‘The Five’ on Pelosi storming out of explosive Trump meeting

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  1. Halloween festival – starring chuckie shamer and nancy panty-hosey!!! What a devilish teammates!!! They will rot!!!

  2. Juan… I do agree with u there regarding it is far more serious with repubs. Believe some repubs are going to get caught up in scandals!!!! They r scared now. Many are in bed with dems. Thats why!

  3. crying chucky, is an inherent lier through and through, look at his skull , S L A N T E D. that should tell you something.
    —- Schumer is a Middle Low German word meaning "good-for-nothing" or "vagabond" —- Word Finder.
    nough said. These people are STUPID.

    God bless and protect our duly elected nas beloved President Donald J Trump, The US Marines, The Military, Q and The true Patriots, and all Freedom loving people, Amen !!! WWG1WGA, MAGA, KAGAlways.

  4. At 102, Nancy experiences her first orgasm, right outside the White House in front of the national press. Her mother should be so proud of her. I hope her depends undergarment was up to the task of protecting us from that image

  5. She didn't want to participate so she set up a mock battle complete with "hurt feelings". Is she an adult or not? Get your a** off your shoulders Nancy and get to work. Haven't you wasted enough time in 3 years?

  6. Waters makes a good point. The only people wanting us to stay in the war we don't belong in are the politicians who don't send THEIR kids off to war.

  7. The video title here should of been, "Trump was able to have a meeting after Chuck and Nancy stormed out of the building". So Trump spoke to Chuck and Nancy from a perspective of total reality. When such matters occur with true reality behind the vocals, the frauds running the left don't take well to reality and must leave the sounds of reality.

  8. I’d like a completely neutral news source please. One that doesn’t spin one way or the other. Surely there’s some people out there that just simply want to be good honest journalists.

  9. A few ISIS Woman running about with their sprogs can be taken care of by the locals. I would be more worried about the terrorists at home like the one with a tea towel wrapped around her head spitting bile on the foreign affairs committee in the government right now.

  10. Well I be damned Truth Hurts huh our President Donald Trump wouldn't have to say that stuff about her speaker Nancy Pelosi if she would be actually doing her job instead of having a Witch Hunt filled with BS on everyone that don't agree with the Democrats

  11. Juan has no idea about how to do anything. It is not our job to police the world. Save the rest of the world at the expense of the lives of our own people.

  12. The blonde woman has a point!! The African-American guy is right!! The Raven haired woman wasn't there!! She doesn't know who, was acting like a Child!! Seeing as Trump has told so many provable lies ..I believe Pelosi!! As any sane minded person would!! …Trumpers.. it's not that you can't see it..you just don't want to see it!! Of course the joker on the right makes people laugh, so they listen to him!!…Trump does the same!!

  13. Trump just says things without sugar coating. Just plain truth. And with Pelosi smiling like a 7 year old who has done something naughty, just makes shakes my head…. Yeah 3rd rate indeed

  14. democrats are the lawyer-puppets used to channel influence and power to unelected groups of individuals. they don't need to know anything about politics.

  15. At this point anything the Democrats say is to be taken as the usual Lying n embleshing yet another lie…Democrats have absolutely nothing positive to contribute for Americans n and America… Childish Nonsense at best…waaaa get Democrats a Waaambulance!!! Ridiculous!

  16. They are the Blood Suckers n stuffing their pockets w millions.
    I ask how does a politician on 190k a year pay ie Nancy Pelosi have a net worth of 120 million a mansion etc? Not to mention what her Off Shore Bank Account must look like, StuFfffed w cash

  17. It just seems to me that walking out on a meeting is something a third-rate politician who's having a "meltdown" would do… Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

  18. Trump is smarter than ANYONE gives him credit for. I think that the point that everyone is missing is that Congress, and only Congress, can declare war. The president does not have the authority. What Trump did was to finally say, "If you want war, YOU sign YOUR name on the declaration". In effect, he is forcing them to do their job and accept the the responsibility for it. If no war is declared, and our troops die over there, they can all point the finger at Trump. For years and years, they have worked this way, and nobody has been smart enough to see what they were doing. No more….. Trump recognizes their treachery. Take responsibility for your OWN ACTIONS. "If you want war, you know what you have to do. I'm not going to take the blame for YOUR war."

  19. They're talking about president Trump speaking rude,nah! Not my president Trump. lol. Give hell Trump..point the evil swamp out.. God bless our president Trump

  20. At 2:00 , Does the guy speaking about Trump’s knowledge on Syria not know he has the best experts in the country working for him? Intel that you nor the media has. Lmfao

  21. They think they are cute by just walking out of a meeting with the president. They don’t care about any real issues except soiling our presidents ideas.

  22. LMAO! A planned Pelosi, Schumer temper tantrum! Democrats that believe anything else happened are the dumbest brainwashed idiots on the planet! I wonder if when tried in the Senate if they don't allow any Democrats to be present? What they will say then???

  23. Look at these clowns, can anyone believe it? so if she cannot have a simple meeting how can she think of trying for the President of the USA, if you let low life like this run your country, you will spin into a hell hole with no getting out! she is consumed on dissing Trump and gets no work done! I say wheel her back to the old folks home, before they realize she escaped again.

  24. what is she doing after 40 years in politic….nothing she had accomplished…now she is full of sh** hate , despicable hate….towards President Trump….get a life before you die

  25. look, the people in congress are only there to make money. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEADS.
    republicans and democrats are only fighting over schemes to make money.
    am I wrong?
    how much money is lost to china in trade?
    why did the chinese sign a 1 billion dollar deal with Hunter biden?
    corrupt politicians are in bed with other corrupt governments.
    The more you hear a politician scream, look closely at what they are saying because what they are accusing others of, is exactly what they are doing.
    It is called projecting. GET IT?
    There is nothing illegal for a congress man or woman to invest heavily in a company before a law is passed pertaining to that industry the company is in…
    nothing illegal because congress makes the laws.
    Insider trading is illegal for you and me, not them.
    our investment 401k retirement portfolio would be doing marginally better if the cream was not skimmed off the top by our elected officials.

    so far Trump is trying to stand up to corruption and they want him dead. Not just impeached, but tried for treason and executed… Their money is being threatened. It wouldn't surprise me if they tried to have him killed… they did it to kennedy.
    The only other person standing up against corruption is Tulsi Gabbard
    The race should be between Tulsi and Trump, but dems will never let that happen, you saw what they did to Bernie in 2016…Β 
    open your eyes people!

  26. Pelosi was basking in the adulation by Schumer… she's only looking for power and attention. She has no intention to do what the people of this country want, need and call for. She is a typical FAKE female who loves to be told what she needs to hear… she is wonderful. Unfortunately she is far from wonderful.

  27. I don't think Trump insulted pelosi she stormed out on her own why we republicans always get the finger pointed at us.πŸ€”

  28. Well I guess β€œif the shoe fits!” Pelosi, Schumer… are third rate politician! Gutfeld your too funny… yep the Dems / Liberals are imploding! Juan needs to go to wherever Alan Colms went too!

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