The ongoing war in Homs city, Syria. [June 27 2012]

At first glance this may appear to be a scene
from Berlin or Stalingrad after the Second World War or you might think this is from a horror game But in a different scene, taking place months earlier on the
same street, you will discover what crime this city committed This demonstration took place in the same neighborhood a
short time before the regime’s assault on Homs. The front-lines in Homs are not conventional front-lines, rather, the people of Homs are defending their homes and honor in the face of heavy weapons, not even designed to assault
cities, but are now seen attacking to and fro every time the inhabitants (of the city) raised their voices ‘This here is my home’ ‘It was burned, destroyed by Assad’s gangs’ ‘and still, after all of this, you don’t want me to carry a rifle?’ ‘Shouldn’t I defend myself? Shouldn’t I defend my honor and family?’ ‘Look what they did to the city’ Because of their fear for our lives, the Free fighters only reluctantly allowed
us to accompany them to areas that usually come under heavy shelling Unlike in video games, here it is impossible
to explain everything going on around you All logic fails to explain what is happening The horrors of war, if it can be called a war,
can be felt when witnessing the scale of destruction Logic also will not aid you in understanding the reasons
for the continued resistance by these revolutionaries But this young fighter presents an eloquent explanation ‘We know the whole world is standing against us’ ‘And the whole world is at war with us’ ‘But praise be to God, because of our resistance and steadfastness… ‘…and what nobody else knows, that God almighty is with us’ ‘Praise be to God, victory is surely coming!’ ‘Look, with this we are fighting rockets and mortars’ Maybe because this war is within the city, Annan and
Mood have described it as a civil war But we ask the two UN officials, does a civil war occur between an aggressive ruler, who owns all types of heavy
weapons and is supported by world powers, on one hand and young men fighting with light weapons on the other? Despite this we find with these (fighters) a confidence of victory, (so strong) that had
their enemies known of (it) they would have fought them for it. “Abu Hamza Al-Homsi, Jooret AL-Shayyah (Homs)”

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