The Bay Of Pigs Invasion

that was one of the signature failures of
the Kennedy administration and one of its most instructive lessons in April of nineteen sixty one just three
months after Kennedy had assumed power he reluctantly approved something known as operation Zapata which was the plan to send in thirteen
hundred Cuban exile forces than being trained in guatemala into Cuba to foment a revolution and would be
the basis of a force that would %uh take on the regime of Fidel Castro and of course as we all know the bay of pigs
became an immediate disaster %uh these %uh forces of thirteen hundred cuban exile fighters
were soon surrounded by twenty thousand cuban
troops they were supposed to have a clean exit %uh to the mountains but that was blocked
by eighty miles of impassible swamp and within a matter of days they were essentially
surrounded and defeated %uh there was a moment when the fate of that operation could have
been reversed but it would depend on the united states sending in the marines and air support and this had the been secret hope of that plans architect Richard bissell the deputy director of
CIA and it was something that Kennedy refused and rather than send in American forces he accepted
that defeat and he resolved that any proposal for military action that he would
subsequently receive any proposal from his military advisers or his intelligence
advisers he would summit that to much greater scrutiny and from that point forward he became far
more skeptical

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