I’m Jeff Dabe also known as a real-life popeye. I was born with the bigger hand forearms one leg foot. I’ve been to multiple tests they could never give me a direct answer what caused the why. I guess it’s not a lot to make me mad but what I can or can’t do. I got flip phone which I can use like a used iphone just too small. Otherwise, i can do pretty much anything. You just learn different things with what you have. We are over here in South Dakota doing a tournament for Power House and take out Trapper because he will not come out to my neighborhood so we are coming his backyard and whip him at home. People are intimidated by the size of my hand is not quite sure what to do with or how to grasp it so it does help give me a little advantage that way. My biggest fan is my wife Gina. She’s always out there yelling for me I’m just biggest fan unfortunately you’ll have to listen to me yelling him. I’m always their support them back them up. People are made that don’t really train workout like guys that spend hours in the gym every day to get where they’re at. I’m fortunate I’m lucky enough to be strong enough to get there with strength. A lot of people say I’m a superhero or maybe a legend. I guess I I don’t feel that way but if its portrayed that way I guess I I’m honored to have that. To me i guess i’m not i don’t feel superhero. Just someone thats out enjoying what they love to do which I think goes a long ways I have a lot of loyal fans corresponding with my facebook in public answer the questions take pictures with them I feel like to honor to have so many followers Trapper a strong guy he’s a very good to competitor and been at a lot of different events. It’s unfortunate never got a chance to meet. Today I get my chance! i’m looking forward to our match again and then Fargo in December. To see through a repeat. I hope I can repeat the win again. I had a good match the up against Sunny. He’s in a little lighter class but strong and very fast. I’m extremely proud of him. He’s a very caring person who cares about everybody that’s there and he just wants to put pull. One other person I’d love to get match with is Oleg Zhokh Oleg is a little different like me with one handle bigger and better so we just kind of fun and match up.

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  1. You had ONE job. Why aren't you comparing his hand to everything on planet earth?! I wanna see kittens, pencils, coffee mugs, steering wheels, cigarettes, gallons of milk, basketballs, baseballs, his dong, my dong, sunglasses, silverware, stuffed animals, guitars, skateboards, newborn babies, shoes. etc x9000

  2. Dude can use a fuckn paint bucket as a cup……..a spare tire as a ring…….a grandfather clock as a wrist watch……push your car like a hot wheels…….washes his hands in a bathtub…….palm a watermelon……

  3. I bet fighters that say size and strength doesn't matter would still say it doesn't after this to compensate for their small body

  4. biggest hands in the world?? have u ever heard of someone called giannis antetokounmpo and kawhi leonard…

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