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Syria intercepts reported missiles attack – TV7 Israel News 17.04.18

Syria intercepts reported missiles attack – TV7 Israel News 17.04.18

Shalom and good evening this is tv7 is roll news broadcasting to you from Jerusalem, and in today’s top stories Cero missiles were reportedly fired early this morning toward to Syrian military installations in the country’s homs region Including at the Shalit air force base that is situated southeast of home city Iran in its powerful of a nice proxy Hezbollah have once again vowed to retaliate for an attack on Syria’s t4 Air Base located near the city of Palmyra Which was attributed by Moscow Tehran in Damascus to Israel? Based on intelligence data that has been collected Thus far only? Some of the size that Israel knows to be used by Assad to store chemical weapons were destroyed in Saturday’s attack by the United States France and Britain Several missiles were fired early this morning toward to Syrian military installations in the country’s homs region including at the shia Air force base that is situated southeast of home city Syria’s state television reported that the country’s air defense systems managed to intercept all of the missiles that were Directed at the two military bases a report that was confirmed to tv7 by syrian sources in damascus while the Syrian regime refrained from leveling accusations For this morning’s attack the US Department of Defense Denied any connection to the strike while the IDF spokespersons unit declined to comment on the reports It related news Iran in its powerful Lebanese proxy Hezbollah if once again vowed to retaliate for an attack on Syria’s t4 airbase located near the city of Palmyra which was attributed by Moscow Tehran in Damascus to Israel The threats came after New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman quoted a senior Israeli military source who confirmed Israel’s responsibility for the attack a strike that claimed the lives of seven Iranian Revolutionary Guards of paratus Including the head of the Revolutionary Guards drone unit Colonel de Canas daily The Israeli military source further noted that it was the first time Israel attacked live Iranian targets both facilities and people While tv7 could not verify the New York Times report to senior Israeli Defence official pointed to us That the Iranian drone which infiltrated Israel last month marked a new Period that essentially changed her game rules between the Islamic Republic and the Jewish States He noted that while Israel does not comment on its operational activities behind enemy lines If Iran will continue to test Israel’s resolve in defending its national security interests It will open the door to experience all the military tools at Jerusalem’s disposal Meanwhile the IDF has deployed reinforcements on Israel’s northern border for fear of Iranian retaliation for the attack on the Syrian air base Israeli security officials believe that Iran will try to take revenge on Israel by means of its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah an assessment that contradicts both media intelligence reports from both Syria and Lebanon which indicate a direct attack by Iran itself against Israel That said after Hezbollah secretary-general Foists threats of an imminent response to the alleged Israeli strike last night is deputy Shaped name Qasim declared that Iran would be the one to decide on the timing and nature of the response Mahathir Mohamad already hustle you’ve stirred and taught if Iran were a motive Walter are LED Tara immunity, ban Lehman are Israel Monessen Awad 200 min Harrogate Iran Victoria bina and a Latifah Iran, Masuria liver Havana Tata Cheyenne even here Muhammad Amin Israel Lyricism who dude do a Faraday Hal heard like in tamna a tariff allaha mean attack Adam? Heather Len yes because I’m further noted that the Iranian response will apparently arrive from within Syria The comments by the Hezbollah leadership echoed a statement by iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bassam kissimmee who declared last night that Israel will receive an appropriate response Sooner or later, and they will regret what they did Kasumi, further declare that the days of Israel’s hit-and-run are over Meanwhile in Jerusalem prime minister Be me Netanyahu clear last night that the attacks on the Jewish people didn’t stop with the establishment of the State of Israel but emphasized that the inception of the Jewish state allows its people to defend themselves by themselves a Reality that did not exist before 1948 Netanyahu stressed and remarks at a conference of the Jewish foundation Fund kid and I Assad that Israel is more powerful than ever before We live in momentous times The founders of modern Zionism did not say that the attacks of the Jewish people Sieze once we establish it to a state They said that we could defend ourselves against those attacks And that’s exactly what the state of israel has done it restored the capacity of the Jewish people to defend ourselves by ourselves against any threat and We are as powerful as we’ve never been before Now in other news based on intelligence data that has been collected thus far only some of the signs That israel knows to be used by us to store chemical weapons were destroyed in saturday’s attack by the United States France and Britain Moreover Israeli officials have indicated that even if they had all been destroyed They wouldn’t have included the chemical weapons that we don’t know were they were hidden by the Syrians They pointed to the fact that there were no instances of leaked chemical agents and the aftermath of the attack Which only reinforces the assessment that the major stock pals were not damaged? Furthermore the Syrian Air Force suffered only light damage and as such to Syrians ability to drop chemical weapons on targets was barely damaged That is why Israeli officials indicated that the us-led attack failed to achieve most of its goals and will not deter Assad’s regime from using chemical weapons in the future in addition the assessment by Israel’s security establishment Is that US had successfully retained between five and ten percent of the chemical weapons? he formerly had in his arsenal prior to signing the agreement to get rid of his stockpile in September of 2013 in The wake of Trump’s threats about an impending attack the Syrians made efforts to spread out in hide planes delivery means and weapons measures that have successfully safeguarded most other military capabilities Meanwhile in Moscow Russia’s defence ministry held its aerial defense capabilities noting that Syria’s military had destroyed 71 out of 103 cruise missiles detected in the country’s airspace during the Western attack over the weekend Russian Defense Ministry underlined the fact that it’s older generation systems including the s 200 and s 125 surface-to-air defenses terms were successful in shooting down most of the western made advanced missiles really nice elegant eligibility Britannia Francis tuna stop le Willy natalka be a Person among us is given a big appreciate aerodrome water training at Oracle code, ara Since the Prince Tony Army is foolish complex a producer Maroney is religion esto podría estar quod erat OOP mr. Allen she was listing for easily removable additional name keeps a table a lot irregular irrigate the class of Virginia US President Donald Trump, however contested the Russian claims Reiterating a report by his generals in which every missile fired hit its targets with way over a hundred missile shot in they didn’t shoot one down the equipment didn’t work too well their equipment and They didn’t shoot one. You know you heard. Oh, they shot forty down then they shot fifteen now They what then I cause I said did they no sir every single one hit its target think of it The Pentagon confirmed that the main three targets of the combined attack were three chemical weapons facilities Including a research and development center in Damascus is ballsy district and two installations near Homs Thank you for watching us you can also watch us at tv7 Israel or tb7 dot fi for any comments Please send your emails to Israel news at TV 7fi for more updates from Israel in the region Please join our facebook page at TV 7 is raúl news pray for the Peace of Israel on the Peace of Jerusalem Jonathan has sin every day flow of and we will see you again tomorrow at the same time You

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  1. Yes, it's time for Israel to defend itself. Damascus will be a heap of rubble, before it's all over with… according to the bible. Even so, all who turn to Jesus will be saved.

  2. So, no gas detected in Syria is interpreted to mean: The canisters must be hidden elsewhere (and more missiles will be required)?

    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  3. Folks leave Iran alone ! when your forefathers were in caves those days Iranians had an empire called Persian empire.

  4. the scenario were showing that there were some one who rule Israel,US Washington, UK Britain,EU France pushing world war 3/

  5. Iran is going to open a box that it will not be able to close, the sand of Persia will look like sea of glass.

  6. Israel and the U.S. I support 100%. We cannot allow anyone to push us around. We are top dog, time we started acting like it.

  7. There were Jewish settlers along The Nile and Southern Iraq (Mesopotamia) 1000 years before the Muslim came around year 700. The Jews is the ethnic population, were the Arab authorities chased away.

  8. You assholes should go and worship the golden calf again and let your god’s wrath wax hot and kill all of you…………fucktards!!!!!!!

  9. If Syria, Iran and Russia establish another chemical weapons refinery and storage facilities the US will launch more missles. Putin and Russia were gaining my favor, until this double-cross. Rules are rules.
    Thanks for the updates, buddy!
    Lookin' sharp in that suit, high-speed!

  10. Intercepts? Don't believe it. At least not even one U.S. Missile was taken down. President Trump just gave the word. Now, the Israeli Missiles Trump said nothing about. Betcha they all hit intended targets too!

  11. Iran ain't got any balls on their snooker table . How do they chant everyday ''Death to America Death to Israel '' but do nothing . Israel will slaughter you and you Iran know this . If this war is to come bring it on. Your all pushing for ww3 so get on with it . We true believers in the Lord JESUS want to go home . I want the life that was given to Adam , the life we've been given and promised . Life eternal was given to us even before Adam . Thanks Eve . Lol . Of course the father knew exactly how all things would and will play out . Amen . Peace be with you brothers and sisters of CHRIST . See you in the sky . Amen God loves you all x

  12. show the proof.. that Syria shot down the missiles, I have not see one video photo that shows any missiles were shot down……..

  13. Wow; all of the targets were hit; how embarrassing for the enemies of Israel; how embarrassing. God Bless Israel.

  14. Lol the US did not deny the strike…. nor did Syria soot down more than 3-5 missiles…. this entire cast is a lie

  15. Wars has been going on since begin off nations, because Lusifer and his evil power are against the God and His Word which is the salvation plan to hymanity. Thats the way we pray;"let You Kingdom of God com, so eternal peace can occur.

  16. With the F-35 in the skill of Israeli Pilots they have become a major power in the Middle East fear on Tower retaliates they will get slapped down go Israel

  17. The jews, like all other races and nations, have the right to exist in a nation they choose Israel because it was their native land

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