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  1. The firetokens just add economics. Think supply and demand more than "who's popular". Sandra had the option to get an idol or keep her fire token. Natalie knew that, and Natalie chose a person she thought would value an idol in her hand right now vs a fire token to use later.

  2. So is it a known secret that the drawing to divide the tribe is just for TV? Jeff and the producers already decided who will be in which tribe in advance? I mean Dean said he blames Jeff for putting Jeremy and Natalie together. And it's really suspicious Rob and Amber is not on the same tribe.

  3. hello, " they " didn't put anyone with anyone, "they" allowed for the random pick a buff. Which is what I was hopping for.

  4. Jay! Why would you out that publicly? You may have discovered something that could’ve given you a future edge with combination numbers.

  5. Glad I found ya'll ! I'd love to see all of you return to play ~ you'd be the "Survivor After Show" alliance. Looking forward to all of your insight on the game. 🙂

  6. 41:10 That is the biggest issue with Edge. Reem never meet Julie or Gavin, who in the hell did the producers think she was going to vote for. The basic premise of Survivor is voting out people, then convincing them to vote for you in the end. Edge completely changes the fundamental concept of the game.

  7. Not only was the combo the same in the puzzle, but the obstacles in the first immunity challenge in WaW was the same set up as the first immunity challenge in Blood vs Water, except in BvW they went through obstacles then towed the boat back. I’m excited to see if they’ll bring back other challenges from other winners seasons

  8. I just subscribed this channel for this and at the end they say that it's just a one time After Show. If there is not one next week I am going to unsub. I have no other use for this channel cluttering my page. Yes this is a threat.

  9. is this a weekly After-Show?
    Coz if yes, i'm up for it!
    Enjoyed watching this sit-down analysis by this Awesome 4 from start to finish.
    I hope i can see more of them again next week & the weeks to follow.

  10. Loved watching this and hearing what some great past players had to say about the new season!! (Shoutout to Kelley) Keep these videos coming each week! Would love to hear who other contestants winner picks are!

  11. I feel like parviviti was screwed by the edge of extinction twist and would be placed 4th or 5th by the way she responded to it at 23:00

  12. Wentworth is the absolute BEST. One of my favorite players. I like fire tokens, hate edge of extinction. Fire tokens could be an interesting bartering use. I know it’s easy to say…but had I been Nat, I 100% would have given my token to Rob and not Jeremy. Clearly started off with rob wrong, and that would be a great shield if you made it back in the game. Yul is definitely the best player possibly ever.

  13. Idk why we say that twists like edge of Extinction or having advantages given to people without that person finding or earning then is a "hotly debated topic"? It's pretty clearly unanimous that people don't like it.. It's just that we like survivor so much that we won't stop watching until there's been quite a few seasons in a row where those twists ruin the game…I stopped watching big brother for that reason many years ago, I hope survivor smartens up

  14. How in the world is the Mt Rushmore of survivor players Rob Parvati Sandra and BEN? Like yes if Ben wins this season then sure, but that's the only way… Would Jeff really spoil that shit so obviously??

  15. @imdb where can we see the rest of the Jeff Probst interview and interviews with the WAW cast that were shown in this???

  16. Honestly like all 3 of these contestants, Dean least of all because he was so cocky in his season but if he tones that down I’ll like him. He almost did get to the end, played well. Wouldn’t mind seeing all 3 of these players play again. Wentworth is one of my all time favorites

  17. Jay is right about the whole not talking on Edge thing. I liked Wentworth during Edge, but because of her talking Chris found out about Lauren having an idol and used that knowledge to get her out when he returned to the game.

    Edge isn't like Ponderosa. They're all people who can still get back into the game and affect it so you can't just talk strategy with anyone/everyone.

  18. I'd watch Chelsea and Dean every week for sure! IF Kelley n Jay wanted to do it every week as well, it would be nice to hear from them as well. (I assumed Chelsea would be the constant with the other three changing week to week)

  19. I mean if season 42 is a second chance season, I could very well see Jay and Dean possibly returning. I wonder if this “couch alliance” would have an affect in that season like the poker alliance is currently doing now. Dean and Jay would for sure work together. I know it’s crazy but this is where survivor is now 🤷‍♂️

  20. Tell us about the cyclone! Especially the person at the edge of extinction, the excitement to get them off that island and have them regroup with the others. Are they rescued separately or are they kept together until the cyclone ends!

  21. I think giving Sandra the idol is bone headed… the way you get back in the game is a challenge. Whom do you want to compete against in a challenge? Sandra

  22. Really impressive for a live show, Chelsea. As some who has hosted 200 podcasts, wrangling a conversation like this without being able to depend on editing is REALLY difficult. Congrats!

  23. I feel like Jay actually doesn't like Adam lmao, every video I see of him he's taking jabs at him followed by "just teasing!" while he throws his hands in the air

  24. It still boggles my mind how bad and weak Sandra is in challenges but has won 2 times and considered a dominate player. I mean social game means a lot as well but she literally gives nothing during the challenges to help her team.

  25. Really awesome show! love the guests but the star of it is the wonderful host Chelsea! please do more! I will tune in to watch!

  26. based on what the players look like in their red carpet interviews I can make predictions on who lasted longer…Rob seems like he is in a good shape:)..exciting season!!!

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