The 2020 New Hampshire Primary: Live updates and results (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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  1. The contempt these reporters feel towards Sanders is palpable. That chick on the left is literally gritting her teeth as she is speaking. She just spitting rather than talking.

  2. I smell cheating but I'm a conspiracy theorist and Jeffery Epstein killed himself right?
    Buttiplug sucks😃😍💞💖😪😜😲😮😃😀😄😝

  3. they are engaged in a death by 1 000 thefts approach diminishing Sanders each primary/caucus so that the nomination goes to the 2nd ballot & then the Super Delegates decide… and screw Sanders again, that means the Giant Orange Clown gets 4 more wars… Sanders keeps having overwhelming victories that they dilute into ties… for every word Sanders speaks the oligarchs buy another voter & steal another of Sanders votes & give it to the f* g mayor ratface thief

  4. I absolutely hate how much bias these reporters still are against Bernie. They are still playing skeptical and refusing to admit that Bernie has a true momentum, they are always just downplaying, sidestepping, making arguments, and being so critical about his potential for the nomination. It's so simple, if Bernie loses, Trump wins. Guaranteed. You will not have the passionate Bernie supporters show up to vote. Simple. It's like the media wants Trump to have another term rather than have Bernie as president.

  5. Who the hell thinks that a very young, highly inexperienced mayor of a somewhat small city (only over 100,000) is gonna be more capable than Bernie and also stand up to Trump????

  6. Interestingly enough, it's easier to pronounce Klobuchar than Buttigieg. And her legislative records are good. I'd put money on her than him.

  7. Bernie doesn't need the media or money from the 1% or large corporations. He's still winning without any of that. It's so refreshing to see. Bernie2020

  8. it's pretty stupid for those that vote for dems just to get
    trump out of office cause they don't like him that's REALLY sad.

  9. Watching your coverage one would think that Pete won.
    If the main stream media wants us to take them seriously they better start acting fair to all candidates regardless of your interior motives

  10. People in Florida didn't experience socialism, I get that it's a reference to the cold war or in the case of Cubans again actual communism maybe, but it's not even slightly accurate to what Bernie is proposing. Also it's more likely Pete suddenly pretends to be progressive than Sanders abandoning his main policy proposals to win over moderates who thanks to this type of media coverage still 40 years on don't know the difference between Democratic Socialism and Totalitarian Communism.

  11. I don’t need anyone I’m looking at to tell me what Bernie winning “really means.” All it REALLY means is that Bernie won. Period.

  12. BUTTIGIEG won more delegates in New Hampshire than Bernie. BUTTIGIEG is the candidate that will win this election. Mark my words.

  13. He’s not walking anything back because one, he has balls, and two, he’s going to trust the electorate’s intelligence and that it will come to the revelation that he’s speaking the truth. I am 66, “Medicare for all!”

  14. Trump is making America strong not a weak abused liberal who thinks giving… they'll change policy if you show love and compassion. This is a crazy view.

  15. Bernie the Russian. Imagine the mayor visiting middle east with his boyfriend husband. I think the interview he had with cuomo on CNN was funny…he was flirting with him Lol…

  16. Sanders supporters booing Buttigieg's face shown on screen is just not cool, while Pete's supporter saying good things about Bernie, they show no class when supporting their favourite.

  17. Senator Sanders' supporters really need to stop attacking other candidates' voters.
    You can only win the General election by reaching out to them not insulting them.

  18. Can someone direct me the facts of total voters collective of the dems versus the Boss? I would very much like to see that in Iowa but for some reason that direct information as a citizen I cannot find . After all proof in the pudding. Thanks

  19. Bill Gates, Bill Gates Sr, Waren Buffet on the board of directors of bill and melinda foundation . Bill gates Sr was the head of eugenics for planned parenthood . Hello?

  20. This low morality that is permiating American politics will be the destruction of it's people. Thank god Trump will prevail.

  21. Sono un italiano e faccio il tifo per Biden. Mi pare però un errore: 1) non ringraziare gli elettori che hanno votato per lui in Iowa e in New Hampshire 2) rimandare la vittoria alle prossime primarie, contando sui voti della classe operaia e delle minoranze etniche: ma non è questo l'elettorato di Sanders?

  22. Regarding the pundits "concern" for the Sanders' similar base voters as in 2016 if it isn't apparent that he would've beat Trump in 2016 ( if the DNC doesn't shyster him again) it will be proven in November

  23. I'm sorry to tell you guys but Bernie Sanders is a communist. Socialist he will never win the White House. He'll never get the nomination.

  24. Go tell your sister, mothers, brothers friends uncles and anyone else who's not sure vote Bernie Bernie Bernie Bernie all the way Bernie for presedent. Yang for vice president.

  25. Bernie can win it all and beat Trump if the so-called non-voters get registered and VOTE FOR BERNIE in November. Tell a friend!

  26. Money doesn't grow on trees. The government doesn't make or earn money. Socialism is funded by Citizens. Poor, surviving, and those well off.

    In Canada, people pay over 50% of their pay for 1-Star medical care. Some areas have few doctors. You may be diagnosed with cancer, but have to wait 2-3 months for an MRI. So, your prognosis is worse, because your chemo or surgery is delayed.

    No one wins with socialism, except the government, as they continue to stuff their pockets with money from lobbyists, and continue to get 6-Star healthcare, because they can afford it. And as they continue to mispend our money, refuse to be accountable, spend $Millions on fraudulent court battles to overturn the will of the people, pervert our children's minds and hearts with R and X rated sex ed, and control every darn thing in our lives.

    Reality is. They think we're too stupid to manage our own lives, money and families.

    Turn off the fake news, and put on a critical mind, seeking truth, rather than something that just convinces you "you're right!" "your team is winning." "everyone else is stupid." We're the frogs in a pot of water getting boiled to death.

  27. I got to thinking. To get free education and taxes will raise to pay for the free education. And the taxes would be for your entire life (so you could pay for others to have free education). Wouldn't it be better to have the tax benefits that we have now and pay for just our own education. I don't want to pay for life and I am paying for 3-4 people when I could just pay for my own.

  28. The Democrats have switched tactics. Now they use political slavery and welfare as their new plantation. Look at how they Socially Lynch people (especially blacks) who advocate for getting people off Government Assistance. They have put in place welfare policies that have dismantled the black family using welfare incentives to remove Black Fathers from the home. It is the most racist group I have ever seen. Democrats and Liberals are still Very Racist, they have just found a new slick way to institute their racism.

  29. I believe it is time for the FBI to investigate the shanigans displayed by the DNC in the Iowa caucus.
    Maybe they need to oversee the entire polling places.
    Losing trust in the DNC to hold a fair vote.

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