The Last Vernamfield Drag Racing Event - SKVNK LIFESTYLE EPISODE 17

oh just cool lifestyle wagwan what's going on to everybody out there in vlog land yo so here I go I know this weekend is actually I would say it's going to be a fun weekend was going to be one of those weekend's that we'll all remember this weekend is actually very numb feels last race-off so pretty much of the last very numb feel or the last in DRC me that would be held at Vernon field Clarendon so you don't know this weekend blog already right you don't know member feature Burnham Street guy you don't know that's a grassroots operation that's where most of us are most of or forests as a veteran start off from you know so you don't know about getting to that what it's just been a good week you know the vlogs are going good everybody's me reaching out I'm peep Co I love and I appreciate the comments so leave the comments we need the comments isn't me so here what I know I'm actually going to kick start the vlog with some but a feature from a veteran himself and I think it only fit that we actually featured him and got some footage running from venomous will become CEO that money men do anything a long time and when I tell you about fast machine American Muscle you don't know what I talk about Dean Shaw isn't me so I'm doing I'm vlog today on Dean Shaw and Nick Amaro and I'm gonna give you some highlights of venom as well so peeps you don't know I appreciate it 110 percent pretty pretty and I just read who everybody me reaching out to a son you know showing us love from all over the world so I just want to say pick up again I'll be doing a giveaway later on in the vlog say don't know look out for that as well so you don't know how kickstart a blog right now how it go like share and subscribe please leave comments I appreciate all the comments and thanks again for making its conclave Stan so big up yourself month let's get into it when I sleep I love online pk7 boarded-up wails oh come on from the wall so I'm gonna smear him down Cruz push away upon the block yeah don't see much you say mouth no thanks and get those dogs on pit stop Oh Geronimo Tom Cruise you a lot better people have mercy Nutella mom I wanna yeah bill box train turn out call me in an hour Oh fire fire mom for more power big up yourself yo lifestyle so we'll come up with Tom Cruise yeah Tom Cruise Jerrica Tom Cruise Tom Cruise all gone is a sensible like a dog one would like see when I found Stafford time I chamber you know on this up didn't cross in the crash is it bud yeah well look like an icicle pop though that's a coma no ASL Tom Cruise I'll go make you popular well when all or else he'll just be light on blue shirt isn't me is it madam yeah Tom ah Kali ma I'm smart man Tom you're gonna be a popular liquor dog you know otago got drunk in Panama clever all right so I pretty much just got to Dean how I love oh shut up Dean I'm sorry all Dean need for da vlog playing you know who say yeah Mon so this actually is the collection area clearly we can see Dean is our AmericanMuscle type order right all right so let's make our arrow all right so this mean what's going on because count lifestyle everything good tomorrow what's this machine you're working on mine yeah it's a 555 cubic inch motor with two stages of nitrous two stages of nitrous of nitrous we have about 300 shots of nitrous on it and the motor itself is about normal 500 to 800 horsepower well run support light to speed runs I mean it's a heavy truck yeah over 5,000 pounds but I mean it goes down in 11s comfortable lower levels and we could get it if we like it we could get it in tonight it's just the person who owns it I'm not sure where you want to go with it if you want to go radical or not you know well see you doing work on e so you're no one not I get suckered into it because it's fun you know he's a he's a doctor so it takes a lot of time you know maybe she doesn't really have the time so we're friends and I just have to talk well do you normally are up here basically American muscle boss you know yes you know so just asked actually I was telling him oh Allah going to vlog that it's been a while people senior at the truck and stuff at about people are really know the man behind these machines well I mean truly I mean driving is one part of it I guess icing on the cake yeah what real and true I love arranging it I like a lands on come together yeah yeah that's my thing you know it doesn't pay the bills and what you know it's uh it's a hobby of passion yeah definitely you care looking would I want some beautiful peek over to you and said look I was all straight so cunning tear this friend oh man what made me wonder what kind of opponent of it your checkered interior and unlisting nice so you did door honey yeah all that is right there that would look at the interior no no but like the interior you guys putting this on the two-speed Powerglide we're running some errand the shift is shift this with ear this really has all the best of the best you know like does it does it does this I mean the owners here this morning with me and we were looking at little things that we like to upgrade but for everything there's a cost yeah you know it's just you know he's a friend and you know it's just where do you want to go with this thing this thing is just this this thing can put you into the poorhouse if you're not kidding yeah yeah these are push on a pusher not you will never get back in terms over the funding but the reward welcome our is a testament to that yeah I'm so fond of all that nothing I could have water holes guys actually came here to do a quick feature on the camara but then this thing grabbed my eyes so we're gonna get our onto the camara soon all right let's flip over the Connie's workshop yeah what Dean you know I always study star lot of people on my vlogs I think your passion for Motorsports though is unbelievable yeah I think it would be if you were in America you would because I mean your workmanship and and all this work that we looking on is you write with friends yeah we're friends and assistants but what I mean by this is just earlier visualization 540 cubic inch we actually went down from a 621 here to the whole mortar which I saw another guy here Jamaica which will be coming up soon this is actually our 540 smaller cubic inch bigger one all right you know what before we even let me just ask you the question sir I can answer as we go along all right so pretty much why you got into drag racing was when I was younger you know I went to burn on sale and I saw people doing something that the Moody's were there and people like George dog and and all primal it was like heads-up Crouch marching it was something to do on a Sunday which it was illegal racing you know I never condone it but it was just amazing to see these guys and they just did the ugliest that they got from it and I'm the personal satisfaction I don't love it okay so that's what you love about racing our cars in general what was the most challenging part about building this Camaro finding help I mean I just ripped the car go myself I brought in the chassis we're all from the state yeah it was an existing chassis I was 20 years old and I stripped it down myself paint removed it done and I had a friend i primed it something somebody painted it it's gone through a copper paint job since I've had it well fiery sky pristine no you know well I don't be telling things you know I just I just to me it's all in the finish the details if you look closely you see what we've done with carbon fiber to protect our yeah not imitations carbon fiber not that expensive right where's your things right just aesthetics give it a nice look yeah all right a question everybody would ask driving this car because these cars are it's a comparison this is actually some second car this is a this motor is over 2,000 small but what we did is we had to detune it I mean because I'm sure conditioned rights or that is that pull timing over to the motor and I run a low voice level just because you can't get traction where we were probably relative all right let me ask you a serious question when it when was the scariest moment in this car when you haven't been in this car for a few months and you started that's as the skepticism yeah this car shakes it has a can talk to it when it when it when it's idling and it just puts the fear of a higher power inside there what's the most rewarding non modification you don't know anything I would actually say so many horse so much I mean everything makes a difference people don't understand when you change one thing it upsets another thing and everything has some abala synchronize right when you start it it's a lot of pole that is ready start I have to be very careful about the changes not something very minor changes all right well what you're planning to do with the car off there yeah north series next year never invited earlier this year – Rinna was Grenada and Antigua and what happened is there was a conflict with our schedule here so we we opted out because you know what loyalty is here again the whole racing thing is in the air right now so we're going to commit to a calendar for next year in the Caribbeans and try and just kind of take Jamaica drag racing around the Caribbean little bit we've got a mine before I've been done with your brothers to believe it wasn't ego before yeah and it was all there was it was fantastic very well received they're not good camaraderie good time so you pretty much say in the morning that I put in these cars is pretty much area place but I know this is horsemen yeah nobody been misguided into thinking you know Paul it's not cheap you know you can do your thing and I tell everybody you know you just lay the first block eventually the whole image Chum this is how you have to look at this but but by wisely you know pick the right components you can't afford the right turbo wait until you can afford a right turbo do not buy second second second on or a second second a replica right by inferior to what you really want because it's harder to get rid of the parts and then by Ibaka so just take your time on Planet I mean this is a ten-year build right so you have to understand it takes time I'm not saying to wait ten years to drive your car but you know have a plan you know and I never never tried to have your Road car as a race car does not work the initial thought of it is great right well then after while is like really you know yeah cuz you grab this not sacrificing comfort after make a line where you want to go I encourage anybody you know to get into the sport actually to look at the eight cylinders that are here nylon car there's a few pickups as tangles of that they are actually cheaper to build than Japanese car I'm not saying anything negative I can see job no no no it's just yeah that they are cheaper you can buy a set of eight Pistons for the price of four Japanese for a GE Pistons right it's just like that you can get them out for any nuts or performance though right in the state boys Allen Papa it's relatively inexpensive in the scheme of things under Orlando to the younger generation order because I have my young audience dude are you open to pretty much giving advice to them in terms I have to call you anytime in fact I look forward to you might attract a lot of people come you get kind of some silly questions yeah because I'm learning just like everybody else and I didn't go to school for this I got my people giving me somewhat sensible answers I mean you develop on it but yeah anybody wants information and they're you know I have other friends that's in the circle you know we like to help you bring you got into the sport right you know all right so tomorrow is the last very numb field and I will be there capturing you someone's the last yep maybe the last NDRC audio – oh we don't know we don't know right you know you know things change there today with all governments and so fun maybe that they'll understand that they both channel well with we've got no chance what's the notion that we don't you looking to achieve the seven-second tomorrow I want to work service yeah that's the goal I mean a couple cars up don't know yeah but I've got a chance to race in it so I'm even you know if there isn't God's going to lo the same second Ron I want the race I just want a race hopefully they they feel it the way I do because the crowd wants that I want it all right I mean pretty much get the interview part of it out of the way and you don't know unreal for my team again I was supposed to close it all but so much information from you and we appreciate it you know so big of yourself from the entire crew I'm big up so we see at the truck tomorrow right on good luck on behalf of my team I don't know hope you get that similar second all right lifestyle welcome back all right so you saw Dean's interview a while ago nice interview all right all right so you know today is Sunday and we're heading to Burnham for Burnham monastery's or last one or two row so anyways peeps before we get into the whole Burnham footage on a like that type of great stuff you know let's get into a giveaway quick quick quick because I promised you guys our giveaway we do not give away all courtesy of tasty miss J a follow them tasty underscore miss on a square J for your chance to win a mod is an IP codes are pretty small device it's one of the top devices that they have so for all the people after interested in the whole day painting well here's the chance to win your own istick pico right so this is how you're going to do this no you don't know I'm an empty easy not too long you're going to follow taste image and you're going to follow any clue honest course combination my promo video that I always post for when I drop on your episode which would be episode 17 you're going to comment on it and give me one of the models that they sell and two flavors that they provide right so you can follow their page go and check out the page get all information comment on my pic and talk to friends simple I leave the description the details for the competition in the description below so you don't know so anyways peeps I'm making my way to Vern um right now I'm in our ocean and pick up Nero when go there capture some footage of Dien capture some footage of Burnham – see what's up so y'all stay tuned to this segment we're going right now whoa yo peeps you don't know her number you know just reach and I'm Erin 16 16 16 1 and the best time for now I wanna get straight month scoffs of life ya peeps my goddess background under some interviews and they got myself to the world mr.big of missile Leo said you know what a bug come on get up on your blog right now I wonder you know see that quick plug yeah yeah I'll show you some of my cars outside here today yeah yeah oh yeah tomorrow okay Rilke well these are actually leave the blood on the tomorrow yesterday so let's see if we can set up Tim I must say I want to be reassured everything Forrester yeah well as usually no good luck resting butterfly gap we would actually nurture per capita annual domestic air yeah well [Applause] I'll show it to see this when you come or go but I can [Applause] everything come on no no Bridget Jodi not a big boy kappa iron what a much easier incident one-quarter run good oh he's on Karen or incident Yamaha I enjoy the video never really got myself in on this is actually Andrews car right so looking forward to see this car on today's usually a 10-second car so as your mi walk what would come on Rossi Rossi we're doing some ironing today and what I'm learning to admit I have a second class today we open issues okay we find in the bridge style not a window theory [Applause] my pops my pops I'm on you say no how is I put coach Pearson bigger bigger bigger today's crushing on today's crosswind great on and it's mechanical on yeah yes capture footage Russia a good program going lovely lovely couch my name's Sal salut the gory mercenary chart big offices just beat each other fuckin coup a while ago yes our result so are you finding three well I'll tell you it's them wind s they ever yeah Burnham admittedly it's a lot of pressure on the cars to make it down the line and stay straight Fred so I think a lot of them are backing off to be safe well wind is coming from the side very difficult yeah just mellow guys put on any time yeah but overall well guess what the greatest thing is if you look behind you the fucking flag is flying yes indeed all right so you don't know you know I pick up the peeps and whatever supporting Enrico we got myself you know you don't know what were you like in the Bible yeah so why enjoy ascensor one on good which one any cars competing for low hey what's going on evil we are here I'm selling it yes I look boy I'd attract me sit today I'm antenna me is a rocket door shuts what yeah I know you're owning these today yeah big uppercut out there yeah my heart squash order the machine em everything good yeah my respect one this wall showing somebody machine in my road today hey Angela everybody good ' thunders up it up everybody in it forty feet are soaked we're gonna stomp yeah as he can't see people the energy on the vibes nice don't know feels good you're running today arias iranian what time arenít good at 16 for 16 Emma say going up against the Shariat I guess so all right well good luck you know yeah respect well one machine and people well they don't know you know yeah daelin would know well our rhetoric on the blog you know yeah you read my work yes so you know I got your van on the vlogger today you're hurt yeah it's a beautiful view talking to the guys that busy yeah actually when you're going or going strap the GoPro on it so I can get some income do you want to Mars so far you know have to be stopping on stuff in every meaningful you know it's one love you know what I mean you supply by the energy being so anyway doc what's up what's up what's up here with industry it's promoting premium party I say from what's up yeah yeah yeah yeah you see mercy big atop yeah well you don't know in our care of people so now for supporting in areas that because I think scare Peter put the car on today well I look at he'd enjoy but it's all good solid game operates in here to the back again well you know it's all a party game and it is the phone you know always big on love Ximena Marty the boss himself people legally you don't know what when I meet a team another place I don't know 101 everything good one thing all you find in today's meet Gibby lips so far I mean she not forgive time machine yeah Gigi will get for followed yeah well you know you guys continue doing a good job you know in an exponent lifestyle respect this alikum or maybe early tomorrow tomorrow yo right one today come on what time fourteen fourteen forty one knows but if I look I got no outdoor festival ooh yeah you know or each to the segment's where there's all these it seems that the final result [Applause] thank you Oh [Applause] they Oh Seymour you're going on for 10 seconds what it can with a clarinet where's that 10 second violins make up here so y'all ready for them look you know I kept charities necessary for the oldest thing that was good right that's what [Applause] big ready one yo lifestyle from work one well you know we did the whole Falcon test J giveaway the other day right so this is tragic you the winner of the package the nice a good t-shirt fun fall in honor of business you are gone shit Monte's tire pressure yes got my teacher / alright so you are also dodgy he's actually a blogger a spam brother like myself so your father is link right there you don't know go pick up everybody in an industrial-sized you keep on doing anything our colorbond our blog wanna and you're a dog go go go alright someone personally window

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  1. 540ci (cubic inches) = 8850cc (cubic centimeters) = 8.8Litre V8 plus whipple srew super-charger for 8 seconds in a quarter mile (worthless like shit) too much tings for a 8secs in quarter mile

    (People who are dunce/dumb to cars dont understand or people who dont understand fully😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😮😮😮😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

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