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If you follow me on twitter you know I’m not
a big fan of awards shows in general, but all the talk post Golden Globes is about Oprah
Winfrey potentially running for president in 2020. Mainstream media is in love with the idea
of Oprah for President, and CNN, the NY Times, Time Magazine, and others have all run think
pieces on her chances in just three years from now. Hollywood of course is also love with the
idea.. the conscience of lefty hollywood Jimmy Kimmel has already said that he’s on board
with Oprah 2020, and NBC even tweeted from their official account that Oprah is our next
president…though they eventually deleted the tweet. Make no doubt, the elite class that was dealt
a swift blow by the election of Trump in 2016 will quickly fall in line if Oprah decides
to make a run. Oprah has a remarkable life story — she grew
up in a Milwaukee boarding house in extreme poverty, surviving absolutely horrific physical
and sexual abuse, including being raped by her cousin when she was only 9 years old. From these unimaginably difficult beginnings,
Oprah eventually made it into local news in Chicago and then onto her syndicated talk
show which not only changed the TV landscape but had a cultural relevance unlike almost
anything in the pre-internet age. Every politician, pop culture figure and ordinary
person doing something extraordinary seemed to make it to Oprah’s couch. Since she ended the talk show 7 years ago,
Oprah’s had many professional ups and downs continuing to navigate hollywood, starting
her TV network OWN which hasn’t really caught on, charity work, and of course always making
time to eat bread with very excited strangers around a fancy table in a forest. As for Oprah’s politics, I’m not sure anyone
other Oprah herself has a full view of them. She was a big Obama supporter during his two
campaigns and I have no doubt she’s falls on the Democrat-progressive side of things. How she falls specifically on every issue
I’m not totally sure, but we seem to be veering towards a cliff where the issues will have
almost nothing to do with who gets elected. The cult of personality we’re building around
politicians and what that means for the health of our society in the long term is quickly
becoming a massive problem that is hidden in plain sight. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say much on
the cult of personality that is Donald Trump. Make no mistake whether you love or hate Donald
Trump, we elected a reality TV star, a man created by and now hated by the mainstream
media. Trump’s rise used all the tools of the media
against itself and that’s why right now the media is endlessly looking to destroy him…they
want their narrative and control back. Notice the shift in TV coverage and articles
about Trump in the last two weeks or so, it’s shifted from endless Russia stories to Trump’s
mental health. In most cases, the people writing these stories
are the same people who said that stories about Hillary’s health were conspiracy theories…even
after she collapsed and was dragged into an SUV by security guards that autumn day in
New York City. So what we have right now is a cult of personality,
Trump, versus the cult of media. This has made a lot of people a lot of money. As long as they keep churning out articles
and think pieces, true or not, people get paid. To this end, Trump is their perfect foil,
he has no shortage of Tweets to send out and people to mock, so we’ve got a match made
in hell playing our right in front of our eyes. Now back to Oprah for a moment. Oprah is basically the exact reverse of Trump,
even at the identity politics level: she is a black woman and he is a white man. She grew up poor, he grew up rich. But more important than this, she says all
the right things, talks about love and spirituality, and is loved by the Hollywood and media class
as one of their own. Trump, on the other hand is their perfect
enemy, as if they had written the script themselves. Alas, Trump was one of their own until he
became too powerful and now he is enemy number one because they’ve lost control of the narrative. Their hope is they can win some of that narrative
back with another celebrity who will play by their rules but I think this is shortsighted
at best and disastrous at worst. Just imagine what kinda of insane polarizing,
sensationalized lunacy this potential matchup will lead to as we head into 2020. It’ll be great for clicks and ratings, but
it’ll be terrible for ideas and debate. You thought Hillary v. Trump was polarizing? Just wait until Trump and Oprah battle it
out in the Thunderdome on prime time TV. Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll ever turn
back to being governed as our founders intended, with a limited federal government and strong
states that empower people to control their lives at the local level. While Trump has done some good work in limited
the power of the federal government, he’s obviously happy to govern by executive action
as congress cedes more and more of their duties to the executive branch, instead of the legislative
branch where laws are supposed to be written. His justice department too, is happy to step
on the 10th Amendment and allow the federal government to trample on states rights, just
look at Attorney General Jeff Sessions decision to allow the feds to crack down on states
ability to legalize marijuana. So to sum up, we’ll have a president that
will most likely be a celebrity, whether it’s Trump or Oprah or Mark Cuban or The Rock,
along with a executive branch that will continue growing and growing in power. This cult of personality will continually
put people into office not on what they believe and whether they understand or even care how
government is supposed to work, but rather by what they make us feel and how they can
manipulate us into thinking exactly as they do. That feeling, coupled with that growing power
of the office of the president is a recipe for the authoritarian control we should all
be wary of. The only way to fight the tide of this celebrity
induced Idiocracy is to get involved now before it’s too late. Either that, or get ready to bow to Supreme
Leader Justin Bieber in 2024.

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  1. A shrewd entertainer, an expert on the business of show business, but not the thoughtful philosopher she's pretending to be here. TV stars of her magnitude are always performing for the camera, whether they care to admit it or not. Once you become as big a celebrity as she is, you're basically living in a bubble. Like Hillary, she's loathe to admit that the bubble exists. And being surrounded by so many assistants that cater to her every whim, she's largely forgotten what life was like before show biz. Politically, she's a dilettante.
    It's silly to think Oprah should run for president, given that she knows even less than Trump or Palin about the government, economics or foreign policy. In a saner world TV could be an instrument that educates voters on complex issues. Instead, commercial news is geared toward housewives who buy People magazine. Given a choice between watching Oprah or Bill Moyers, viewers will make a beeline for the feel-good glibness of Oprah. Public affairs programs are nearly non-existent (even on PBS), and the airwaves are under almost complete corporate control. So we get the kind of leaders we deserve : Reagan, Clinton, Trump …. How could we be duped so easily?

  2. Oprah promoted, among other things, quacks like Dr. Oz. Are there any scientists willing to run? Any educated candidates with political experience? What stops qualified people from running for high office? Is it only charismatic dishonest people can amass the wealth needed?

  3. The Idiocracy is coming next president will be the porn star! Damn you Mike Judge. Who thought you were a visionary. It shows the times that we are living in.

  4. Oh no no no no no. Don't be talking about the next election yet. It's way way too early. Wait till late 2019 at the earliest. God knows why you people have to drag out your obnoxious elections for so long.

  5. Oprah in politics is laughable … she's only popular on tv because of pathetic weak minded white womens guilt over slavery, without their support she's Nothing !

    TRUST IT!!!! DO IT!!!!! …. NICE

  7. Trump's business mind experience is a perfect fit. Business minded people know exactly how to make the right executive decisions to balance what is necessary and what is beneficial. Trump's decision's are not based on emotions, but on prospecting and anticipating the fruitful ends of the investment or decision, for the future.

  8. If oprah is elected president its the only thing that will make me rather look to Putin to be the rational world leader. It will be the end of all respect america has, america will no longer have the kind of influence it has today. Americas politics will be ridiculed and laughed at across the world. Any american with a shred of self respect wont vote for a cunt who thinks being a stay at home mother is the hardest job in the world. Trump is an ass, but he knows systems, he understands economics. Oprah is completely and utterly braindead, she could invest the GDP in a pyramid scheme. She will get votes from stupid women and nobody else. I could see it being a good thing for america to nominate her so that everyone that votes for her can go on a blacklist.

  9. Great video. Question, do you speak impromptively or do you write up what you're going to say and read it off?

  10. She will NEVER run. She has way too many skeletons in her closet! And not the fishing made up Trump ones , like the all of a sudden 12 women coming forward day after Trump invites just a couple of Billy’s victims in which Hillary was never going to let go, to their debate! And interesting how no one has reported that all 12 woman were lying and made everything up, oh yeah he was recorded saying he could grab a woman’s pussy! Lol as men talk in general much worse just as women do also when think a private conversation! Or of course the ongoing Russia , Tax returns, porn relationship, on and on! That mayweather put simply and to the point! Trump has been in the public eye for several decades! And even in a Oprah interview was applauded and praised for answering the question “ would you ever consider running for president “ only if I felt I needed to based on we’re America was headed. No one called him racist, homophobic, evil, etc etc etc Intel the left realizing he actually is as close to a everyday American with his views of loving our country and caring about people, in which he showed mostly behind closed doors for decades, than any candidate since JFK.! Who the government had murdered for the same reasons! She has too many factual demons and impossible to hide. No worries

  11. As of now, 668 people are members of at least one cult of personality (& maybe of a few different cults at the same time).

  12. So after 8 years of Obama we got Trump and now people want to elect a female Obama..? Really America?

  13. I gotta admit, Trump is kinda growing on me. I just hope it isn't a tumor. I'm going to have as much fun as I can NOW, while NOW is still available …lol…

  14. I remember when people were offended by the fact that Ronald Reagan was a former actor. Now the left will embrace any celebrity. It seems that show biz and politics are merging, marching further toward an Idiocracy style government. President Oompa— Oompa Windbag. No thanks.

  15. Didn't vote last election, and was willing to accept the election result, and he's done amazing job as president, he definitely has my vote in the next election.

  16. "The Problem?" Oprah has a plethora of problems. Shes a New Age nut who promotes spirituality and books like The Secret and repeatedly called Obama "The One," referring to him as the Black messiah, and said "He is the one we've been waiting for." Shes a New Age 'prophet' (for more than just profit) promoting false religion.

  17. The U.S. Presidency has been hijacked. It's been peaking since Obama, it is true about Trump too, and with his election it has become evident that it has overtaken American conservatives as well: Americans simply elect the person who is set before them in the media. If they had adhered to their values, they most likely would have elected Ted Cruz. Instead of based on policy and values, and instead of the Texan Senator who was strategically marginalized by the media during the campaign, they have elected a man who, conversely, was strategically and progressively placed in focus by the media (probably as Plan B as popularity for unstable and extreme left Hillary seemed to be declining), and who is not a conservative but simply appropriates the semblance of conservative values, principles, and aspirations, then either 1. makes them ridiculous or discredited before the whole world (thereby ensuring that they are renderred irrelevant forever), or 2. despite his big ridiculous and childish slogans, somehow stands by to watch as each of those things predictably die in Congress. All the while the United States continues to implement the same globalist economic, financial, and military policy — always with the American public's currently maximized support of the currently relevant president.

  18. Funny how if Demoncrats do this they will be hypocripsy at it's finest. They bitched about Trump not having any political experience. He had more then Oprah would have had since he has dealt with businesses around the world & talked about Politics since the 1980's. Oprah is a product of promotion from a tv talk show host. She is no different then Ellen Degeneres both would be same qualifications.

  19. When I was in high school I had a teacher tell us in politics & government: If you look at the last 30-40 years people don't vote on policy they vote on who they want to have a beer with.

  20. If you elect me… you get a car! And you get a car! And you, oh you definitely get a car! Oh isn't this wonderful?!

  21. If JFK were alive hed support Trump. Remember the media treated JFK the same way for a while, only one minority side loved him.

  22. All I know is President Trump does care about his country and celebrities would only make it worse ESPECIALLY OPRAH WINFREY! Anyone person who sticks their tongue in Weinstein's ear and knows what a disgusting scumbag that he is and yet still stands by his side is NOT SOMEONE I WANT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN THIS COUNTRY! Especially who's good friends with the worst person we all know, Barak Obama! Make no mistake, she's bad news for this country like he was the past 8 years in office! #TRUMP 2020 #MAGA

  23. interesting idea. If we continue to elect celebs and crap, we might come fac to face with a tyrant. But that is only the best golden oppotunity for a fresh start in order to restore power to the People once and for all. Until then, 20 yrs from now, we won't be able to restore power to the people while the power has grown in the state.

  24. Where ever the wind blows Oprah goes. Wherever there is a story that could be capitalized on Oprah will be there. Where ever there is a starving child you can always count on Oprah being there and interviewing the dying child and filming the dying process.

  25. Oprah although a billionaire would literally bankrupt politics aswell as the overall state of the nation. Her style of leadership would be as idiotic as the present incumbent. America is fast approaching the nation of celebrity power and needs to raise credible alternative to the commander in chimp

  26. The far left will be confused by that one. On the one hand she's a black woman who's been sexually assaulted in the past, while on the other hand she's a shining example of a capitalist. She's living proof that upward mobility exists for poor black people.

    Regardless of what Oprah says she believes, she's a capitalist. She believes in capitalism because she has acted out that belief every day of her life and it has proven itself to be extremely useful to her. My guess is she would rule in a far more conservative way than the Left would tolerate.

  27. Oprah is actually a great poster child for free market and capitalism.  She should be the biggest supporter for individual rights and individual merit.  If you work hard and smart, you too can be rich as Oprah regardless of your social class.

  28. As long as Trump keeps nailing them out of the ballpark I will be voting for him in 2020, no offense but not only don't I trust Oprah, I sure as heck don't trust Hollywood!!! You may want to look at California and Chicago, both are run by Democrat – Socialists!

  29. Can we please make a requirement that the president has to have been some sort of political leader as a state representative or another federal politician

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