opponents felt that now was the perfect time well to weigh in including the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon here's what storage enough to say my hand my hand snipped apologies my hand snip here's the real sturgeon no in a world he was a foreign secretary with a visible tenure he didn't display any basic competence or seriousness of purpose and that job your breaks that has damaged the UK's international reputation in the last few years but close by hiding that Boris Johnson's tenure as foreign secretary has damaged that reputation he seems to have had a political career where he's gone out of his way to because to Sicily offensives as many people in groups as possible so I'm afraid I don't think he will be a good Prime Minister and I find that actually quite hard to get my head render that knowing everything they know about them the Tories are even contemplating killing I meant a number 10 in black has caused a lot of controversy when he sent that Boris Johnson was racist is he a I agree with in blackfoots comments and so you think the portion sizes Boris Johnson has made or verily recessed comments now I don't know what's in Boris Johnson's head when he says those things I don't know what he's thinking what motivates and what he actually feels about those things but if anybody Boris Johnson or anybody else makes the kind of comments that he has done saying someone has made racist comment system it isn't he made a Muslim woman looking like letterbox he's the things that I actually criticized the back were racist well you can criticize the broadcast me I think it's up to women to decide what the weird and well it's obviously up to women to decide what they wear and don't wear but are you positing are you positing jimmy cranky that men can't have an opinion on the burqa I've got an opinion on the burqa you know it's it's ridiculous it's a ridiculous thing to wear it's ludicrous is what it is I remember many years ago when I was there living on the Costa del Sol bumped into a gentleman who came across to Caroline and myself and he was from one of the Gulf states I can't remember which one and he came across because he'd heard my radio show and because my radio show was very critical of US imperialism and Britain and Israel he wanted to come over and say hello but his wife came with him and you couldn't see his wife because she was top to toe in the burqa and hams everything no skin showing you could barely see the eyes and I just thought it's ridiculous I let me try to think that it's I'm not commenting on the religion or the religious beliefs or the people personally I just think it is ridiculous and obviously Johnson does his way and I don't like tourists Johnson how could how could I have anything in common with him but it's a ridiculous thing to wear in my opinion so you can't call somebody racist for saying the women look like letterboxes but you can criticize the bucket without being deeply offensive how can you criticize the Balkan without being deeply offensive nobody's going to be offended so you might as well say it looks like a letterbox you might as well say it looks like what do you think it looks like god forbid this people can't say what it is they think or say something they think it's amusing anymore come on a Muslim woman a letterbox or looking like a bank robber some of the things he said about black people I wouldn't even repeat because I don't think it's appropriate to do so so no thoughts you jump right in here because now she's bringing alleged racism against black people and the presenter has a duty here of care to the audience and to Boris Johnson to say what comments are those that he made about black people exactly what rich doesn't say anything so the point I'm making I don't know whether he just does that for effect to grab headlines or or if that is what he really thinks I can't tell well it works one way or the other doesn't it whether he's doing it for effect or because it's what he thinks it gets some headlines it gets him noticed and a certain class of people or a certain class of thinking liked it and they liked him because of it Donald Trump anyone but I do think people who prepared to meet comments like that can't suddenly throw their hands up in horror when people call them out folder and see that the appear to be racist as a result of it I don't think he's ever thrown his hands up in horror and complained about being attacked I think Johnson is very clever he might come across as a bumbling moronic type figure disheveled and all the rest of it but he's not stupid there is no such thing as bad publicity I've never heard Johnson complain about being called racist he's M actually stood up a week or so ago saying that we should always be prepared to say what it is we think and be damn it basically so the apology from every angle I could play your loads but I won't because it isn't interesting okay apparently Carey Simmons has spoken to friends who've spoken to the son to say that the rail was just an argument and it got heated apparently she's combustible some of her friends are saying and apparently he is as well what I make the ad an argument over something they started screaming not ideal but I'm not immune to it myself as an Irishman I can be a bit of a screamer okay so for a bit of balance here's Rishi sonic Rishi Sonic is an MP he's a Tory and his Boris has made so Rishi sonic is Boris a racist are you raised this no father what's okay first of all I personally would be sitting here supporting Boris if I thought he was racist and there's something I care very deeply about and when you look at the context of that article about the burka you know first of all an independent panel looked at it and they described it as in the round being respectful and tolerant and of course we were going to take particular comments out of context but the article was making a very liberal argument about the right of women to choose what they would like to wear at the time when other European countries who Nicola Sturgeon is very very fond of us being connected closer to though they were going around banning the burqa and here was Boris making an argument that women shouldn't be banned they should be able to make that choice for themselves and she's also talking about some of the things he said about black people and I believe she's referring to a telegraph column in 2002 yes quite long time ago admittedly where he was washing up Tony Blair they say he shortly after the Congo no doubt the ak-47s will fall silent and the pangas will stop their hacking of human flesh and the tribal Warriors will all break out in watermelon smiles but I have a particular article but the broad point I'd say is Boris's very clearly apologized for any offence that he's caused through any of the thousands and thousands of articles he's written over a very long journalistic career anything to get along no saying anything this is someone who does have a particular way of communicating which does seem to work you know he's won two elections in a place which people thought conservatives couldn't win he won a referendum campaign that people thought was not possible to win and he's able to do those things because he has a way of engaging the public and it's because he speaks in a way that they understand that's direct that gets through to them get through to them does Boris get through to you dear listener final word on this then to the same MP Rishi sonic on the police attending the flat What did he say about that does he have anything to say about that let's find out I think the thing we do know as you said is that the police were called and of course that's something that people are going to be widely interested in but then let's just look at that the police were called to an incident and what did they say they said everybody was safe everybody was well there was no concerns that the officers had and there was no cause for any further action and given that's what the police have said and it's CLE a private incident I wasn't there you weren't there I think we should just leave it at that pretty much and we leave it there as well it's there 15 minutes past 11:00 this is Sunday view with me Richie Allen broadcasting live from Salford in Greater Manchester on Fabray do too in Manchester trigger warning TV my own website of course and tune in radio love being on tune in radio the program is archived on iTunes on Spotify it's archives on podomatic comm hundreds and hundreds nay thousands of programs going back years available through the medium of Spotify the observer this is really interesting now and if anybody is following Neal Sanders of Neil Sanders mind control calm who's made several appearances on this program excuse me under Richie Allen show talking about the influence of various companies and think tanks on the rise of the alternative right this is an interesting story in the observer Carol Cadwallader she's been all over this Cambridge analytic and the Heritage Foundation and all of this stuff which is important because one of the observer leads with the row between Boris and his our friend it also goes with a story linking Boris Johnson to the former campaign manager for Donald Trump the man we know as Steve Bannon new evidence suggesting close links between Boris Johnson and Steve Palin can be revealed calling into question the former Foreign Secretary's previous denials of an association with the influentials far-right activist so Johnson was denied ever having a much to do or anything to do with Steve's Bannen but he's not been telling the truth has Boris he's been telling pork-pies porcupines because the observer has gotten some video evidence a little snippet from a documentary and the chose tease man and talking about how he worked with Johnson how he contacted him how he spoke with him until he helped write his first speech after resigning his foreign secretary remember that over Teresa Mays brexit strategy 18 months ago Johnson resigned and did it kind of a Churchillian type speech Steve Madden was part of the crafting of that speech let's have a little listen to the audio which as I said it's from a documentary the documentary was made by a woman called Alison Clayman and it's called the brink here Steve Bannon talking about Johnson and contradicting statements made by Johnson himself that he didn't have much to do with him at all leave comments he's going to give a speech in comments today that's gonna throw down he just went back to the Daily Telegraph as a columnist I've been talking to him all weekend about the speech did you track him on the phone we went back and forth over text it's just easier document initially on the phone but then it's just easier to go back and forth on text I've been telling that my recommendation is that he gave the one most important political speeches of 2000 of 16 was his closing speech it took like it was a three to five minute speech in June of 2016 his closing argument on national TV for the leave campaign he was the official head of the leaf campaign or one of the coeds I think it was and he gave a speech on national TV they had a debate that night and it was magnificent and all I was telling him all weekend is just to incorporate those themes the same themes basically he was saying that June 23rd was Independence Day for for Great Britain there Independence Day be like our July 4th that's the day the vote yeah and that's deep yeah it's time to believe in our Great Britain Johnson and Riley called for the nation to look to a brighter post brigs of future this is the tea up all right he he's back Boris borsa a journalist before his Mayor of London before his foreign secretary wrote a great book on Churchill that's one things I did tell him over the weekend that he's great low a Churchill is great study at church and he wrote a really fantastic book for a modern audience on Churchill I met Boris Johnson through I met Boris Johnson kind of met him at these things years ago but it's just one of those you know shake hands didn't you know didn't yeah I'm sure he didn't remember me but really met him right at he flew over right after right after we want our guys in Breitbart London had a lot of contact with him during the breaks it the brakes a thing I didn't want to get involved because it was very British right so I didn't want to you know exert myself although I was controlling editorial it was to let Rahim and James Delhi poll Delhi poll had been a columnist like Boris at the Daily Telegraph to let those guys be the guys you know in contact we really had the most contact with the other leave which was Nigel Faraj D but then right after we won Bors flew over because their victory was was as unexpected as ours and I got to know him quite well in the transition period yeah what's really important about that is we've talked a lot over the years about the fascist dictatorship that is the European Union and why it's so very important that countries extricate themselves from us and return their Parliament's to sovereignty and ultimately return their elections to sovereignty right and I've explained for years and years and years and years now the work that Neil Sanders more than anybody in the world has done on this is to demonstrate that the public face of leave in the United Kingdom basically Nigel's Faraj and to a lesser extent then people like Boris Johnson and Liam Fox and David Davis that they are being driven boring the alternative royce of the conservative right to neocon right in the United States and the abuse that Niall Sanders took from committed prex to tears when he started writing about this was almost kindest I won't say it was unprecedented but it was it was crazy to see across Google across YouTube particularly when he was on this program because what he's conclude to summon appease is that there was a shadowy cabal working within a shadowy cabal that seized the European project as a threat to United States hegemony in the world okay and that has driven the emergence of the alternative right the support for Donald Trump news organizations like Breitbart and others but very influential and previously unknown think tanks like the Heritage Foundation companies like Cambridge analytic weaponizing the the whole debate around Europe and about migration and rallying people and rallying people towards supporting leave but not necessarily because those people wants to liberate the United Kingdom and return power to the people and to the sovereign Parliament no these people have their own designs for the world I've not done a marvelous job of summing that up there but you get the picture okay so it's like it's like the emergence of two of two groups globally the the elite behind the European Union project which is all about killing sovereignty ending sovereignty impoverishing countries and through the enforcement of impoverishing countries and then the enforcement of austerity and stealing all those country's assets rendering those countries as nothing but vassal states that's the whole European Union project fiscal military and political union it's a terrible thing it's a dreadful thing but sandra's is pointed out and he'll be all over this story today with the emergence of this audio of Steve Palin Sandra's is all about that his whole research shows that there are some very very dark people who want the European you need to break or put for their own reasons not for the reasons you and I want to see the break of the European Union and he's not amazing work on that Neil and I reckon you should go to Neil Sanders mind-controlled calm and read it and don't read it with a chip on your shoulder because you know the European Union is fascist we know it is read it anyway and see who's behind these people given Boris Johnson the keys to number 10 is irrelevant because he's a puppet doesn't matter whether it's him Faraj Jeremy Corbyn doesn't matter and that's where people have to go you've got to go beyond that to who's controlling these people and what it is they really want so leave us on great world shown that there are two squabbling global forces at work here the neocon Zionists in the United States in DC and the European Central Bank the the the European project but ultimately and he said this himself on my program he's agreed with me ultimately both of these competing groups serve the same master and you know who that master is you know who that cabal really is that's the thing you've got to get your head round I didn't plan to talk too much about this this morning so I've gone around I've gone around in circles a little bit there but you understand what it is leaving the European Union is brilliant but some of those behind pushing to leave and behind vote leaves and the other leaf campaigns are very sinister forces indeed who have no interest in making the world a better place these are people who have designs on the NHS okay these are the people who want to privatize every square inch of every country on planet earth that's who these people are and that's the thing I've always been consistent they're always you know I get people saying sometimes I you sound a bit conservative Richie well no I'm what I'm doing is I'm highlighting something that was said by a conservative in order to make a point it doesn't mean I like the going or any of them for that matter right it's 26 minutes past the error I think we've time for a tune because it's always always time for a tune Sunday's view on Richie Allen coat UK welcome to it loves to have your company every Sunday back with plenty more news after this from Coldplay good morning to you music sounds better in the sunshine doesn't it Coldplay's Viva la Vida on the Richie Allen show let's move right on good morning – Maury how you doing Marie Richie's the City of London wanted us out because the European Union wants to tax tax havens as Marie not sure about that was thanks my friend Chris tweets who was getting pilloried for sharing a platform and shaking hands with Bannon might have been George Galloway – people in general know who Steve Bannon is Donald Trump David Duke KKK Charlottesville and all it's not cheers for that Chris hi – where David who tweets on the Baraka row so let's ask the question why is it okay in this so-called progressive and equal world for some religions to oppress women and for it to be vociferously defended riddle me that Batman says David Paul Burchill tweets what a miserable sneak the guy recording a row between Boris Johnson and his partner obviously they must have had many rooms but this one was used to smear Johnson says Paul Burgess thanks so much for that yeah apparently it was over a glass of red wine that he spilled on a white couch which would incur the wrath of any woman or any man for that matter yeah right let's move on let's move on good morning – Gail as well right let's move on let's talk about something else last newspaper then the star on Sunday leads with them let's kick ball jerk killer out of the United Kingdom this is a non confirmed story but the star is is claiming that Jon Venables who murdered um Jamie Bolger was one of two boys that murdered Jamie border many years ago is set to be moved abroad and it might be Canada Australia or New Zealand Posadas unconfirmed little bit of brexit news – to bring you not too much though but it's about a letter that was written towards the end of last week it's in the newspapers today a letter to Jeremy Corbyn by 26 Labour MPs so 26 backbenchers have signed a letter to Jeremy Corbyn origin him to put the national interest first and tobacco deal before October 31st so these backbench MPs are saying that brexit must be delivered they are saying that a No Deal outcome would alienate many who supported the party at the last general election bought on the flipside they said that there shouldn't be a second referendum because it would give the populist right an even even greater platform in our heart lines so these are MPs are saying that that breaks it must be delivered to avoid a No Deal and the way to do that is to back some sort of deal and these Labour MPs are saying there should not be a second referendum because the far right or populist right will do better in so-called labour heartlands in the near future okay that the party is going to back a second referendum it'll be announced by Jeremy Corbyn early next week early this week I should say is that the party never supports the second referendum so one of the 26 backbench MPs who signed the letter warned in Corbin to find some way to support a deal is Caroline Flint and she spoke with Andrew Marr this morning on the marsh oh and Mar asked her are of the 26 signatories are you threatening Corbin I'm not a threat I think the 26 labour in peace was signed that letters and many others who privately shared their concerns with me have been saying the same thing for a long time now we won again we won a situation in 2017 where we didn't win the election but we returned better than we thought and we did so on the promise of respecting the referendum and working to get a good deal and those of us who signed this letter and others believe that we should respect that promise and and that is what has been Labour Party policy and that is what was meant to have guided us through Parliament for those people watching who haven't read the letter yet here is a relevant extract really the crucial extract Breck's must happen you say the UK must leave and do so without further undue delay a commitment to a second referendum would be toxic to our bedrock labour voters nice correct I suppose one of the questions out of that is are you not likely to lose more seats the Lib Dems than do anybody else if you do if you go if you don't go in the other direction no not at all I mean when you look at the polling based on present figures it's clear that for example in in David seat in South Shields that used to represent that would go all the seats in Sunderland all the seats in Barnsley across Wolverhampton across Stoke and many more and those labour leave voters are likely to go to the brexit party so they the danger for the party and this isn't just about an electoral cap how many seats would label lose do you think to the brexit party if you go ahead in the in the second week well one of the polls suggests it's something like 40-plus so the thing I and also to the Tories as well in that mix but we would be losing in our Heartland seats and this isn't just about you know electoral advantage this is actually goes to the heart of what the Labour Party is about if we do not speak for the working-class voices of Britain then what's the point of the Labour Party a very good question because socialism is incompatible with membership of the European Union and flame to understand it on some level even though she's stringently against leaving with no deal she understands that the European Union has been devastating for working-class people and their families people like me walk in class folks anyway you've heard that before let's talk about around for a minute because it's emerged today that following the downing of a United States spy drone by Iran on Thursday following that apparently the United States launched a cyber attack on an Iranian weapons system so this is emerging this morning right according to the Washington Post the cyber attack disabled computer systems controlling rocket and missile launchers this was the retaliation for the shooting down of the US drone and for the alleged attack on oil tankers that the United States has blamed around for even though there's no evidence that Iran did it no reason why Iran would do it so there's no independent confirmation that the cyberattack did any damage to the Iranian systems there's still a lot of talk a lot of articles in the paper today dealing with the response of Donald Trump to the drone attack or to the shooting down of the drone by the Iranians because Trump apparently was about to launch missile strikes on on radar positions inside Iran but then stopped it at the last minute when he realized that more than a hundred people would be killed that's the official Donald Trump position anyway they were going to attack the radar facility on the Iranian coast by firing at it what we decided I decided not to say Trump because I I asked I asked and then I was told that people would die so now it's emerging that the response was some sort of cyber attack okay the former UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband was on the Mahr show today we should be worried by what's going on says David Miliband a man by the way who backed the illegal invasion of Iraq we should be worried defense we should be very worried about the prospect the real prospect of a hot war between Iran and the United States we were ten minutes away from that on Thursday night there are people in the senior reaches of the US administration who want a war with Iran they've said so very clearly and there are some people on the Iranian side who are itching to get at the Americans – partly for domestic reasons but understand is that a war between the u.s. and Iran will not be restricted to us and Iran it will be a contagion right across a conflagration is Radio Israel and ultimately ourself gana Stan is an obvious flashpoint Iraq is an obvious but flashpoint and I think that it's very important I think a Foreign Office minister is going to Tehran today that's a good thing it's pity he's not going with his European counterparts but there are some very practical things that need to be on the agenda I mean one is about the safety of shipping in the straits of hormuz Britain and the rest of the international community should be talking about an international force that ensures the safety and of passage of all ships through the Straits of Hormuz secondly the Iranians need to understand that their threat to flout the nuclear greet agreement that present from pulls out of can only provide excuses for those in the US and elsewhere who want to take them on so I think we should be very worried and we need some very active diplomacy yeah but of course Iran is not in violation of that nuclear deal it isn't this is being confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency multiple times Iran has not violated violated even the terms of the deal it hasn't done and Miliband must know this the super Zionists Ed Miliband and as for being worried a bit around it's a pity he wasn't so circumspect back in 2002 because if he was back in 2002 maybe a million Iraqis would still be alive and three million of them would not have had to leave their home and a place wouldn't be overrun now by lunatic jihadis maybe some more from Miliband briefly what of the news then the Donald Trump stopped the attack or stopped a retaliatory attack after asking how many people would be killed what does Miliband think is asked pretty worrying that that question hadn't been raised a little bit receding 72 hours when they were discussing the issue look there's a general thing here we're living in a world where the international rules and norms are being floated day by day my own organization is a humanitarian organization we do health and education and protection for women and kids we've had two aid workers killed in the last week we've got record numbers of civilians being killed in wars around the world we've got 70 million refugees and internally displaced people speaking to a crisis of diplomacy but also a flouting of global rules and norms that were hard-won at the end of the Second World War reinforced after Cold War and I call it the age of impunity it's an age when there's a division in global politics then people who say look the law needs to be strengthened other people say the laws for suckers and we can't afford that yes that's Israel by the way global impunity global impunity we live in an age of global impunity and global immunity where countries can do whatever they want like Israel which is in violation of hundreds of UN resolutions of course Miliband is a good Zionists don't ever talk about Israel will talk about Israel in a minute though and nuclear weapons because Israel of course is the chief antagonist in the whole Iran debacle Israel and its lunatic psychotic Nazi government wants nothing more than the invasion of Iran we'll talk about nuclear weapons in a minute Tucker Carlson did a brilliant monologue on Iran this Friday just gone he's a Fox News presenter I know I know I know what Fox are I know I know but it's quite interesting because when Bill O'Reilly left Fox because of allegations of misconduct and bad behavior around women and all the rest of it O'Reilly was an arch neocon Zionist apologist wasn't he Bill O'Reilly remember him O'Reilly with his Irish ancestry one of the worst most despicable characters ever to present a news program on any network anywhere in the world or in the galaxy dreadful human being turf tear the Fox this guide the arch and neocon Zionist war monger Bill O'Reilly gone and Tucker Carson kinda took over from him and I know what Carson is I know where he used to work and I know some of his opinions but fair played to this guy Carson on the subject of invading countries and wars but Carson is a bit better than the usual rabble he did an excellent monologue on Iran and on John Bolton this Friday gone and I'm gonna play some of here's talker in fact last night was a high point in the Trump presidency bombing Iran would have ended his political career in a minute there'd be no chance of reelection after that ill-advised Wars are like doing cocaine the initial rush Rises your poll numbers but the crash is inevitable in this case it would be horrible the hangover from an Iraq war with last year's Iran is not Syria or Iraq it's a big rich sophisticated country with an ancient culture and a cohesive population in some ways it's an impressive place not at all like the chintzy prefab capitals of the Arab world like Riyadh or Dubai we could be Tehran but it would not be easy it would cost trillions of dollars many thousands of Americans likely would die China would love it they'd be the only winners in that conflict Donald Trump was elected president precisely to keep us out of disasters like war with Iran so how did we get so close to starting one simple the neo cons still wield enormous power in Washington they don't care what the cost of a war with Iran is they certainly don't care what the effect on Trump's political fortunes might be they despise Donald Trump now one of their key allies is the national security adviser of the United States John Bolton is an old friend of Bill crystals together they helped plan the Iraq war when Bolton made it to the White House the neocons cheered the neocons did cheer of course John Bolton let's hear a bit more from Tokyo Carson now he plays a little segment of an interview that he himself did which on Bolton last year so this is Tucker Carson's monologue from Friday in it he refers back to an interview that he did with John Bolton last year John Bolton is a maniac so you've caught for regime change in Iraq Libya Iran and Syria in the first two countries we've had regime change and obviously it's been I'd say disaster I think I don't agree with that and I don't think it's been a disaster no I think you need to understand yeah is that life is complicated the Middle East and when you say well the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was a mistake is simplest I would I've been a professional broadcaster for many years and I've always been professional at least I think I've not always being great but or good even but I've always been professional I couldn't sit in the same room with John Bolton I could I could interview Bolton but as soon as Bolton starts saying that it's complicated in the Middle East and that you can't categorize the Iraq war as a mistake I'm going to knock him fucking clean out I would sacrifice my career there I would and I'm the pacifist who advocates non-violence sitting in his studio with a guy like John Bolton I'm going to knock his head off his shoulders I'm gonna do as much damage to him as I possibly can before the studio manager the floor manager and the gallery shaked themselves out of their surprise and come to his assistance in that 15 seconds I'm gonna do millions of pounds worth of plastic surgery to him John Bolton there's there's an there's an evil running through people like that that is is is almost impossible for me to define using the English language using words how could you sit there with that fucking animal who's responsible for the deaths of millions of people and not try to murder him when he says I wouldn't categorize the Iraq war as a mistake how could you sit there how could you sit there I don't think I could to be honest and like I said I've been pretty much whatever else I've been an impeccably professional broadcaster journalist and producer for the best part of 20 years but I'd give it all up for a chance with Bolton I would argue that I'm the one who understands how complicated it is but just my view it's it's your long experience in foreign policy no that's the point at which I would have killed him better record than yours I would say got that Hillary Clinton's toppling of the Libyan government was not a disaster says John Bolton keep in mind there are literally slave markets operating in the streets of Tripoli right now no problem though Bolton's fine with that he's found with the outcome in Iraq – that wasn't a disaster either according to John Bolton it was a raging success we killed hundreds of thousands of people lost thousands of our own troops spent more than a trillion dollars all to eliminate a WMD threat that despite John Boehner's assurances never existed in the first place Bolton is glad we did all that really happy about it that's demented normal people don't talk like that there's nothing normal about John Bolton check out this piece of tape recently uncovered in which Bolton promises that we're going to overthrow the government of Iran keep in mind that this was filmed long before the Iranians shot down a single drum I have said for over 10 years since coming to these events that the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the mullahs regime in Tehran and that's why before 2019 we here will celebrate in Tehran thank you [Applause] in other words last night has been in the works for years John Bolton is a kind of bureaucratic tapeworm try as you might you can't expel him he seems to live forever in the bowels of the federal agencies periodically re-emerging to cause pain and suffering but critically somehow never suffering himself no no they don't send their own children their own grandchildren they don't send them off to countries around the world that has never threatened the United States to kill people to Lourdes or innocent people to rape and pillage and murder never it's always the poorest people in America it's always the people with nothing in the deep south with nothing with no job prospects who are bullied into joining the fucking army and then are sent off to Afghanistan and Iraq to witness on imaginable fucking Horrors by people like John Bolton to murder this is what your tax bill talks of it when he talks about death cult and he talks about blood sacrifices there's something going on with these people it's non-human it couldn't be human to laugh and sneer about sendin people to bomb fucking bed wins gold fuckin herders bombing them to oblivion and you're talking about it as if you're talking about ordering out from from from whatever the fuck that you order out from on your smartphone it's as simple as that what we have whatever the chicken fried rice will be yeah and in the meantime let's bomb a few villages in Iran what do you do about that you know what do you do about it how do you deal with it when people are locked into right left Oscar says then the voting paradigm how do you get through to people unbelievable brilliant stuff by Taco Carson and this is the going to donald trump appointed his his national security advisor q and on my fucking arse yeah deep state yeah Trump was partner to them unbelievable that's what could have been going on by the way on Thursday that's what would have been going on on Thursday unified lunatics like Bolton and Mike Pompeo and Gina hospital the torturer in chief that became head of the CIA saying let's them let's bomb the absolute peace head of Iran and don't for a minute think that Donald Trump's doctors he didn't he didn't stop but he's a lawyer a pathological liar he can't speak without lying was the Joint Chiefs or just the head of the military who said look it's not the best idea in the world not the best idea in the world first of all we were caught with her trousers down in their in their waters territorially and in their airspace number one and number two number two remember old bullies and the United States and Israel are nothing but police old bullies are fucking cowards they will not attack Iran because Iran can fight back that's why they won't do it at least not in this short term they won't do it even though baby the criminal whose wife is going to go away for his financial misdeeds and crimes by the way speaking of cowards huh they're stalking at begging the United States that they would put you see Iran it's a sophisticated military operation I can defend herself and to be no marching on Tehran as John Bolton is talking about because the Iranians can fight back and they can fight back hard and as Carson said too it cost trillions of dollars to the US economy thousands and thousands of American soldiers would die there's no coming back from it but that's what they want that's what the Zionist lunatic elites want they want to set fire to the Middle East but there are one or two calm our heads and Donald Trump is not running the United States of America incorporated he isn't he's a puppet this meant to look like he's running it there are one or two calm or heads even amongst the evil ones and they're saying no think of what's happening in Syria think of what happened in Libya we can't just conquer this country and take it over it just will not happen so we've got to stop doesn't mean they're gonna change their agenda or their plan for Iran at all but it means they want to come at it from a different angle don't believe the weird haired pervert and sex offender Donald Trump when he says I stopped that at the eleventh hour on Thursday no you didn't or anything like it speaking of Israel the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's very very very well-respected organization and they provide analysis on on the acquirement of weapons on weapons sales and on how conflicts around the world can be ended peacefully so a bunch of decent people there's some weird and wonderful toys there as well but they're a decent organization the Stockholm International Peace read Institute and because of the pressure being applied to around economically which is totally unjustified and it is a crime against humanity what the United States and its partners are trying to do sanction noise through around is a crime because Iran is not in contravention of the nuclear agreement it isn't as I said the IAEA is the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed this on numerous occasions so because Israel is the chief antagonist here the the little bully the little scumbag that hangs around with it with the big kid in the school playground protected by the big tough kid Israel demanding that Iran is obliterated basically and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute points out this weekend don't forget that Israel has around 90 nuclear weapons and Dan Smith is the chief representatives from the from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute which is known as slippery he's the executive the chief executive Dan Smith and he was on Russia today the other day talking about Israel and its own nuclear arsenal sixes so 50 years and has never commented but I think that our estimate is in same ballpark as earnest most other something why does Israel refuse to comment on its arsenal and why won't it sign the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons as far as I know done every other state in the Middle East has signed is that right because Israel is run by Nazis by psychotic murderous sick Nazi henchmen that's what's in charge of Israel now the Israeli people are no different than any people in Israeli society you've got fuckwits you've got morons you've got Egypt's you've got nice people you've got humanitarians and you've got family people's no different than anywhere else but it's wrong boy psychotic entities Psychopaths they've got 90 nuclear warheads they know that Iran doesn't Aloni they know that Iran doesn't really want to Hasani Iran wants to enrich uranium for its own energy needs they know this but they want around to be blown off the face of the earth the Israeli lunatics so that's why they lie about their own arsenal if you don't know anything about Israel and nuclear weapons Google sadly Google Mordechai Vanunu probably said that wrong and the whistleblower who was jailed for telling the truth about Israel's illegal acquirement of nuclear weapons anyway more from Dan Smith on Israel that would be essentially illegal so presumably they don't want to care for that in that trap there are plenty of people in in governments who know for a fact that Israel has got nuclear weapons even if was not absolutely sure about the exact number but Israel's strategy has always been one of promoting uncertainty about whether it has nuclear weapons and for one reason or another it regards that uncertainty as being important to its security and perhaps to its reputation but there is really no doubt that it hasn't so to be honest I don't perfectly understand the logic of that position good stuff the host then asks Dan Smith a very good question is the West's treatment of Iran which has been transparent about its activities for the most part on fur well I think you should is the treatment by the European Union and by the European Union member states who've signed the Iran nuclear deal is that is the u.s. treatment of Iran unfair I think it is because Iran signed an agreement which our assessment says is technically sound and which the International Atomic Energy Agency has firmly that up until now Iran has been fully implementing that agreement and that means there's there's no basis in terms of the treaty itself there's no legal or technical basis for the u.s. to be withdrawing from that agreement this was due to political objections to Iran itself and to its policies and its actions so yeah I think it is I think it's unfair but I think it's also regrettable in another way because you should stick by agreements so an action like that makes agreements less the Bible less easy to reach that's reliable perhaps in the future and I think it's also added clearly to the instability in the region so it's also a dangerous decision of course that is that's Dan Smith from slippery that's about it for some to view for today it's approaching midday today Sunday June 23rd three years since the contrary voted to leave the European Union no nearer the exit door although I suppose some conservatives would say October 31st we leave on Halloween we leave all that we won't and any deals it's done will be tantamount to staying inside the European Union anyway that's it for the program I'll be back with you at 5:00 p.m. at UK time tomorrow Monday for the Richie Allen show got some really really interesting guests lined up for the week enjoy the rest of your Sunday look after yourself someone oh no they're gonna leave you with the pail and a song called butterflying great dublin band one of the greatest debut albums of all time 1992 an album called here's one we made earlier from that is butterfly have a great Sunday see you tomorrow boys for me it's fine now

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