The Big Picture - Takeaways From G20 Summit

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  1. Simran sodhi mam till today I know you from your world only on AIR but today I saw you, good to see… Thanks

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    One Nation One Ration:

  3. India need to stand firm on its stand without feeling any pressure from any country including US because everyone is there to exploit you if you are weak. Thankfully we have a strong leader and great foreign minister.
    Trade deficit with china should be on the top of our agenda.

  4. Frank, it was awesome as usual. Please get Ashok Sajjanhar sir more often whenever the Big 'Picture' needs foreign policy brushing.

  5. American want to sell obsolete f16 f18 to India which are inferior to s400 so American huge loss to boeing Lockheed Martin..Trump against s400 because of huge American military manufacturing loss

  6. Trump's tweet to India before the G20. He's right about Indian tariffs. India is not an open economy and i hope Trump achieves it because Modi for all his reform talk is as anti-trade as any leftie.

  7. There were 2 crucial meetings just before G20 Summit : (1) President Xi Jinping’s sudden state visit to Pyongyang, the first such visit in N. Korea by any Chinese leader in 14 years. What commitments Xi Jinping delivers on behalf of his protege Kim Jong-un to the US would determine the outcome of US-China trade war which has been temporarily suspended. (2) The US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo’s India visit as Trump realized his folly of cornering India at very crucial time in US-China strategic & trade war. No wonder, Eliot L Engel, Chairman of House Committee on Foreign Affairs, in a letter urged Mike Pompeo to “not only reaffirm and strengthen the US-India strategic partnership, but also convey a coherent set of objectives and predictability to the new Indian government that will help this relationship reach its full potential.”

    "In international relations, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests".- Lord Palmerston (UK). It is for India to take judicious advantage of the situation. India has been common denominator in JAI (Japan, India, America) & RIC (Russia, India, China), the important trilateral meetings at G20. India can replace 6,800 Chinese items worth $250bn on existing US tariff enhancing its exports against imports of high-tech defense equipment, crude oil from the US as well as blunting sinister Chinese designs in India’s neighborhood. Of China’s $530bn annual trade-surplus, the US provides 2/3 & India by giving $60bn fills over 1/3 of the remaining part. China urgently needs access to India’s vast consumer market to soften US trade blows & India can drastically reduce this access till settlement is achieved in long-pending border dispute as strategic & economic interests have mutual correlations. Russia needs access to India’s Chabahar route to reduce Chinese BRI influence in its traditional Eurasian backyard & the US needs this route to reduce Afghanistan’s dependence on Pakistan. India’s S-400 purchase will prevent India’s exclusive dependence on only one source as India’s strategic relationship with the US is still to develop trustworthy shape.

  8. Indian Foreign Policy would come under tremendous strain during the next 5 years. Donald Trump is not the only problem for us, China is a bigger threat for India as it occupies more and more of Pakistan's real estate.

  9. Takeaways from G20 Summit
    Key Highlights :-
    – G20 Summit at Osaka concluded with 6 bilateral and Multilateral meetings.
    – Besides RIC, JAI and BRICS PM Modi also had bilateral talks with leaders of Turkey, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Singapore and Chile
    – Key issues such as climate change, terrorism, trade, maritime security and sports.
    – This was the 6th G20 Summit of PM Modi's and major prominences were given on issues of national interest.
    – India was trying to act as a bridge between USA and China and Russia to stabilize global trade.
    – India's productive foreign policies have helped the country to stock it's drone globally.

    India and USA Talks outcomes :-
    – Just before the G20 Summit President Trump's tweet created a sparkle between the countries but India had a strategic balancing and made it clear it's decision's will only be on its national interest.
    – After meeting of India and USA there was change in Trump's tone.
    – The S-400 missile deal is sealed with Russia and India is ready to face any consequences of CAATSA.
    – India in coming future is the largest market of digital technology and it is also the largest procurement of defense weapons.
    – USA knows that it cannot just drop its market in India.

    Is bigger Grouping taken back seat?
    – G20 summit provides a greater understanding between the countries.
    – Need of Flexible collaboration.
    – Multilateralism needs to be reformed.
    – This summit provides a global platform for the leaders to build their consensus on the common issues.
    – Issues such climate change was supported by 19 members except the USA.
    – Most of the issues are directly or indirectly related with Trade which is the sole purpose of the summit.
    – US and China are biggest global economy and the trade war between two is also affecting the other countries.
    – After the talks US and China agreed to solve their trade differences.

    Some Major Outcomes :-
    • 5G Technology
    – India and US have agree to build the technology together.
    – China's show signs of tensions as this will affect its company Huawei.

    • Iran's Issue
    – India is highly dependent on gulf countries for its energy security.
    – Iran's crude oil was much cheaper and moreover India used to pay in Rupees to Iran.
    – US – Iran tensions have severally affected India.
    – Besides there are almost 10 million Indian diaspora working in gulf countries is also affected.
    – There is an urgent need of Stability in the region.
    – India might face biggest economic challenge if the tensions between US and Iran are not deescalating. A huge spike in crude oil may be seen.

    • Trade
    – India discussed many trade related issues with USA.
    – It also emphasize on US – China trade war as it is also affecting India.

    • Indo – Pacific Region
    – China used the theory of "Strings of Pearls" against India to counter it in Indian ocean.
    – To continue its dominance in India Ocean, India's now takes up military exercises with Japan, USA and various countries to combat China.
    – India's foreign policy of "Neighborhood First" have also significantly increased its influence on the neighbouring countries.
    – Increasing chemistry between the Russia and China is also a issue of concern for India.
    – So India is trying to balance it's position between Russia and USA.

    Way Forward :-
    – India's strong foreign policies have helped it gain a lot at global position.
    – To have good relations with other countries, Diplomats play a crucial role and in case of India we can see this.
    – International platforms such as G20 and various other are very much vital since different countries build their consensus on the same issues pertaining in the world.
    – USA should understand how important is Iran for India to meet its energy security.
    – India is looking at "9" and not the "6" which the USA is trying to look.

  10. Yes. India have to stand with a very strong strategic diplomacy. India first policy. Hope S Jai shankar and new govt would play very crucial diplomacy. Jai hind

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