The Rise of Global Governance - Part 3

in part three we'll see how the new United Nations deals with challenges and opportunities during its first years of operation the first real challenge for the United Nations came at its second general session in 1947 Palestine was a trust territory of Great Britain UN resolution 181 adopted November 29 1947 required the withdrawal of British troops and the creation of a Jewish state and an Arab state in the territory then called Palestine to become effective may 15 1948 the day after the vote Palestinian rioting resulted in the death of seven Jews with many more wounded these attacks continued until May fourteenth 1948 when israel declared independence the following day israel was simultaneously invaded by Egypt Jordan I ranked Saudi Arabia Syria and Lebanon initially Israel was seriously outnumbered and outgunned but very quickly built the Israeli Defense Force and shocked the invaders within a year Iraq had withdrawn its forces and all the other invaders had signed an armistice agreement with Israel and Israel had captured nearly 5,000 kilometres of land previously held by the invaders despite all of its plans and hopes the new United Nations could do nothing to affect the war or stop the death of six thousand Jews and an even greater number of Arabs the United Nations failed its first real challenge the following year war erupted in Korea the United Nations adopted several resolution one of which authorized military intervention led by the United States 14 nations joined with the United States with some form of assistance in support of South Korea Russia and China joined in support of North Korea president-elect Dwight Eisenhower brokered a ceasefire that divided the country at the 38th parallel this set the stage for the cold war between the communistic block and what was called the free world the people who so desperately wanted to see the UN take control of a global military power had to face the reality that the United Nations was dependent upon and limited by the emerging world's superpowers the 1950s saw a Republican in the White House and Senator Joseph McCarthy launched his anti-american activities investigations in every corner of the country then came the Supreme Court decision on integration and russia launched sputnik which ushered and the space age that is until John Kennedy won the White House in 1960 John J McCloy was a Kennedy advisor he was chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1954 to 1970 mccloy and his fellow CFR member robert lovett recommended 82 names for Kennedy State Department 63 of the recommendations were members of the Council on Foreign Relations like Democrat presidents before him Kennedy filled his administration with members of the CF arm besides love it & McCloy three of the more well-known CFR members in the Kennedy administration or Dean Rusk Secretary of State McGeorge Bundy national security adviser and analyzed Stevenson ambassador to the United Nations CFR members in the US State Department drafted and in September 1961 President Kennedy presented his freedom from war the United States program for general and complete disarmament in a peaceful world congress adopted most of the program as the armament control and disarmament act the program called for a reduction in armament to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened United Nations peace force the disarmament act created the u.s. arms control and disarmament agency which was headed by John McCloy this is the agency that produced the blueprint for the peace race outline of basic provisions of the treaty on general and complete disarmament in a peaceful world you will recall McCloy was also chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations at the time the Soviet Union's response was under construction and became public in October 1962 not content with dr. disclose of the fealty not content with the destruction of Cuban independence not contempt with the extension of silly apparel into the Western Hemisphere not content with a challenge to the inter-american system and to the United Nations John has decided to transform you into a base for communist aggression into a base for putting all of the Americas under the nuclear gun and thereby to intensify the Soviet diplomacy of Buckner in every part of the world the United States answer to one they Stevenson term Soviet blackmail in Cuba was a quarantine of all offensive weapons being shipped from Russia to that island fortress the us through of a steel fence prepared to stop any vessel carrying materials of war in Cuba itself a hundred thousand men were put under emergency orders as they had been during past invasion scares the waterfront in Havana and allow other parts of the coasts bristled with gun emplacements as the Cuban regime waited to see what their bosses in the Kremlin were to do Huber became the focus of world attention he ascended the most critical threat of global war since the surrender of Germany 17 years ago Castro has put every April bodied man for military training he has even armed some as young as 12 years of age and authorities the simple thousands in cities and villages for patriotic rallies as in the past these valleys are designed to whip up feat of what Castro calls Yankee realistic for mothers to suggestions for the umg inspect missile sites Castro said that they have better come ready for combat he went on to call President Kennedy a pirate for setting up the quarantine the United States arrived at the decision for an arm's arcade after studying reconnaissance photographs lean with high-powered cameras from claims buying several miles from the Cuban Coast these cameras are described as capable of spotting a golf ball an appalling green from 40,000 feet literally thousands of pictures can be made on each flights by these planes and they are studied by photo interpreters who are capable of analyzing details that an untrained eye witness here for example is a medium-range ballistic missile base it has been labeled by these specialists suddenly the veil is torn from the Russian secrets another portal revealed a surface-to-air missile assembly depo place to supply the offensive sites russian technicians ripped through heavy jungle growth to carve out air strips for high-performance mig-21 jets a plane easily capable of strikes far into the united states in the greatest display of hemisphere solidarity since World War 2 the Organization of American States unanimously endorses the actions of the United States and many pledged arms and then to the cause the vote is 22 nothing which Huber absent commending the US for example to bring about the dismantling of a missile bases the organization votes the use of armed force to carry out the resolution sponsored by Secretary of State Dean Rusk lost unity all of the Americas in a common cause meanwhile the United States continue to reinforce its Cuban based in la jolla mobley enabled remote access rule wants to us to give up these marines have been assigned the job of protecting the race against any cuban plans to buy the rise during the present crisis it will be on a twenty-four-hour a first line of defense the United States went to the UN Security Council for a resolution calling for a withdrawal of all offensive weapons from Cuba a delegation from the island her new tabbed call on both sides for a three-week freeze but the secretary-general was told that President Kennedy wants the missiles crack first another is lauren's fastest chef proposed of the u.s. withdraw its vessels and he would stop shipments president kennedy's missile scrubbing demand was his reply the u.s. resolution was firm and strong woman mr. president I am submitting today a resolution to the Security Council designed to find a way out of this calamitous situation this resolution calls as in as an interim measure under Article 40 of the Charter for the immediate dismantling and withdraw from Cuba of our missile and other offensive weapons in further authorizes and requests the Acting Secretary General to dispatch to Cuba a United Nations observer Corps to assure and report on compliance with this presently upon um certification of compliance he calls for determination of the measures of quarantine against military shipments to choose and in conclusion if you gently recommends that the United States and the Soviet Union confer pumped on measures to remove the existing said to the security of the Western Hemisphere had the Peace of the world and who report thereon to the Security Council growing unrest in the civil rights movement soon pushed the missile crisis from the headlines Rachel Carson's Silent Spring roused a new interest in the environment Americans began to believe a loon landing might be possible the march on Washington and dr. Martin Luther King's I've got a dream speech signaled a new plateau for civil rights and the assassination of John F Kennedy all combined to take attention away from the United Nations and thoughts about global governance Lyndon Johnson disagreed with his inherited foreign relations team all members of the Council on Foreign Relations Johnson saw the Communists involvement in South Vietnam as a continuation of the Soviet policy of global expansion and world dominance although his first goal was his war on poverty an attack on US ships in the Gulf of Tonkin required him to ask Congress for authority to go to war Paul Ehrlich said a shockwave through the country with his books on population growth he said the battle to feed all of humanity is over in the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now at this late date nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate this message amplified by television reports helped to galvanize the environmental movement to organize the first earth day April 22nd 1970 the merging environmental and anti-war movements divided the nation and the Democrat Party the 1968 Democrat convention saw National Guard forces battling protesters to protect the delegates this division in the party is blamed for the election of a Republican Richard Nixon meet Mari strong widely known as the father of global environmentalism he represented Canada at the United Nations in the late and as we will see became a driving force to ward global governance the Club of Rome was organized in 1968 a small group of international industrialists educators and economists that included Mari strong the Rockefeller family and about 25 members of the Council on Foreign Relations their first book limits to growth fuelled the growing environmental movement and called for a system of global governance the United Nations sponsored a world conference on the human environment in Stockholm in 1972 mari strong was named secretary-general the conference report contained 26 principles and a hundred nine specific recommendations that essentially parroted the clubrooms limits to growth the report called for the creation of a United Nations Environment Program and mari strong was appointed its first executive director another private organization called the trilateral commission was formed in 1973 by David Rockefeller who was also chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations at the time this big new Brzezinski Alan Greenspan Paul Volcker and others their purpose was to bring together the leaders of the USA Europe and Japan to create cooperative policies outside the restraints of government negotiations that would be to global governance domestic politics were in uproar with the Watergate investigation that resulted in the resignation of President Nixon Gerald Ford became president august nine 1974 the growing anti-war movement had forced Nixon to begin drawing down forces in the Vietnam War but it was on Ford's watch April thirtieth 1975 the saigon fell and the remaining US personnel were airlifted to safety the United Nations learned that it was almost powerless to affect global military action but the growing anti-war movement that was now turning to the environment as a target for its energies opened new opportunities for the expanding United Nations organizations the united nations environment program launched its regional seas program the UN convened a world conference on Trade and Development you nap introduced its international environmental education program and its global monitoring system unep required every UN agency to designate an official to coordinate the agency's activities with the you in EP agenda the UN convened a conference on human settlements called habitat one and another world conference on desert ification the UN conference on human settlements deserves special attention this is the conference that produced the UN's policy on land use the preamble to the 65 page document says land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice this is just an indication of the direction these UN conferences were taking in part four will look in more detail at what this conference achieved and at the people who helped to draft and adopt the conference reports

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