Technology – The Digital Explosion

it’s that things have reached a stage where
there are now enormous differences happening much much more so than before it it’s only
recently been the case that we can remember everything about your life that there’s enough enough storage around to to just never
ever have to delete anything never have to forget anything it’s only been recently that we can really cheaply have real-time video conferences across
the world we all kind of new it was coming and those
of us in the computer business sort of said it’s coming it’s coming it’s
coming but now it’s here and kind of what’s not here is the adjustment of our attitudes towards towards this thing so you know it was it was nice to say gee in
the future I’ll be able to know where all of my friends are now I can know where all of my friends are and I don’t know how to think about that
somehow the technology has been moving fast but our attitudes and
our intuitions of that stuff haven’t been moving and it’s
that kinda kind of disruption and %uh discontinuity that the book’s really about remember %uh in nineteen sixty four when
a_t_t_ was going to show picture tell at the world’s
fair that was the biggest deal going and then nothing happened for the next twenty years that’s right
because various %uh technological growth factors took awhile to
reach the stage where all of a sudden these things which science-fiction writers predicted might someday
be possible you know actually became possible and moreover
became possible over a period of a very few years and and and young people you know people who
are now teenagers or young or young adults in some ways have never known the world any
differently than the fact that everything is communicable
everywhere instantly everything can be constantly remembered harry this is fundamentally if
i understand your book correctly this is fundamentally due to the vast increase in capacity due to moore’s law
due to better algorithms which you can explain what algorithms are all of which has created
such fantastically immense capacity in such a very short period is that roughly right
i i think there’s there’s a series of technological changes and they’re driven by some common underlying %uh changes in electrical engineering or advances
in electrical engineering so hal mentioned the first and most important one
the capacity to store everything huge increases in storage there’s huge increases in communication speed
the internet now %uh worldwide %uh network so the information can be sent
everywhere in the flash of an eye there’s huge increases in processor speed so that the algorithms the processing methods
that are needed for recognizing faces in photographs in doing
that kind of thing now actually work though they’ve been laboratory exercises for years and then the fourth thing that has exploded in
this the metaphor of the subtitle of our book which
%eh we call your life liberty and happiness after the digital explosion the fourth thing
that’s exploded is the number of sensors that is to say the
number of cameras in people’s cellphones cameras that
are mounted for security purposes microphones in your on star system in your
car all of these places that are potential ways of gathering information that are now they’re now consumer goods they’re
not just the instruments of police states or something
like that

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