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Taylor Swift – “False God” (Live on Saturday Night Live / 2019)

Taylor Swift – “False God” (Live on Saturday Night Live / 2019)

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Someone pls help me I have been all over the net trying to find lover tour dates for Australia. If anyone knows about dates for Australia pls tell me!

  2. No sabía que necesitaba escuchar esta obra de arte en vivo hasta que lo hice, PODEMOS HABLAR DE LO HERMOSA QUE ES ESTA MUJER.💓

  3. 나는 이노래가 좋아서 너가 뭐 듣고싶냐고 했을때 이 노래 틀자고 했지 그러고 잘 들었지 너는 아무말 없이
    나는 너가 좋아하는 노래 들을때 가사뜻 물어보고 왜 좋아하는지 궁금해했는데

  4. When i first listen this taylor's song, i don't really like it. But now this is become my fav song to listen when i study

  5. This is one of My favorite songs from Lover and i'm glad she performed it!!! Tay is awesome 🙌!!

  6. No entiendo por qué está presentación no tiene más views si es perfecta como la canción!!!! Wow está gente hoy en día no aprecia una excelente presentación!!!

  7. I’m still not over how she performed this song, definitely in my top 3 from the album and people need to stop sleeping on it RIGHT TF NOW❗️

  8. I keep coming back to this performance. She nailed everything – her clothes, her hair, her attitude, her vocals…and that sax player was fabulous! So sultry!

  9. I really like this song, I liked how she gave some spotlight to the sax player, and I really love the ambiance of the performance, but I thought her movements were cringy sometimes

  10. I'm not a fan of Taylor (but not a hater. I just rarely into pop music/singer) but I loveeeee this song! her voice, the saxophone..honey, that's masterpiece.

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    The title of the story seemed pathetically unimaginative and dull.

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