The Growing Season Trailer (formerly Present Perfect)

“Is there a book you’d like to look at with John? Here’s Horton Hears A Who, here’s a walrus one… ” “Here, honey. What’s your name?” “Max.” “Huh?” “Mack?” “Max.” “Mack.” “Oh, Matt?” “Max….Max.” “Matt?” “Max.” “Oh, Mack?” “No, Max.” “Match?” “Match.” (ambient noise, children’s voices) “Don’t you think they grow up pretty fast for being two?” “What do you think is going to happen to you guys?” “You think you’re going to stay three and four and five forever?” “Yes!” “You have to be a grown up sometime.” “No!” “No?” “I don’t know if I can do it.” “I can’t even do it!” (laughs) “Can I sing?” (sings ‘Ava Maria’) “You know how you love somebody and they give you something?” “You know how hard it hits you on your heart?” “Big tears. Hot ones, running out of my eyes.” (ambient noise, greetings) “The kids and I are here and we invited you to come and celebrate happiness with us.” “There is only one time to be happy, and that time is now.” “These guys have, what? about 50, 60, 70, 80 more years of collecting happy.” “You guys have about 80 years or more to look forward to of getting more happy things.” (ambient noise, happy voices) “Gwen? Hi Gwen! Say hi Gwen!” “Them old years go by in a hurry.” “Yeah they do, don’t they?” “I guess they’re having Gwen’s funeral tomorrow.” “It’s tomorrow, yeah.” “I told Gwen, I said, ‘Gwen, I want you to know, I’m gonna show up at your funeral wearing a clown nose!'” (laughs) “She loved her clown nose, you know?” (announcer) “Put your hands together for the graduating class of 2013.” (clapping) “Bye- bye! Come again.” “Come when you can.”

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  1. This is sweet, but I can't help but think of all the viruses and bacteria that follow around youngsters. The good may still outweigh the bad for these old folks anyway. 2:37 Nope, this old bird is gonna die!

  2. Enjoy your less than 100 orbits around the star named "Sun" before your neurons and neural synapses decompose and rot and all of your memories are destroyed. RIP in peace.

  3. There is something similar to this in the UK. Except there is a small community of people where they live, side by side, with mentally challenged people.

  4. This makes me feel happier about the thought of growing old. I think for me I just need to embrace the fact that death is imminent, and sense I have to deal with it I might as well embrace it. Its really hard for me to grasp the thought of what might happen after I die, if anything.. This is a struggle I live with and I'm going to have the rest of my life to hopefully cope with this fact and maybe someday turn it into something beautiful. I'm not a religious person who believes in going to heaven after death, its not that I don't believe in the idea but I am open to many ideas.. I hope though when I'm old that I have come to some sort of comforting peace with the thought of dying.

  5. Well done and have good success. I come from a small country the Republic of Malta an island in the Mediterranean. From my experience any human contact is highly appreciated by our elderly brothers and sisters isolated in an institution. This idea of putting pre-school and elderly together is sublime. Both share a simplistic life of safe human warmth. Please have no fear of dying of a virus brought in by the children. I work with the elderly. Most would rather die now at a happy moment than linger in uncontaminated misery. Once I was doing a comedy programme for TV. We had a slot for the members of the hospice movement. I visited them for 2 mornings and recorded many of them telling stories of the funniest incidents in their lives. We only showed a couple every weekly programme. Some of their families were calling me to rush me in showing their relative's clip as they were only given a few weeks of more life and wanted to watch themselves on telly before passing on. I obliged as best I could to make sure the passing was with a smile on their faces.

  6. Seeing videos like these make me feel all tingly inside, until I remember these kids will grow up, dress up like lumberjacks and 'hipsters' and walk all over my porch and my precious petunias.

  7. Before the nuclear family children were raised by their extended family and village. The elderly would not feel socially isolated and would have plenty of contact with children, and the children would benefit from all the care and nurturing. Now we might see a return to 'it takes a village to raise a child'.

  8. This is a great concept. When I was the same young age my pre-school in the UK did similar, but only around Xmas time to the old folks home.

  9. I love this! One will eventually become the other. How energizing it must be for the elderly. It's also a path to creating more empathetic children (or at least not systematically losing it.)

  10. This is really such a simple and amazing idea for both generations. My grandfather is in a nursing home and I cant imagine the benefits it would have to someone like him who is so caring and sociable and really lights up when children are present. I really hope this becomes a big deal and is brought to the UK. I will keep following your organisation and donate what I can to make this happen. You have created something beautiful, and brought polarized generations together be proud of that.

  11. I am bawling my eyes out. This is such a wonderful thing. The eyes of the children and the eldery have the same spark in their eyes. I think we all do not realize the sadness eldery folks go through and the kids bring out the youthful feeling all over again. Thanks for bringing this to light. I love this.

  12. YES,this is grand ! If there was one visit,once every QUARTER , life would be a blessing in disguise as a young child!
    The film is due to be finished in summer 2016.

  13. I wish you would open one of these in Mississippi. I would absolutely LOVE to work there!!!! This is so wonderful!! This whole video makes me cry. I can't stand to think of the elderly people being lonely. This is such a great idea and I think every nursing home should do this!

  14. Bless you Present Perfect Film. Bless you and these people, young and old. Bless those who still look out for their fellow man and woman, in a time when selfishness seems to be the focal point of everyone thought process.

  15. My heart breaks for these elderly people. In my culture, we always take care of our parents when they grow old, even our grandparents. We all should remember that they took care of us when we were babies up until we can live independently. Whoever put their parents in Nursing Homes, have no heart at all.

  16. This is so moving and beautiful. This is the best gift we can give each other, the power of love and human affection. Watching these little ones with the elderly and seeing how perfect they relate to one another is AWESOME. Wish this was possible everywhere.

  17. замечательный проект , доброта спасает мир.Эти малыши запомнят свое детство , а старикам стимул каждый день встречи с малышами

  18. Very kind, thoughtful, intelligent, humane, inexpensive idea. I bet those two groups of people are the happiest people on our planet. My word, is there actually hope for us after all?

  19. Currently trying to stifle happy tears…I grew up with my parents/grandparents all in one house and this video hits so close to home. This concept is so grandparents are currently in a nursing home with the extensive care they need and I think being around kids would be so great for them! I love this video and hope this project succeeds!

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  21. What's wrong with this world!!
    How people can really make effort to go and dislike a clip like this one. Anyway, the 'Likes' are way more than that. 😀

  22. Это гениально! Россия репостим! Пусть материализуется у нас! 🙂

  23. what an amazing idea! im surprised that this has been around since 2013 and still hasn't caught on everywhere, this wonderful idea that benefits everyone involved needs to be much more widespread.

  24. Present perfect fans: we are trying to connect with a senior center or assisted living home in NYC that would be willing to host a preschool or mixed age group of homeschoolers for an intergenerational learning program. This program is being started by one of our most exceptionally gifted teacher-entrepreneurs and all we need is the right space. There would be ample opportunity for the seniors to participate in the program as learners and teachers. Are any of you connected to a senior center in NYC? We need your help to do this amazing thing. Can you help us? Do any of you have connections to senior centers in NYC?

  25. This had my in tears. Beautiful. This is the kind of forward thinking that we need to look toward if we want to continue to improve our society. So happy I stumbled upon this. <3



  27. My name is Rita and I live in Madrid. I think this project Is wonderful!! I could translate this film in to spanish lenguage voluntary. Let me know.

  28. This came with a side of honey nut feelios. oof… I'm looking forward to watching this with a box of tissues! :')

  29. Present Perfect, I am a translator of Portuguese. I would love to help you with the translation into Portuguese! (I couldn't understand a few sentences at the very beginning of the trailer – voice off ). I have a 89 year old dad and I know how difficult it is for them and for the family! I would love to see such interactions between the very young and the very old here in Brazil!! Congratulations to Providence St Vincent!!

  30. On so many levels this is an inspirational model for how elders and the young can come together, learn from one another, be ALIVE together, and feel purpose. Imagine the impact on these youngins! Imagine the happiness for otherwise lonely elders. POWERFUL. Thank you for bringing this to us.

  31. directed to this by my lecturer at university, fantastic to see how both the young AND the elderly are able to gain from this initiative.

  32. you know what is beautiful – an idea , which is so natural . ''' its a best and most graduation human need today " so beautiful , so beautiful , thank u very much .

  33. I love this. The children have innocence and curiosity and unconditional love and so do the elderly, as well as having so much life experience. It's a win, win as far as I can see it. Also it looks very supervised, which is a must. Much love to whoever believed in this idea and made it happen.

  34. +Present Perfect Film: Are there any new updates regarding when this will be finally released? I don't see an update from you guys in a while now and I know a lot of us are waiting for some kind of release or potential release date… Any info would be awesome!

  35. Active "community contribution", I'd love to translate the closed captions into Traditional Chinese for you!

  36. I had this idea years ago, it's interesting to see it actually happen. Too often we have striated generations when we should be blended. Congrats on exploring a real world way to change that.

  37. I’m grateful my grandparents are still alive and this really made me realize that because they looked after me as a child and i’m in college now so the fact that one day I might not get to see them anymore hits me hard.

  38. Since i was a kid and while playing around the neighborhood i left my friends to go associate with older people…i loved them…i found them exciting…they loved me back and they where full of interesting stories, they remembered their dreams and themselves back in the days… they joked with me, they laughed, they wanted me there, they were waiting to see me again…they even chased me in the garden as ''fast'' as they could…i never knew back then that i might was giving something good to people, i just liked seeing them happy…i was always thinking that it must have been sad to sit all day long and having no one to talk to, while being your spirited self only in an older, more fragile form…to all the elders that made my childhood even lovelier…thank you…i love you…<3

  39. I commented 2 years ago requesting more information from the film makers, possibly a release date or just where they are on this process…. I haven't seen any updates since and no reply to my original comment 🙁 I'm staying subscribed incase any news ever comes out regarding this amazing documentary, but I'm starting to think it will never be released at this point.

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