The DMC Upside – January 2018

(dramatic music) – [Carlos] Coming up on The DMS Upside, Del Mar College faculty
and staff are committed to ensuring equal access
to college services, programs, and activities
for qualified students with disabilities. We’ll explain. – [Emily] This semester
Del Mar College adding an African American History course. We’ll tell you all about it. – [Carlos] Del Mar College
is starting a new semester. We’ll explain the admissions process. – [Emily] Del Mar offers
an associates degree or certificate in Child
Development Early Childhood. Del Mar TV premiered the Reel Deal, a show devoted to filmmaking. We also have our regular
segments, Board Watch, and Around Campus. – [Carlos] Happy new year. Welcome to the January 2018
edition of The DMC Upside. I’m Carlos Garanzuay. – And I’m Emily Gonzalez. We’re bringing you the latest news and information about Del Mar College. – The Del Mar College
Disability Services Office along with faculty and staff
are committed to ensuring equal access to college
services, programs, and activities for qualified
students with disabilities. They strive to eliminate physical, instructional, and attitudinal barriers across the Del Mar College community. – [Reporter] The mission
of the Del Mar College Disability Services Office is to eliminate physical, instructional,
and attitudinal barriers across the Del Mar College community by providing support
services including reasonable accommodations to promote
maximum academic potential, participation in the college experience, and self-sufficiency for
students with disabilities. – The DisAbility Services
Office provides accommodations to those students
qualified to receive them and by doing so the student
will come in for an intake, the student will also bring in
their medical documentation, must be registered with
their class schedule ready to go because we’ll look at that, and then we’ll go and see
what best suits the student as far as an accommodation. – They’ve been really helpful. I remember when I first came
in and spoke with Brenda she was very pleasant,
she was understanding of my situation and the
accommodations that I needed for the particular disability
that I currently have. – I see students who need any type of support accommodations for classes. They come in, they provide assessments by a qualified professional. We sit down, we do an intake process, and we talk about how and what we can do to help accommodate them in the classroom. – [Reporter] In accordance
with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and applicable Texas state laws, Del Mar College is committed
to ensuring equal access to college services,
programs, and activities for qualified students with disabilities. – The student has to come
in and present themselves requesting accommodations
which is different from what they typically do in high school where they’re identified. So they would come in
and request services. They fill out an intake packet and we also ask that they provide any type of qualified documents from
a qualified professional. So that we have a chance
to review the documents. We have a chance to review their intake and we sit down, we have
a one-on-one with them, and talk to them about
some of their challenges that they may face in the classroom or just on campus in general. The main thing is that we’re to help, that we’re different from your
setting in public education. We’re not gonna go and
take you out of class and kind of single you out. It’s about you coming in and initiating that request for help. – For more information
on the Del Mar College Disability Services
Office call 361-698-1092. We’re taking a break. Please stay with us. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Vikings are tough. They don’t back down from a challenge. That’s why at Del Mar College
they’ve been our symbol of discovery and perseverance since 1935. Today, that viking spirit
thrives more than ever as we develop the next
generation of innovators, problem solvers,
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was really something good ♪ ♪ Baby if I could change the world ♪ ♪ Baby if I could change the world ♪ – [Announcer] Make a difference. Pass it on. A message from the
Foundation for a Better Life. – [Male Announcer] Your dream
of higher pay is within reach with some HVAC technicians
earning up to $28 an hour. Employers are hiring. And a certification from
Del Mar College is exactly what they’re looking for. Go from I dream to I am. Get started today at Del Mar College, dream delivered. (dramatic music) – Welcome back. This spring Del Mar College will offer and African American History
course for the first time. This class satisfies
the three hour cultural and behavioral science component
of the core curriculum. – [Reporter] This coming spring semester the Social Sciences
Department will be offering an African American History course for the first time at Del Mar College. It promises to be an exercise in discovery that’s unlike most other history courses. – It’s gonna be exploring the
African American experience in the United States, pretty
much giving a full view of the role of blacks
in the country’s history from the arrival at Jamestown in 1619 to where they are today. – A theme that’ll run through both halves of the course will
focus on the development and growth of African American culture. And we’ll probably try
to pull in, when we can, literature and film and visual art as well to sort of illustrate the
evolution of that culture. – [Reporter] Topics covered
in the course include origins of Africans in America in the 1500’s through the 1600’s, development of an
African American culture, realities of the slave experience, meanings of emancipation,
long struggle for equality, justice, and full citizenship, and expressions of
African American culture. – It is a course that’s
part of the core curriculum. And you know that one of the areas of the core curriculum is called Social and Behavioral Sciences and
every student, most students, have to take one course in
Social and Behavioral Sciences. So the course fits there. It carries social and
behavioral sciences credit. So it’s part of the core and a student who takes the course would
get core curriculum credit for it in that Social and
Behavioral Sciences area. – [Reporter] This in-depth
study should increase students’ appreciation for all people. – African American history
is America’s history. And that it’s all woven in together. And really the way I even
present my classes now just with the survey classes is to try to show that everyone plays a role in bringing about America
and its greatness. Where you’re looking at the
roles of Native Americans, women, African Americans, Asian Americans, and so things of that nature. – For more information
on this African American history course call 361-698-1635. – If you’re interested in
attending Del Mar College and earning a certificate
or associates degree and you’re not sure what to do, admission is the first step
toward delivering those dreams. – [Reporter] Del Mar
College has been helping Coastal Bend students achieve
their dreams since 1935. Del Mar has an open door admission policy. – We actually have the students
apply through Apply Texas. And they’ll go and set up an account and then you do the application online, and then we process your application within two to three days, and then we’ll ask you
for different things. You’ll need your high school transcripts or college transcripts if
you’re a transfer student. You’ll need your bacterial meningitis. And then of course then, if
you have less than 24 hours you’ll need to see an advisor. Here at the Student Enrollment Center we’ll see liberal arts advising but we’ll do general
advising for the campus. But we do encourage all our students to go see their department of
major to get their advising. But a lot of times the
departments will have their own faculty advisors
available for students throughout the year. – Advising is a critical
part of the process of full enrollment, I guess you could say. And students really need
to meet with an advisor either in the Student Enrollment Office or a faculty member in the program that they choose to major in. At Del Mar College, we
have a rule in place where students have to
successfully complete 24 credit hours of coursework before they are able
to register themselves. And that’s to eliminate
some students registering for classes that maybe they don’t need. So meeting with the advisor
is very, very important. We’re able to identify exactly
what this student is hoping to accomplish, what do they
want to do for a career. That helps us determine what certificate or degree plan they should be on and then we can give
them some recommendations for classes to take based on that. – For more information on admissions at Del Mar College call 361-698-1290. – The Del Mar College Child
Development Early Childhood Program offers and associates
degree or certificate in this high demand field. Graduates of this program
develop performance skills that meets specific needs of children. – [Reporter] The Del Mar
College Child Development Early Childhood Program has excelled for almost 40 years
offering diverse options that prepare students for
this high demand field. – Me being a male student
in a Early Childhood class and also a male teacher,
it’s a great atmosphere. The professors and the
teachers, they’re awesome. They teach you from the
beginning to the end and make sure that you can learn. – [Reporter] Del Mar College’s
program provides an onsite childcare center, the
Morris L. Lichtenstein, Jr. Center for Early Learning,
that serves as a teaching model for Child Development
Early Childhood majors. The Child Development
Early Childhood curriculum is designed to prepare
an individual to educate and care for young children
from birth through age 12. – The Child Development
Early Childhood Program is something that
individuals who are wanting to go into Early Childhood education, curriculum development,
working as a parent educator, or just want to strengthen
their parenting skills, we offer a variety of different classes with those different avenues. – [Reporter] Employment
opportunities for professionals in the Child Development Early
Childhood field have grown by 12% of the Coastal
Bend and by 24% statewide. Positions ranging from childcare director, teacher or assistant to family advocate, camp counselor, latchkey worker, and many other professional positions. Graduates work in rewarding
settings and impact the lives of the Coastal Bend’s youngest residents. – I’ve very much enjoyed
sitting in on the classes and listening to lecture. And then to have hands-on
activities just like we would do when we
get into the classroom. We would actually do hands-on
activities within the class, help each other create activities, and learn how to lesson plan, and then take those
activities into classrooms, not just hear at the Early Learning Center but at other childcare centers and preschool academies
throughout the city. – For information on the
Childhood Development Early Childhood Program at Del mar College call 361-698-2809. It’s time for a break but don’t go away. There’s more coming up on The DMC Upside. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] What does it take to go from entry level to management material? Or from the day to day
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for this world tonight ♪ ♪ I believe, I believe ♪ – [Announcer] What does it take to join a leading
workforce training center? Helping new industry meet new demand? Where higher education is affordable no matter the situation? What does it take to go
from how can I afford this to how can I afford not to? It takes a viking. Del Mar College, dreams delivered. (dramatic music) – Thanks for staying with us. Del Mar College Television
recently premiered a new show devoted to filmmaking. The Reel Deal explores
individuals involved with independent film production. – [Reporter] 2018 brings a new season of Del Mar College Television. And with that, new shows. One of those program is the
Reel Deal hosted by Will Diaz. – I’m excited about being a host period. I mean, it’s a big
responsibility to do the guests that I have justice and to really focus in on their art and make
sure that the audience, the masses, understand how hard it is, the things they have to do to create film, and maybe even take something
away from the guests. Maybe even create a spark of motivation. – [Reporter] The Reel Deal is
the first of two new programs Del Mar College Television
is producing this spring. The Reel Deal will introduce audiences to independent filmmakers producing films outside the Hollywood system. – I think that most filmmakers, especially on this kinda
micro-budget level, they don’t get kind of the exposure that the big guys get and stuff. But now that there is an
outlet for mini filmmakers to kind of be able to talk a little bit about their craft and
about what motivates them, and also kind of gets them to do things. It’s a good way to show that. So even if you don’t do it yourself, you’ve gotta kind of be the extra hand that knows what to do. You can’t be just the guy frustrated not knowing what is part of it. You gotta learn everything. You gotta learn the
marketing process of it. You gotta have maybe done
a little bit of acting, a little bit of producing, a little bit of photography, everything. I think there’s nothing that is taboo for a filmmaker that’s starting out. You gotta kind of do all the
bases, cover all your bases. – [Reporter] The Reel Deal is
currently producing episodes with filmmakers from the South Texas area but has big plans for future episodes. – I hope to see a wider swath of guests, not just from our city but
from other parts in the state. I’d like to maybe do some
industry style interviews where we’re talking about equipment, what’s the best equipment to use, what’s the latest on the market. So and tie that in all together with promoting independent film. And navigating it in a way
that is useful for all of us. But it’s a slow process. And I’m learning so we’ll
see what happens in the end. – You can find the latest
episode of the Reel Deal online at – With a new year and
a new semester upon us we went around campus asking students what they are looking forward
to in this coming school year. – Well, since I’m going into ministry, just hopefully start up
maybe a street preaching here and keep doing the table like I have been just to be going in the ministry and become a minister that’s all. Know my Bible and that’s kinda it. – To the students coming
in, it’s gonna fun. A lot of club activities
going on in the Harvin Center and a lot of events going on. It’s gonna be really fun. – This coming semester as a mentor, helping all the students get enrolled, and get them started, and
see their success here. As a student, completing my prerequisites to get into the nursing program. – I’m just looking forward to my classes. My accounting class, I hope I pass that. I heard it’s really hard. – What I want from college,
I guess a better education. Some of the teachers
only just use their notes and go off PowerPoints. I’d rather them have like hands-on work. – To just travel more and see
more sites here in America, just get around. – Just to be a bit more independent, like not rely on my parents as much, and just persevere through the semester, try to make the best grades as possible. And while I’m doing this,
kinda maintain my body so like be able to go to
the gym and go to work and go to school all at the same time. – This coming year I would
like to finish off the semester with As, good grade, get my GPA up. That’s good, that’s about it. And maybe start getting to internships to try to like get
myself ready to get a job after I graduate. – Just hopefully my classes
go as easy as possible because it’s been stressful
just this semester. So hopefully next
semester goes a little bit more smoother than this one did. – The Del Mar College Board of Regents held their regular December meeting at the Center for Economic Development. These nine elected officials
develop the policies for the college. – [Reporter] The regular
meeting of the Board of Regents of the Del Mar College District convened on December 12, 2017. During staff reports,
administrators presented a student enrollment
and achievement update. – We are so pleased to be able to tell you a little bit about what we’re gathering, information wise, with
our Tableau Dashboard. I know that this is something that the Board has been
very interested in, seeing a lot of data put
together very quickly. So I want to introduce… Sushil, where are you? This is Sushil Pallemoni, our Director of Institutional Research and he’s going to be driving the Tableau Dashboard. Doctor Silva and I will be talking about some of the more important parts that we’ve pulled our for you. – Tableau as you might
know, is widely used in the industry. It’s one of the leading
visual analytics tool and over the past one or two years higher education institutions
have started using it. In Texas, College Station, UT Austin, there is some other universities use it. We’ve been among the first
in community colleges to start using Tableau. Thanks to Lenora and August for always supporting our technology needs. – Another tool that we’ll be coming back and talking to you about you’ve
already heard is Civitas. And Civitas is different. The difference between
Civitas that we’ve see now is that Civitas is very, it’s active. It is by the semester and can
give us predictive analytics. And we have introduced Civitas
in our graduation component and we’ve seen some good gains right now. I know right now, Dean Sanders in her area in the retention folks
are looking at Civitas helping them in some other programs. And of course, part-time is
ones we’re looking at as well. Part-time’s difficult. As we understand our students, they have other obligations
that makes it difficult for them to come to school. But those that we can try to help, we want to try to reach out to. – [Reporter] A review of
the college’s health plan under ERS was also presented. – There’s been some
effects from our change in medical health providers
in the way of insurance that we’ve not anticipated. We’ve gone through changes
before at the college. Originally when I geo here we were a Blue Cross Blue Shield,
we went to United, and then we made the
switch this past fall. – Del Mar College
participates in group benefits through the Employer
Retirement System of Texas or what we call ERS. Other participants in these group benefits could be other Texas community colleges, state public universities or colleges, and state agencies. ERS puts the health insurance plan out for bid or out for
request for proposals and they select a company
from that process. Del Mar College does not
play a role in the selection of who ERS contracts with
for insurance coverage. Some of the primary care
physicians and specialists that were on the previous
network provider list will not be on the new
network provider list. – The entire Del Mar
College Board of Regents meeting can be seen on digital cable in Corpus Christi every
Friday at 2:00 p.m. and Saturday at 7:00 pm. You can also view it online
at That concludes this
edition of The DMC Upside. – As always, you can
watch us on digital cable in Corpus Christi every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00 p.m. You can also watch us online
at – We’ll be back in
February with a new show. We hope you’ll tune in. I’m Carlos Garanzuay. – And I’m Emily Gonzalez. Thanks for watching. (upbeat dramatic music)

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