The Hindu Newspaper Analysis and Editorial Discussion 26 July 2019 | Daily Current Affairs in Hindi

what's up guys I hope you are doing well are you Vee welcome to Chandler family subset penneth of Sibylla poco Kargil Vijay Tversky hardik soup carne they came up recopy interesting Mooji coat Legia Facebook or even is here Katie Dilma host loketh a is o2 fondly 14 oz masucci home of me would only have 14 chaos Maya hamari Georgia Moon KO hum – opening moot image only 14 – yay strigas a job logo hamari forces conduct a technical tab JP hamari contigo safety giveth Athiya tohe mesa upon escena tanning waive full german gaze at me hamari rocks a got away I'm gonna charity sahih Tokita topper lagging a harbor smelly fatale Parmar name it naval oka ahi bikini saga Nikki hija mark responsibility when they come second recognized Oh canoes in Sanko Disney opening family up need her bar duniya council super rude Cup opening the Escalade apne John D becomes the Campo Scott cannot open theory quad salute cannot o bantha he at skating so he here Kargil Vijay Diwas this cavalry my up logorrhea Rex damn buggy hablo poca thuggin nano magazine my detail miss Kay barry manilow gonna discuss key at our table Stabilo boo box will say again me happen is Kelly a hard dick to come 9 IE dick take a cam look at his Erskine am a job locum a bitch question am when therefore this joker mech Minnehaha buggy coffee will Shonda this is Karina asking him the Hindu newspaper newspaper may argument is a pally the case sorry matching upper bath cotton in the basket am sweetie valley video ki a question Ebola kisser Joe questionnaire egg Bolton's Knievel coffee Judaic Bolton levels up for us a down Gordo Ricky Agora plug is 11 / jug are occurring in a table Luca BB of napkin comfortable feel nickering a practice every syllable Kyogre habla curling it the exam a coffee comfortable filtering him or a keyboard is a level through Rock'em a level through a comic and say okay be IUPAC wish and dollar camel is me so you PhD can leave a like or come Hathaway yeah my reveal a will come have you take it is bottom is below they have a coffee actually will say up no question they hitting with in Agoura syllable praça da block practice karo game no hablo comfortable feel groggy what your test authors will be up locum fir table the field car okay agar III no video cobbler properly follow gergich else a kneebar up Logan isn't Ranma Jia bloke problem face nickering examine Agora blog lecture Commission hearing it lecture Miska datablock uncomfortable 8a tweaking lecture habló de aqui escape as me a wall apportionment dongyeop loca kawaii big question up Logan hopper examiner sending over the upload attempt and now curse again which is statement Oh theater on hypothermia panic in guchi Naboo stop Orson uploaded I'm killing you or elimination method same pablovich I work as a team my quinoa tapioca the Bob Logan regular Chiyoko follow car got salt in it though are you dick taking a cam look what he says connect a fish under article am Bucky mera saath mechanic press a blog Facebook / what is he gets off me telling us hablok PD Ibiza can download consulting him they say article makea chaotic erm some se pehle to articulate upper here baccarat unlawful activity prevents an egg twist cave are imagining a detailed article disses karamakov Isha and erratic La Caixa remove the blue pajama level he he Harper beat in Cuba remain a prime minister I hit on a very magical cure a brexit coke a silica selling him to hell casaya diablo go too much in Tunica be brexit cavalry my Soniya the reason be up Luka Haj Agha next he offered to basket area the year Donald Trump came mediation giveth he gear when after push linear yo he issue a jab Donal Trump on Ebola Imran Khan in he would predict a Pakistani Prime Minister wouldn't kid whare Ebola get Donald Trump K Imran Khan Gore is honey Kelly a few table was a team hoon say fires out Hannah Gilley a key hummed your head starting a Keith cosmic a moody pop India or Pakistan kovitch me mediate Turkic um cream Vienna came metastatic am going to yay Joe Buddha hi Appa here to Donal Trump cake or a comment here gear the a clinically se situation makea kooky ass kid me Taliban ke saamne Afghanistan my boutonniere takes UK Donald Trump Xavi NK you see table or chart a key your next election won a valet though that beats me the USA gundermutt who say pal a year in Austin Nichols and kissing III get Stephanie John machaca horas get the healthy a junta Puppy Bowl pange a giant kid we're up company starting me is June kid whare junta gets Omni Joe Abdul Basit a gent against Omni join in K do a la bola get taking ha SSA come Knievel akley's to make point or add Vijaya they say in kid whare Paris climate agreement Sihanouk L gay Iran nuclear deal say barnacle game or BK sorry s haircut in Caracas rej segi Mexico gay border but the you are bonanni so yamaha booth in k ec least cake part hey this may Afghanistan saber honey can I be a calisca bar top to kinda gay election may future peace car bungalow many Bharata a woman a car Khadija who do you see appeasement gets Alton Yuna s a comment Kia Dookie in kobani Zeta equal suppose Ferber TV so being upper body conical karate yell Bala a key Donald Trump name buys you like could you come yeah who's come below Anakin did cardia Exodus a Hummer external fan minister named Bucky Joe Ravi's Kamara American 3kj spokeperson a Ministry of External forgive our up he bola Yankee India or yes take a relation a comment here / big car and he was at a home loco yes are exceeded shortcut argue about Nazi hamari adhuri listening whoa take a la gallop diamond segment up local technical Malaya sandy Kiki see single CTO quantum loogie steady gaze aim to inception ago sad maguro up a Gerber team to you but in a perky trea eval our ticketing up a us segi politics cabaret Mia blow go but I get Donald Trump Sam go so those two big or take comment Kathy Tudor colg up so to drop our oldest is a comment cut their ethical I got a community go later up nahi countrymen a divided kutsuki a logo go he could the key country ma'am cuff each other poll of face he asked a to make array for internal she didn't happen us again joke in the him poor and a Shanda article up logo they can homologous arrow Casey gave our ma a detainment it says carrucha oh sorry point hablo Bojana Camila valium or science and tech maybe execution push layer thing to detail Madonna game both OTP honest article hopper here Dukey hablo Kodaikanal me like a woman resolution give re me those people you love ninja telling him he important article operandi hieratic is a tiki Joe generally steps keep re making whom breath of my experience say her name or hamper cannot really parties the car hike is kami cynical girl his came in may occur jarring enjoy idiot every member of Legislative Assembly so important in here and then he discuss getting him so ie an adult a cake article per detail make a chaotic is REM or coffee Shanda 3 geeky CJ dick team some simple a Joey showed us article appendix cook over Carlito reservation give Adam a phenom look TJ Agata scaring him or doe question as no hablo Kaduna no question c'mon Suraj up logo DNA so se pehle to Juniper questionnaire the upload a collegiate 33 percent regeneration give a 30 American Dream a whose K Barham a free next article open Adobe coffee important a tabula Cherokee Jesse panchayati raj system you affirm UNC paleta me American Dream a reservation theorem in Hilo Co you see that he can say hemlock agar reservation implement contain the unique a gem look I skied at Murray State Assembly a parliament named Tom Lowe coffee large-scale / political area maybe apne boomin curry / Giunta senior percocet am unique a new coffee company / gent is in a woman car whose complement us at me a year batting upper body gear Kristi open hablo poca Menken escobar me up local ignite lacnic Erica wabacooche article member tomma or to top Logan is your b r kappa s kappa remain way categorical hablo elixir to him here though jacob logo imprudent topic will attempt a year operate to upload Jonte admission here point of saab logo the extreme uniquely American dreamy conservation case against a camp career or society upon Toby say we copy important here to national level per gender balance case a banana who's gay bar a bath you Daria it a global gender a global gender gap reporter 2008 till you kiss me Bulaga key political empowerment Agora blue taking him and Luca coffee come they can come is their equality moon eh-eh-eh-eh-eh her ham look up missiles on Cuba Katya equal representation your upper Mahoney say yeah Parliament can the state legislature ganda inter-parliamentary Union IP Yuki report Kamath cream is cooperate article memory IP lacunae interest parliamentary union to his schedule report I 210 may be schedulable area all overwhelm a 24% Joe Member of Parliament a only woman a Yanni k ol overwhelm a Garoppolo manager Allingham only up lower 24% hopper a woman they can Camilla give bark Iike GOP hopper portion bus gr any case 76% hopper a year woman the men they can accumulate auger every is upload any call came you have her case sorry Connecticut with her liquor some ham Keoghan a bloke I PU K sub C upper about cutting a ipj Seminole yup loco Pattaya yupper inter-parliamentary Union talk at home low by pukey report case of self am two years old a kidnapper political representation coffee HC kasi aim is comic Lavinia Kim Harper political representation you have Oh bill coolest Erica Sega degeneration the again or because sorry reason him regeneration biack part em I think a reasonably on lithium basket area Rwanda a country a yeah Africa continent Ken Dodd Eggman location upload Rwanda King operatically gee yogi Amara PR Abarth nasiha burn up lobe Africa continent can the ranking to throw rice costume calc a taking it in hopper habló go Rwanda they connect America he how poor the accepting upload one second you thinking about ticket yogi opera one doctrine is a joke a little hopper yeah exactly upper Rwanda block the expand to Rwanda Jeevitha perky Daria Rwanda my garage Iraqi 11.2 million low bogey population is may say except percent 3 percent is any upper a lower house may or 38% upper house may and get subsidy other all over world may auger gubin creepage indiscernible rwanda under me hey bro bloggers legislature ki baat karta dome since 2003 say upper 30% 30% Harper in Jerusha name cars cracker bath cream woman keep on Toby same way Harper ischemia a purple is a tiny coffees are the representation but here like in case that a loggia both taking a biack reason am or be a christening Appa okay ah boola boola get 1994 casino said do you know cytotec to be same what large-scale pearl okay tah Cardinal those Time Babu sorry Luke isn't Iligan came male population is Nancy elegant take vacuum create okay society may you know a pre presentation when Lago candy pedagogy society who sorry Luka John Selig Ito John Louisiana give a bit of female barnacle coryza Roma same people I see Jess a world war first key ever vodka temple Watsa getting about the team palais de la pista cadets hidden hidden ago men city girls in he nickel nevada but like in Waldo our first or second maybe coffee Giada Louise are give whose keypad her may parivar McQueen mill community in here a unique email partner up those time permitting law cooper-nichol karana prop tricky here is an hopper born a Camilla helium Harnack alkali yogi boo cottage in a sidewalk old sniper male community cut a movie large-scale per K sorry area me to hopper a presentation la cocaina para you see case at McHugh Bucky Bucky daddy a big bar Cuba copy upload Mac Mini hurts the team Cuba Kagura vlog taking him to up low cap Nick and tree company they keep yogi American tree huh same I can uploading I say that they he is sad maker even country may become a leg up logo Cuba in appendix thick island country Hobart again eunha per day cake island country Escobar empathy area Tony Hoffer Bora gets taken number one subset other all over whirlwind 53% hyperbolas are a Juniper logbook member 11 point 1 million logo may same three percent distant woman ko a chicas here you come with your legislature a holic a local level proof in its representation am did nyet see upper upper level per a unique agar community in later got mint cubicle to local Newbridge other name but lake in openly level for a check a Singapore they can even built a little local level Purdue locally soupy pasyati a un hopper a woman could ignore key are just ahead next in your basket area a about canary student game Sudan giveaway Jonathan student k bar MBK sorry about the bullying him student hopper upload dicks name products a uncle Ethan yoga student to put a wall to keep service to Pablo Gomez and karate yoga sudeerneer Norway Finland coffee important can take a piece and contribu student may Borah geeky IP UK subs a pathway a rank holder a student we have about 40% Judaica there are 90 Joe nineties Singapore a year population geotechnical museum here feminist government in upper deck nakum will be in any camp women based government in upper arty henna culture agarbatti of Nicosia this nepal key bury me please cook up look the unti a nipple given a robot cat a to you again nepal tomorrow a conductor for this be hard on you opera block of west bengal on hamper sick game though here touch cat even a gelatin nepal key boundary go so he hamara proceeded sugar coffee creamy he happened with 36 position is key agar IP UK upload basket aim those who visit remember a skill lower house main and Lopaka plug taking him was he gets at me harper those of its mmm Sanibel member upper lower house when you kill about 32% him to Yami 32% representation a 36 position we're taking the envelope applicant Riga vodka theme to rank you have 192 contribute summary 149 a genic a lockpick hablo butum he bowls a team you see cassava you representation him just so he looks of accused me a guarantor some low our team or job please sir tummy Lok Sabha yes Mitch oh there's some low quality presentation who be here to Yannick a Java cheery presentation of our in a year how about a logbook 30% 30% ace and minimum who unity a yogi copy low up logo the inability M Georgia recently vodka pay Houska be aha in Hobart presentation aim 29 states mrs. sought every state has said his next single MP woman hopper AB enabled anek egg be Member of Parliament hopper and Hamidah yeah uh plane areas his sought sa 29 may say anything only agar upload the king upper bicep eyes Jewish Tatum has a member of parliament woman cry any chemical agriculture I am back in he he seeketh mugger basket f10 eight Constitution amendment bill hamari country Martha reasonably 33% regeneration lunacy a pelican American three a patriarchal unique a prosper on society AB plane hopper woman coach other how can he do yoga thing is silly Harper years that passed in he opieop nopperz Co support and he they can you come believe Bucky seek Azad Nagar bath cream near coffee important to take a punch at or muncipality below cookies a woman lobbies and coffee large-scale Berber DM k area mentor purchase percent save each other they can ago Miller here – Ikki Sileo for a cookie reservation Harper the area rep to reservist and me a coffee it's a sedan hang up Irma Oh creepers and a Sangha Agora blow who's got hung say focus Laker shall being a talk to you Barbara gay Dookie copy border name is karima blog idea recipe who discussion constant aperture yoga opening area can local Arabia blog hopper egg 3 kcj upload analysis key act Posca be uploading opera answer Melissa thinking how am i right area me up K regime echidna hopper presentation in upper Malaga State Assembly under Maine every municipality may appear quench at me Soho be a calluses habla munechika question Kaiba uploads a interview me directly at the MTA so yah bloke open a local area bury me information do you own it am i yoga but though next job happen important have bought hilarious Sarah BC bill cavalry me said obviously bill Kiev army sorry but Ajani IKEA IKEA a cheetah him escape army duty LM logo ki baate addicting him when I upload is first imagine Akiko Suzuki Gixxer OKC hekia here to sairaag ECOT hopper his coach our category mediator key again er category meadow category over him Jennifer g3 guru BCE j'tia who scabies forever though category I am joking up harmonica whisper Harper surrogacy the Aquino community M said okay see ho TK I basically said okay Sager motive or death or permeable oh go Balu – yay ik then you can say coke with Harley's a th Apotheker nigga Liam Yannick a a year a copper a or b na per diem a loggia a female oh yeah endo no ko but chap at economy yes at some me a kissy medical problem kiwi same plea Qaqortoq ECT three person Kiki's in Manila keep Koko Darla team playing upon to cope with Harley at yep we hear proceeding up Rob logo technical military vault instead of EC to EC sale it American tree may be liar – yeah GJ be up logos Edison let you upload it pushes a sec TM picked a up a traditional surrogacy hooray clapping – buona sera you'd watch get my coffee large scale but hey yeah coffee in Poland Escobar be obligated a kegger a be a cake a barmaid detail my up logo song Gotham Kiki akka differencing upper they can you go miss the hair who's Kelly up Logan hopper AE approach – Ximena preggers – Parris I important procedural oppressor idea Giga is k bar e me a procedure wrote a in sunny and Ken Ham logo key and Rijo tech Husker female or male Dickey other people Geppetto that okay sow time milk a sperm or female Joe Eigo theme voiceover Milton or scab at Minka fertilization okay okay up Logan a biology me in CRT Baraka you fertilizer son who Nikki basing upper year but Chuck precision on my star birthday okay but shaman I started them to kiyah kiyah they basically a Eugene happily sperm in the hopper women Cagliari attempt on your upper milk is familiar theme unko outside hopper cross off III guess up Lobos they fertilize Karaka hulka's up fill TC TC a woman King hopper is go under insert K attempt Tommy Harper Takata a year procedure cap any cake a lock milk is mom okay a lot female can happen a Goga up TC female can the risk or acharya ram to here procedure an upper a year job hf without em please UT 3 female in a pop here if the DK say up loco technical Milligan but chuckle bus it existed cook in our Lydia but Zepeda connealy who know who can wear up joking upper back up at economist at 7 a.m. today k technology my the cafeteria kitchen kitchen here bottom comes in a movie up not could kabocha pedicle sagging him wake to approach the uploading upper deck nakum is there he juniper is cope assisted reproductive technology this crapola are a yeah in vitro fertilization in vitro fertilization both their normally kata normally physical relation with a male or female cancer when he operate but japan thought that to e up logo her ik animal me the ignition milega the Nek in sun-baked rica animal II have hum be hopper ec3 appraiser may hum they say look geppeto Horan I'll give you watering him to express the hope that is may a practical other upload they had a natural 3 get same male or female really produced car temperature to wake natural protein but like in a girl whoops at some me open a case in medical coq a said you chaos get makeup on over it nada Barbados UK this 3 gig enhancing Amaro to exercise him look at any balanced item local eating a concern with nurettin dances haute in here to eat it not the pool on create career academies keyway same jewelry productivity have coffee hamper orient those kids Altadena kabocha pattern yo tone copy persimmons again he approached very stark a gap playing opera in vitro fertilisation at you may not be uploaded some day Appa here juniper cruiser f-scale a bug a claw through facilitate a starting me ask it will a book charger punch much Law Group a scale areum – Harper penny Bhattacharya keep and upload a our table a Quranic a assisted reproductive technology Laker off Bousquet partner up loading hopper Baskin up yessir OVC give I remain so panel oh hello Val a procedure for locro the upper traditional to say ok CSM aqui aqui attempt woman K under hopper is pump delegate a male Cape yeah it piranha 3d scabies / hopper up Lobos attempt key a chronic traditional Chihuahua 3 carotid is pesco traditional surrogacy bull da guia odds clear to make a giraffe we have per woman Kegley Jeremy milk is familiar unco 53 a woman k under insert killer app – ye up local technical Malika yeah just put gestational surrogacy um look bolting two-year juniper to t3 woman could use kera here coffee- impaired Iraq a woman Cahill's / q yogi Molly J ego person a concrete a helical accompaniment circus a camera in Cape a sandwich a paddock a nigga time minion hitch at a Kiana time is particularly area made our life a to hej då a loser a yekke but Japan's economy sucks Amina yet todo no my console her name they keep time they yeah would take a lot about Toby a bloke time nickel cabbage a paddock here up loca was Solana do be up logo suitable again take another path economist examining him those time from loco he approached Jerry start cars a team between hopper chaotic Yamaoka teaser a number key yappari be American tribal is Leila get to key assume he lucky haladki fever bath or et hamari country may catch a lotta young long neck commercial gonna do the Nek pesto Kelly acero BC utter does the cilantro pain the earth is my locket whare or charger pass by Jimmy pedicure charity Vienna Cape tariqa say he will grant any cognitive look let's see okay kiosk or room kadai paneer a calbuco you only leg apart so pull your to poke gripe early charity Pelican yamaja I betcha Pythagorean Abu sceeto hello thing upper crab the Agena abnormally HF a decree Sonya depth charge upon which a pedicure am play coffee- Batwoman kin helper adhara top doha merican premature allow key again yellow key again only l true stick surrogacy yay Katya yogi commercial upload nigga named Molly Jake male or female ooh bitch a pattern hiccup array table he kisses suggest am Bundy ER at least a tarpon hopper Lake rang it tacky way hopper in key in can be happy but Japadog our second game up nearest adharmic we female colleague rangatahi whoa innkeeper betcha better Garza gift paper Poisson yo cup capacity dang it hepatic tariqa emotional attachment to the Chanukah milega to e coffee boarded hol true stigma / e uncompensated sarah greasy disco ball attempt the upper quit payment and you tab us here at a key tohe Purdue manila pregnant who me who's kept captive a garage special care i NK muslin support every special died tuck you healthy rescue scope we put on a face can you brave put talking upper Junko Bassanio but travel a sagging a keo keo betcha pad any corporate Ori steady guessing a break he muscles supporting upper Equis John pehchaan wallop remark a memory a car pega pega purpose a Kadena key direct and he putting him to a bath huh / bully yep – yeah Wally said we see American trimming allow p.m. to commercial Sarah greasy am joking upper do keyboard a directly a block pass a daiquiri huh / surrogate mother laying it to go join an opera coffee- better return Marie can take businessman Theory T Bihar Wally can take a look American remake yahiko clarity or hopper buy cheaper decorative please give me just a whore attacking American premium will I do basic a solitary be coffee gotta play silicon sorry sorry Mahalo Kudo diverges TV footage of reality is particularly remain generate a geek some leg up or pulsate cell tárrega case arias indicate they can accumulate a husband do that without Baker Passover meal of all the dougie to me a Kankuro and say because sorry Casey they can accumulate but coffees are upon me Harper nickel karaage to secrets LT Joe I'd taken him a precinct apartment total little me a discuss current so John let the key acaba thing apart a computer here when I offer you the key American Dream in iocai Sarah Gracie to have Tsubaki REM tokaiya inclusive air rescue very question mark luggage are a junior bill happy Sarah PC revolution will introduce Korea earlier you see month me Lok Sabha may be hyperbolic X L threw sticks hello Gracie allow kill eggy commercial surrogacy allow Nakia him Jenny a quick closed a relatively hopper up low-key but Chico apne Koch me paddock asset am Pablo commercial in decreasing is Co commercialization to horochowski vs. yo- pet burrata who score Oakland achillea come here to you Bihar sable oak American premiere yeah is three Sarah greasy go Lynn Achille are a team please he give Adam a hopper you into her blog is Omni if to hang up her a year juniper Joe moderator hopper here Americana Rasika shot me hugger bath weeding hopper only goes to cocoon eek whole juniper a director a gynecologist em what's he get submitted introduce three side menu upper you get touch here but don't happen journalists are interested in upper you Gentiles Schumann when K bar am a hopper in kiddo are you discussing purity again discuss and John lithium you notice of similar to Ebola get assisted reproductive technology a artichokie Manabi up locally Chi a our team capella upload is Co upload bollocks to focus a regulator name penned up loogie regulating a tubby upload second program now be uploading opera pine gay disco blocks are OVC Bernini Kalevala to upload a regulate canny direct surrogacy para ser agree she so and who you know if the Rica same panel plug initial procedure projector beautiful messy oh yeah k ah blow any prelims to kill killer Kenya and shock system is de Lorraine yeah fill in CRT up low cover Kearney param see the hablo coppers re-upload CDI stern rebuke Padre Pablo Casals many I get see edge of the cob Logan CRT cover and nickering him oh I see gonna happen criticized killer app to serve this is your bill hands to me the upper class car to coffee- no Cruiser dollar WAP local a catch and a pedagogy staircase a number he kissed clapper Casey like a Chilean ka artichoke arise me your donor a goat MC get three guesses you have purchased me used Cajun in vitro per 30 fertilizers in your procedures could you like it's an obligor fellows from me off low peg balance Monica and Lana bodega ab kya k- batting up risk everybody game they keep to fire them on their married couple a pergola gekido married couple an auger oh but chapada kneecap RN toaster ooh basica he'll play september chapada cunningly Palicki negative at camp nothing happened on resident Indian Kaname again a girl came Hartford railroad mei-hua company country mr. Ricca baby Pelican let Sasuke Miriam Lukesh neewollah game booth rápido pájaro dragon logo KO joking about joking upper baby to have occurred an IVF get through is pin upper covered in Ikea gap place thing again with your local paw patrol again including bone Pony Apertura gay about just a key unmarried couple go hoon conclude Nicky again you see Chris asked me to get him kundo include Nicky again single man or woman Josephine he cannot Jahangir go banana chat they are but judge Athena could go wound Kobe happened including Hickey again only altruistic miss paragraph Lobby Scalia selling it okay sorry country Callahan leakage logicoma Perriello to gear any case sexy Zinio by a reason came recently I keep pathani up locate / you re stay Darwin echidna Samnang s combo coming early Tokyo possibly negative up locking up her support Caribe ha ha blah blah who is preserving support caring it may be social value bottom basically agar upload Napoli Scalia is 3 gazelle retro Yahoo suteki upload is quick trick same bar basket is kaboosh by then and they can accumulate set up using agar bath getting upper kinda thought Pablo is ko there's a thingy seryoga secret declare KJ a kind profession the profession get perpendicular across the thames ii head caterer who's copied care properly or the secrets of no students they can ago million what proper medical check up your Jeff so Yannick a upload is cooked properly profession Maharaja name the both sorry-looking upper jaw bhuminjaya limited cuddly Aikido picture upload Sarah wait kar sakthe though American team a joke Oscar is a subclass Society me to come on Ibarra whose comma Phi that they can economy leg up what health give me the honey opera key dengue other Pro problems core care carcass Althea dope but like in this area procedure Abu Bakr RA only married a couple career here done say upload implement and he kept eyeing it could be choo-choo Parker creates ego teenager hanging him looking legal raggy or 50 up Joe charity or penalty laggy don't key James Graham booty up loco another I get dokie gala 3 coca how lucky I see cases with a community woman explode can exploit he again forcefully on can hopper proposal the against Archie game Batman coach economy needy akiha medical treatment and cinema YC Kasab me but Jeff at the Hanukkah body will get hung say quake here and he key game sak sees me the unica million Tokyo condition multi am if table Louis Vuitton's they regulate group or sub say Pele hamara right take three Casey yeah but chapada connect a saber chapada Garnett to a kiss you go her oh great yeah Phil coy okay okay in vitro fertilization occurs correct we are transgender lesbian here for diverse equal Harper woman iam a lamp when a police particular poacher Cooper Janka right M uploading a per year in carotid over chapada crannies attempt or disk of whom a was copyright table whose keyboard evoke a say bolsa Thank You Mia but jeffanddana green whose Copyright Act how come Sigma blocks could regulate concept yet to hablo poca Nancy yet but yet Teleca to upload photo gergich array Galactica s he uploaded Scott Nichols a tape he suicide depend negative bad Galaga to yet a complete article of yourself go home next vertically upper masquerade yet turistic epidemic or an individual cavalry me coffee important a Caprice Kelly up locally questioning upper bulid Iraqi to idea hopper a geeky individual Co Terry Scott tank the edge I got unlawful activity Prevention Act 1967 connect we hopper ei coffee honey car accident ahead place to opera blow comment Canaan he came to comment hop local sickness a new group mediocre a Philip Locke video Kenichi commitment kar sakthe answer review your khaki jelly kick do trigger sorry bitch a regular review carry on sir dick Tomey Harper cuff yourself am agin case and he got they also stay human concept where you create upload them kisi concert if occurring at every table logo yawns arriba arriba arriba a cup place steady Kasab lockers at the him go cocky about kid are you okay calculating hamari country may a be a unlawful activity prevents an actor in a police my amendment Kirk came individual capitalist karate ideas at their do keep la da Dada da so he seek a bar Amy hopper discuss krm put you individual could terrorist they came Jota chaos give me K sorry low couple of individual attack cartoon is there a theme in Cajun say a people Mohammed equi it got even better Kevin the gap or sonic a Kia blast car be on America sorry J once a dog a abierto al agua take a Pakistani a better way a group knows cop irresponsibility lately camara yard me top those group calm local educators group been a pelican now there is individual Kiko irresponsibility him he later Tokyo top to easily individual give a responsibility in he let a boost Kobe to tackle can happening or not those cookies area mail a hi silly unlawful activity Prevention Act may amendment Kiara Pelican hey Harper negatively used chaos at a esacach chopper they're gonna go grab unique individual put Terry stagger card age I got play upon you a question they connect Omega keys come misuse know that Tokyo girls come if used on Elega Kiki see Kobe individual okay hopper hablo terraced car dating him the coffee cotton Aqsa be toga agony offered under tourism locates awesome local came to several a particular consulting is a couch a well I can again Harper group could hablo bankers attempt to get you scan their magic we name here cooperate garam cob low control girl second came bottom-up low clicks his name but individual kini hovered Carthage key to me they get out that case ret do theme I got militia group a group table in a banker okay what's attached this noms a group and Cal co-op Nestle carnem change can live here because of tattoos yoga the harmonic table again key individual cover include cutting him playing opera the book which we cut away okay member cobi Alexei upper terrace today Jacob to Aram sells combo control consortium so individual hopper tensed we're practically lista Muhammad Ali attempt to kinda keep koto Floquet threw me up a technical guy take a condition of a hopper a key upcoming opera bloop Terry Scott carding usko it to you upload a palace to test are they the optical so code maybe Neil a tiger – yeah be uploaded on medical synoptic accuse conviction they have tagged me without the upper court of lock it through put across early they can comment they're tuk-tuk of local school and he was a team so judicial determination watch a again a police key absence will be a block Barrios could Teddy Scott de Rana to goggle up three cows I got to your local tackle catch on a breakup do we coffee a negative impact adults attempt individual opera ASCII admit the other worse condition merengue organizing a compare me hope you organize to me the pathani kidney logo beeper individual Bogota block target can allow him to curtain have situation create cardiga subject up at arrest or detention T bacteria or happened they are getting hopper kisi Costa Rica say upload date so thank you again hopper kiss evoke you have to be curly up to individual okay that he gets an awkward palomo Sathya who scored a k-8 three second inning on a Jenna Kealey Roca as a pair who schemed a girls Pablo graft soccer tennis cataloger toward a theme to upload a technical Vegas society mooska Gina Carano yoga to a becau few brief polar man even after to bail me like a bad news for harbor a glove three case a look Society me digging in place three case hablo poca and hopper in dutifully catch a ramp those other son gain three you can impair analogous society go back to individual go Cassie of global acres and lamp up local Dickerson la preggers of seventy watchable game individual kelana Jeffrey Nicholas missing he eccentric a hobby powered a degree here is Chris Altima parabola Arab kiddo federalism gas system American Dream a sandwich Kedah shaper be via question mark la guerra any case tha ha keep our chin region Tokyo got individual P over upload Elsa conquer take usko unlawful activity getarea blown it aristocracy idea which key repetition crab movie career crab oh yeah live Oh Mitchell are you open eat a kebab place that he gets the upper individual quad Jonathan you get sharp low back until Kerkar salma agha how lucky are they can urban mistaken a phenomenal nickel Chiara yay cap history gets em all stick to Diablo but they will take a sari area MAME but urban area means you're looking opportune for support cut their writing get through your favorite financial assistance and go provide crafting don't give up here is this sympathizer a hopperoo a 2-d game touhou be hopper mooncake cannot be happily stable hydrostatic i sorry if there you can say to JBS that you can say Miska misused here that's at their top they can even leave a snapper a parliament in a opening hotness re Paolini Kiba theorem 20 federal system in operate a sembly good harmony dakara doki investigation to agency and Nestle 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of a smidgen toss a pooch is a tangy cup locality Buu saga of love European Union Department Brianna Chatham honey cannot attain European inhibit 28-member an upper or miss member could European Union kiddo euro currency I use Katia it could happen in the hotel satakam could retain the upper 52% loanable of Hanukkah lamp or 58 48 percent Logan apology baja Ana he nickel 900 percent interrogative yoga or we can diss any upper the inability a Columbus in my same disc a visit here is some a kkona / apna Steve Edina para obtener juniper a B prime mr. John Craig here Boris Johnson a Boris Johnson the Upper Keys three cases collected selling a DNA Valley bath hoagie unique a coffee complex issue a opera educated mother upload a theme prime minister nature in Karachi you consider a tea party king apart agar decals Collier Korea of the Avenue alia Bhatt Nepali a key European Union say Kasich is procedure me exit King him both other cut-the-knot situation was a TS 13 operas at TM to kiss the ring central mill ravioli catering him AI between interesting mocha which is it huh knocking a inhaler King him 2x teresitaykusito hamari in turn sell lesson gay point obesity ha Mario / can better predict up who batted the exit aim watch your video european eunuch answered me relation em toes can you open up our put a group ke saath mera listener case Arriaga require your opinion case at me release my children dojo country a 28k 20s at maturity listen with a monocle ling about it between get malaria listen banana pudding him okay buddy a suneo that 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Halicki the idiotic opposition they can go Millie not to select committee a hopper is Kobe Japan will scope ask Raja objecting are ghetto condition of July yeah they can have to implement hoga protection of child flow from sexual ed you'll the pushback Kiba guerrilla box ok spending premium supreme corn a bollock is LG says al team within 60 days a block code hopper implement could ask Elliot hunsaker's Pendleton nigga yogi Jaffe says the case connector a curious again next about Kalani upper yeah Rajiv Gandhi case hablo poca thematic former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi attacker diggity quake boom ba boom blast kid or a Tony opera beast and lifting up Nell knee but coffee lambis and mrs. jail man popping operating committee Quezada here Christine Harper in couch raha nigga yeah hey buddy everybody attack in both rude lady I cannot shorty ripe coffee lumbus mio via Soviet move through the data said me next to operate coffee important bath hey Tsubasa under guard here hamari can trick me 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Carla Yeller keep whose legacy at Machine Head is inadequate ah lucky refuse karaoke music our future diesel Agha yogiji Senate tomorrow but at HRT a girl sees a statically naiyayikas chi Bosnian Monica vote tomorrow but I said if a ground-up logu see this article area – yes Teresa copy body listen civics redirects I mean he does at a whiskey bar MEA Sadie's and I think argue about the Pam feels argue about cutting above your bacteria Facebook / post giggle Hickman de Guevara joking up at his Konami face Emma ticket plane upper in Co emod jayegi club post giggity lake in can happen information technology at Doha cos x n1 – for a joking upper yet Haggadah tinyint Penal Code Cobb placed get the healthy operates coconut are curly again so that we upload bonito is couple okay but who's at a Kiska misuse attack a bar do political authority Kawara yeah Mary freedom hey Joe kisi KO / comment connect Cusco broke that escape are mi up Lobos a tame Indian newspaper pay that's percentage in apart 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  1. Good Morning SLVfamily, Have a Great Day ahead…
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  2. Good Evening…
    1) Map Based Q – Madhya Pradesh

    Capital :- Bhopal

    Neighbors States :- UP, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajsthan

    Largest city :- Indore

    Answers :-

    1) National investigate agency

    2) 24%

    3) Rwanda

    4) Aprox 14

    5) 108

    6) Karnataka Assembly Speaker

    7) 1.25

  3. Sir agar aap ke pas thoda time ho to pls history ka bhi course chalu kijia. Bahot dikkat ati he rat ne me.

  4. Ques) The new UAPA Amendment Bill,2019 introduced in the Lok Sabha may pose potential threat to the fundamental rights of the Citizens. comment.

    Ans. The practice of designating individuals under anti-terrorism laws, prevalent in several countries, is seen as being necessary because banned groups tend to change their names and continue to operate. However, there is no set procedure for designating

    an individual a terrorist.

    The absence of a judicial determination may render the provision vulnerable to invalidation. There ought to be a distinction between an individual and an organisation, as the former enjoys the right to life and liberty. The likely adverse consequences of a terrorist tag may be worse for individuals than for organisations.

    Individuals may be subjected to arrest and detention; even after obtaining bail from the courts, they may have their travel and movements restricted, besides carrying the taint.

    This would require faster redress Mechanism. Unfortunately, there is no change in the process of getting an entity removed from the list. Just

    as any organisation getting the tag, individuals, too, will have to apply to the Center to get their names removed.

    A wrongful designation will cause irreparable damage to a person’s reputation, career and livelihood.

    It has been argued by some members in Parliament that the Bill contains anti-federal features.

    The provision to empower the head of the National Investigation Agency to approve the forfeiture of property of those involved in terrorism cases obviously overrides a function of the State government.

    At present, the approval has to be given by the State police head. Also, there will be a section allowing NIA Inspectors to investigate terrorism cases, as against a Deputy Superintendent of Police or an Assistant Commissioner.


    the government should be mindful of its obligations to preserve fundamental rights while enacting legislation on the subject.

  5. Sir questions tha ki jo humri center gov hai wo sari bill ya act ya koi v chez apn under main kiu Lana chahti hai. ..

  6. Don't worry sir aap ko jesa thik lge wasie hame pdaye. Hame aacha lgta hai aapke pdane ka paten. 🙂

  7. Measles also known as Rubela.

    Today Quiz Answer =
    1) National Investigation Agency,
    3) Rwanda,
    5) 108,
    7) 1.5.

  8. Today quiz answer
    1 national investigation agency
    2 24%
    3 rawanda country (Africa continent )
    4 14%
    5 108th
    6 karnataka speaker disqualifiy 15 members
    7 1.25

  9. Hi happy kargil vijay diwas to all.

    + Qu)1)The idea of designating an individual as a terrorist, as the latest amendments to the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act propose to do, may appear innocuous. 

    + Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act is an Indian law aimed at effective prevention of unlawful activities associations in India. Its main objective was to make powers available for dealing with activities directed against the integrity and sovereignty of India.
    + The object of this bill was to make powers available for dealing with activities directed against the integrity and sovereignty of India. The bill was passed by both the Houses of Parliament and received the assent of the President in 1967. The Amending Acts are as follows:
    +The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 1969

    +The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 1972

    +The Delegated Legislation Provisions (Amendment) Act, 1986

    +The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 2004
    +The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 2008
    +The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 2012
    + However, designating an individual as a terrorist raises serious constitutional questions and has the potential for misuse. The practice of designating individuals under anti-terrorism laws, prevalent in several countries, is seen as being necessary because banned groups tend to change their names and continue to opperate.
    + Parliament must consider whether an individual can be called a ‘terrorist’ prior to conviction in a court of law. 
    + There ought to be a distinction between an individual and an organisation, as the former enjoys the right to life and liberty. The likely adverse consequences of a terrorist tag may be worse for individuals than for organisations. .
    + a wrongful designation will cause irreparable damage to a person’s reputation, career and livelihood.
    +the government should be mindful of its obligations to preserve fundamental rights while enacting legislation on the subject.

    Question 2) As has happened in the case of panchayats and municipalities, only a legally mandated quota could perhaps ensure a large-scale entry of Indian women into the higher echelons of political power..

    Answer) The 108th Constitutional Amendment Bill stipulating 33% quota for women in the Parliament and in State Assemblies remains in political cold storage.
    + in India’s deeply embedded patriarchal society.THIS IS THE BIGGEST STIGMA OF INDIAN SOCIETY.
    +the indian women represent 50%population in india.any country can be develop if theirs women are particepating in all field without any ristriction and its happening too little much but if we want to make our country fully develop and powerful we must have to make empowerment of indian woman or give to opportunity to develops herself.

    + The Global Gender Gap report for 2018 said that the widest gender disparity is in the field of political empowerment. To cite the Inter-Parliamentary Union 2018 report, women legislators account for barely 24% of all MPs across the world.
    However, the experience of the top-ranked countries in the IPU list does give an indication of how women’s presence in political spaces took an upward turn in those nations.
    + India, at 149 among the 192 countries in the IPU list, had barely 11.8% women’s representation in the 16th Lok Sabha, which improved to 14.5% in the current Lower House. At least seven out of the 29 States have not sent a single woman MP. 
    + so As has happened in the case of panchayats and municipalities, only a legally mandated quota could perhaps ensure a large-scale entry of Indian women into the higher echelons of political power.

    • STATEHOOD : 1 NOV. 1956

    TEST :
    2. 24 %
    3. RWANDA
    4. 14 %
    7. 1.21 CRORE


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