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– [Dr. Dobson] So at eight years of age you decided God does not exist. – [Rabbi Cahn] Yes. They showed us film strips
on the God of the Bible and I saw that God who was real and moving and then I went to the synagogue and I didn’t see any sign of Him. It was like something that was ancient and it was religious, but
I didn’t see the signs. So I said, “Well, how do I
know there’s even a God.” When I was about 12 I started saying, “This doesn’t work. There’s gotta be a reason behind everything.” So that opened me up to start
seeking what’s the truth. – [Dr. Dobson] You actually
found Jesus in the Old Testament. – [Rabbi Cahn] Yes I did. Yeah, we had an Old
Testament in our house, nobody read it, but I opened it up, I said, “It’s all there.” And on my 20th birthday I
gave my life to the Lord. And then I started studying the Bible and people started asking
me to teach early on and then it just started. – [Dr. Dobson] Isn’t it
interesting that He wanted you? He sought you out. You thought you found Him, but He was looking for you. Well, let’s talk about
your book, The Oracle. – [Rabbi Cahn] The Oracle is really the biggest mystery I’ve ever dealt with. The secret behind the past, the present, current events right now. It’s really to me, the master secret of the end times. Where are we going? Where are we heading? It is also the blueprint of our lives. When I became an atheist, it was because I didn’t see the God of the Bible today. The Oracle is saying, “The God of the Bible
is just as real today, behind everything. It has
affected all of our lives.”

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