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If you caught my Direct Message last week,
you heard me explain why we shouldn’t let politics make us crazy, yet the crazy seems
to be ramping up everywhere you look these days. This constant onslaught of political bickering
has a very polarizing effect on most people: The fighting either makes them obsessively
tune in to politics nonstop, or reflexively tune out of politics altogether . With so
much news and commentary content out there, if you give me an hour or two of your week
to hear about political science, philosophy, religion, or anything else we’re discussing,
I consider the time you spend here with me to be a pretty high honor. Those of you who follow me on social media
outside of YouTube probably saw I spent last week on a farm with family and friends. Though I spent most of the week hanging out
with 20 chickens and one duck who think he’s a chicken, I had a couple personal experiences
with actual real life humans which reminded me why these aren’t just abstract ideas we
talk about here. One of the people on the farm with us was
a trans woman in her 20’s, who happened to have grown up on a pot farm. She was also an avid hunter and gun rights
enthusiast who was painting her gun locker bright blue and pink at the time of my visit. Yes, trans women are sometimes into guns,
but if you judge people as a collective instead of as an individual, this is the type of person
who will always go ignored. I also spent time with a farmer who lived
almost 100% off his own land, but he was very concerned with treating other people fairly
and making sure others had the same opportunity to succeed which he had. While his day to day life had a very libertarian
bend to because he provided for himself and lived on the land, there was no doubt he wanted
there to be assistance for people so they could one day share in the same opportunity
and pride in work that he has attained. His live and let live attitude was blended
with his desire to good for others in his community. He was a far cry from what some say about
those selfish libertarians, or what others says about those authoritarian Leftys. While I was away, I also had a truly awe inspiring
hike up Mt. Rainier, which is part of the United States National Park Service. This park is a great example of a natural
wonder we have in this country which is funded and protected by the federal government. You know I’m a small government guy and would
prefer local and state funding, but a place like Mt. Ranier, which is so gorgeous and
powerful, should have some federal funding, and I’d say the same for Yellowstone National
Park or Yosemite. How much funding, or the best way to pay for
this funding, is the real question in the debate. By the way, though, Mt. Ranier is also funded
by state and local organizations, and I met many great people along the trail who were
volunteering their time and energy to a place they love so much. That’s called putting your beliefs into action,
not just demanding the government pay for something with other people’s money, which
we talk about here often. My point is: people are complex, issues are
complex, and finding answers which will satisfy everyone, always, is almost impossible. At the same time, not only do we all have
our own strengths and passions, but all also have our own inconsistencies and blind spots. Our goal shouldn’t be about purity tests so
that people fall in line or adhere to some false notion of perfection. Our goal should be the acknowledgement of
our differences so we stand up for the freedom and liberty that this country was founded

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  1. We shouldn't have to argue over what our government should do. We've had well over 200 years to figure that out. The only reason we do is because the squeaky wheels of special interests are constantly marching up to Washington with their hands out looking for their dab of grease. And there are people that foster that behavior because it suits their ideology.

  2. Privatize the parks! They get better when you do and the people who love them are the ones who sacrifice to support them.

  3. Dude, you gotta interview the duck that thinks it's a chicken. Transchicken? What you call a goose that wants to be a chick? Transgander.

  4. I'm thankful for you and your channel. I don't have to agree with everything, but I need to see a lack of polarization in this world. I would rather give someone a hug instead of scream at them.

  5. I just posted this at utube help channel>>>Why does utube take away my right to chat, If I state> "109 passages in quran (word of god) calls for kill/maim/subjugate ALL infidels (non believers). If your a GOOD muslim you must follow the quran (word of god). Hard to argue with god."<  Nothing I wrote is mean or not true. It is facts. Why do I lose my ability to chat after writing this? People say far worse things and continue chatting. Why should I be penalized for stating facts? ITS NOT OPINION! ITS FACTS> And I'm prevented from chatting more because of FACTS, WHY?

  6. This is why Democratic/Republic style governments will stagnate and die if a 100% consensus is require to pass laws etc. Very, very, very rarely do we find a subject that EVERYONE can agree on. Even subjects such as theft, rape and murder are defended by some of the fringe, deranged members of our society. Don't try to please everyone, the truth is sometimes not pleasant to hear 🙂

  7. I understand your need to retreat, and I"m very happy you found relaxation in my home city and state. But I'm also sad to learn you were nearby and wish you had hosted a meetup in the city somewhere–but the point of the video is that you can't please everyone! Haha. Regardless, I'm very happy you enjoyed my home state of Washington.

  8. Okay Dave. Even so, 90% of the guests you've had on are alt-right sympathizing nut jobs, and starting to wear on people otherwise openminded. Even so, you've become one of the alt right's token gays (along with Milo) – "see, he's gay and he doesn't hate me, therefore I'm not a bigot!" – so congrats on that.

  9. Dave are you sure you're not the one judging as a collective? You think people should be amazed there's a farmer who leans left, or a trans person who likes guns, or – like one of your guests – a black woman who likes guns? I'm sure these people came as no surprise to most of your audience because we actually spend time with 'real humans' while you spend most of your time in a bubble. Be careful not to succumb to identity politics yourself. To your title, while it's inherently true that you can't please everyone, I hope that's not an excuse to ignore frequent criticisms you get from your audience. You're wrong about letting people 'hang themselves', they get to advocate their ideology with no counter arguments or logical tests. It's not a battle of ideas if there's no battle, no 'other' side. You can't rely on people to get the 'other side' elsewhere with how fractured and corrupt the media is. Personally I think the best thing you could do is ask questions from your audience. They will certainly be less biased and more varied. Sam Harris said positively that you're the only interviewer not pretending to not have an opinion, but you can have too much of a good thing. Even if your guest list is shaped by your politics, make your questions probing and revealing.

  10. Well, despite lack of real evidence, Trump just banned transgendered people from the military.

    Remember guys, if you think your group is being attacked by the government as a collective, it's because you're a regressive authoritarian SJW.

    ~ Dave.

  11. Once upon a time people didn't get put into categories — they weren't pre-judged 😉 because of their choices. There was mutual respect and people recognized each other as individuals. But it's difficult to control a large number of people when everyone's a renegade or a maverick. Its easier when you limit their choices and reward mediocrity so they become comfortable with getting what they want without working too hard. Then it's easy to herd them like cattle and put them where you want them.

  12. Maajid Nawaz is a fraud Dave. "Islamism" isn't real and "reformation" is NEVER going to happen, his entire career is based on lies. Please wake up, friend 😉

  13. Dave Rubin makes it seem as if the Left is all SJW ness which is absolutely bullshit. He barely criticizes the right which IMO is a much bigger problem then SJWs. SJW's are college kids with few prospects in life while the right wing fanatics are on a national propaganda network, Fox news.

  14. I would say the debate is not how much the proper tax rate is but do individuals have the RIGHT to keep the property that they earn by the sweat of their own brow?

  15. The cost of having a functioning society rather than anarchic chaos is that everyone has to give up a bit of their individuality, including some of their individual property (taxes), for a common good, even when the common good doesn't feel/seem good on an individual level.

  16. DR, I've been thinking about what you said about this being a unique time for political engagement (in your last video). I agree, and I like the focus and interest as long as it remains peaceful.
    Perhaps the most important thing is that we learn to be proactive and not play the victim card which leads people to feel more disenfranchised. We need to be critical thinkers, but also take action in a coherent and sustained manner. I think citizens are beginning to be better informed and care more about the principles on which our nation stands.

  17. A good, self reflective video, considering how much the more conservative fans tend to dislike politically progressive guests even if your performance is fine. I will say I disliked the tommy sotomayor video, but that had to do with his abuse of the dmca system on YouTube and his pretentions of being a race realist when really he just hates all black women for bad reasons.

  18. I also want people to have the opportunity to succeed at whatever they desire, as long as it doesn't harm others, but I certainly don't want to abuse fellow citizens through taxation to achieve it.

  19. I always thought the point of the Rubin Report WASN'T to please everyone; it was to feature civil discussions with people from all perspectives. That's why I've never really get annoyed with Dave Rubin if he has on a guest I don't like. Isn't that the point of this show?

  20. Our goal shouldn't be about purity tests so that people fall in line or adhere to some false notion of perfection. Our goal should be the acknowledgement of our differences so we stand up for the freedom and liberty that this country was founded upon. Not even a single more word is needed to explain what is individual liberty and symbiosis.

  21. You can't tell Justin Trudeau that, he thinks he represents everyone… And fails to represent anyone. "Diversity is our strength" Divided we are.

  22. tbh it's pretty hard to be not completely on board with one side or the other because you never fit in. I'm Christian gasp and pro-immigration gasp who acknowledged racism/sexism are still highly prevalent gasp but doesn't think it's the government's job to do anything about it gasp

  23. I dislike hearing that the crazy needs to be toned down. NO. Things are deemed bad and need to be eliminated, not left to fester and grow, regardless of what that thing is.

  24. I don't get this big v small gov BS. Why is it that size matters so much? America is a big country with a huge number of issues, I guess it might need a big government. A smaller government do not necessarily mean its running efficiently. We get so caught up in how much money gov is spending. But I'm only concerned that her citizens are being protected and treated with dignity, and that her government lives within their means.

  25. What's with all the transgender mania these days. Is this just a fashion statement or the downfall of society.

  26. "It is impossible to please everyone…and that's why I now only please the right-wing…..they are very, very, VERY generous with me 😉 "

    -Dave Rubin

  27. Please everyone? Who gives a fuck about pleasing ANYONE? Your ideas are yours. If others listen to them then fine, if not then fine.

  28. Dave- I would really like to see you talk about the public lands issue. A lot of it is at risk of being sold or deliberately underfunded, and national park and monuments are currently faced with heavy reductions. I feel you with small government, but having these lands owned and managed by the government allows access to all, and not just the highest bidder.

  29. Maybe arguing from the middle rather than at the extremes is the best strategy for our times. Meaning start with what we have in common (patriotism, freedom, common good) and emphasize common ground first, THEN explore points of disagreement civilly.

  30. I can't believe this guy almost has as many subscribers as the most principled liberal show, Secular Talk. Rubin's interview w/ Pakman was eye opening. You can tell he doesn't follow the daily news. He doesn't follow policy specifics when it comes to taxes and what has or hasn't worked in history like Secular Talk and Pakman do on their shows. Rubin has drunk the right wing taxation/regulation kool-aid.

  31. Rubin, Now that you're calling yourself a Centrist, you've got to critique the Right too. Anti-sjw & anti-regressive leftist talk was interesting – uncovering the authoritarian tendencies of some of the far Left. Now you need to talk about the authoritarian tendencies of some of the far Right. Just look at the comments here about how Centrists are attacked from both the far Left and the far Right until it all sounds the same! Right now there is a battle within the Left against identity politics. At the same time Identitarian movements are on the rise from the Right. Who on the Right is countering this right side of the coin to identity politics? (Tim Pool is starting to cover Identitarians.) Identitarians sound a lot like our current President, which makes this all the more important to cover and to discuss rationally, right now.

  32. Differences? Tired of hearing about those and diversity. We need to focus on commonalities and unity, Dave.

  33. Federal Funding? This guy sounds like a rotten commie. We need to sell off our national parks and distribute the money evenly to the people. The only fair thing to do.

  34. "The left" has gone delusional and "the right" has gone delusional complaining about the left. There are very few objective and rational people left and in my opinion Dave is one of them.

  35. I love that people think that dave elaborating his beliefs in response to his guest elaborating beliefs he disagrees with is a bad thing. Like somehow a simple dialogue without moral lambasting is harmful or going to spread right wing ideas. If you think this way, you are essentially saying that these right wing ideas are convincing and therefore need to be stopped from being spoken in the first place.

  36. Gender confused mentally ill folks should not be allowed to own guns. A libertarian who touts fairness is a lefty who needs to read Rothbard and start fighting commies. National Parks are funded by stolen money which you refer to as federal funding. Those volunteers are only there because the federal govt. stole money. They worship at the alter of the state.
    Will you fight the left for freedom? That is the primary question to ask now.

  37. Will you get Rick Perlstein on. He's a "conservative historian" that writes for NYT and other places without comment sections. He's actually a regressive. See if he will step out of his echo chamber and back up some of his ideas and sensationalism. Especially on how the sky is falling according to him and regarding the "Southern Strategy". The Regressives attempt to blame the Republicans for every racist and segregationist that the Democrats were responsible for. The idea being that, after opposing the Dems anti-black policies as far back as the civil war, the Reps started being racist to pick up southern voters and thus the Dems definition of the racist Republican party was born. As opposed to southerners leaning conservative for any other reason. He's got a book out or about to come out so he may come on.

  38. I once tried pleasing everyone, which led to me not being able to please ANYone, and that's how I got fired.

    I miss being a gigolo sometimes.

  39. Hey Dave, I think you are misguided on the transgender issue. As a soldier who has been briefed on this I can honestly say with confidence that transgendered soldiers not only cost the military a fortune in medical care, surgery, and treatment but will drastically impact readiness and mission. When a soldier declares they are transitioning they seek a medical professional and begin the transition. From that point on they are given a year to transition. During this transitional period they are NOT DEPLOYABLE. I repeat , NOT DEPLOYABLE. No other group in the military gets this level of treatment or care. Veterans are dying in the VA hospitals but we have enough resources and time to streamline their care ? No way. I understand you met a tranny on a chicken farm who likes guns but if that is what your judgement boils down to on this issue then I am truly disappointed. Also, a transitioning soldier DOES NOT have to remove their genitals. You can essentially have a male to female with a penis in a female locker room. Women in the military have brought this issue up and are told to suck it up, the army doesnt give in to our demands. Yet here they are capitulating to a fraction of a percent's demands. The military is not the place for gender exploration nor should it be a place where they pick up the financial burden of your life choices.Also a female can transition to a male , get pregnant and still get maternityleave. That is absolute nonsense and goes to show that the military is not ready for this. All I ask is that you research the policy and go one level above the tranny on the chicken farm. Take care.

  40. When ever I need some peace of mind I listen to Dave Rubin.
    Thats coming from a right wing conservative.

  41. The problem is a tiny percentage of the population trying to force the majority of the population to cater to their every political whim. This will only lead to growing animosity towards the vocal minority, until people have had enough of their demands.

  42. The challenge is that in order for the tribal mindset of them vs us to work, we have to agree with everything for the people on "our side".

    I have a friend who does ADA law that I agree with on a lot of topics, but strongly disagree with on gay marriage.

    I have a friend who loves his guns that I disagree with on that topic but we both enjoy board games, hiking, and share frustrations with some idiotic local policies.

    The only person that shares all my views and opinions is the guy I see in the mirror each morning, and I know from experience that that guy is pretty stupid from time to time and insisting that everyone agrees with his ideas is not advisable.

  43. My issue with David is u piss me of because u pretend not to be , the republican u wana be so bad. If republicans did not detest your excitement and accept gays u would come out as republican before u come out as gay. U want government so small u can't see it? Meaning so small u can no longer once again be considered a human because back in the days u weren't. Pick a side and drop the bull shit

  44. This guy Dave Rubin has an intricate understading of what individual liberty and Free Speech is all about. I have never seen him resorting to Ad Hominem attacks which is the weapon exclusively reserved for collectivists/altruists.

  45. Great video. I certainly participate in Tribalism myself, so I'd be a hypocrite if I claimed I was above all that. At the very least, as Americans, freedom and liberty should be values that we all share.

  46. I don't agree with everything said on this channel by the guest or host, but I find this channel informative and I enjoy it. I appreciate the host's efforts to try to bring people back to any kind of common understanding.

  47. It's amazing how Rubin adopts an Olympian stance above all the partisan bickering and then proceeds to view literally everything through a hyper-partisan ideological lens. Even a trip to the farm becomes a libertarian travelogue. Does he lack all self awareness?

  48. I love your show, Ron! You're one of the good Jews! I thank you for your continued support! Chutzpah!

  49. Oh my goodness, I love Mt. Rainier! I like that national park and I'm for national parks since my dad took me to see them all the time as a youngster. Plus that's another reason why I like Teddy Roosevelt, the one who found the balance between government regulation and the free market to prevent either the government or monopolies from taking over and regulating the economy.

  50. "Impossibility of Pleasing Everyone"
    And believe me, Dave has tried pleasing many men at the same time. He only has one pair of hands*, only *one mouth and, sadly, *only one rectum*. Life just isn't fair -_-

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