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hello welcome to the point world affairs I'm your host Daniel trend a program we delve a little deeper into some of the stories making headlines around the world and to help us dissect them down into digestible bites we have a professor of Hopkins who professor of law from Hong Kong University joining us here in the studio thank you so much for being here with us thanks for having it good to be here well let's get straight to the point by starting with the key word state you have carefully selected for us today okay very well let's take a look at them together first is onion phase ii border action and third anti extradition right let's roll the clip for our first keyword on page japan has announced it will restart commercial whaling by dispatching five ships from Kushiro port in hokkaido starting on the first day of next month in December last year Tokyo said it would withdraw from the International Whaling Commission in late June and resumed commercial whaling from July show your vulgarity or the deity of Lourdes today the whole alligator you know polish of the moon colony Z Japan's well consumption reached 230,000 tons per year in the 1960s since then the consumption has gradually reduced amid the revelation of the brutality of the whaling process and international criticism but around 5,000 tons of whale meat are reportedly still being eaten domestically following the withdrawal from the IWC Japan made clear it would carry out commercial whaling in the areas within its exclusive economic zone but not in the Antarctic despite Tokyo's clarification the worldwide criticism hasn't died down a bit since 1986 commercial whaling has been forbidden globally and about 20 out of 90 whale species are currently endangered well Japan has never been unfazed by the ongoing global condemnation to their tradition of hunting whalers nei enjoying what they harvested from the sea is it a fact that Japan continued to hunt whales or when wielding even when he was prohibited or discouraged or illegal that's a good question I think the the issue is that there always has been under the ice IWC permission for not for commercial but for scientific research based whaling and so that is the general allowance that has existed Japan wants to go a step further and to blatantly say we want to do commercial whaling now we have an industry we want to pursue this and if even if it means us was drawing from IWC so be it that's what we're gonna do is a matter of pride tradition culture more so than an actual demand for product that's an interesting question to whether there's actually how much of a demand of a pallet in the Japanese people were other countries that want well as for food consumption I think all is not at a loss in this situation there are the international community could put more non legal pressures and sometimes that can prove to be much more effective than pursuing legal measures the bottom line is that everyone likes Wales even the ones who like Wales for food comes in maybe has a place but the vast majority of people don't seem to want to hunt whales us simply for food consumption all right it's a subject matter that will be discussed further on by the rest of the world and Japan yes let's move on to the second word of the day its border action u.s. President Donald Trump tweeted the u.s. and Mexico have reached a deal and said the plan to impose five percent tariffs on all Mexican goods starting on June 10th has been quote indefinitely suspended all of it is new I mean we've heard commitments before from Mexico to do more on their southern border the last time they deployed down there it's about four or five hundred officers the move comes as the two sides agreed to prevent illegal immigrants into the u.s. through Mexico just eight days after Trump announced a possibility of putting the tax hike in place in a joint declaration Mexico vowed to tighten its border security to block migrants from Central America entering the US now sort of the most informal over the last thousand years except for more in Nasik on prostitution and illegal EK la guardia national community a male and comida de cobre plus ratio natal Karina's Univision allocation from terrace or Tillis MO sex freak Alex on Columbus he kept on a Sarah Eve the spill ecology this was correct after the deal was reached there have been growing concerns over the safety and human rights protection of the immigrants Mexico has decided to provide shelters for asylum seekers until the u.s. concludes the screening process there were concerns initially but then there was rapid response from Mexico just eight days after trauma now said he's going to slap duties on Mexico well on paper he looks like a wind but then some say the US didn't get much out of the negotiation nor was there any because this was an initiative already in place president Trump has long favored tariffs as a policy tool it's interesting thing that he has a tendency to do sometimes is to conflate differing issues here we have trade issue an immigration issue and he's using the trade issue with threats of a five percent increase in tariffs to affect another issue of immigration policy it's unclear here whether what the exact terms of the immigration at what stage the immigration discussions took place and so we need to get to the bottom of figuring out what exactly was on paper between the discussions that took place one interesting aspect of the negotiations though is that there's a question of whether Mexico would send their newly formed National Guard troops to the southern borders to I guess to enforce and to help assist a u.s. Border Patrol initially there was a discussion about maybe 1,000 troops but after the threats were made now it's a there isn't there's a media is reporting that essentially now that number has risen to 6,000 troops not only to the southern border but to be sent to the other parts of of Mexico so if that's the case there does seem to be some measurable indication that the tariff threats may have worked to Trump's advantage well last but not least let's move on to our third key word of the day anti extradition a massive protest erupted in downtown Hong Kong on June 9th against the new legislation that its government is trying to pass it was the bloodiest demonstration in Hong Kong since the territory was handed to China organizers said around 1.3 million people had joined the March that is one seventh of all Hong Kong residents protesters said they are against the bill as it could be abused by China to target and repaint trade figures who are politically against the government or human rights activists to mainland China some 3-thousand Hong Kong lawyers and legal professionals staged a sign of protest on June 6th to show they are against the extradition bill they came out for one reason and one reason only because they see there's a threat to the rule of law in Hong Kong because of this extradition bill a pass will do irreparable damage to our legal system to the rule of law Hong Kong has two lengthy legislative debate on the extradition bill but the conflict is expected to continue as it is sent to be passed within this month well Hong Kong doesn't want to be just another Chinese city that's clearly visible from the response of the public some say that there's evolution or upgrades being made on the part of the protesters as well as authorities cracking down on them dating all the way back to 2014 when they had the umbrella movement first of all the magnitude of these protests in recent seems to be an interesting thing in it of itself the fact that a media outlets are reporting close to a million maybe more protesters in the streets of Hong Kong is very significant what's very interesting about this development is that it's not simply just the numbers we're talking about the demographics issue as well here 3,000 lawyers and not just lawyers but there are there's doctors middle-class parents teachers churchgoers all sorts of people are coming out some groups there the government can't afford to lose yes and so the key concern with the whole issue is at the testers are very concerned that this extradition bill is a could be used arbitrarily to target maybe political dissidents with businessmen or even average citizens certainly journalists and others who are not in favor with Chinese mainland government and that's a cause for a great outcry from the masses from China's perspective what they're trying to do is tweak some the so called loophole issues that's that exists to prevent Hong Kong from extraditing individuals from other countries Hong Kong is still a special administrative region so it doesn't have the state sovereignty ability to be able to extradite people from other countries and so when this our Taiwan incident involving a murder of a female 20 year old Hong Kong victim in Taiwan that really was the government's main impetus for them to try to change the rule and use it to expand their authority to have control over even the legal system in Hong Kong we are grateful for the stories that you have carefully selected for us thank you the point takes a closer look at some of the ramifications stemming from the prolonged train war between the US and China after multiple negotiations have resulted in breakdowns the two superpowers have failed to reach an agreement to the trade war which broke out in July 2018 due to a terrifying followed by other retaliatory measures the u.s. struck first in May by beginning the process of increasing tariffs on three hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese products and China answered back by announcing it would impose up to twenty five percent tariffs on products worth 16 billion dollars Trump who isn't fooling any of his punches to get his America first agendas done has made China an emerging economic power a target of his trade protectionism China is subsidizing product so the United States is paying for a little of it and if you look at inflation and if you look at pricing it's gone up very little the tariffs are having a devastating effect on China people are fleeing the country with their companies Trump also signed an executive order on May 15 to restrict US firms from trading with par way and is 70 affiliates while China dropped massive quantities of pork purchases one of his major import items from the US as the two sides are showing no size of concessions the trade war is likely to linger a while countries that rely heavily on International trade bound to suffer most of the partaking nations of the g20 finance ministers meeting in Japan on June night have agreed that the global economy could face a crisis in the aftermath of the trade war that's what you have escaped the horse we doubled up so on cheek no traitor Nick you are tied to the please you talk kooky this you know I'm not gonna go so it's time to are you a big chicken Irish good the most incredible you know robbery I moved here oh no no too vulgar you don't have oak to mascara that's will tell of committee or know why I do Stewart into still kilometer like Utica ladies at this point neither the u.s. nor China are willing to throw a towel in this gigantic game of chicken and the question is how much damage could it dump on the rest of the world grande stakes game of no you move between Washington and Beijing they're testing each other and staying very resistant so far how do you perceive this very long battle scaling up to a war unfolding in the near future if there's a continuous stalemate here there clearly are severe ramifications temporarily for a couple months few months that might be okay for both superpowers to be able to manage but if it continues to probe beeping that then there will be collateral consequences of that stalemate it would affect the economy both economies and they would have reverberations in other economies as well right speaking of other economies we're going to connect to a local expert in Singapore to find out about the impact that they're feeling over there we'll get back to you in a short while professor so we're now going straight to dr. Rahul Chaudhary Institute of South Asian Studies at National University of Singapore is with us right now hello there I the prolonged us-china trade war is expected to bring some significant damage to many other nations including your country of course what kind of damage is expected and how is Singapore preparing for it China and the US we the world is bringing some kind of damage not only to US and China but other countries as well and also Mike Singapore saying is you know Singapore is an export-based economy and a lot of our exports are going to China both mainland China and Hong Kong if we figure around 15 percent of China a Singaporean export it goes to mainland China another 13 percent main Hong Kong so if there is an slowdown in Chinese exports Chinese are exporting to different countries including us so obviously our export to China is going to so low because our demand from Chinese importers are coming down so this is thing and another thing franchises are using Singapore II hardware Singapore port and they are also coming to Singapore Edna as the scene to disperse large numbers between some business work and some other also so these are also coming slowing down this is also a negative effect to the Singapore unique moment and this evil Singaporean Minister for hidden Commerce MPI has also expressed his concern about this ongoing trade and he said that there will be significant or significant impact on this thing's well thank you again for your time and insights on the matter we appreciate it so a professor of Parker it looks like this is something that Trump has been planning or at least it was in his back but or since 2014 evidenced by his a tweet that time when he clearly indicated China is not a friend of the United States mm-hmm yeah indeed I think there's a bit of a posturing that has to take place there is election year in the United States in 2020 in November and even though the election campaigning process is long it's never too early to campaign for as a president Trump seeks to run for the second term and so there's a bit of a posturing that needs to take place of course from China standpoint as the proverbial emerged superpower in our time President Xi Jinping likewise needs to be very strong and indicate to the world that he can hand the United States here in this situation the situation put a bump to President Xi Jinping's vision 2025 made in China 2025 it looks like he's certainly once faced in terms of coming out on top of this situation yeah indeed he has a strong inclination to remain resolute in his commitment to write out this trade war scuffle that's happening the trade war is not something of a mere skirmish or a mirror a bump or a mere fight there would be series of these trade wars that will be alas into the future I wonder if we are at the peak of the trade war dispute or whether just were just being the stages of the longer trade dispute that extends into other superpower issues of conflict right well that's up this this Clash of the Titans will not be prolonged and that they can't find a solution and there might be some opportunities into cracks that we can fill niche markets that we can hunt down yeah I think there is hope I think it's good to hope we shouldn't get our hopes up too much but the g20 for instance is happening at the end of this month and the g20 meeting although it's not specifically for China and for the US it does provide some opportunity and there's a lot of buzz in the media about whether an official meeting will take place between season peeing and president Trump that remains to be seen there's a bit of a chicken fight going on there whether who's who's asking who to meet and who's asking who's going who's going to come who's going to not show up etc but the g20 could be an opportunity where they do flesh out some of these things a little bit more in detail and and for the moment that could quiet some of the discussions about whether it's 200 billion dollars or 300 billion dollars more interest that's that's being threatened by the u.s. currently right I like in a big scuffle when two big egos clash there are there is a need for other countries or other members to step in so that they won't have to whisper to them hold me back indeed it's time for us to spin the globe for some interesting happenings in various corners of our broad our first stop is Israel how many vegan dishes could possibly exist you might get an answer to the question by turning up at a festival in Tel Aviv Israel where more than a hundred vegan restaurants have gathered to offer their foods Donuts dumplings burgers and hot dogs which are all popular options for meat-eaters around the world have made it onto the menu by being prepared only with natural green ingredients remember to save room for desserts but they have some excellent veggie cocktails and cheese around 8% of Israel's population are considered to be vegetarians thousands of people chow down on some delicious vegan food at the festival there's a lot of options for things everyone's getting on board with the giving an option for vegans plus a lot of the culture has food that works for a vegan diets so yeah it's been pretty cool as people's interest in vegetarian cuisine is growing we look forward to seeing more delicious vegan dishes in the near future we apply over to the UK now the United Kingdom celebrated queen elizabeth ii 93rd birthday the Queen's carriage is on its way to Buckingham Palace with Prince Charles Prince William and the Queen's second son Prince Andrew trailing behind Prince Charles Prince William and Princess Anne all wear a black hat and joined the parade on horseback the red arrows perform a fly pass to celebrate the Queen's birthday Queen and the rest of the Royals gathered on the balcony of buckingham palace to greet the spectators and watch the performance sitting on the throne for 66 years since turning 25 years old queen elizabeth is the world's longest-serving monitor and the most admired figure in the UK we visit France next the number of electric scooters in the streets is rising as they are simple to operate and can travel at high speed however the downside of the travel devices is that they are contributing to the increasing number of accidents involving pedestrians Paris has recently come up with a measure against some 20,000 scooters currently operating in the city so demand you separate the two to the 30 net electric killer buried van kilometer on top of each element fire dollies fp8 undeserved Hong Kong listen live literally pure sometimes one must pay a fine of a hundred and fifty US dollars for riding an e scooter on a pavement and pay an extra forty bucks if the scooter is parked in an area that could disturb traffic following safety regulation is the number one priority that every driver regardless of their transportations should keep in mind our last la Nepal what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mount Everest whatever it may be it shouldn't be plastic bottles or cans but sadly all this rubbish that's being carried onto the truck is from Mount Everest more than 11 tons of trash were removed since the Nepalese government organized a team of 20 Sherpas to clean the mountains Mount Everest has provided many climbers with the most extreme challenges and chance to feel a sense of accomplishment but it is disappointing that people have failed to return the favor for its environment I can imagine hard to think logically once you're up there high up in the in the mountains but still you need to have a sense of logic and not you know throw behind all this waste as you leave these wonders of nature the Nepalese government apparently have passed a line 2042 make it mandatory for him to clean up and also we've saw traffic congestion in Everest not too long ago right yeah the Nepalese government is being reported that took a good step recently to remove I think 24,000 pounds of trash from Mount Everest in recently that's a good step Mount Everest is certainly on many people's bucket list it's on my list as well to go to I certainly won't do one not want to go there to see the trash so some measures need to certainly take place here whether it's a simultaneously are working with the government but also what visitors have a significant responsibility to keep Mount Everest as beautiful as it should be well friends they introduced a scooters a few years ago and the world rejoiced there's going to be the answer to tackling pollution problems but they came up with their own little package a new source of headaches and other countries are seeing this problem as well what can we do from here on it looks like the the part of the solution has become a big part of a problem a scooter seems to be a problem that now we're dealing with whereas maybe a few years ago we're dealing with bikes rental bikes share bikes in many many cities across the world and there seems like a good idea when you first begin but there's unintended consequences of regulation and other things that don't get planned out so well to deal with some of these issues from a nuisance that point and I think many cities will have to up their city ordinances to deal with this this problem it goes back it connects to the Mount Everest issues as well people having not a strong sense of responsibility saying then one should be fine hmm yeah I think so I think the collective if everyone thinks like that we would have a big aggregate problem right well looks like it's time for us to wrap things up professor Parker thank you so much for coming and we appreciate you choosing these stories and making our show complete today thank you it's good to be here well that's all the stories we have brought with us today for more do tune in again same time next week for a brand new episode of the point for all affairs thank you so much for watching

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