The Third 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments | NYT News

“Our Democratic primary
debate starts right now.” “You’ve spent the last
two and a half years full-time trying to sow hate
and division among us.” “We have a white supremacist
in the White House.” “I remember President Trump
scoffed and said he’d like to see me making
a deal with Xi Jinping. I’d like to see him making
a deal with Xi Jinping!” “And he is treating our farmers
and our workers like poker chips in one of his
bankrupt casinos.” “And now,
President Trump, you can go back
to watching Fox News.” “… a huge mistake and
one of the big differences between you and me: I never believed what Cheney
and Bush said about Iraq.” “You qualify for Medicaid
automatically —” “Are you forgetting what you
said just two minutes ago? Are you forgetting already what
you said just two minutes ago?” “I mean, he wants to take
credit for Obama’s work, but not have to answer
to any questions.” “I stand with Barack Obama
all eight years. Good, bad and indifferent. That’s where I stand.” “Hell yes, we’re going to take
your AR-15, your AK-47.” “My campaign will now give a
freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year
to 10 American families.” “You are a vegan
since 2014. Should more Americans follow your diet?” “You know, first of all,
I want to say, no. Actually, I want to translate
that into Spanish: No.” “My plan for health care
costs a lot of money. It costs $740 billion. It doesn’t cost $30 trillion. How are we going
to pay for it?” “In the United States
of America, we are spending twice
as much per capita on health care
as the Canadians or any other major
country on Earth.” “It’s America.” “The problem, Senator Sanders,
with that ‘damn bill’ that you wrote and that
Senator Warren backs is that it doesn’t trust
the American people.” “So under my
Medicare for all plan, people have the choice
of a private plan or a public plan.” “The mass shootings
are terrible, but they get all
the headlines. Children die every day
on streets, in neighborhoods,
on playgrounds.” “Year after year, I had an
F rating from the N.R.A.” “So background checks
and gun licensing, these are agreed to
by overwhelmingly the majority of Americans. I was the first person to come
out for gun licensing.” “A system right now that
cannot tell the difference in the threat posed by
a terrorist, a criminal and a 12-year-old girl is not a system that
is keeping us safer.” “Never cage another child. Make sure that there is
accountability and justice for the seven lives lost under
our care and our custody.” “I would in fact make sure that we immediately
surge to the border all those people who
are seeking asylum. They deserve to be heard. That’s who we are. We’re a nation that says,
if you want to flee and you’re fleeing oppression,
you should come.”

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  1. It's SO important for parents to use record players to give their children an advantage. SO IMPORTANT. Thanks Joe, for getting the word out!

  2. The amount of hatred for Trump… Makes me want to vote for Trump. Mainly cause none of the candidates are smart enough to stay on issue and stay away from CNN talking points.

  3. All these Clowns we're sucking on Hillary's tit! They All belong in Jail except Yang.
    His only problem is he ran as a Democrat………..

  4. The Dems THINK that because Trump won (shocking most) they can put forward an old man who can't remember what he had for breakfast and a bunch of loony leftists

  5. This is not a Latinos country.
    Latino United states citizens are part of are blended family.
    Illegals flooding in are not welcomed from central and south America and from Europe and every other country.

    Legal immigration is welcome.
    Illegal trust passers are not welcomed here.

  6. What a group of unelectable fright clowns. I’ve always been a Democrat. I abandon the Democratic Party now, likely forever.

  7. This is the Trump debate, their heads are so full of trump i expected an explosion. Beta: we have a white supremacist in the white house… hahahha… is that all you got crazy beto.

  8. Jewish Americans, Black Americans even Millennials and Gen Z are mostly Democrats because they’ve been raised to THINK (erroneously) that the Democrats are the party of civil rights. They THINK they’re on the side of social justice. But things are not always as they seem.  

    they simply need to be educated on the subject. They, like so many others, have been duped. 

    Re passage of the 
    Civil rights act of 1964:

    House of Representatives
    Democrats 153 of 244 —63%
    Republicans 136 of 171 —80%

    Democrats 46 of 67 —69%
    Republicans 27 of 33 —82%

    same with the Voting rights act of 1965
    To enforce 15th amendment

    House of Representatives
    Democrats 217-53 —80% 
    Republicans 111-20 —85%

    Democrats  49-17 —74%
    Republicans 30-1 —97%

    And the SAME with the 1968 housing rights act…  
    Democrats, you’ve been fed lies by liars and the duped.. for your whole lives. It’s time to run from this dark & twisted party and join American patriots in the sunlight. Leave the party of racism, leave the party of SLAVERY, Jim Crow, leave the party of infáñtîçïdè, leave the party that controls academia and 85% of the media and feeds you LIES day in and day out, leave the party of anti-semitism. Leave the party of open borders, sanctuary cities, reparations (race taxes), and socialism – SOCIALISM! the end of liberty and individuality, socialism the most prolific digger of mass graves of the 20th century.

  9. “I was going to say 'CrappyJewYear ,' but one of my resolutions is to be less anti-Semitic. So… HAPPY Jew Year. You Jews“

    NYT editor Tom Wright Piersanti

  10. This was absolutely amazing! I never thought I’d see so many bold-faces liars in one place without a bolt of lightening from Heaven toasting them all to ash!
    Amazing how patient God is!

  11. After watching excerpts from the dem debacle. I stand reasonably assured that trump will take every state in the nation. Face it folks, if that's the best the dems have. They do not wont to get on stage with Trump. They will look like babbling idiots. Like they do now.
    Trump 8 more.

  12. This is all a show. All of it. Yang is the most logical choice but even then I won't bet on it. There's always an agenda and people behind the scenes working. Political nihilism is very liberating I must add.

  13. I didn’t see a single line uttered by Andrew Yang other than the freedom dividend for 10 families. It makes me wonder, why? Is it because Yang’s ideas are actually useful and not the political BS I hear from every single candidate besides him?

  14. Bernie Sanders…..hes still spewing his drivel?? Trump needs to do nothing but sit back and watch the simultaneous combustion of these fools.

  15. There is an expression that is well known in sales, "Never degrade the competition."
    If a potential client says to me, "I have no intention of buying from your company, I'm going to buy from the Whizzy company."
    I say, "If you buy from the Whizzy you're not making a mistake. It's a fine company."
    Then we get off the subject of the Whizzy company and then I can talk about my company. If I argue about the Whizzy company, it only makes him more convinced about Whizzy.

  16. Kamala Harris has a bad attitude and is two-faced, about a bad has anybody. She has no room to talk really. Warren is the best one of the Democrats nominees.

  17. While I appreciate that someone went out and tried to create a synopsis of this debate in a sub 3 minute sound bite compilation but this gives such little context that I'm leaving this comment just to justify the fact that you people wasted 2 minutes and change of my life creating this so I figured I'd do the same for you since God knows you'll create more of these for the ad revenue and completely ignore the fact that this offers people absolutely no useful insight into what actually happened in this debate whatsoever.

    Have a wonderful day.

  18. What a circus! Andrew Yang is the only one that is worth listening to and he was only given 3 minutes of the 2.5 hours of the debate. The MSM is really pushing for Biden and Kamatress Harris as they were given like 30 minutes of lights of his 🎪!

  19. Andrew Yang speaks like a real leader, he's trying to solve real problems, his focus is on the people not himself. I'll vote for Yang.

    These candidates don't have any experience to be the President of the United States.
    They only know how to promise free gifts to low educated voters and ignorant voters.

  21. Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero lul lul lul lul lul lul lul lulu lul lul lul lulu lul lul

  22. Huh, so let me get this straight, you put Andrew Yang on the thumbnail of your video because you know he is popular and it will get clicks. Then you give him 1 highlight in the video and it is a short clip in a section where you label him an "Underdog". Am I getting that right? Because that seems really shady.

  23. Lmao…..all thay talk about is trump! Nothing positive moving forward! Act like kids! None of them can handle having that much responsibility as president! Not this time around! Trump 2020👈

  24. Omfg these idiots are so dann stupid they think their comments are clever but honestly they are very scaredy they are going to take our guns and then come from our freedom. The only thing they want is our money and all the power. Is Biden having a stroke lol

  25. when liberal pundits say things like, "whos going to pick your fruit?" what they really mean to say is, "whos going to pick your fruit for 4 dollars an hour?"

  26. Democrats don't want to help you with college or healthcare. Once they pay it off then they have a say in how the college or insurance companies do business, until one day government controls it completely. To many people this may sound good, but remember government has never made a profit themselves. They run on stolen money!

  27. If more people treated Sanders as a serious candidate, rather than a goofy but endearing grandpa figure, his constant yelling and pointing and lecturing would count against him.

  28. are the audience bunch of spectators interested in politics or authorized experts that understand what they’re saying. the audience ,almost all of the time, immediately gets a natural response to strong contradictions and it affects the defender, so there’s much more appeal to the attacker and he could just as easily humiliate him.

  29. Harris is a dark skinned version of Hillary. And just as HC, she manages to offend not only Trump, but also his voters. Some people never learn.

  30. its so easy to spot a politician who arent sincere, one who is trying to overplay some "tough" or "hard" character they are not.

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