The Big Bang Theory: Raj receives Emily’s present | 9×18

Hey, guys. Hey, Penny. I really appreciate
you helping me with this. I don’t know what to do. Oh, sure. Let me see it.
See what? I hadn’t spoken to Emily
since I broke up with her, and she left this
on my doorstep with a note. “Raj, I got you this before we
split up, but couldn’t return it “and thought
you’d like to have it. Happy belated
Valentine’s Day, Emily”” That’s nice. Nice, or is she trying
to manipulate him? I know. I mean, do I open it?
Do I return it? Why wouldn’t you open it? Well, she was pretty mad. For all I know
it’s a voodoo doll of me with a fork stuck in my junk. You don’t think she’d actually
send you something gross or dangerous, do you? I know one way
to find out– sniff this. She’s pregnant,
she’s not a bloodhound. Although I am getting
a little machine oil. I think it’s metal. Come on, just open it. You know,
on Game of Thrones, Balon Greyjoy received
his son’s genitals in a box. Well, never hurts
to have a spare. BERNADETTE:
What is that? Wow. It’s an antique sextant. Sailors used these to find
their position by the stars. What a nice gift
for an astrophysicist. I know, she’s so thoughtful. See, she’s trying
to get you back. Now, that is exactly
what I would’ve gotten you if I had any idea
what it is or what you do. You know, I have too much
self-esteem to let this girl guilt me into getting back
together with her. You don’t need to be pregnant
to smell that load of crap. I wonder how much
she spent on this. Ooh, let’s find out. It doesn’t matter. It’s the thought
that counts. Yeah, yeah,
and beauty’s on the inside, size doesn’t matter –
how much she spend? Seriously, guys,
I don’t want to know. Oh, my. Oh, come on, you can’t say
“Oh, my,” and then not tell me! These things go for $500 and up. BERNADETTE:
Damn. All I got for Valentine’s Day
was a postcard saying my Vermont Teddy Bear
was back-ordered. Okay, so, she drops off a $500 gift and she’s not trying to
get back together with you? Maybe you’re right. Or she’s telling the truth
and just being nice. Maybe you’re right. Wow, I am easy to manipulate. Oh, guys, it’s Emily. What should I do? Okay, answer it.
Just be strong. And if she starts to cry,
don’t make any promises. And most importantly, put it
on speaker so we can hear. Hello? Hey, it’s Emily. Is this a good time? Yeah, yeah. Sure. What’s up? Was it okay I left that gift? I’m really hoping
we can be friends. Maybe, maybe. Um, you think you’d want
to grab a cup of coffee? Hello? I’m sorry, I seem to be taking
an annoying amount of time deciding how I feel about this! I just…
I miss hanging out with you. It’s not like I lost a friend,
it’s like I lost my best friend. Is there any chance you’d want to come over? I’m sorry, I don’t think
that’s a good idea. Okay. I’m just… I’m having a really hard time, but that’s not your problem,
that’s mine. I-I won’t bother you again, but please know that you’ll
always have a place in my heart. Bye, Raj. You’re a good guy. Goodbye, Emily. That was rough, you guys. I know, but you did it.
I’m so proud of you. Well, anyway, I’ll leave you
to your girls’ night. Are you sure you don’t want
to stay here with us? No, I kind of feel like
being alone right now. Well, if you change your mind,
we’ll be here. Thank you. Say hi to Emily for us. Will do.

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  1. why do guys act so gay?  instead of masturbating he could easily go to her and fuck her and keep doing it unless he finds someone else to fuck.

  2. Anyone else notice the transitional character traits of the early seasons guy characters into the girl's characters? Like for instance,
    Penny knows everything about this situation, Sheldon.
    Bernadette is the rational positive one, Leonard.
    Amy has that bit of sarcasm about Raj's feelings, Howard.
    And well they all become Raj when they start speaking into each others ears.
    Or is that just me?

  3. It's funny to think that they made Penney the 'hot one' in the show when Bernadette aka Melissa Rauch is the real life maximum model js. Like they dumbed down her being beautiful so Penney could stay the hot one. But if you look Melissa up, she is straight georgous! Like the kind of woman men dream about and are like hey look what I was able to get with when they bring her home to meet the parents lol.

  4. This show is a whole lot better without Penny. She’s so misogynistic and i just find it very annoying to the point that i’m trying to enjoy the show but i can’t.

  5. Is it weird that I kind of like the dynamic of raj with the girls better than raj with the guys? His character fits super well into more of an emotionally open atmosphere and that's generally not what he gets with the guys.

  6. Those little gestures Penny did to Bernie at 0:44 lol! i don't know why but it looks so cute. And Amy's "you don't need to be pregnant to smell that load of crap" at 1:26 is one of my favorite lines from her.

  7. WTF! if you look like Raj youll never find a gorgeous redhead girl like Emily who in addition cries for you and gives you expensive presents. This is bullshit!

  8. raj is so damn annoying he know the only one he wants is howard he want that sausage stop with all the fake love for gals and take your man from short gal

  9. Hmm, so what if Emily tries to get back with Raj. Didn't Penny and Amy try to get back with L & S? Didn't Bernadette take back Howard after she broke up with him?

  10. It's nothing wrong that Emily wants to get raj back. I don't know why Penny doesn't want they get back together. Penny always ruins raj's happiness in my opinion.

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