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Hi, it’s Maija here again, with the second part
of my little “what have I been up to lately” update video. The first part was
about Worldcon, this is about what I’m currently reading and my TBR for The
Reading Quest. The Reading Quest already started on the 13th of August, which was
the last day of Worldcon, and that is why I didn’t have time to make a TBR
video beforehand and I missed the official sign up date. But I did do a blog
post about my TBR on the 14th, but I wanted to do a video one, as well. So, you have
probably seen this around: The Reading Quest is a readathon hosted by Read at
Midnight, with beautiful art by CW from Read Think Ponder. So it’s a fantasy
adventure RPG video game type of quest, where you pick a character class and
then your reading challenges are based on that character class, so of course I
want to do that! I will leave a link to the read-a-thon down below. So it has
been running for a bit over a week now, and I still haven’t finished one book
for it, but I will just show you my TBR now. So the character that I picked was
the Mage. I really wanted to pick the Bard, but the Bard’s Quest seemed a bit
tougher for me and I had a lot more books to choose from for the Mage Quest,
so that is what I chose. And the first task is to read a book with a one-word
title, and for this I chose Steelheart from Brandon Sanderson, because I have
owned this forever and I thought it would be a quick read since it’s a YA one.
My boyfriend has actually read the whole series and he said that the first one is
good, but you don’t have to read the next ones, because they just get progressively
worse, so let’s see what I feel about the first one. It’s about people with
superpowers who are supposedly superheroes, but not really, and the main
character I think is fighting against them. Then for a book that contains magic
I chose The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin, because I really want to read this right
after I finish a couple of my library books. So this the first one that I will
be diving into on the mage’s proper quest. The Stone Sky is the final book in
The Broken Earth trilogy, and I have given both of the books in this trilogy before five
stars. I really can’t wait to get to it! It just won the Hugo, the first and
second books have won the Hugo for Best Novel for that year, so let’s see if N.K.
Jemisin can pull off a hat-trick next year. Then
for a book based on mythology I was thinking about finishing The Dark Is
Rising series by Susan Cooper with Silver on the Tree, but now that it’s
taken me a week and I haven’t finished even one book, I might instead go with
the fifth volume of The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.
This is a comic book series with a pantheon of gods being reborn into these young
persons’ bodies. I’ve really enjoyed it so far, it has gorgeous art, so I might go
with this one instead. The Dark is Rising series is based on Arthurian mythology
and this one just has gods from across all sorts of mythologies in it. The next
stop on the quest is to read a book set in a different world, and I have a ton of
books that I could choose from, but for now I think I will be going with Mélusine
by Sarah Monette, since I haven’t read anything from her after reading The Goblin
Emperor. It’s a dark high fantasy thing definitely set in another world. And the
final part of the Mage’s Quest is to read the first book in a series, and I
picked The Just City by Jo Walton, which I’ve been meaning to read from my own
books for a while now, it won a Twitter poll of what should I read next from the
books that I’ve owned for a long time. And this would also qualify
for the book based on mythology, since it has a lot of Greek gods, but I’m going to
use it for the first book of a series one. So that is my main TBR, but there are
also a ton of side quests that all of the character classes can complete if
they want to. And I think my mage just really wanted an animal companion,
because the book that I’m currently reading is Raven Stratagem by Yoon Ha Lee, the
second book in this series that started with Ninefox Gambit, I think it’s called
Machineries of Empire – and I haven’t noticed this series name before. And
this is a military science fiction thing, and I’m about halfway through. This should
have already gone back to the library, so I really need to finish this. So soon
my mage will have a raven companion. And since I have another book that needs
to go back to the library soon, I will be completing the Mini Game side quest
next, which is to read a graphic novel, or a novella, or a short story. And I have
Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire out from the library. This
is the second novella in the same series as Every Heart A Doorway,
which just won the Best Novella Hugo, so I’m having a lot of Hugo winners here lately.
So I hope that I can finish this. Let’s just say that my mage character got a
raven companion and then decided to do a bit of raven training or flying
mini-games, so that is how she’s spending her time
instead of doing her main quest – bad mage! But that is almost the same way that I
would play an RPG video game, just veer off the main quest and do all
these silly little side quests instead, so I can’t really blame my character. So
as you probably figured, my current read is the Raven Stratagem, and last
week I was just so tired from Worldcon that my reading pace was really slow,
that’s why I’ve only finished half of this book now, but I’m really enjoying it.
It’s from different characters’ point of view than the first book was, even though it
has the main character from the first book in this. It’s a really interesting
look from the outside of that character. And I really want to know where all this
strategizing is going! So, so far, so good. So that’s my TBR for The Reading Quest. I
think I noticed that the Mage and the Knight were the most popular ones for
the quests from the video TBRs that I have seen about The Reading Quest. Let me
know if you are doing that as well, and if not, what you are currently reading. I
have to say that the Bard and Rogue ones were a bit more difficult than the Knight and
Mage ones, so I can see why less people are going to do them. Because I couldn’t
really come up with a book for every one of their challenges, like I said that’s
why I went with the mage. But I think I’ve rattled on long enough, as you can
probably tell from the fact that I had to split this into two parts, so I’m just
going to go ahead and read my book so that I can get to The Stone Sky. It’s
calling my name… Anyway, bye for now, and I will see you later in my next

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  1. this has got to be one of the cutest readathons 😀 i just picked up a copy of The Stone Sky as well and i'm super excited to read it!

  2. I can totally relate on the "main quest on hold, side quest galore"-thing. That tends to be how I play most games as well. xD

  3. I'm currently re-reading Obelisk (and already re-read Fifth) so that I can dive into TSS soon. So excited! And yes, completing all the side quests first is obviously the way to go!

  4. I'll be interested in hearing what you think of Steelheart! I've never read anything by Sanderson outside of his Cosmere. I haven't finished anything for The Reading Quest yet either; I was and still am finishing some books I had already started.

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