The Squad (4) Four Horse Women of the Apocalypse Anti Christ Spirit

tonight the disgraceful radical extreme democratic socialist party they had what will likely be the first of many failed votes to attempt to impeach a duly elected president will somebody please give these people a copy of the Constitution a lot more coming up also we begin tonight with members of the quote squad ramping up their attacks on anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with their extreme radical socialist ideas now 2020 hopefuls they have been put on notice everyone in the Democratic Party you better fall in line or a you might be called a racist or be they are keeping the squad the equivalent of an enemies list of fellow Democrats that oppose them I guess so they can campaign against them it's getting that ugly now the squad has already lobbed racism charges against both President Trump and even their own Speaker Nancy Pelosi and while Pelosi is totally powerless as we've been telling you to defend herself the president is firing back in a big way just moments ago the president wrapped up what was a massive rally in Greenville in North Carolina where he had a very special message for the new radical leaders of this democratic extreme socialist party take a look so representative Omar blamed the United States for the terrorist attacks on our country saying that terrorism is a reaction to our involvement in other people's affairs her colleague representative Rasheeda Talib agreed with Omar's characterization of 9/11 and said that members of Congress who support Israel forgot what country they represent Cortez said that illegal immigrants are more American than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be can you believe that that's what she's saying she described contemporary America that's you that's me that's all of us as garbage garbage and they're so angry even yesterday they won on the stage I said let me watch this and the anger they were trying to be nice but it's hard it's hard for them to do that you know smelly Walmart voter is he redeemable deplorable people that cling to their God their guns their Bibles and religion few politicians have had the courage to call out the radical base of the Democratic Party but that's why you we the American people elected Donald Trump in spite of what New York California Washington and other liberal states wanted and while the media mob the Democrats attacked this president they do it compulsively obsessively all's approval ratings among Republicans keeps going way up and today new polls show the president's numbers actually increased by five points according to another poll forty nine percent of likely voters certainly a plurality believe the accusations of racism against President Trump are nothing more than a political ploy that is up six percentage points over the last poll conducted and here's why let me help educate the radical masses while you may not like it the term love it love America leave America it is nothing to do with race and by the way is hardly a new characterization or concept to the loudest critics of the what we call blame America first crowd was it racist for Senator Kamala Harris to tell President Trump today that he needs to quote go back from where he came from she did that today and get this in 2016 scores of celebrities other media elites remember they all vowed to leave the United States a president Trump was elected oh yeah there are their names well there's nothing racist about that they didn't like him the only problem none of them actually left we even offered a plane with caviar and champagne but they had to promise never to come back and tonight when the media mob and the Democrats focus their daily attacks on the president every second minute hour of every 24-hour day it's just one pathetic last-ditch effort to take the president down they still have not accepted the 2016 election results of We the People the nine-month FBI investigation will use the words of Lisa Paige nothing they found nothing Peter struck no there there is a relates to collusion conspiracy to conspire with Russia the bipartisan Senate investigation same result nothing the house investigation nothing Muller concluded no conspiracy at all with Russia no collusion and of course no obstruction as per the Attorney General Deputy Attorney General and office of legal counsel so their phantom charges of obstruction and collusion all fell short and the great likelihood is that one week from tonight I'm looking forward to this when Muller testifies before Congress and I would even argue at this moment if he's silly enough to testify before Congress because they'll have to answer real questions from real Republicans I would say the yards are very high that it will be another boomerang against the Democrats even if Devin Nunez is right there likely coordinating what they're gonna say and how he's gonna respond why do I suspect they would do something like that now what the Democrats have left in their playbook all right Russia Russia Russia that's a dud obstruction obstruction a dud okay we'll try racism racism that will be a dud too let's use the playbook the Democrats use in every single election season although it's not every two and four years anymore as I've always laid out on this program and showed you ad after ad after he and in the history of no it's like everyday now you have hysteria boiling over the Democratic congressman Al Green he actually launched what was the first of probably many pathetic attempts to impeach the president resound Li defeated in the House of Representatives this is a national embarrassment will somebody please get these radical Democrats a constitution and tell them to read it if not maybe we can have somebody read it for them whatever they want because they don't clearly understand it take a look I just heard that the United States House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted to kill the most ridiculous project I've ever been involved in the resolution how stupid is that or impeachment I want to thank those Democrats because many of them voted for us the vote was a totally lopsided 332 to 95 to 1 now of course congressman green is just doing the bidding of the new leaders of the Democratic Party remember this from newly elected Congress woman remember to leave remember she said this so nice said welcoming and warm and inclusive take a look when your son looks at you you said mama look you won bullies don't win and I said baby they talk because we're gonna go in there winning and during an interview today on CBS today Talib offered no apology or retraction for her vile comments about the President of the United States why would you ever apologize for doing that take a look day one I truly believe that he has committed impeachable offenses and me you know but even if you believe I didn't do it on the House floor and I'm gonna be on apologetic in myself 70% of Americans curse I am real this is who I am I'm rooted in where I come from and it's very common for me and for many of my residents to say things like that but so you don't relax do you don't lean ottoman polygenic about it alright this radical Democratic Party is in a very dark very scary place there are no more moderates in today's extreme Democratic Party as socialism as completely in radicalism completely taken over even far left liberal Nancy Pelosi the San Francisco liberal tree is now considered to moderate the so-called squad is controlling all aspects of the Democratic Party's message in their platform anyone who gets in their way or doesn't fully support their radical dreams is accused of either bigotry or whatever and today congresswoman to leave became the second member of the squad to actually accuse her own House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of racism this is number two two of the four radicals that are leading in the house and influencing the 2020 Democratic candidates let's take a look are you speaking to Nancy Pelosi our teams are in communication our Chiefs are but shouldn't it be a face to face I'm very protective with all due respect she doesn't need protection I want to know if you were the new member not the speaker no but every right to sit down with her in any moment any time with any of us she is Speaker of the House she can ask for meeting to sit down with us for clarification the fact of the knowledge is and I've done racial justice work in our country for a long time acknowledge the fact that we are women of color so when you do singles out be aware of that and what you're doing pretty serious accusation against the so-called speaker really the speaker and name only Nance from Nancy Pelosi and as they keep reminding you she's now merely a bystander in this new radical socialist extreme Democratic Party which is why she can't even defend herself from their attacks remember she asked last week you haven't he didn't say say it to my face Oh what did it AOC do she goes right to Twitter and runs out publicly and attacks her again take a look the president is Gaudi is there and you know what with all due respect let's not waste our time on that we're talking about what we're going to do to help the American people our caucus is unified on all of that throughout the whole campaign I said to the men candidates don't even mention his name everybody knows who he is you don't have to describe him to anybody we're not having him set our agenda we're setting our own agenda she's not setting the agenda at all right Acacio cortes Talib Omar and Presley are running the show the 2020 presidential hopefuls they're all sucking up to this new leadership their beliefs are beyond scary it would destroy America as we know it we know about their dreams to turn America into a socialist eco state known as the green New Deal the perhaps even more alarming are their views by some in this group of four on Israel and the Jewish people congresswoman to leave who you just saw actually wrote for louis farrakhan's racist anti-semitic newspaper she also piles around with a known bigot her name Linda Sarsour facts are sore was invited guests at the leap swearing-in so sore openly support Sharia law blamed her bad reputation on the quote Jewish media and as you can see congresswoman Omar also hangs out with Linda Sarsour no surprise there Omar is frequently tweeted anti-semitic tropes she once accused lawmakers of being controlled by quote Jewish money remember the phrase it's all about the Benjamins Omar even accused evil Israel of hypnotizing the world but in today's interview with Gayle King whoa congresswoman Omar says he has no regrets she regrets nothing actually burst out laughing when I asked about anti-semitism let's take a look oftentimes there are things that you might say might not hold weight for you but to someone else right the way that we hear and consume information is very different than how the next person might so you don't regret your words either I do not would you like people to get that area then you were not anti-semitic Oh certainly not yes would you like to make that clear yes I mean that nothing I said at least to me was meant for that purpose well least to me okay well yes no anti-semitism it's no laughing matter neither is Al Qaeda or the way Americans talk about those that killed 3,000 of our fellow Americans on 9/11 or the terrorist group Hezbollah yet congresswoman Omar finds apparently all that to be somewhat humorous and funny as we have previously played on this program now her behavior obvious beliefs are pretty vile pretty sickening Omar now plans to introduce a resolution declaring her support for the anti-semitic BDS movement which is a boycott all things Israel and Omar and other members of her squad are now the perfect representation of today's two-phase democratic party built on active and phony and feigned moral outrage each week they called Trump other Republicans racist sexist you know the routine yet no outrage over Omar's veralyn anti-semitism no concern over to leaves work in Farah Khan's paper meanwhile Democratic Ralph NorAm Democrat Ralph NorAm you know the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia apparently sleeping peacefully in the governor's mansion after his fellow Democrats didn't really seem to care that he dressed up either in blackface or in a Ku Klux Klan outfit wonder if Donald Trump did that how they'd react twenty twenty Democrats are busy kissing the ring of the Reverend Al Sharpton who became well known for anti-semitic bigoted language we played a lot of it last night Hillary Clinton's mentor she said her mentor Robert Byrd well he used to be in the Ku Klux Klan Al Gore's father tried to block the 1964 Civil Rights Act that historic legislation Lyndon Johnson relied on Republican support to get it passed and went forward as the Democrats went forward with a filibuster the list goes on we don't even have time to list all of creepy crazy sleepy Uncle Joe's racist remarks and policies over the years and let's talk about charges of sexual misconduct again selectively feigned moral outrage only when it said that only when it's a Republican or Donald Trump or Donald Trump supporter or John Donald Trump appointee remember the I believers and the Cavanaugh hearings well they're nowhere to be found when a Democrat is accused of wrongdoing case in point the lieutenant governor of Virginia who Gayle King interviewed two women one accused him of rape another said violent sexual assault both telling people at the time he's still in office and I haven't heard a word from one of the I believers he got Keith Ellis and he got a promotion Bill Clinton served two terms as president what about the issue of Russia collusion what two and a half years of conspiracy theories lies in a hoax Hillary's bought and paid for dirty Russian dossier put together by a foreign spy with funneled money filled with Russian lies as John Solomon will join us in a minute points out even the FBI knew 90 plus percent of it was a lie and now we also know that it was unbearable because of course Christopher Steele never stood behind his own dossier I don't have any idea if it's true he said under oath and don't forget the media just spent months hyping phantom claims of instruction against Trump did any of them ever talk about Hillary subpoenaed emails that she deleted and then the bleach fit to the hard drive and acid washed the 33,000 emails and then of course beating up the device's with hammers removing SIM cards and by the way other evidence all of that happening so when you turn on conspiracy theory democratic state TV either MSDN see or fake news CNN and you hear the echo chamber in their full typical daily freakout mode just know that it's more selective moral outrage they don't really care about these issues they only care about them if they can use them to bludgeon a Republican a conservative or Trump or anybody that likes trunk and nobody calls their Bluff better than President Trump

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  2. Lol you didnt diagree with them because there complete retards. No you disagreed with them because there women of color.

  3. Miley Cyrus great-grandfather was a Pentecostal Preacher in Kentucky. Yep, this can be validated. She knows better. If there was ever a sellout for material "stuff" it's her & her family. I sincerely hope the entire Cyrus family from Flatwoods, Kentucky & beyond express exactly how they feel to BRC about her & actually about him. Miley recently released a video of her & her mother Tish. It's one of the worst things I've ever seen & that says something. The same Antichrist spirit lives within these "4" women. It's the same spirit that is blinding a lot of America. The women of "The VIew" are another example. When they speak, I often wonder did they hear the exact same thing I just heard? It's bizarre. Edit = Where's Rashida from Detroit? We all know how successful that town has become & is now one of the main "hubs" of Islam.

  4. More of SATAN's Theatre for the lost to watch! I am so happy GOD took the veil of satan's deception off of my eyes years ago when I told GOD I now put all my Faith from my Heart in the death, shed blood, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ to atone for all my past, present and future sins and have Eternal Life Forever and ever and ever and ever…
    Now, I just sit back and watch ol fool satan use his politicians and media of the world to deceive and divide the sheeple!
    Our enemy is satan; yet, so few will ever figure that one out!
    Love 4Truth!

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