The Mandalorian Episode One Ending Explained! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– This episode of Nerdist
News is sponsored by Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The Mandalorian’s episode
one ending explained. Well folks, it’s official,
Disney + has finally launched and while there have been
reports about outages across the service, most
fans are not letting that dampen their excitement for the debut of the first ever live action Star Wars TV show: The Mandalorian. Now, a quick side, note the
fact that Disney added that old Fox fanfare back to the
OG Star Wars films might be enough for us to overlook
the fact they also tweaked Han shooting Greedo under the table… (laser shot) … yet again! Ha, Maclunkey indeed; that’s
the name of Greedo’s sled. Anyway, the first chapter
of The Mandalorian has everything fans could ever want from a Star Wars TV show. Kick ass main characters, dudes gettin’ cut in half by doors, a spunky droid voiced by Taika Waititi and of course, that killer
ending that definitely has massive ramifications for
the Star Wars Universe. Now, of course, before we go any further, we have to put up a spoiler warning because we’re gonna be
spoiling the ever-loving hell out of the end of the first
episode of The Mandalorian. So, if you have not had
a chance yet to watch it, please, turn away now, avert your gaze and for everyone else, well,
feel free to use this time to like and subscribe.
(bell rings) You know, just like and sub. Anyway, you still here, great! So, what the heck exactly
happened with that ending? Why is everyone up in arms about it? Well, let’s get into it. Now, the first episode pretty
much unfolded as we expected. The titular Mandalorian
is out on the prowl, taking down bounties, eking out a living on the underbelly of the Star Wars galaxy. But, it’s only after he takes
out a highly suspect bounty from Werner Herzog’s the client that he sees the greater
story start to take shape. We watch as the Mandalorian
heads off world to acquire the asset and then he then teams up with a bounty hunter droid: IG-11 to break into the heavily guarded compound where the two find their
bounty: a Baby Yoda. That’s right, a smooth little Yode! – Found someone you have, I would say, hm? (laughs) – Okay, yeah, we know
it’s not Yoda exactly, but, George Lucas has
never specifically named or established this species yet. So, for the purpose of
ease, we’re gonna call him the Wee Baby Yoda. But what does Wee Baby Yoda mean? Well, before this point, we’ve
only seen two other beings of his species, Yoda and Yaddle, both of whom sat upon
the high Jedi Council. They were both extremely
strong with the Force, very long lived, something
hinted at by IG-11 when they find the 50 year old baby and it’s safe to assume
their alien species is actually pretty rare in this galaxy based on there’s, you know,
lack of proliferation. Two in an entire galaxy far, far away. We’ve seen so many more Mon Calamari, there’s very few Yodes in this world. Now, we also know the client is willing to pay very handsomely for
Baby Yoda, alive and well but, much to his counter
part, Dr. Pershing Shegrin, he’ll also accept him very dead. – That is not what we agreed upon. – I’m simply being pragmatic. – In all likelihood,
Pershing would no doubt love to get his doctor ass hands on this baby for the purposes of whatever he wants to do, weirdo. Now, he should also
consider that where as IG-11 was sent to kill Baby Yoda,
the Mandalorian had the option of dead or alive. So, it’s obvious that other
factions beyond the client are at play as well. – Bounty hunting is a
complicated profession. – It’s also worth noting
that if the Wee Baby Yoda was born 50 years ago that
would placed his birth around the time of
Anakin Skywalker’s birth, give or take a year. It would also make this one old ass baby. – He is too old. – Now, we’re not sure if
that plays into anything but, it’s an interesting fact
to contemplate nonetheless, especially considering
Anakin Skywalker’s position as the Chosen One. So, with all of what we know
now laid bare on the table, what happens when all of the clues begin to be added up? Well, it seems pretty obvious that despite how the Mandalorian
needed the client’s payments, he’s probably not gonna
just hand over this child. If we had to guess, he’s
probably gonna pull a lone wolf and cub situation, where
he’s forced to go on the run with this baby as he’s
hunted down by all types of former Imperials,
bounty hunters, you know, all manner of scum and villany. And in the process of trying
to get this Wee Baby Yode back to its family or
maybe find others like it, we might actually find out
more about Baby Yoda’s species. Are they all Force sensitive,
why are there so few of them and 50 years ol– You’re a baby at 50, that sucks! That’s so long to (beeps) yourself. (laughs) It also wouldn’t surprise us if Giancarlo Esposito’s
character, Moff Gideon, was attempting to kill off Baby Yoda, which would leave one less
Force user in the galaxy. And Werner Herzog’s character
just happened to maybe to stumble upon this plot. As for who Baby Yoda’s parents are well, it’s safe to assume that it
probably isn’t Yoda or Yaddle’s considering the fact that they were both on the Jedi Council and
they had pretty strict rules about romantic entanglements among Jedi. – Anything is possible,
Padme, listen to me. – In the end, we are definitely
left with more questions than we have answers but,
fortunately we don’t have to wait too long as chapter
two of The Mandalorian is expected to drop on
the 15th later this week. – Good. – But what do you folks think? Were you shocked by the
appearance of a Baby Yoda and what kind of part do
you think he’s gonna play in the Mandalorian? Also, did you spot that blink
and you’ll miss it cameo from Boba Fett? It’s totally him, right? – Don’t you agree? – Let’s discuss. Thank you again, to Star
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  1. I bet "ze client" and that imperial looking scientist want to try to brainwash wee baby yoda to fight for what's left of the empire.

  2. Some have suggested that the imperial doctor had a patch on his arm from the cloning facility in the prequels. Meaning that baby yods could be a clone baby Yoda.

  3. Has anyone realized that the math doesn't add up? (Pun intended) If baby yoda, or babyoda, is 50yo and is equivalent to a human 1yo, that means big yoda died when he is equivalent to a human 18yo. Even if babyoda is equivalent to a human 2yo, that would mean yoda died when he was equipment to a human 36yo. Even as a far stretch, if babyoda is equivalent to a human 3yo, then yoda died when he was 54yo in human-years. Even a 54yo human is not old by any standards. I thought yoda died of old age?

  4. This show is amazing and everything the new Star Wars films should have been. Also am I the only one that hopes he turns baby yoda in, so he can get even more bad ass armor?

  5. Haven't watched, nor going to watch: Why would you think anything needs explaining? I guess you must be far more perceptive…

  6. Jedi can’t get romantically entangled but that might not stop Yodas (Yodi?) doing the nasty and breeding. I mean, can’t see Yoda sticking on some Luther Vandross and being "romantic", can you? So that bit of Jedi law might not be a problem.

  7. Assuming 900 Yoda years is equivalent to 100 human years, then a 50 year old youngling is around 5 years of age. Assuming they are similiar to amphibians, its earlier years would have been as tadpoles and eggs. But of course thats actually 900 human years. But for them maybe its not that long.

  8. I was somewhat disappointed by this episode. They say each episode was about $10 million each, but the angles were really tight which made the sets seem small and some of the animatronics looked cheap. A lot of the writing seemed corny and rushed. I was really surprised with everything Disney has behind them for resources that there are so few episodes and kind of a poor quality product. Still going to watch and don't hate it, but it was a bit of an underwhelming first episode with a good ending.

  9. Here's my theory. It is Yoda and Yaddle's baby. (And before you all go all HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST YODA BROKE THE CODE!!!! on me, here me out.) In the expanded universe it's explained that the council allowed jedi whose species was endangered to breed to keep their race alive. But they couldn't have any connections to their offspring. (I know, so cruel.) Maybe Yoda and Yaddle were among the last of their kind, and had one baby together that they left with somebody they trusted so they could continue to be jedi. BUT, it's also explained that Yaddle left the high council before the clone wars. Maybe she missed her baby, and knew Yoda was needed in the order more than in a family. So she left to raise her baby by herself. 😢 And we all know Yoda is gone now, but what about Yaddle?. Well, maybe she either died of old age like Yoda, or she died trying to protect her baby. (Idk about you, but the way they found baby Yoda, reminded me of when Kala found Tarzan.)

  10. What the hell needs to be explained here? If you watched it, you have seen the ending, there wasn't even anything complicated going on. Like what, you have some hot new take on something everybody missed? Love Nerdist (less so since Jessica Chobot left) but this is stupid. It's frustrating on other channels too – granted, you guys offer a bit more content but it's still shitty clickbait 🙁

  11. I in fact did not notice Boba, but it was not because of a lack of trying. The show was literally just dark as fuck and my old ass TV can only go so bright.

  12. It was 1 episode no way you boutta do a ending explained on every episode, stop reviewing this shit like no one watched the episode, why do you need to explain it

  13. I clearly didnt expect that ending and I was freaking out because it made me so happy and sad at the same time. The baby is so cute but it still reminds me on Yoda, which is dead. Very good first episode in my opinion.

  14. I just hope IG11 isn’t out of the series… IG88 was my favorite droid and was excited to see an IG and mandalorian team up 😞

  15. I like how everything needs an "ending of [movie/episode/game] explained" even when the ending is straight-forward and doesn't need any explaining at all lol

  16. What i like about the video is that after years of garbage from Dismey and EA to destroy Star Wars both Mandalorian and fallen order is bringing it back home. Hope this is the trend and not exception.

  17. I’m placing a bet now, Jedi fallen order is going to crossover with the mandalorian series some how, mostly on chapter 2 releasing same day as fallen order but imma see tomorrow.

  18. When the dark rises up, the light rises to meet it. The child came into existence at the same time as Anakin. It's been learned now that Palpatine was the one that used the force to create Anakin, the most powerful of the Dark. It's entirely possible that the Light created the child in mirror of Palpatine using the Dark to create Anakin.

    THIS is how you successfully "subvert expectations" without making the fans hate you, you dimwit jackass.

  20. Obviously Werner Herzog's character wanted him to corner the market on baby yoda plush dolls,I mean,who doesn't want one,am I right?

  21. All I want to see is an appearance by Lumpy, Malla, and Itchy and if you don't know who they are, delete me and block my number

  22. I wonder if the new series coming up with Obi Wan shares the same time & space, and whether both shows story lines will intertwine? Also hoping Disney develops an animated series like the Clone Wars that'll take place between Chapters 3 &4 .

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