The Sneaky, Underwater Sex Life of the Goby Fish

Male grass gobys may be small, but some of
them are masters of manipulation when it comes to the composition of their ejaculates. Grass gobys are bottom-feeding fish endemic
to coastal waters of the mediterranean basin. These small fish have an external fertilization
system – meaning the sperm isn’t deposited inside the safe and secure space of a female’s
body. Females deposit their eggs in small depressions
on the sea bottom, which males then fertilize, directly exposing the sperm to the danger
of the open ocean. But there’s more than one way for a male
goby to be reproductively successful… There are two different types of goby males:
territorial and sneaker. The territorial males are large and strong,
whereas the sneaker males are small and quick. The territorial male guards an area where
a female lays her eggs, and he fertilizes them once they have been deposited. Sneaker males, on the other hand, hide nearby
and dart out at the exact moment that the territorial males are fertilizing, and they
deposit some sperm of their own! Ejaculates of territorial VS sneaker males
vary greatly in their composition. Territorial males create a viscous, abundant
spew that is high in substances that help the sperm to swim faster through the seawater
to the eggs. The sneaker can take advantage of the speed-enhancing
compounds by mixing his ejaculate with the territorial’s. Any eggs that the sneaker male fertilizes
will then be protected by the larger, stronger territorial male. And by exploiting the benefits of the high-quality
ejaculates, the sneaky sneakers save energy. Because,let’s face it – they are much smaller
and they don’t have any extra energy to spare! Take that tough guy!

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  1. This is actual super interesting. A species has created two different types of males that mate with different features, but because they use the same eggs to breed the yare the same species. I wonder if there are more things like this.

  2. Video about fish having sex or some sort


  3. My 8 year old loved this. Could have done with WAY less footage of, and euphemisms for, ejaculate though. This is gonna be a tough talk.

  4. imagine if humans worked like that as well. Would be one hell of a surprise when the dude looked down and saw another man

  5. Yay for genetic variation. And even better, the Female Goby doesn't have to put up with being harassed by the Male of the species. I say that's a double win. No a triple win for the Goby. Happy swimming 🌊🐠💦🐟🐾

  6. Somewhere at Seeker last month "Hey Dave can you go get something that looks like cum and slowly ooze it onto fish eggs for this video I'm working on?"

  7. Still continuing with the sucky juvenile graphics. Please go back to quality programming and presentation. This channel continues downhill…

  8. I'm watching this at work. I had to scroll down real quick when someone walked by because I didn't want to have to explain what was happening..

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  10. they had a actual human male ejaculating on fake fish eggs. Bow chika wow wow! Lol jk all jokes aside this is a really good video. I'm learning the different weird ways other species of animals mate. Great video 👍🏻

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