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– I’m gonna basically lay out that this is gonna rock the community. That way there’s more
pressure on these guys to make sure that it rocks
the community. (laughs) (hip-hop music) Day two of this project, we got interviews back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back. How many we got, like six or seven? It’s gonna be a long day. (clapping) It’s gonna be a fun day though. It’s really good. – [Todd Chase] Yeah. – [Josh] That’s your son?
(rap music playing from phone) – [Todd] That’s my
son that did all the music. – [Josh] Yeah man,
he’s really talented. Super talented. – He’s trying to.
– He’s creative, man. – Yeah, he’s… – How many other songs
does he have like that? – He’s got like a million
and a half streams on, is it Soundcloud? (“Drugs!” By Nick Chase) – Okay, so it’s T-O-D-D, two D’s. And, uh, Chase, C-H-A-S-E. Josh was a, he was a quiet leader. Right, so there’s all
kinds of leadership styles. Josh’s was certainly, you know, quiet leadership, like
he demanded respect. He earned his respect,
because again, he worked. He was smart. He figured stuff out. And these guys were figuring
stuff out on the fly. I mean, I’m not a technology guy, right? So, but I mean, just the amount of files and the size of the data
structures and the things and also, you know Josh also
attracted really smart people so if you look at the
early Grooveshark team and you look at some of
the successes they’ve had and the things they’ve
done and gone out to do, some of the early designers and coders and the systems guys,
they’re, I mean, top notch. You know, maybe the best way I could close this whole thing is if
you go around Gainesville, there was a company put out some T-shirts. And you’ll see ’em every once in awhile, and I’ve got one. That was the only thing
I always joked about at Grooveshark, as I got older, I didn’t look as good in the T-shirts as the young guys did. (laughs) Everybody had T-shirts, but
said, “Onward and Upward.” And that was Josh’s thing. Onward and upward. And so, I guess that’s,
I’d leave you with that. Just, you know, appreciate
every minute you have in life, and we’re all gonna have hard times. Wake up every day and onward and upward. (“Drugs!” by Nick Chase) – [Interviewer] If you could have one last conversation with Josh, what would that be? – What’s the question? – If you could ask him one more question, or have one more conversation with him, what would that be? – Can’t just have one
conversation with Josh. We had lots, so. Good luck, Josh. – [Collin] Cool. Thank you. – Okay.
– Like, really. – Well, thank you guys
you guys for doing this. – [Collin] Yeah, we appreciate it. We’re excited to see it come together, so. – It’s really amazing. Somebody who was with us such a short period of time,
made such a huge impact. Think about that. – Yeah, very. (pen clicking) Really appreciate your time. Thank you for carving it out for us. – Okay. (“Drugs!” by Nick Chase) – Alright, I’m sorry. Let’s go. – Ryan Frankel, R-Y-A-N F-R-A-N-K-E-L. Frankel Media Group. I’m the president and founder. To me, Josh is a lot of what I always aspired to be for myself. He’s the type of guy who,
when he walked into the room and you heard people talk, when he spoke, you know he was one of the
smartest guys in the room. I think Josh taught me a lot about what it meant to love and
appreciate Gainesville, which I’m not from here, I grew up in south Florida, came here for school, and had every intention of leaving. And I think he showed me how much Gainesville really has to offer, both personally and for
somebody’s business. You don’t have to be the
smartest person in the room. You don’t have to be the most experienced, you don’t have to be the best looking, you just have to want it so bad that you’re willing to do whatever you have to do to make it happen. And for me, that was sort
of the biggest memory of him was just that collective attitude that I think he had more than
most anyone I’ve ever met. – So this is it, vlog. This is like when you gotta do a bunch of content all day long,
you gotta unload the content. On the fly, on a laptop. – [Ronald] You got eight minutes left. – And a solid state drive. (laughs) In the car. – [Josh] Alright… You wanna catch us up on
what’s been happening today and all of it? – Yeah, man, so. How many have we done, three? God, it feels like we’ve
been doing this all day. We’ve only, we’ve done three, we’ve done three interview
for this project. And now, we have three more. Luckily, two of them are in one place. So, that makes things a little bit easier, but we’re gonna get this thing wrapped up, and then we only have one more interview, which will be with
Kristen Hadeed on Sunday. So, finally getting all
the interview part done, and then we’ll be able to start editing, and making magic, baby. (hip hop music) (laughter) – He was just always
wiling to take a meeting, always willing to give advice, always willing to, like, intro, and how he found the time to be so present and so giving, I’ll
never fully understand. Onward and upward. – When I think of all the
startups in Gainesville, most of them, Josh had
some sort of hand in, or Grooveshark contributed to in some way. Whether it be through like employees that moved on to those companies, moved on to found companies, or you know, Josh was involved in mentoring
founders of those companies. A ton of startups in
Gainesville, right now, either wouldn’t exist or
wouldn’t be successful without what Grooveshark did for them. (hip hop music) – The biggest lesson I learned from Josh was how important it is to
leave people where they are. (hip hop music) – Where’s Kara Winslow? – [Josh] Thank you for the light. – Makeup. (coughs) Oh, was it actually really good? Today, on our YouTube
show, we’re gonna show you how to hack a video, using
your iPhone (laughs) camera. (ding) As lighting. (laughter) So what, we had six interviews today? Fellas? Six? I’m not gonna repeat all
the things I’ve said, a million times, about how
awesome this project is gonna be, ’cause this project is gonna be awesome. And it’s gonna rock this community. And I’m gonna say all the things. I’m gonna basically lay out that this is gonna rock the community. That way, there’s more pressure on these guys to make sure
that it rocks the community. (laughter) (clapping) To like get it, get it done. And to make it so badass,
but I feel confident. I feel confident in the interviews. I’m grateful. I’m really grateful to everybody who took the time to be interviewed. We had more than enough people who said that they would contribute and be in it. And I think that if, I mean, we could have literally made a movie about Josh. I mean, really, we could’ve. Like we could’ve made
a full, two hour movie about Josh from this, and so, I think it’s gonna be challenging
to trim this down to a four or five minute video. It’s gonna be really, really challenging. But it’s something that I look forward to seeing what these guys
come up with and doing. So, I’m blessed. I’m blessed to be part of this project. I thank StartupGNV, I thank Gainesville. I mean the community, just everybody who supports us and is helping us get this new organization off the ground. This is it, man. We’re only, we’re two and a
half months into the new year. And it’s gonna be epic to see what the rest of the year
holds for Repaint the Wall. See ya later. Bye. (“Drugs!” by Nick Chase)

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