Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2819 – Full Episode – 16th September, 2019

– Amazing.. Excellent..
– Very good.. You sang really well. I want to offer you a contract.
– What? I’m going to hire a band
for the wedding day but I want you on the vocals. Oh! He’s right.
Your dancing and singing was amazing.
I’m sure you taught it. No.
She learned that on her own. Oh, I see. – Wow, Sonu,
you dance so well! That was great!
– Thank you. You were amazing!
– Sonu. I guess,
we will have to train under you. Sure, ma’am.
Anytime. Right.
I’ll take tuition classes and Sonu can teach dance
classes. Oh, come on, Ms. Babita. You know all the dance moves. You don’t need Sonu.
– Oh, stop it. I know it’s your nobility. You’re just trying to motivate
the kids. I get it.
– Oh, come on. Well done, the Bhide family. You guys really uplifted
and purified the environment. Exactly!
– Yes. This was a beautiful start
to the program, right? That’s true. Excuse me, friends. Bhide’s Ganesha prayer has inspired me to sing a few lines
for Lord Ganesha. So, with you permission can I sing now?
– Yes. Sure. You don’t need permission
for that. Thank you. Jethalaal,
will you sing for real? Any doubt?
– No. What is with him,
Ms. Babita? Amazing!
– Amazing.. Hail Lord Ganesha! How did I sing?
– Very good. I’m not asking you,
I asked Ms. Babita. Mr. Jethalaal,
you sang very well. Thank you.
– It was wonderful. Dear residents let’s start ‘GRP’. What’s ‘GRP’? What is ‘GRP’? ‘Gokuldham Rangarang Program’.. Oh.. Great! Grandfather,
please shoot a balloon. Let’s see who’s name
shows up. Oh! Baga and Bawri! Oh! Very nice. Ms. Bawri, that’s us! Uncle Nattu,
Ms. Bawri and I are going first! Very good, Baga. Set the stage on fire.
– Right! Mr. Baga.
Ms. Bawri. Please come up on stage. Come! – Yes!
– But, tell us what we’re supposed to do.
– Yes. Yes, we’ll tell you in a bit. But first, can anyone tell me where on earth is heaven? I don’t know. Hey, I know. Go past three lanes
and that’s where heaven is. What’s after three lanes? Go past three lanes from here and you’ll find
‘Heaven Housing Society’. That’s what you meant, right? Hey, Sodhi, she’s talking
about the actual heaven. You can’t see the heaven
while you’re still alive. No, Mr. Aiyar, she isn’t talking
about the real heaven. Didn’t you hear what she said?
– What? ‘Where is heaven on earth?’ Is there real heaven on earth? It’s outside.
– Yes. So, the heaven on earth.. Do you know what it is? Well..
– Don’t you know? No.
– Oh, come on. It’s Kashmir.
– Yes! Oh!
Right. Mr. Jethalaal,
you’re absolutely right. Mr. Baga
and Ms. Bawri’s performance will take you
to the valleys of Kashmir. Yes!
– Yes. ‘This is Kashmir’ Wow!
Kashmir is indeed heaven. I pray that everyone
in Kashmir live in peace and harmony. Yes, Komal. That’s true. I pray that our brothers
and sisters in Kashmir whether they are Hindu,
Muslim, Sikh or Christian always live with peace
and love. And I pray that people
from all over the world visit Kashmir for its beauty.
– Absolutely. Dad..
– What? All the best Baga and Bawri!
Be the best. Wow..
– Very good.. Wow! Wow!
– Wow! Thank you. Thank you. That was fabulous, right?
– Yes, absolutely. What a superb performance! Well done,
Baga and Bawri. That was brilliant.
Well done. Thank you, Uncle Nattu.
– Bless you. Well done,
Baga and Bawri. You both took us
on a tour of Kashmir. For a moment, I felt
I was really in Kashmir. You know what why don’t we all go on a 15 days trip
to Kashmir? Yes!
– Yes. Sounds good.
– Yes, let’s go! We sure will. And we’ll have a great time
with the natives there. That’s right. By the way, since
we’re talking about Kashmir I just remembered
a few lines from a poem. Do I have the permission
to share it? Of course.. ‘Kashmir is the
land of valleys.’ ‘Kashmir is the
land of valleys.’ ‘Kashmir is the land
of beauty.’ ‘Kashmir is what the heart
desires.’ ‘And it is a piece of heaven
on earth.’ Wow.. Very good.. ‘Kashmir is what the heart
desires.’ ‘And it is a piece of heaven
on earth.’ ‘Kashmir is our crown.’ ‘Every heart calls out
to Kashmir.’ ‘And every citizen hopes’ ‘that there is always’ ‘happiness, peace
and tranquility in the valley.’ Wow.. That was nice. Well done. Kashmir is heaven.
– Yes. We’ve seen Mr. Baga and
Ms. Bawri’s superb performance and Mr. Champaklaal
will shoot another balloon. Sir.
– Yes? Take aim. Take a good aim, Dad. It’s Hathi and Komal! Oh.. Nice.. All right, the second couple
for our program are the ones who are always happy,
they eat a lot and treat others too,
Ms. Komal and Mr. Hathi! They’re going to bid
farewell now. Do you know how? No, we don’t.
How? They’ll bid you farewell
in this manner. ‘Sayonara Sayonara’ Oh, they’ll say, ‘Sayonara’.
Which is goodbye in Japanese. Wow, we’ve travelled
across the country and now we will travel
abroad. Yes.. All right,
Ms. Komal and Mr. Hathi are here to say, ‘Sayonara’. Wow! Wow! ‘Arigato..’
– ‘Arigato..’ Bhide, Japanese sounds
like Marathi, isn’t it? They said, ‘Ami ghato’. They didn’t say that. They said ‘Arigato’, right? Yes.
– What does it mean? Well..
What does it mean? Thank you.
– Oh.. Wow.. – That was great,
Mom and Dad. Superb! You guys look so cute. And such a wonderful
performance. Thank you.
– Thank you. That’s true, while dancing
they looked so.. What was that? – Cute.
– Right, you looked cute. Mr. Hathi and Ms. Komal,
both of you were great. Thank you, Sodhi. After the mind blowing
performance of Mr. Hathi and Ms. Komal now Mr. Champaklaal
will shoot once again. Mr. Champaklaal!
– Yes. – Just a minute. This time,
please shoot at my name. It’s the matter
of live telecast. If the audience switches off
the TV, it will be a problem. Okay, here we go.
– What are you doing, Uncle? Not me. Shoot the balloon which has my name on it. No, now you are my target.
– Yes.. What are you doing,
Mr. Champaklaal? Dad, spare him. He’s not yet married.
– Right. Don’t worry, I was joking.
I was not going to shoot him. Sit down.
You sit quietly too. How would I know whose name
is written on which balloon? Right.. Gogi, Goli and Pintu. Wow! Wow!
– All the best, baby! The next performance is by
three members of Team Tapu. Bhide, after the performance
of those three I think next performance
will be a duet of Tapu and Sonu. Why?
Why will it be a duet? They can also perform
individually. Right.
But.. Sonu already did
a single performance. Remember that classical dance. I am sure,
next performance will be a duet. Right.
– What is right? That was not a performance.
That was a prayer. Her name
hasn’t been shot at yet. That’s right.
Her name didn’t come. That means, now we will see
their name together. That will be great.
– What great? I didn’t understand
half of the performance. What do you mean?
– Yes, I mean.. Goli, Gogi and Pinku
will performance but not Sonu and Tapu. That is half of the team, right? They will perform later. There’s a calculation for this. There’s no calculation.
This is Tapu’s plan. I can understand it.
He’s very smart. Really? Okay, tell me now. Nowadays,
what are the youngsters worried about? Tapu, it’s the inflation.
– No. Everyone has this problem. Whether it’s a child or adult,
rich or poor. I know the answer. Nowadays,
the viral fever is common. You are absolutely right,
Mr. Hathi. Nowadays, this fever
has become a problem. First, it comes for two days. Then it skips one day. Again it comes back on the fourth day
like an uninvited guest. No matter
how many medicines you take it takes time to recover. No, even that
is not the right answer. It’s something else. What?
– What? What do you think?
What can it be? I don’t know..
– Ms. Babita.. I am not asking you.
I am asking Ms. Babita. Actually, I don’t know. Really? No, I don’t. Tell us the answer.
Don’t make it so difficult. Yes, tell the answer. You are close.
But we will take you closer. The name of the problem is this. ‘Tension.’ Tension. Children, it’s not just
a problem for youngsters. We all have this problem. We have no idea
about our performances. And if we failed,
we have to pay Rs. 51,000 fine. That’s right. Friends, are you ready? Ready! So friends, Gokuldham
is celebrating ‘Ganesh Utsav’ with Rangarang. It’s a happy atmosphere here. All the performances were great. Nobody has paid the fine yet. Still, there’s a surprise. It’s really a big surprise. This was just a trailer. There are many more
to happen. So keep moving on this path. Stay alert. Wait for the laughter
of next episode. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah.’ Keep watching.
Keep laughing.

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