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  1. My depression has devolved…or evolved..into sociopathy. I'm not murderous, I just don't care if everyone else is murdered.

  2. If you’re Australian and under the age of 25 and can’t afford/don’t want to spend money on a therapist, look into Headspace, it’s a great service, if the one in your local area doesn’t have great people working there look at another one because I promise they aren’t all bad

  3. Look to the environment and the people around you. The types of people you spend time with and the environments you spend most of your time in can massively influence your internal thoughts and feelings.

    I was slowly falling into this over about a year. Ticked off a lot of those signs. Retreating socially, irritable, lacking confidence in my decision making, turning to substances to numb my thoughts.

    A radical change in environment was needed for me. I took a 6 month holiday travelling overseas to detox and rediscover myself. Beginning with an ayahuasca retreat with Amazonian shamans.

    Best decision I ever made.

    Radical life change, go find yourself. The you underneath your job, your home, your family. The you that exists removed from the status quo. Worked for me and now I look back and understand how my condition developed within the environment I placed myself in, and I’m far more self aware on how to avoid toxicity in my surroundings.

  4. After 4 years of treatment for depression after a family tragedy, I discovered that I'm not helped at all be medication. PTSD is diagnosed so meds to deal with panic attacks 1-2 per week. I still love the company of friends but fear public places for fear of facing aggression, anger or sudden shocks. Adrenaline pumps enough to fight a bear over the dropping of a coffee cup. 🥴

  5. I can’t find good therapists in my area. I’ve tried three, none of them are comfortable and believe me when I try to describe my symptoms. I just want to get diagnosed and get treated. It’s been so long I’ve been dealing with these issues. Years. But there’s no good therapist for me to go to.

  6. I struggle to know whether this is just how/who i am or whether it’s treatable. i find i don’t really even have the energy to change

  7. Totally have this! Ever since my first daughter was born. It’s gone up and down and started to go away but then I got pregnant with my second daughter and it came back with a vengeance.

  8. I wish I would have found this video a year ago. I was diagnosed with Dysthymia just a few months ago and my doctor put me on an SSRI. I feel like I did in high school. I have energy to do things, my sleep and appetite have decreased (I like to sleep and eat ALOT when I’m chemically imbalanced), and I’m enjoying things I forgot I used to really like. It’s really a bummer to realize that I’ve probably missed out on a lot the last six years because I didn’t feel like the way I was feeling was bad enough to deserve help.

  9. Lol I have all of this but i was prescribed pills I took my pills for about 3 days and then the 4th day i for got it so I took it at night the 5th day I took it and the 6th day I forgot again until the 7th day and when I remembered I was in bed and got to lazy to go back downstairs and forgot the next day again Lol until about 3 days later I found my pills in the spot I put them so I “would remember where I put them to take one” lol 😂 still have depression but can’t remember to take my pills and also have 3 kids so I can’t just take a day off to deal with my emotions the day I chose to stay pregnant is the day my life no longer mattered it’s all about my kids now and the day I chose to leave my ex is also the day I chose to put more of myself into raising them and less about worrying about me. I have all these symptoms but no time to try convince a therapist to help me also don’t have a babysitter to keep my kids while I go to therapy so oh well lol 😆

  10. Wow all my life I’ve wondered what’s wrong with me, for the first time ever I was able to match with every single symptom. I know I can’t diagnose myself but wow. Thanks! Idk if it’s a relief or another worry to get help lol! No but I’m def glad I watched this video!!! 💛💙

  11. When she said "avoiding social situations" i said OOPS😳🤣🤣🤣

    I came here just to learn and end up qualifying myself lmao 🤷🏻‍♀️ jk i havnt finished the video

  12. my symptoms alternate sometimes I overeat but the other day I'm not even eating sometimes I have insomnia and after hypersonia and so on

  13. I realize this video was posted a while ago. I just wanted to add, please seek a medical evaluation as well. all of the symptoms that you've listed can be linked to a physical diagnosis. I suffer with every sign that you've listed, but I have an immune deficiency disorder called CVID, along with Lupus (an autoimmune disorder). well I agree all the symptoms are connected with depression, they also could be linked to some physical illness. Just my two cents. Thanks for putting out such great information!

  14. Well, that was uncomfortable. At least I don't worry about my future, but otoh that might correlate really well with being incapable of planning a vacation..

  15. I used to have this but then it turned into major depression in the middle of my 1st year of college and I found out I had GAD, a panic disorder, and medical ptsd which memories came back during college while I lived by myself PLEASE go get help or see someone just because you leave a negative atmosphere or ignore your functioning depression doesn’t mean it will go away at least with mine changing I couldn’t get out of bed and didn’t care about anything.

  16. I think I had this from June 1994 to somewhere in the later 1990s. However, I didn’t cancel plans. I just felt hopeless and depressed. I struggled, hoped to talk with friends about it but there was little time they had.

  17. This is what that HR personnel said about me back in 2012, that i had a maladjusted personality and sent me to the inhouse phychiatrist. I since then moved on to another job because i could no longer stand being there because the people were getting too familiar. 3 years into my current job i had little to no interaction with colleagues, i overwork just to get things done and call it a day and get paid. There are times i feel okay but most of the time im just a hidden mess of an individual. I want all of these to be over.

  18. I came off my meds because I couldn't afford them and now my mental health is deteriorating and I don't know what to do because I don't wanna do anything. I just want this to stop, this big feeling of emptiness in my gut and dreading being awake. Ugh

  19. I went from being a really happy person to feeling every symptom on that list for the past 3 years…and I kept thinking it was my fault…..fuck

  20. This is me but I’ve had it undiagnosed for 30 odd years. My depressive feelings due to psychological abuse from a single parent alcoholic father have caused me to almost reach suicide and miss work quite often. Anyone else?

  21. i will be on top of things like working out eating healthy forgetting all my stress and anxiety then one thing will fuck it up and im back to square one sitting in bed watching YT videos on how to beat depression 😑

  22. Honestly don’t know if I’m a hypercondriac or really mentally ill. Related to too much of this but I can’t bring a bucket list with me to the GP

  23. I'm pretty sure I've had anxiety since middle school but it's been mostly manageable. Just few months after coming to college, I'm pretty sure I became depressed. I was a 4.0+ school loving happy kid until college. Then I lost all motivation and had no energy or will to make friends, got emotionally dependent on my first (lovely) boyfriend, started failing classes and it made it all worse. I've had pretty much all of the symptoms for the last 2 years now, since freshman year. No one knows I feel like this because I hide it really well but I feel empty, don't know what I want to or even can do. I wanna drop out. I can't afford therapy. Idk.

  24. Exercise, eat healthy and help others. 1st world people are so self centered. Try moving to the slums in a 3rd world country.. get over yourself

  25. Nope, on our side everyone seems fine. Maybe except for dreams. This amount of socialization is more of normal occurance. Still more than it used to be some time ago.

  26. You literally just changed my life. I’m a lot better now but I definitely suffered from this for around 4 1/2 years. I was on medication for about a year and they made me worse I’ve been off them for over a year, I’m finally feeling better. Even now I still suffer from insomnia and anxieties. I felt so crazy before and this video literally just made me feel so much better. I don’t know why no counselor ever diagnosed me with this. My now husband has been one of the biggest helps and has been so supportive along with my family i really don’t know what I’d do without them. Thank you for making these videos !!

  27. 24 years? is that too long to say it's past the point of being new and easy to fix? lol. I guess eventually it just end sup being the way things are. I just keep in mind this is MY reality, but not actually reality. That helps me to get in a headspace that is functional enough to get by. Sigh. lol

  28. It's so strange, because I'm realising now that I almost certainly had that all through my teenage years. I always wondered why I never had any energy anymore, and I it was just because I was a teenager that I acted like such a bitch sometimes. But the thing is, I had a really difficult time during my first few years of high school – honestly, I'd say it was traumatic. And it's only now that I'm out of there and starting to get some of my confidence back that I'm realising just how different I suddenly feel, and just how bad it was back then! I am so, so glad that I never have to go to high school again.

  29. We used to have a phrase for all of this. Oh yeah, Horseshit. Face it, you’re not getting laid, don’t make enough money, you’re physically really sick or disabled, or you’re family and friends all all dead. Plus we all being robbed of vitamin D and are being socially engineered. so, “Stop listening to shrinks, snap out of it and stop being a pussy.”. – Frank Sinatra 1977

  30. Nice. It has a name. Doesn't really fix the BS of life, however. Some places are just really fucking depressing to live in. Cant blame it on medical terminology.

  31. 1. Avoiding social situations
    2. Irritable
    3. Constantly tired
    4. Struggle to concentrate
    5. Unhealthy coping skills
    6. Constantly worried about past or future

  32. My high functioning depression has slowly become a more severe type of depression. And now I can't even go to work or do any of the activities I liked…