The 10 Best Places To Live In British Columbia For 2020 | Canada

British Columbia, with its lush rainforests,
lakes, coastal waters and high mountains, is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces. Whether you like hiking, skiing or shopping,
you will find it right here – safe and easy to reach. People from many cultures call British Columbia
their home, creating a diverse and vibrant society. Here are the 10 best places to live in British
Columbia. 10. Vancouver. Vancouver is a coastal seaport city on the
mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It frequently ranks highly as one of the world’s
most livable cities. Surrounded by water, Vancouver has one of
the mildest climates of all Canadian cities. That makes it a popular destination for Asian
immigrants. The city’s coastline offers amazing views
and great beaches, while the mountains offer hiking trails and snow sports. As a modern urban city, Vancouver attracts
job seekers and creates opportunities for others. The average salary of a Vancouver resident
is about $60,000 CAD per year. But when it comes to the cost of living, it
is fair to say that Vancouver is one of the more expensive cities to call home in Canada. 9. Whistler. Whistler is a resort town of approximately
13,000 people. Beautiful mountain vistas, ancient forests,
crystal clear lakes and rivers, and fresh, clean air. Much of what makes Whistler such a unique
and memorable destination lies in its awe-inspiring and pristine natural surroundings. The town receives a tourist population of
about 1.5 million annually most of whom engage in snowboarding, alpine skiing, mountain biking,
and camping. The residents enjoy good healthcare services
and education. The average salary in Whistler is over $50,000
CAD per year, while unemployment stands at 4%. If you live in Whistler, you are never too
far away from big-city actions, you can be in Vancouver within two hours. 8. Surrey. Surrey is a large city with a growing population(nearly
600,000). It’s a great place to retire because of its
relatively low crime rate, its temperate weather. Surrey is a green and progressive city, with
over 7% of the population traveling to work by public transit, and 6% of the population
working in health care. The local economy is supported by thousands
of jobs in manufacturing, education, health, agriculture, and the arts. As for the cost of living, it’s not a cheap
city but clearly still one worth considering if you’re deciding where to settle in Canada. Surrey offers a more affordable option to
living in British Columbia while remaining close to Vancouver. 7. Nelson. Nestled deep in the interior of British Columbia,
Nelson offers some of the best living conditions in the province. With a population of just over 10,000, this
town is surrounded by an abundance of natural resources and breathtaking scenery. The community here is known to be accepting,
supportive and welcoming. MoneySense called it the tenth best place
to retire in all of Canada. Some of the notable features of living in
Nelson are low average property taxes and 260 days per year of temperature above freezing. From tech to engineering to administration,
to health and education, Nelson is a great place to continue your career. 6. Squamish. Squamish, a small town of approximately 21,000
people. The environment is calm and beautiful with
the sight of breathtaking mountains. For those who enjoy being close to nature
and love playing on mountains, then Squamish is sure to inspire. In recent years, the town has become popular
with Whistler and Vancouver’s residents escaping the high cost of living. Many young couples and professionals moving
to Squamish has made it a great family-friendly town to raise children. The small-town community, great school system,
low rates of crime and proximity to nature make Squamish an ideal place to raise a family. 5. Fort St. John. Located in northeastern British Columbia,
Fort St. John is a beautiful city of 30,000 people. The city’s economy is driven by the gas and
oil industry. It’s also the best city in British Columbia
with a work-life balance. The community is close and friendly with the
residents always willing to help new immigrants. Fort St. John is one of the sunniest places
in the province, especially in the winter and spring. There is a lot of great recreational activities
such as hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing, and bird watching. 4. Colwood. Colwood is a fast-growing, family-friendly
seaside community of just over 18,000 people that enjoys a rich heritage, a unique connection
to nature and incredible potential. The city boasts boundless recreational opportunities,
diverse natural ecosystems, and several popular national historic sites. Colwood’s workforce is highly educated, and
statistics show that Colwood residents have a higher median household income than neighboring
communities. Employment opportunities are projected to
increase as the population grows and businesses in the nearby city of Victoria look to expand
and diversify. 3. Kamloops. It is a city with a relaxed lifestyle, a warmer
climate, and has a mixed landscape of forests, lakes, mountains, and valleys that all offer
abundant leisure opportunities. Kamloops draws a diverse range of businesses
from healthcare, financial services, high tech, and many others that keep its economy
dynamic and stable. Due to the presence of Thompson Rivers University,
the largest in British Columbia, the city also has thousands of students, local and
foreign. The safe, friendly environment of the city,
combined with the spectacular natural setting, help to make Kamloops an ideal destination
for international students. 2. Kelowna. Kelowna is a beautiful place full of sunshine,
wineries, and stunning vistas. Sometimes Kelowna can feel like vacation central
with the number of fantastic resorts and amenities the town offers. Activities like boating, hiking, biking, golfing
and skiing are popular in Kelowna. As such, the service industry is what hires
the most people here, catering to its tourism industry. Kelowna also has a dynamic job market with
many jobs available from its rapidly growing tech sector and other businesses. 1. Saanich. Saanich is the largest municipality in the
Greater Victoria area, more than 110,000 people live here. The city blends both the rural and urban on
southern Vancouver Island. The area is highlighted by its miles of sandy
beaches on numerous ocean bays as well as the rocky outcroppings carved by past glacial
movement. Although crime has increased in the past four
years, Saanich remains a relatively safe area to settle. Along with great outdoor activities, the low
unemployment rate and quality schools at all levels of education, Saanich is a wonderful
city for you to start your family. Thanks for watching the video, and see you
next time.

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  1. I am really excited to see this video. Thanks for taking the time to make it. I grew up in Oregon and now live in the Washington coast. Lived in the Olympic national Forrest for about 9 months.

  2. YUP enjoy a place where they dump 350 million of gallons or RAW sewage flows into the Pacific Ocean DAILY. A NASTY polluting place full of lying IDIOTS.

  3. Whoever produced this needs to be fired for not doing their due diligence… Surrey does not have a low crime rate… It's got one of the highest crime rates in the country….
    Vancouver's cost of living is one of the highest in Canada and the income:living expense is way out of wack. While Whistler's "average income is more than 50k/yr", the cost of living here is higher than that of Vancouver! I'm not even going to bother correcting the rest of the video. It's completely bullsh!t.

  4. I think you mean Victoria, also if you are separating Vancouver, then you also have West Vancouver, North Vancouver, White Rock which is part of Surrey. Saanich is on Vancouver Island, it is part of Victoria. Nelson is ten times. Better then Kamloops. You forgot Courtney Comox, Tofino- Ucluelet. You got Fort Saint John , on your list, wow… So many places better then The fort. I believe you should do a little more home work, travel a bit more, there are many places that rank higher then what you have on your list. Also UBC is the largest university. You have a lot of your facts not Right.

  5. Surrey has a low crime rate? The average salary in Whistler is 50k? Clearly no one fact checks these videos. For everyone watching who is not from BC – none of what is said here is true.

  6. A few words to prospective immigrants:

    Some people being used in order to provide for other people.

    1. As per research at the University of Toronto, a foreign last name reduces your chances for an interview by 30%.

    When it comes to high paying jobs, you have basically no chance. A better job possibly after years for the same fair employer.

    When I was promoted, my Canadian coworkers concluded: "This is not fair, we paid for education here". You will work in secondary roles or in a complete chaos.

    Lowest 20% of the society has been filled with skilled and ambitious immigrants.

    It is not fair for them to push through the masses of local laziness, drug addicts, arrogance, just to have an average secondary job.

    If you lose your job, it is a year to find a new one. Most likely you got the job because you are highly qualified and they just cannot go any further without people who would do the job, the job is either in toxic environment, rural or a low pay.

    Think logically, you are at the very bottom, you will understand the rest.

    Canadian employers access cheap money – made in poor emerging markets, Canadian population grows every year including immigrants. They do not need too much of a skill to generate growth.

    Working here is more like a family environment. No stress, mother will always forgive, you are a foster child though. Economy just need somebody to take lower parts of the ladder.

    Option two, self employment, long hours, bank loans and …. case by case. Cleaning companies, restaurants, construction – all immigrants.

    If you think of development, new skills, new challenges. FORGET. Challenge here is to find what local people have left for you.

    2. Canadian economy needs you more than you need Canada and if you are smart enough to stay home, they will find someone else.

    Once you are here, you are filling the gaps in the job market. Traveling from village to village, province to province in hopes for a decent job.

    If you try to be the best and make more than local people, you will get bruised. Your Resume will be full of ups and downs, unemployment periods.

    Be prepared to work for unqualified boss and high maintenance, entitled local people. Once you found a secondary job, you ensure local estate bubble does not burst.

    Yes, you are renting the shit available. They will say you do not have local education when they do not need you, and they will hire you below your qualifications as soon as your experience is vital.

    Be prepared to be the buffer for downturns. Yes, you will be working in a store or in a hotel while fat uneducated asses doing still good.

    Government job may be your only remedy – work environment difficult.

    3. Now, you are closer to understand why official agenda says so much about values and multiculturalism. It is to make all those people get along together without riots. It is to entice more immigrants. Outstanding values here are consumption and arrogance, usually hidden though.

    You are enticed to it, and you get only what's left.

    4. You will not have Canadian friends. They feel better looking at you, they will be explaining things to you that you had learnt years ago in the primary school.

    They will look at you with excitement if you do simple math without a calculator. One of my HR managers was so fat that she needed couple breaks before she reached the lunchroom. Management is usually 350-pound nepotism, immigrants are in the roles where difficulties begin with disarray applied.

    The only reason you were hired is to cool down expectations of local people and at least get them to come to work on time. It is possible they need your experience temporarily; you are gone as soon as delivered. The company reached for an immigrant so they can give a raise or promotion to those on board. Small businesses cannot afford local people, your role comes in place.

    5. Be prepared to be a secondary citizen. Self-employment is a solution; your business may be passed for orders.

    Community of people from your country is not helpful, usually. They compete with you and they feel worse if you succeed.

    Think twice, why is Canada reducing the requirements for immigrants? Well, people leave, people do not want to be here, economy is becoming weaker, and the government has no choice.

    Making it through low requirements should not be seen a success in any competition.

    Was Canada a place for immigration as per sponsored videos, why do not I see Germans or Norwegians here?

    Think twice, your youth, energy and beauty are at stake.

    6. Think of a pedophile enticing kids to a store with toys – toys are not for them. Be careful. It is easier to come here than to get out of here.

    Think of an old frog who eats young and fresh fish in order to stay alive.

    7. I encourage all Asians, Middle Easterns and Africans to claim this land. It is yours; the problem is the rich need the poor.

    8. Canadian Citizenship can be taken away by the minister without the court, does this ring the bell?

    This is not a hit to Canadians. Well. the truth has been said.

    9. Imagine that immigrants have equal access to job market. It means, Canadian education system goes to hell. Who would invest hefty dollar into useless education? In my opinion Canadian education is worth 15% of its cost, its value is artificially inflated and maintained, especially Immigrants can study the same and better for free or cheaper in their countries.

    Locally born people would burn down government buildings here If they had to live by merit and challenged by the skills of immigrants. Yes, they invite you with one hand and push you down with the other hand.

    Work until 65, yes for local people. While they are not that efficient in their 60s, there is always a fresh tide of cheap immigrants to do the job. In a normal country, they go on a side. It is a wishful thinking to believe an immigrant would be a respected senior manager with young Canadians working for him. (It cannot be excluded 100 %)

    Government spends money so new immigrants can accomodate to new conditions. In my opinion, money are purposfully wasted or spent in a way with just little effect. It would be self destructive to push immigrants up – local people have high expectations.

    10. Culture clash. Arrogant (in a nice packaging) entitelment against hardworking dreams. Canadian government pumps in people so the economy stays afloat, local people fight back and push immigrants down. You came here you benefit from our country, you should work harder – heard many times. In my opinion, the basic skill Canadians have is to push down foreigners. Do not be surprised in a Canadian household dogs are given gifts for Christmas. Do not be surprised a Christmas gift for a husband is another girl in bed. At the same time, immigrants go to church and live in three families in a house.

    Do not be surprised they will join your wedding with work cloths on, be prepared for shitty easy food if you do not cook at home, easy shallow communication.

    11. Long story short. Canadian job market is very competitive and ruthless when it comes to middle level jobs and cheap. Partially, because it is not too demanding. We do not work hard. You do the job or someone else or it will sit undone or HR will pull another fresh fish. An immigrant has little chance with all that's normal: nepotism, relationships, arrogance.

    Now you know why your local boss has never seen an excel spreadsheet. Now you know why they can easily fire you and find another hard-working talent in the lowest areas of the society.

    5% unemployment in Pakistan, India, Eastern Europe is not the same as 5% in Canada. 5% in a normal country contains people like: mental diseases, former convicts, old, disabled etc. In Canada, 5% unemployed are well educated and hungry immigrants.

    This gives employers ways to do what they want with you. They can lay you off without a tear shed, there is more talents sitting in those poorest 5%. You are likely to share your experience half price.

    70 % of Canadian population is born in Canada. So, If I order a pizza 10 times, the chance is 7 out of 10, the pizza will be delivered by a locally born person. Well, it should be at least 8 out of 10, because it takes a lot of education and skills to immigrate to Canada.

    8 out of 10, the pizza should be delivered by a locally born person. Well, as I have spent 7 years on this meadow, I have never received a pizza from a locally born person.

    If your country is bad for real, Canada is most likely the best place to run away, anyway. Happiness lasts for two years, then not everyone can afford to go back. You are perceived as a job stealer, money sender abroad, a poor idiot.

    You are not here to be successful. You are here, so there is space for local people to be successful. Harper did not tell me that. I came here under a skilled immigration program. I outperformed at funny works I had.

    This text in nothing new for people with open eyes and broad horizons. Government is the least surprised. What else can they do, send locals to another country? Justice is somewhere in between.

    I am not happy writing here. I happned to meet good people here, easy to be nice with an full stomach though, the feeling of being a good man while someone else did the bad work.

    Canada is ready for a small recession. Immigrants go unemployed, some of them say too much in the internet, they will take survival jobs, some of them return to their countries.

    Canadian inclusive diverse society is a myth, bring a deeper recession and you will see what fat asses are worthy.

    Origins of the lie? They need as strong people as possible as low as possible.

    12. Do you feel like me, have you understood your life has been sacrificed for the prosperity of others, you can file a complaint to United Nations Human Rights Watch within below:

    Best of luck.

  7. Surrey is a cesspool. Daily gang shootings. I live in Kelowna. The Okanagan Valley is the only place I'd live in Canada. All the rest of these places are just blah…..except Kamloops.

  8. "The 10 Best Places To Live In British Columbia For 2020" if you come from money. As someone who lives in BC, I find this informational video to be quite opinionated towards a certain class. Also, who does your fact checking? Almost half of what was said was incorrect. Not to mention you completely missed out on cities like Courtenay, Campbell River, Nanaimo, etc, which would be at least in the bottom half of the top 10. I think the fluff in this piece is a little flat. ๐Ÿ™

  9. BC is poor, can't fix their pavements, you need to work 3 jobs to live in BC. People that live in BC can't afford the tourist attraction. This is false information.

  10. Although it is true that BC is beautiful, to most of the 95%ers who live there, it is hardly affordable…in fact it is quite the struggle to keep your head above the water here…and those who live in the rural areas are subject to very little health care or government services. Totally misleading this video thread is.

  11. This is a video of falsehoods. Almost every word is a lie. Except "and", "to", "includes" and "expensive". Those are the only truthful words.
    Yes, I'm B.C. born and raised and still (foolishly) live here.
    If anyone sees this false advertising video and decides to move to B.C., you didn't do your research. If you did, you wouldn't be moving to any place in Canada, especially B.C.

  12. Increasing numbers of immigrants from war torn countries and places like India & China have/are turning every community into unrecognizable ghettos. Surrey is one of the worst with escalating crime and indo-gang related murders rising every year. The Politicians are catering more and more to the immigrant voting blocks, leaving the wasp population without a voice in their own country. No sign of this changing anytime soon.

  13. it's amusing to notice Victoria, the capitol of BC, is not mentioned as one of the 10 best places to live in the province. But IT IS!!

  14. Congrats on one of the dumbest lists Iโ€™ve seen. Vancouver ? Surrey? Nelson? Ft St. John ?

    Try Kelowna , Langford , Penticton. The other places are priced out of reach , crime ridden and northern bc is a dump. Native issues , crime and awful weather

  15. What a load of crap. I was born in BC. Fort st john is the cocaine city. There are way better places to live here in BC. This is just all falsehoods. Kelowna is where I was born. It may belong on the list but it's expensive as hell so I can't afford to live there.

    Who ever made this video was seriously off about all of it. And why is a university no-one knows bigger than the city that is UBC??? Bad bad video.

  16. It's pronounced Whist-ler, not Whis-a-ler. And it's Saanich not Saunich. Another outsider selling our province to other outsiders.

  17. Didn't BC get a 20 per cent in personal taxes and the provincial level and due to BC finance minister and Vancouver BC is expensive cities in Canada and last time Vancouver BC maybe $60,000 salary and you need a million dollars for home in Vancouver BC Canada and Whistler isn't cheap either and one BC most expensive resorts in the BC

  18. Saanich is #1? Really? You mean, since Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are currently residing there? And Surrey has a low crime rate? Seriously?? How the hell made this video? lol…

  19. Has this person ever been to BC? Most of these places are extremely expensive to live with shit job prospects unless you want 40k a year.

    The crime rate in most of these cities is off the charts, gtf outta here with the lies.

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