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The Death of Captain Kangaroo – Jan., 2004 – 2 News Stories

The Death of Captain Kangaroo - Jan., 2004 - 2 News Stories

sad news today from of all places Vermont the man known to generations of children as Captain Kangaroo has died at his home in Vermont at the age of 76 Bob keeshan hit the air in 1955 as Captain Kangaroo on CBS he invented Captain Kangaroo the show ran for 30 years it appeared another six years on public television on it the grandfatherly Kishin visited with the likes of mr. Greenjeans and talked to his puppet friends bunny rabbit and mr. moose over the years the Captain Kangaroo show won six Emmys three Gabriel's and three Peabody Awards quite a guy a war veteran a decorated war veteran and the final salute to the nation's favorite TV captain this is the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather reporting from CBS News headquarters in New York good evening any baby boomers are going to feel a little bit older they lost a part of their youth today Bob keeshan the captain Captain Kangaroo now boys the girls CBS television presents Captain Kangaroo and his treasure house Bob keeshan was only 28 when he created the soft-spoken grandfatherly character who became his alter-ego let me introduce myself my name is uh kangaroo kangaroo Captain Kangaroo and he didn't pull the name out of a hat it was a coat why do they why do they call me kangaroo baby Puckett saga the show premiered on CBS in 1955 and would stay on the air more than a quarter of a century time it up for his original viewers to have children of their own I like a poem about flowers and trees some characters were puppets like mr. moose and Lonnie leveled the captain's good friend mr. Greenjeans would be there too and in 1968 the first african-american character was added school teacher mr. Baxter played by Jimmy wall he would not allow any of us on the cast to refer to children as kids he said they had children Kishin hadn't planned to become an icon he was an ex-marine and considering a career in law until he happened onto a slightly different job well I started with Howdy Doody in 1948 has Clarabelle the clown but it says Captain Kangaroo that people will remember him well that is something and mourn the loss of a gentle man the touch generation whatever you do have a great day Bob keeshan was 76 when he died today in Vermont and that's part of our world

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  1. Again, it happened again. When Walt Disney died I missed it, and I had no idea he died in 2004. I was busy with my security career and still am. I think the newspaper floated by me both times.

  2. Bob Keeshan was one of my childhood favorites, but he wasn't a decorated war veteran. He was stationed in the United States when Japan surrendered. He never saw combat and he was never decorated. As usual, CNN spreading more 'fake news' in 2004.

  3. The news reporter at 0:32 is repeating a false rumor about Bob Keeshan. Keeshan enlisted in the Marine Corp in '45 but was still in the United States when Japan surrendered. The False rumor involves actor Lee Marvin on the Tonight show in the 60s telling a story of a brave Keeshan at Iwo Jima. Neither were at Iwo Jima, although Marvin was a marine and was shot at Saipan.

  4. Captain Kangaroo lived in Babylon, New York for well over 30 years, and was active at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Babylon. He actually ran a fundraiser at the church for many years. I can even tell anyone who lives close to Babylon where he use to live: If you enter Babylon on Montauk Highway from the West, just passing Route 109, there is a road off to your right just before the canal. If you look off to your right, you will be able to see a house with a tennis court on the West side of the road. You can see the tennis court better in the winter, because the leaves are down. That's where he use to live. In that house there with the tennis court.

  5. the worst thing is that when he was in the hospital some cbs worker fired him. like, that makes me sad and enraged

  6. "Sad news today from, of all places, Vermont…" What kind of crack is that? Does he mean that Vermont is such a happy place, nothing sad ever happens there? Or does he mean it is so remote that no one has probably ever heard of it?

  7. Seems like all the American Icons are gone now. Sadly, there are no iconic characters that are people for the newer generation to treasure as the talent we had in the past.

  8. Not just the Baby Boomers, Dan.  For some of us earlier Gen X'ers (1971), Captain Kangaroo was a morning staple.  I remember hearing about Bob Keeshan's death on the Nightly News, and was greatly saddened at the time.  I haven't looked thing up in many-a-year, but upon viewing this I am immediately transported back to that fateful night in 2004…  There were some constants that children in my generation, and earlier, could depend upon .  Captain Kangaroo was one of them.  "Good (night), Captain!
      You will be missed…" 

  9. the actor lee marvin once stated that bob keeshan was the most brave man he ever knew he and lee were shot on Tarawa

  10. Hugh Brannum (Mr. Green Jeans) passed away April 19, 1987.  I look at TV today and morn not only the Captain but all the others I grew up with and who are now gone and worry for today's children growing up on what IMHO can be best described as a wasteland.

  11. I have made it my life's job to pass on the three magic words the Captain had taught to us. Please and Thank You.

  12. Baruch dayan emet blessed be the true judge Captain rest in peace thank you for all the kindness you gave us.

  13. Can you imagine the millions of lives this man impacted in a positive and wonderful manner. Say what you will, but that's and accomplishment that not many others can match. God Bless You Captian.

  14. Right after I heard about this, I wound up in an argument about PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH getting relected. My opponent held TWO BUTCHER KNIVES at my throat, and I said: "If the USA has to lose two good Marines on the same day (I'm a retired LCpl), then FVCX YOU, do what'cha gotta do." Yes, I almost died that day, myself.

    I loved your show, Bob "Captain Kangaroo" Keeshan. Semper Fi.


  15. RIP Capt Kangaroo. Such fond and warm memories. Those seemed such innocent times!!!! Thanks for all the memories!!

  16. You're close — it was "Davey and Goliath". But great memories! We would also watch "Bullwinkle" reruns on Sunday mornings, and a CBS original: "Marshall Efron's Simplified and Painless Sunday School" (I know I'm forgetting a word in that title!). But on weekdays, The Captain ruled!

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